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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New Releases at Pride and TotallyBound!

Links below:

Happy release day to my fellow Pride Publishing and TotallyBound authors!
Kait Gamble has With a Side of Vengeance out, link in comments. 
From Pride Publishing, Morticia Knight, Soul Match 4: Surrendering for Two, link in comments. 
And congratulations to the authors of the Right Here, Right Now antho-- all the stories in it are now available as single releases: Lily Harlem, Undercover
Samantha Cayto, Never the Groom 
Brigham Vaughn, The Soldier Next Door
Thom Collins, The Coach
Alexa Milne, The Matchmaker
Jon Keys, Throwaway 

I'm working on the blog post; it probably won't be super-long because someone *cough oldest daughter cough* seems to have given me the flu. I want to give it back, damn it. Or at least refuse the gift. 

Check back in two hours for the installment. Love to you all <3

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