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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings Ch. 21

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-One

Perunian. Huh. It’s kind of ugly. But Blaze could sure deal with ugly if it meant getting lube and then getting fucked. “Is this it?” he asked, reaching for the orange-leafed flower.
“What—Blaze! No!” Griff shouted.
Too late, because Blaze already had his hand closing around the plant and while he heard the alarm in Griff’s voice—hard not to the way he shrieked—Blaze couldn’t get the command not to follow through with the grab sent from his brain to his hand in time to stop his motion.
So he screamed like a dragon getting his scales ripped off as pain exploded throughout his hand and forearm. He couldn’t even get his hand to work so he could jerk it away from the damned plant.
“Blaze!” Griff was right there, pulling at his arm, gripping his elbow and panting as he gave a might tug. “Let go of the flower!”
“Oy, that’s gonna hurt,” he heard Grlind say. “You forgot about the purple and gold petals. That’s got purple and white petals, and it’s got these fine, poisonous fibers on it. Paralyzes what touches it, at least for a few hours.”
“Fuck!” Blaze’s vision blurred as his eyes rolled. “I hate pain. Hate it!”
Grlind looked at Griff. “On the count of three, you pull again while I get the flower. As thick-skinned as I am, it won’t hurt me like it does him.”
“Are you sure?” Griff asked, panting slightly as he clung to Blaze.
“Pretty sure.” Grlind shrugged. “We’ve got right thick skins. Not like scales, but tough enough. So let’s give this  a go. One, two, three!” He reached down and swatted the whole flower aside, Griff pulled hard enough to send Blaze and him both tumbling backwards.
Grlind grabbed them and shoved them to the side. “More of the flowers,” he explained, shaking out the hand he’d used on the evil flower. “But where these are, the perunian is usually nearby.”
“Not sure it’s worth risking,” Blaze muttered. “What if the flowers have mutated? I’m going to have nightmares about this plant for weeks.” He looked at his hand. His palm was dark red, his hand swollen, as was half his forearm. “Is this shit going to kill me?” he asked around a ball of fear he was trying to suppress.
“No, it’ll be fine after a few hours,” Griff said, taking Blaze’s hand and looking it over. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think about poisonous plants. I mean, I” He scrunched up his nose. “I think I know which ones are poisonous, but what if I don’t? What if I remember wrong and it gets you hurt?”
“Here now,” Grlind said. “I’ll grab the plants from now on. It’s the least I can do since you have both let me accompany you.”
Blaze wasn’t arguing. “How’s your hand?”
Grlind held it up. It was just big, period. “Barely stung.”
“Well, fuck you,” Blaze groused.
Grlind’s beady eyes widened then he guffawed, and it scared the nearby tree sprites out of their homes. They shot up and away like a swirling, whistling mass of pastel colors, chattering and scolding as they fled.
“Oops. Pretty little things,” Grlind observed.
“My hand’s going to fall off,” Blaze said. He still couldn’t even wiggle his fingers.
Griff shook his head. “No, it won’t.”  He sniffed the air. “There’s a river to the south of us. Soaking your hand would help.”
Blaze whimpered. “That’d be awesome. It hurts.” So he whined a little; he was allowed to, considering how much pain he was in.
“Grlind, we are heading to the river to soak Blaze’s hand,” Griff said. “Are you coming?”
“I’ll meet you there,” Grlind said. “I’m just going to pick that perunian for you. It’s right there.”
“Okay. Join us when you’re done here?” Griff waited until Grlind agreed, then he and Blaze headed to the river.
And all Blaze could think about was the perunian and what could happen once Griff had enough lube.
Blaze had never, ever wanted something like he wanted Griff’s cock in him. Gods help anything that tried to get in the way of that happening tonight, Blaze silently thought.
No offense intended. I’m not tempting Fate or anything. I’m justI’ll beg for some alone time with my bonded and some lube tonight. Please, please be kind enough to let us have that.
At the river, Blaze could have wept with relief when he dipped his hot hand into the water. He sat there with Griff, and eventually, Grlind, until his hand stopped throbbing.
Once the swelling was almost gone, and the pain was more of a bad memory than a reality, Blaze was ready to get going.
He had plans for Griff, and judging by the heated looks Griff kept sending his way, Griff had plans of his own.
Since Grlind was smirking and holding a bouquet of flowers almost identical to the one Blaze had grabbed, Blaze figured the orc had picked up on the sexual tension between Blaze and Griff.

Even the dragonflies were more buzzy than usual. Blaze wondered if they were going to have a few peepers tonight.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Birthday Winner!

Okay, first off, ST said thank you for the well wishes, and thank you from me, too. She's convinced her gallbladder will have to be removed, if not soon, at some point in the near future. I keep telling her, let's see what the doctor says in two weeks. Plus, still waiting on the blood tests. 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings Ch. 20

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty

Originally, Griff had intended to take Blaze to the frolic lands and spend at least one night in his own home.
Adding an orc to the mix—a naked orc at that—put a kibosh on Griff’s plan. For one thing, he didn’t know enough about orcs to judge whether or not Grlind could be trusted.
Secondly, he had nowhere to put the orc in the frolic. Grlind wasn’t a giant—everyone knew giants were dangerous; giants never tried to keep that a secret—but he was still much, much taller than Griff and a lot more muscle-y. Griff also didn’t think Egregio would care for the orc at all, and Griff didn’t want the monster suffocating Grlind in his sleep or anything like that.
“We need to find something to cover that up with,” Blaze griped, pointing at Grlind’s obnoxiously huge cock. “I’m beginning to feel lacking.”
And they’d put their clothing back on already. Griff patted Blaze’s butt. “You are perfect. Grlind’s shaft is frightening.” And it was another area where Grlind was much bigger than he was.
The orc wasn’t close enough to hear them, having stopped to try and re-plant the tree he’d almost ripped from the ground. Most of the others Grlind had smacked, as far as Griff could see, had been snapped in half, not pulled up.
Blaze wrinkled his nose. “Yeah, that’s too much of a good thing. Which, that makes it a bad thing, right?” He shrugged. “Whatever. I don’t want to see that thing flopping all over. But you know what?” He looked at Griff, appearing to be quite pleased with himself.
“What?” Griff asked, smiling back automatically. He couldn’t be unhappy when Blaze looked so happy himself.
“I finally understand what the word ‘pendulous’ means!” Blaze chuckled. “But, damn. Imagine that pecker hard. Think it’s stand out straight, or—“
“I’d prefer not to muse on Grlind’s penis,” Griff said. And maybe figuring out a way to cover that appendage up, as well as Grlind’s pendulous balls, would be a great idea that should be implemented immediately. Griff cast about for something he could use just for that purpose.
Shadnay buzzed, chattering at him. Eleandross dipped and bobbed around Shadnay.
“What’re the bugs saying?” Blaze ducked a dive-bomb from Eleandross. “Dragonflies! Insects! I didn’t think bugs was an insult!”
Griff saw the teasing glint in Blaze’s eyes, the twitch of his lips. The dragon was getting a kick out of riling the bugs—er, insects—up.
Blaze’s smile was astoundingly real. There was no other way to describe it. He was happy, and part of that was because of Griff.
Griff stood on his toes and reached for Blaze. He had to taste that smile, or he’d just die.
Blaze tasted like sunshine and joy, like love and fun and sex. Griff moaned softly, slipping his tongue deeper into Blaze’s mouth. He moved his hands down to cup Blaze’s firm ass and traced the fuzzy crease separating his cheeks.
He loved the way Blaze moved closer, the press of his hardening cock, the heave of his chest. Griff wanted to just—
“Oh. Er. I could leave?”
Griff groaned and stopped kneading Blaze’s ass. He’d probably given Grlind quite the show.
“Sorry,” Griff whispered to Blaze, in case he was embarrassed.
But that huge, sweet smile was still on Blaze’s face. “It’s good. So good.”
After a moment, they separated, and Blaze turned to face Grlind. “Man, you have got to do something with that thing.”
Grlind looked confused for a second, then he smirked. “What? Like heft it over my shoulder?”
Griff snorted while Blaze laughed.
Grlind jostled the body part currently being discussed. “I might need it to prop myself up on when we take a break. After all, I’ll be walking.”
“What do you know?” Blaze asked. “Your cock’s almost as big as your ego!” He laughed again and Grlind did, too.
“There’s no almost to it.” Grlind stopped waving his prick and looked around. “There! I’m handy with weaving and braiding. I can use that vine, although, if the leaves wiltCan’t you magic me some clothing, Griff?”
If he could remember the chant for it, Griff could have done so, but his mind blanked when he tried.
And Griff’s amusement morphed into frustration. He turned away from the orc and Blaze. “No, I can’t.”
There was a moment of silence, then Grlind said, “That’s okay. Don’t feel bad, Griff. I think we’ve all felt bad enough in our lives already. I’ll braid the vine into thick strands. We orcs are handy like that.”
Blaze took Griff’s hand, and startled Griff by raising it up and kissing Griff’s palm. “He’s right. No dwelling on anything that makes us sad or angry. Not today, and tomorrow, we’ll set the same rule, just for that day, and so we’ll go until we’re past what hurts us.”
Griff didn’t know if that would work for him. Not if he never found his wings. His memory, that he could maybe deal with, but the inability to fly was crippling him in more ways than one.
Even so, he could bury his pain for his bonded. Griff nodded. “Okay.” He saw Grlind trudge off to the vine he’d pointed at. “And we’ll keep an eye out for some perunian flowers. You know the ones, purple and gold with orange leave?” That he could remember, thank the gods.
Blaze frowned. “I don’t think so.”
Glindr was close enough that he heard Griff shout the same question at him.
“Yes, I know of it. It’s what we orcs use for—“ He smirked at them. “Personal relations.”
“Personal relations?” Blaze scowled. “What the fuck?”
“Well, not just personal, because if there’s more than just this involved—“ Grlind waved his left hand at them, “That plant comes in handy. Heh. Handy.”
“Good gods, our orc friend is our dork friend,” Blaze said, eyes rounding. “Who’d have guessed?”
Griff was tempted to thump Blaze for the bad pun, but instead, he kissed him. It was a fierce, brief kiss that left Blaze panting and trying to get more.

Griff murmured against his wet lips, “Lube, my mate. The stalks of the plant produce a viscous liquid that makes the best sexual lubricant.”

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