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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sun Shift Ch. 16

Copyright 2018
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Sixteen

It wasn’t unusual for an omega to be attracted to a more powerful wolf—very rarely did an omega have anything serious with another omega, though getting off with one wasn’t unusual. 
So Jacob understood why it was natural for him to feel such a strong attraction to Cali.
But this didn’t feel like an omega-alpha or omega-beta thing. Yes, Cali was more powerful than him, physically and simply as a presence. This wasn’t the usual blind, power-lust one felt for the stronger beast. 
And because of that, it was scary on a level Jacob didn’t know how to process. Wanting someone, not for their status, wasn’t in his shifter nature. He’d never felt such a strong pull to anyone before, not like he felt with Cali. 
It wasn’t his wolf wanting the lion, either, although that part of him wasn’t protesting. 
No, this was the man in him, the human—and supposedly less animalistic, although Jacob had his doubts about that—part of himself that yearned for Cali. 
There was nothing Jacob could do to hide it, not when he could smell his own desire wafting off his skin. Cali wouldn’t be able to miss it. 
As Jacob forced himself not to avert his gaze, he shivered. His wolf wasn’t going to take over now, not when this wasn’t about power. It was desire; strong, undeniable, all but vibrating in the air between him and Cali. This was man and man, with the primitive nature of such boiling to the surface.
Jacob had no reason to think Cali would want him back. He’d seen what he looked like in the bathroom mirror. ‘Rough’ was an understatement. He looked like shit, all bruised and swollen. 
Yet Cali wasn’t so much as blinking as he stared back at Jacob, nostrils flaring every time he took a long, slow inhale, picking up Jacob’s scent. 
And Jacob, though he’d thought his nose was too clogged to be of any use, could detect Cali’s scent mixed with his own. 
Jacob’s arousal burned low, simmering steadily, though it didn’t help his cock to harden. He was still too injured for that, or perhaps it was broken, like his mind seemed to be. 
Regardless, it was good to feel something other than pain, illness, and fear. Jacob turned his head a little more and his breath stuttered as Cali narrowed his eyes. His pupils shifted into slits, and a rumbling sound that seemed to start in his chest escaped him.
Jacob didn’t quite manage to suppress a whimper. He rolled over rather than keep straining his neck so he could see Cali. This wantwas unfamiliar; it wasn’t something he knew what to do with, how to make it go away, or how to act on it. 
It wasn’t a shifter instinct, and that confused him as much as scared him. 
But neither of those conflicting emotions made him turn away from Cali. 
Jacob wanted, he needed, and he didn’t know how to go about getting. 
Or if he should. 
He fisted a hand in the blankets, but the urge to touch Cali wasn’t to be demolished. He let go of the material and edged his hand in Cali’s direction. 
Cali didn’t look away from him, yet, as his gaze stayed locked on Jacob’s, Cali leaned over and placed his hand unerringly over Jacob’s. Then he lifted Jacob’s hand, cradling it gently, and Jacob’s pulse raced as Cali brought his hand to his lips. 
Cali sniffed, then brushed his lips over Jacob’s knuckles. 
The warmth of his breath seeped into Jacob and he scooted closer, desperate for more. 
Cali licked over and between Jacob’s middle and index finger.
Jacob’s lungs were suddenly incapable of functioning. He couldn’t breathe as Cali laved his finger again, then sucked on the tip of the middle one.
A little more suction and Jacob gasped, the rush of air and lust slamming into him. His cock wasn’t as out of it as he’d feared; it began to fill, growing harder with each suck on his finger. 
No one had ever done such a thing to Jacob before. He’d never been given such a gift—and it was so much more than Cali’s mouth, it was everything. Cali, the care he’d taken with Jacob, the patience, concern, the kindness, and yes, strength. 
And the look of him, that too, though Cali’s appearance wasn’t at the top of the list of things Jacob found attractive about him. 
It was Cali as a whole, and that was too much to analyze, especially when he could feel every suck on his finger all the way down to his dick. 
Cali rumbled again and slid his hands down Jacob’s arm, caressing him and adding more stimulation to Jacob’s pinging nerves. Jacob squirmed closer, shivering again. His body ached in a new way now, and there was only one cure for the new ailment. 

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