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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Are just a little on the blah side. Fortunately, I have plenty of caffeine and chocolate, both of which make any crappy situation better. Not that today is particularly crappy, but it's not particularly not, either.
Right now, I am still a little sleep stunted... Yes, I did go back to bed after taking keedos to school. Happens occasionally when I'm up 'til five a.m. plotting and writing-- and cursing and deleting. The cursing isn't unusual for me, surprise surprise, although I try to tone it way down when I blog, unless it's in the story running on the blog.
Deleting is entriely too common here lately, too. My fingers and my brain don't seem to be communicating, or it could be that I am just getting used to the new keyboard. It seems so much smaller than my old one, but the backspace doesn't stick and eat up several sentences at a time, so... Yay!
That's the babble for the day, folks. Probably the week--
Enjoy your day!

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