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Monday, April 30, 2018

Whew... for now

We finally have everything moved. Of course, now there's a crapton of unpacking that needs doing. And I have a deadline for Mr. July in...oh. A day or two. O.o *sobs* It is a safe bet that Tuesday's installment will be late, and I'm sorry to keep moving them, but this month has been a #*%&^@ Oh whatever, I cuss a blue streak, this month's been a fucker and I'm wrung out.

I think Mr. July is due on the 3rd, so installments will resume after that, and the contest winners will be announced on whatever day they're supposed to be announced.

I'd just like to point out, I have amazing readers, friends, and family. Y'all are the best.



KarenJ said...

I hate moving. I hope you’re unpacking goes much more smoothly than moving probably did.

I thought you would like to hear something funny. I’ve been spending the last month going up and down the mountain to Phoenix to visit my mom at a rehab facility. I kept forgetting to tell you, but every time I try to access your webpage (this is why I missed your last contest ☹️) the facility my mom is at won’t let me access your blog because you are a naughty author. LOL! There, doesn’t that make you feel better on an otherwise probably shitty day?! 😂

Bailey;-) said...

Heh, that's funny! Don't you hate that? I hope your mom is doing well. ***huggz***

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