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Friday, September 22, 2017

Inspirational Pics

I've got an intense weekend of writing coming up-- finish Planets finally, and finish revising Mr. January into a shifter story...maybe even get started on Mr. February! If not this weekend for Mr. F, then next week.

So I was looking at 123rf.com just for images that I find inspiring. The car/guys one is an eh for me, but it did provide some brain-reaction stuff for a story idea, so I bought it.

I intend to write F/F and more MFM menages eventually, so there's some of that. I like love in all its pairings.

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend! <3

Think of first love and innocence; believing that love will last forever (and in my book, it WILL)

Mechanic shifters? Shifter's mechanics? :D 

The look they share here is just too adorable.

She needs to have her other hand on the other guy's zip, too, but otherwise a win

This was titled 'Pack Dynamics'.  Thought it was pretty damn cool.

This. He's looking right into your soul.

Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_ruslan117'>ruslan117 / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_rikke'>rikke / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_vbaleha'>vbaleha / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_jamcgraw'>jamcgraw / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_jamcgraw'>jamcgraw / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_jamcgraw'>jamcgraw / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

Across the Tides Chapter 12

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twelve

Three nights left.
Three nights—that wasn’t much time.
“Hey, here comes the dolphin again.” Titus chuckled. “It sure seems to like you.”
Draven was going to have a chat with the dolphin, Kai. If Kai kept approaching Draven, someone was bound to notice—Kai’s trainers, for example.
“I think he’s eyeing you,” Draven said as he silently willed Kai to behave.
Everyone thinks dolphins are sweet creatures. Little do they know…
Titus looked from Kai to Draven, then back at Kai. “No, no he’s definitely wanting your attention. Maybe we should walk around to the surface level and—“
“I have a better idea. Let’s go see the otters.” In truth, Draven hated coming to the aquarium, but Titus had wanted to go, and he’d talked about how he could use the experience for some of his lesson plans. It gave Draven the creeps to see all the creatures in captivity. Only for Titus would I do this.
Titus pressed his hand to the thick glass of the underground viewing area. “Look, here comes the other dolphin.”
“Mmhm. Otters are really cute.” Two dolphins vying for Draven’s attention—or trying to cause trouble for him, more likely—could only spell trouble. “And there’s ice cream to be had.”
Titus looked at him. “Do you have a fear of dolphins?”
A justified one. “Some people call them the bullies of the sea.”
“What?” Titus frowned. “No! Everyone knows dolphins are good… things… aren’t they?”
Guilt settled like a knot in Draven’s gut. “I didn’t mean to ruin your fun.”
Titus’s frown gave way to a smile. “You didn’t. I won’t be passing on the bad news about dolphins to my new students. I’ve been trying to get the school to let us bring the kids here for the last field trip of the school year, but I always get shot down. Think maybe the admins know about the evil of dolphins?”
Since Titus was teasing, the lump of guilt began to dissipate. “It’s highly possible. Word’s been getting out about dolphins trying to take over the world. Them and the octopi.”
“Octopi.” Titus shivered as they began walking out of the viewing area. “Man, I know those things are really smart. I’ve seen videos of them escaping from aquariums and moving on dry land. One of my college roommates had a theory that octopi were actually aliens. I don’t know why he thought that. I never asked, but every time I see an octopus on TV or online, I get creeped out.”
“They’re very smart, but they aren’t evil.” Like some dolphins I know. “That’s my opinion, anyway,” Draven rushed to add before Titus thought he was weird. They stepped out into the humid Texas day. The air felt thicker but familiar. The salty tang in it made Draven’s skin hum with an almost electric current sensation.
“Do you ever wonder if it’s wrong to keep animals in captivity?” Titus asked. “We take the kids to the zoo for their first field trip. I always feel bad for most of the animals. Kind of having the same experience here.”
“I don’t like to see anything caged,” Draven admitted with honesty before he could think better of it.
Titus turned to him and stopped walking. “Then why are we here? You should have spoken up.”
Draven shrugged. “You wanted to come here. That’s what mattered more to me.”
“It mattered more than your own feelings?” Titus asked quietly as he studied Draven.
Draven’s cheeks heated with a blush. How did he dare answer that?
Titus saved him from having to stress over it. “Let’s go.”
“Wait. I didn’t mean to ruin this for you.” Draven felt like an ass. “Ignore what I said. Let’s go see the otters.”
Titus shook his head. “I’m not going to ignore what you said. What you want is… is important to me, too.”
This is just a fling. Just a fling. Three nights left.
“Draven?” Titus touched his arm.
It’s just a fling, but it’s going to hurt like a motherfucker when he leaves. Draven plastered on a smile. “Sorry, I was thinking about what else we can do.”
Titus leaned in and whispered, “You can take me back to your place and fuck me stupid. If that’s what you want. I know I’ll love it.”
Draven’s heart beat faster and blood rushed down to groin. “Are you sure?”
Titus had moved back, and he rolled his eyes. “Oh my gosh. How could I prefer this—“ he waved a hand around him—“over what I proposed?”
Draven’s smile was much sincerer this time. “Well, if you’re absolutely sure…”
“Unless you’d rather be here?” Titus asked. “I know what I’d pick, but hey—“
Draven caught Titus by an elbow. “Home it is.”
Titus laughed and a few people looked their way. Draven had never touched another man out in public, not in any way that wasn’t familial. Texas wasn’t the most gay-friendly state. But with the promise of having his cock buried in Titus’s tight ass soon, Draven was unable to keep from touching him. And it was only a hand to Titus’s elbow. If someone wanted to cause trouble because of it, Draven would slap the daylights out of them.
No one bothered them as they left the aquarium and walked back to Titus’s car. The anticipation was taut between them; if there hadn’t been people lulling about, Draven would have spoken, would have told Titus all the dirty things he was going to do to him when they got to Draven’s place.
“Hurry,” Draven muttered once they were in the car. “Gods, I want to kiss you so bad right now.”
Titus stopped mid-buckling up. “Do it. I want—“
Draven swallowed the rest of those words, the whimpers and moans Titus gave him, too. He didn’t worry about being seen or someone causing trouble.
All he could think about was Titus, and some little voice in his head told him that was going to cause him trouble enough.

Draven ignored it. This was just a fling. His heart couldn’t possibly be at risk.  

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Just a share

I know most of y'all have read the Leopard's Spots books, but if you're missing any, or just want to see the pretty display Pride put up for the series, you can see that here:


That's a nice banner, and the covers are courtesy of the uber-talented Emmy Ellis!

I'll have an installment up later tonight, once I get the munchkins in bed :D

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What's Going On? And the Planets Swayed CoverArt by Naomi!

Hi, y'all! Well, Mom is in Ohio, and I've missed her since I left her at the airport. I HATE goodbyes, and I totally suck at them, whether it's a goodbye like that, or ending a phone call, texts, etc. I just bumble it every freaking time.

Amber has a job-- go, Amber!-- so I have babysitting duty 5 days a week. I'm writing, though. I did mention I wrote another Power short, and shared that. I'll finish Planets up in the next couple of days; I was sick last week, then the trip with Mom, and writing the short for Pride; had to prioritize. But Planets is getting finished this week. Oh! Naomi made me a cover! It's dark, but considering one character has gray fur, and the other two have pitch black skin, shades of gray etc. was the best we could come up with. I think she did a fabulous job:

After I finish Planets this week, I'll finish revising Mr. January into a shifter story (that's the Calendar blog story I wrote maybe a year ago?) and that's going to be offered to Pride first, and if they don't accept it, I'll self-pub. I need to see which way garners more sales, because I have to earn a living. No one likes discussing money-- it's crass or whatever?-- but I discuss everything. I don't like shame, and shame is used to keep people from discussing too many important topics-- health, sexuality, mental illness, STD's, money, dreams, mistakes, fears, etc. For that matter, Naomi has suggested I put ads on my blog, because we need to bring in more income. So that might happen, I don't know. If it does, and you don't like the ads, ignore them, please.

Re the blog story, I know y'all want to know what kind of special creature Draven is, and we'll get there. It'll be a few more installments, because I want to cover their limited time together first. I want us to have fun and enjoy this story, the sex, mild angst, and romance! Because I don't know about y'all, but I need some of that in my life, and it's all only going to happen in fiction lolol : D

I'd best get my butt in gear and get ready for the kids to get here. I hope y'all have a fabulous day, and remember:

You are loved. You are amazing. You are valuable. You are worth everything. You can make a difference in your life, and in other peoples' lives. You matter.

Love ya!

Across the Tides Ch. 11 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Eleven

Four nights left.
Titus told himself that was plenty of time. It was a vacation fling, after all. Before he knew it, he’d be back at home, reading up on new teaching methods and working on a budget for school supplies.
He wouldn’t get attached to Draven. Couldn’t possibly in the short time they had together.
It didn’t matter that Draven had turned out to be funny and kind, smart and sexy—
Well, I wouldn’t be having this fling with him if he wasn’t all of those things. Titus propped himself up on one elbow and stared down at Draven as he slept. There was enough moonlight coming in through the curtains to make it possible for Titus to see Draven’s features.
He looked softer in sleep, younger, with the moonlight bringing a glow to his tanned skin. Titus wanted to touch him, but he didn’t want to wake Draven. He did, but he wouldn’t.
Despite his shower earlier, Draven still smelled like the ocean—salty and wild. Titus loved the way Draven’s skin was warm and scented like the Gulf Coast. Maybe it was because Draven liked to be in the water so much. Every day they’d been in the ocean at least twice. Titus guessed Draven was such a natural in the water because he’d always lived by it. He could dive under and hold his breath for long periods of time. Titus had freaked when Draven did that the first time.
Draven moved through the water like he was half fish. Merman, maybe. Titus grinned down at him, fingers itching to touch Draven.
Four nights. We have four more nights.
How much sleep did they really need?
“Can feel you watchin’ me.”
Titus squeaked and almost fell off the bed. Draven grabbing his arm was the only thing reason that didn’t happen.
“Jesus!” Titus gasped and flopped onto his back. “Don’t do that to me!”
“Do what?” Draven kicked the sheet off. “You were watching me sleep.”
Titus closed his eyes. “That makes me sound like a creep.”
Draven rolled on top of him, although he didn’t let all his weight rest on Titus. “Nah, you just needed me.”
Titus peeked out of one eye as his heartbeat accelerated. What did Draven mean by that? Did he think Titus was becoming emotionally involved? That he would think this was more than it truly was? Did he—
Draven pressed his hips to Titus’s. The hot, thick length of his cock short-circuited Titus’s panicking brain.
“Oh yeah, need you,” he rasped.
Before Titus could do anything else, blurt out something embarrassing, Draven kissed him, deep and dirty, no gently nips and licks.
Titus moaned, opened, and lost himself in the taste of Draven, the feel of his body, the mounds of his ass under Titus’s hands, the scent of the ocean rolling off of him. There was nothing about Draven that didn’t flip every one of Titus’s switches.
Titus ran his hands up from Draven’s ass to his face. He kissed Draven back with every ounce of enthusiasm he had, without inhibition, reveling in the moment rather than worrying about in it.
He pressed his head against the pillow to give himself a little space because he needed to speak. “Wanna suck you.”
Draven rumbled and kissed him again, then Draven was pushing up, moving while Titus caressed his thighs, his abs, his chest.
Draven grabbed his pillow. “Raise up.”
Titus lifted his head and let Draven shove the pillow under him.
“Perfect,” Draven murmured. “Open for me. Show me you want it.”
Titus burned with need as he parted his lips. He’d never known how much he liked dirty talk, maybe because he’d never been with anyone who did it right.
Draven did everything right.
Including feeding the tip of his cock into Titus’s mouth so slowly, Titus was in danger of drooling on himself, his mouth was watering so much. He wanted to taste Draven, and when he flicked his tongue over Draven’s slit, the briny taste reminded him of the ocean.
Titus sucked on the tip and Draven hissed. “Can I—“ He slipped one hand around to the back of Titus’s head. “Is this okay?”
“Mmhm,” Titus said as he cupped Draven’s ass. He ran his tongue around the top then underside of Draven’s crown.
Draven cursed softly and jerked, pushing deeper into Titus’s mouth.
Titus sealed his lips around Draven’s length and used his tongue to tease along the shaft. He wanted more. He sucked and tried to raise his head.
“Hungry for it,” Draven muttered, then he pressed in, oh so slowly, until he breached Titus’s throat.
Titus swallowed and relished the sound Draven made—he was every bit as hungry for this as Titus was.
“Sweet hell,” Draven whispered. “You’re going to kill me.”
Titus hoped not. He wanted those promised days with Draven.
Draven rolled his hips, his taut butt clenching and releasing under Titus’s hands. He took Draven’s cock into his throat again, and Draven shivered.
“N-not—“ Draven pulled back. “Not y-yet.”
Titus was confused—who didn’t want a blow job?—until Draven turned around and pushed Titus’s legs apart.
Fuck yes! Titus drew Draven’s cock back into his mouth as Draven fisted his shaft in return.
Titus cupped Draven’s balls with one hand and kneading his ass with the other.
Draven lapped at Titus’s glans, murmuring and moaning, then he bobbed down, sucking most of Titus’s length into the hot, wet cavern of his mouth.
Titus cried out around Draven’s cock. Electric sparks of pleasure were shooting along his nerve endings. He wasn’t going to last long.
He tried to concentrate on driving Draven out of his mind, swallowing every chance he could, pressing and rolling Draven’s sac, working his other fingers into Draven’s crease to tease at his hole.
That last bit seemed to rock Draven’s world. His hips stuttered and his thrusting turned rougher, wilder.
Titus sucked harder and felt his balls draw tight when Draven pushed a finger against his hole. He didn’t even penetrate Titus before Titus’s orgasm slammed into him with the force of a tsunami.
He was dimly aware of Draven shouting, of the swell of Draven’s prick and the taste of his come. It was hard to do anything but believe he’d morphed into a being made entirely of ecstasy as he came.
Titus was panting as Draven flopped to the side, his feet by Titus’s head. Every few seconds, he felt Draven shudder, heard his raspy breaths between Titus’s.
Titus knew he should do something, say something.
“Swim,” Draven said, his voice rough, likely from Titus’s dick.
Titus was on the verge of passing out into a sex-stupor. “Uh?”
“Swim. I need—“ Draven cleared his throat, not that his voice sounded any better when he spoke again. “Water. Get in the water.”
Titus frowned, then shrugged. He knew Draven loved the ocean. It didn’t really surprise him that Draven would want a middle-of-the-night swim. Maybe it should have.
This was the only vacation fling Titus would ever have, though. He wasn’t the kind of person who did this type of thing, so he was going to enjoy every second of it.
“Come with me?” Draven asked, sitting up and holding out his hand.

Titus took a hold of it. “Yeah.” He’d been ready to pass out, but the idea of spending some time playing in the ocean with Draven was too appealing to pass up. “Let’s go.”