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Thursday, February 8, 2018

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In the heavier angst column, we have:

As a survivor of the AIDS epidemic, Craig Thompson has lost more than any person should ever have to. His family disowned him, too many of his friends died, and his fears have isolated him through the years. When his best friend passes away after a long battle with cancer, Craig finds himself more alone than ever before. 
In the midst of all the pain, Craig comes to realize he must work through the tragedies of his past, and try to embrace the future with hope rather than despair. 

**This is a story that I’ve thought about for over ten years, and is based on someone I love very much who passed away from AIDS in the late ‘90’s. I wish he was still here, and imagine him laughing and talking with me, living the life he should have had. This doesn’t mean I’m urging y’all to pick it, I’m just explaining the basis for it. 

James Allen is a shifter in a world where they are hunted for sport. Humans seek to eradicate them as a species and there are no laws to protect shifterkind. James tries to hide among humans, but the development of a new tool that detects shifters sends him on the run. He’s lost his family and friends—even the human ones, because once they learn what he is, they want him dead—and the losses will continue if he lets himself get close to anyone. 

When he encounters his worst nightmare—an armed human in the wilds of the Colorado Rockies—James is certain his life is over. 

But is it? Or is a change coming that will shake the rules and world?

A deadly virus is spreading across the planet, wiping out entire civilizations. It seems to have come out of nowhere, and nothing has been effective against it. 

As people panic and the governments flounder, one man sits back and watches, waiting for his time to come. When it does, those who survive the plague will be his to command. 

Leon Chambers was just an everyday joe, working at a blue-collar job and trying to get by. Then the people he loves get sick. Then they die. All around him, Death stakes its claim. 

Yet Leon and a handful of other people survive. When Leon goes in search of answers, he never expects to find love—or a secret that could cost him, and his lover, their lives. 

In the future, clones are how humans are reproduced. It’s discovered that people can be cloned, and this of course caused a big political and religious melt down, until certain people were cloned, then it became the law—humans can’t just breed. If they live good lives, and don’t commit crimes (or if they’re filthy rich and can get away with it) they are cloned, and their kids raise them, then if their kids die, those kids are cloned, and the parents raise them, and on and on. The only way anyone gets to have a kid is in vitro and incubated in a lab, all new life if some one who’d been cloned is deemed unworthy of cloning. Their lives end, and a new one begins. Some families are evil and set their cloned relative up to take the fall for murder etc so s/he can’t be cloned again. Rich people get away with everything. So on and so on.

Lower angst, maybe. Maybe not. 

Wolves rule the world, or shifters do. Humans are enslaved and hunted for fun or whatever, because they fucked up the world. The only way a human is safe is if a shifter claims him or her, and shifters can do that without consent of the human. Humans have virtually no rights, but one shifter, and one man, will work to change that. 


Max is a lion shifter tired of hiding who and what he is, but as a shifter, he has to keep part of himself hidden from humans. When he has had all he can take of living a lie, he purchases some land and sets about creating a shifter shelter. He hopes to draw his mate to him, and leaves scent trails for that potential mate, and other shifters, so they can find the shelter and sanctuary. 

When the first shifter arrives, injured, ill, and battered, Max is ashamed of the disappointment he feels. He’d hoped for a lion, a predator like himself--for his mate-- to come to him. Instead, he’s got a skittish bit of prey, and a whole lot of trouble. *This would likely be a series with new arrivals at the refuge having their own stories. 

All Eddie ever wanted was to be a cowboy. But his family had to sell the ranch after his dad passed away and all the hidden debts were exposed. Eddie dropped out of college and worked his way up to manager of a specialty grocery store, and he long ago let go of his dreams. 
Then a tall, handsome, Stetson-wearing man, smelling of leather and horses, asks to speak to the manager. The attraction is instant, and Eddie does something he’s never done before, there in his office with the cowboy. It’s a one-time thing, but Eddie’s dreams resurface to haunt him, just like the cowboy’s blue eyes do.

It’s too bad he didn’t get the cowboy’s number. Eddie knows he’ll never see the man again. 

But he does, on TV, when he’s watching the National Finals Rodeo, and what happens that night might just change his world. 

A cop and a firefighter walk into a bar…sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it isn’t. The rivalry between the police department and fire department is legendary in the town of Collins, Texas. Every year, they compete at baseball, basketball, football, and even the PD/FD rodeo. 

Fraternizing isn’t a thing. Except two men walk into a bar, and one of them is new to town. 

Think of the trouble they can cause for themselves and their departments. 


Or I wing it and hope for the best, lol! 


Tracy George said...

Craig Thompson’s story. I’m intrigued with this blurb.

Anonymous said...

Max the lion shifter, I like that one.

nikirenee said...

Max. Or the firefighters

darabaer said...

I like the cop and the fire fighter. Sounds a bit different than a lot of what is out these days. I do like the cowboy also, but you have done a few of those before.

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