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Friday, February 12, 2016

And the Planets Swayed Epilogue *sniffle*

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford


“Never. Again,” Ian vowed. “Nope. Never!”
Karl and Elliot laughed at him.
Ian flipped them off. “This wasn’t supposed to be possible.”
Karl rubbed his own swollen belly. “Yeah, well, miracles happen.”
Elliot nodded. “Yup, they sure do. Can’t believe you fell for that line anyway.”
Ian glared at Elliot. “It wasn’t a fucking line—“
“You’re really going to have to start watching your mouth,” Link advised.
“Right. You’ve already got your god-kids saying damn all the time,” Elliot pointed out, glaring right back at Ian. “Don’t think I’ll forget about that anytime soon, especially since they use it right. Dad, get the damn juice please. Daddy, my damn diaper is wet. You did that to us.”
Ian couldn’t help it. He snickered. “Yeah, I did.”
Elliot nodded. “Just remember. Payback’s a real brat.”
Ian laughed out loud then.
“Yeah, yeah, laugh while you can, oh furry one,” Karl muttered. “Soon enough you’re going to regret not curbing the cussing.”
 Ian would have argued that but the door to the med room opened and Osilas, an actual medical practitioner, stepped out.
Now you may come in.” Osilas had this was of speaking, like he was a god granting favors, or denying them.
Ian wanted to punch him in the balls, but wisely refrained since the Meruvian was needed to tend to Edion.
Ian and Link nodded at Karl and Elliot then walked to the med room, where Edion was lying, panting, and glaring daggers at them both.
“This is your fault,” Edion snapped.
Ian almost told him no, it wasn’t, because Edion had said none of them could get knocked up from their first matingwhich, he’d been wrong twice over. Ian rubbed Link’s stomach, felt a little munchkin kick at his hand.
Instead of being terrified (like he had at first, because goddamn, had Ian had a meltdown when he found out both of his mates had gotten pregnant! The first night they’d all spent together, fucking and doing everything and anything they could with each other, and only Ian had come out of that without being pregnant. He was so grateful he’d taken birth control, and still did.), Ian was thrilled all the way down to his soul.
Edion’s low moan snapped Ian back to reality. “Hey, honey, what can I do?”
Edion’s glare should have melted him on the spot. “You did this to me!” He turned his head and leveled that look on Link. “And you! But you’ll be in this bed soon and you---“ He was back to glaring at Ian. “You’ll have your tuuuuuurn fuckfuckfuck!”
Ian started to panic then. “Can’t you give him something for the pain?” he demanded of Osilas. “Make him stop hurting!”
“You’re not going to be my med practitioner,” Link informed Osilas. “Screw that. I’d rather have a med bot.”
Osilas ignored the barbs. “Meruvian males must not show such weakness. Pain is to be expected and appreciated, absorbed and—“
“Shut up, you pretentious jackass,” Ian all but shouted.
“Stop,” Edion rasped, his stomach rippling.
Ian was never, ever getting pregnant. Edion’s body changed, his insides actually morphing to accommodate the babies, and he’d even developeda way for them to come out, which Ian kept trying not to freak out over.
Link would just change forms when he was due to give birth, and he was supposed to deliver the babies pain-free.
But Meruvian males weren’t so lucky. Edion grimaced and his eyes rolled as another contraction hit him.
Ian forgot to be terrified or guilty. He moved to Edion’s side. Link took his spot on Edion’s right. The training they’d taken part in kicked in, and Ian found the chants coming easily. The advice and breathing patterns he’d thought silly now seemed like godsends. As Edion cursed and panted his way through labor, Ian and Link tried to sooth and encourage him.
Then it happened.
Edion’s eyes went wide, and he murmured, “Oh.”
Just that. Oh.
His stomach rippled, and Edion arched his neck, his body going rigid as Osilas caught the first baby.
“Here,” Osilas said, holding the squirming, screeching babe out to Ian. “Hurry!”
Ian grabbed one of the blankets that had been set aside for this very purpose, and swaddled the child as he’d been taught.
And immediately lost himself in the endlessly dark eyes of his— he lifted the blanket and glanced down. “A boy.” He had pink skin under the mottled mess of the birth that coated him. “He’s perfect, Edion, Link! Perfect, just look at—“
“And a girl,” Link interrupted. “Oh my goodness, she’s got skin like Edion’s—“
“And a second boy,” Osilas said, “Also perfectly formed. I believe there is one of each.”
“Each?” Ian shook his head. “What?”
“Each species. This boy is ratherfurry,” Osilas explained.
“Oh.” Ian wasn’t the only one to sigh.
Osilas wrapped the baby and placed him in Ian’s other arm. “I must finish up here.”
“Yeah, you do that.” Ian and Link turned to Edion. “Look at them, honey. Aren’t they perfect?”
Ian kissed the boys’ on their brows. He wanted to kiss his daughter, too. “Swap?”
“Give me one,” Edion demanded. “I did all the work.”
Ian was wise enough not to argue. “Here.”
“Oh,” Edion said once again, and that big, strong mate of Ian’s let the tears slip from his eyes as he cuddled each baby.
It was perfect, a perfect moment in time—
Until Link gasped. “Take him,” Link urged, holding the baby out to Ian.
Edion looked as alarmed as Ian felt.
“What?” Ian stuttered. “You—why—no. No!”
“You cannot set the time for—“
“Shut up,” Ian snapped at Osilas.
And Osilas, damn him, laughed.
But the laughter stopped when Link changed forms. Even Osilas found him intimidating, apparently.
And Osilas didn’t know what to do with Link, but Ian did. Edion did, too, but he was kind of out of the ballgame at that point.
Ian bellowed for Karl and Elliot to get in there.
“What are you hollering about?” Karl demanded as he opened the door. His eyes widened as he looked at Link. “Uh, does this mean—“
“Yes,” Link rumbled. “Now.”
“Shit!” Karl exclaimed.
“Yeah no kidding,” Elliot added. “Okay, how can we help?”
It was a joining of close friends, and family—and Osilas—all there to assist as Link quickly birthed two babies, the gender of which Ian couldn’t guess since they looked like Link.
But Link, who seemed fine afterwards, shifted forms again. “Our sons are hungry,” he murmured as the two newest babies wailed.
“Four boys and one girl,” Karl said. “Someone’s going to be a spoiled princess.”
“Yes, well I deserve it,” Ian informed him, grinning like mad.
Karl groaned and pressed his head to Elliot’s shoulder. “Save me from bad jokes.” Then Karl yelped and grabbed at his belly.
Elliot went white as a ghost. “No, no you can’t—“
But yes, Karl could, and he did, and when he was done, there were two more little girls in the universe.

And if Ian had thought he had adventuresWell. There was a new generation that would show him just how wild adventures could really get.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

And the Planets Swayed Ch. 29 & 30 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-Nine

When the three of them touched, Ian could actually see the bond, see it blur the air and waver as it flowed from one of them to the other, to the other. Round and round it went as they kissed and touched, learned the textures and tastes of each other.
What Edion and Link felt, Ian felt as well. It was impossible to tell whom was immersed in the most pleasure. It didn’t matter. Ian caressed Link from head to toes, memorizing the feel of his warm, supple skin, the dips and divots of his body that would, with proper nutrition, fill out again.
For now, Link was jarringly thin, though that did nothing to lessen Ian’s desire for him.
Ian kissed Link’s lips, slid his tongue over Link’s as he palmed Link’s nipples.
Link moaned and wiggled, his nipples hardening with just a few brushes.
Ian trailed kisses over Link’s chin, down his jaw, to some sweet spots on his neck, where Ian sucked up marks while he plucked and rubbed Link’s nipples.
Edion was kissing Link’s lips then, and those big hands were on Link’s shoulder and belly, rubbing, comforting, arousing.
Link shivered every time Ian raked his teeth over his skin, and when Ian pressed on his nipples, Link arched and the gasp that left his lips made Ian’s dick ache.
“Mmm,” Ian hummed as he moved one hand over so he could play with one of Edion’s nipples.
Edion rumbled wordlessly and clutched at Ian’s hair.
Link had a hand on Ian’s arm and one on Edion’s shoulder.
Ian moved down, sucking and licking his way over Link’s chest, sucking those peaked tips until Link was almost keening, letting Edion help guide him, pushing grunts and moans out of Edion with every touch he could manage.
Link began to move with more urgency as Ian licked him from belly to bush. Link didn’t have a thick patch of hair around his cock, but there was some. Ian tugged on a few strands with his teeth, then turned his attention to the fat, long shaft dribbling pre-cum.
Link’s penis wasn’t like any Ian had ever seen before. For one thing, the deep red head was almost completely round. It wasn’t mushroom-shaped at all, but spherical and a little harder than Ian’s or Edion’s. The shaft was a shade darker than the head, and though at first it was narrower than the crown, the middle was very wide. Ian clenched his ass as he studied that part.
Then he grinned and licked over the tip, tasting the clear pre-cum there.
“Oh!” Link sounded so surprised, it made Ian grin.
Then he tongued Link’s crown again. He liked the way Link’s pre-cum tasted. It was very sweet, with a hint of something darker, earthier—or universier. Ian snorted.
Link gasped. “That feels soso
Ian raised his head and arched both eyebrows at Link. “I sure as hell hope you don’t mean my blowjob skills are so-so.”
“What?” Link blinked slowly.
Edion reached over and nudged Ian’s shoulder. “Perhaps do not tease him when you have already started blowing his, er, mind.”
Ian grinned. “Well, I am spectacular at giving head. But you know, we could use more room, so the bed would be a grand option. More room to fuck and suck.”
Link blushed darkly. “I had forgotten how blunt you are.”
Ian shrugged. “Talking in circles never did anyone any good.”
“You say the most confusing things,” Link muttered. He sat up and dangled his legs off the side of the med bed. His eyes gleamed with anticipation as he looked at Edion, then Ian. “I can be blunt, too. I want to fuck you,” Link said to Ian. “While you fuck Edion.”
Ian pointed at Link. “You know I’ll want to switch that all up next time, but since you were kidnapped and are recovering, I’ll let you have first choice.” He tried to make it light, to keep Link from thinking about what kind of hell he had been through. Better to keep him focused on sex. “I like to be fucked hard. None of that slow and sweet,” he kicked his voice up a couple of notches, “Oh my, how tight and hot your ass is, Ian, I just have to take my time crap. I know my ass is hot and tight.”
Link stared at him. “You can fuck me if you’d rather.”
Ian wasn’t going to treat Link like he was weak. That’d be an insult Link didn’t need to deal with. “Don’t think you can handle this?” Ian popped himself on the ass with enough force that it stung.
Link stood up, his shoulders square and spine straight.
Oh good, my taunt worked. Ian bit back a grin. He was going to get fucked, soon and hard if the look on Link’s face was anything to go by.
Link stepped right up to Ian and caressed his throat. “This time, I’ll let you provoke me because we’re all hungry for each other. But next time” He rubbed his thumb in the divot at the base of Ian’s neck as Ian swallowed. “Next time, I will take hours to fuck you. I’ll know every secret your body has to tell.”
Ian was surprised to find himself very turned on by that. “Oh really? You think you can last that long?”
Link’s mouth turned up on one side in a smile that did all kinds of interesting things to Ian’s insides. “I know I can. You, however, will come many times before we’re done.”
Ian darted a glance at Edion, who looked shell-shocked with lust and was stroking his own cock.
Edion turned to look at him as well. “Then it’s your turn, Ed.
“Argh!” Edion managed before Ian cackled and reached for him.
“Come on, there’s sex to be had! Lots of sex,” Ian added, “Lots of messy, sticky, sweaty, noisy—“
“Sweet cheeks, we get it,” Edion interrupted, coming around the med bed and joining them. He had stopped jacking off and instead palmed one of Ian’s ass cheeks.
Ian caught him by the wrist and pulled his hand back. “Are you wanting a spanking or something there, Ed? I owe you one for that stupid nickname already.”
“You do have a sweet ass,” Edion argued. “Perfect, round, firm—“
“Furry,” Ian added as he rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, I am so sure that’s why you gave me the nickname. Come on, studs. Oh!”
“Oh?” Edion and Link said in unison.
Ian nodded. “Damn right, oh! I am not getting knocked up. Birth control to go around?” The med-bot zipped over. “For me, at least.” Then he kind of felt like a wimp when Edion and Link both declined. Well, he wasn’t having a passel of kids.
Except he might, with his mates bearing them. “Guys, are you really sure you don’t want to get some birth control?”
Edion sniffed. “Everyone knows that our kind of matings do not result in pregnancies the first time.”
Ian pinched Edion’s left nipple.
Edion yelped.

“Not everyone knows that, Ed.” Ian let the med-bot take care of him, then he sent the thing away. “Now, shall we?”

Chapter Thirty

Nervous. Link was so very nervous, yet he thought he managed to suppress it. He should have known the mate bond would expose his weakness to the others.
Except before he could dwell on being weak, Edion dropped to his knees and cupped Link’s balls with one hand and the base of his shaft with the other. Edion didn’t hesitate. He raised his gaze up to Link’s and opened his mouth, sucking in half of Link’s cock in one quick bob.
Link’s mouth opened on a moan and Ian was right there, kissing him, plunging his tongue in and laying claim to Link.
Link grabbed onto Ian with one hand and Edion with the other. His legs were going to give out on him, were wobbling, in fact.
Edion moved his hand from Link’s shaft to his belly, then he pushed.
Link wobbled again, and Ian took him down, easing Link onto the bed, his legs bent at the knees, feet still on the floor as Edion swallowed around the tip of Link’s cock.
Ian never let up on kissing him, or on touching him. Link’s nipples were teased into stiff peaks that seemed to have a direct line of pleasure that was connected to his cock and balls.
And his asshole, apparently, which Edion began to massage with a couple of fingers.
Link shivered inside and out. He reconsidered his plan. What would it be like to be fucked by his mates?
Ian stopped kissing him rather suddenly.
“Wha—“ was all Link managed before Ian straddled his chest.
“Suck me,” Ian demanded, stretching over Link. “Head up.”
Link raised his head.
Ian stuffed a pillow under it, then without further delay, slipped one hand around to Link’s nape and helped support his head as Ian guided his dick to Link’s lips. “Yeah, honey. Open up for me.”
As if Link would deny him anything.
Link parted his lips, then gasped as Edion penetrated him with a slick finger while taking his shaft in even deeper.
As much as Link would have liked to have watched Ian, his eyes rolled back and he closed them as he clutched at Ian’s hips.
Ian grunted as he pushed his thick cock into Link’s mouth.
Link was flooded with the taste of his mate, the scent of Ian’s sex, deep and arousing.
He slid his hands back to grasp Ian’s ass. It was furry, as was the rest of him, but the muscles underneath that fur were impossible to miss. Link grabbed on harder, and Ian thrust faster and deeper into his mouth.
At the same time, Edion sucked him and fingered Link’s hole.  
Ian moaned and pushed in deeper, then rolled off of Link. “Gods, I’ll come if we keep that up. You really want to fuck me, you’d better get on it.” He wiggled his butt. “Get me ready. It’s been a long time. Like a lifetime.”
Link was grateful Edion had stopped sucking him, or he’d have came right then and there. As it was, Link could barely speak when he told Edion to get up on the bed so Ian could get him ready, too. The time for playing was past, and they all needed to bonding of sex and orgasms.
“How do you want me?” Ian asked.
Link wanted him and Edion in so many ways “Can you kneel with Edion on his knees and elbows in front of you?”
“Ohhh, a fuck train! I approve.” Ian winked and patted the bed in front of him. “Come on, Ed, let me eat your ass and get you wet for my cock.”
Edion scampered into place without hesitation.
Link couldn’t blame him.
Ian looked over his shoulder at Link. “Lick it or finger it, or both. I don’t care, just get something in me, now.”
Link wasn’t surprised that Ian was handing out orders. When Ian bent to lap at Edion’s hole, Link did the same to Ian, running his tongue down the furry crack of Ian’s ass to the surprising smooth skin around his hole. The hair thinned out before he reached that point. Link licked over the smooth opening, licked again and again until Ian was making muffled sounds and pushing his hips back.
Only then did Link push Ian’s cheeks as far apart as he could without hurting him, and thrust his tongue into Ian’s ass.
Ian shoved back harder, and Link grabbed his cheeks and kneaded them in silent warning. He worked as much saliva into Ian’s hole as he could, then he added a finger in alongside his tongue.
Ohhe wasn’t exaggerating! Ian’s ass gripped Link’s finger so tightly it was almost impossible to move. He hadn’t realized, not with just his tongue in there, how very tight Ian was, and yes, how hot inside.
Spit wasn’t going to cut it. Even so, Link kept licking and tonguing him, fondling Ian’s balls after a few minutes because he simply needed to touch them. Link needed more of Ian, more of Edion. He wished he could fuck them both at the same time.
Ian used some of Edion’s own pre-cum to lube his hole after rimming him. Edion was big, muscular, and that musculature extended to his ass and the tight, tight ring of muscles Ian was currently fingering.
It was hard to think much beyond that while Link was driving him crazy, rimming Ian and fingering him, rubbing that spot inside of him that lit Ian right the fuck up.
Ian felt a similar sort of spot in Edion, and he touched it gently.
Edion howled like a wild thing, and his ass clenched so tight, Ian whimpered just imagining that grip around his cock.
“Soon,” Edion pled, “Please, Ian, Link, mates—soon!”
Ian shoved back onto Link’s fingers, which had grown slicker as he worked Ian open. He must have found the lube that had been on the bed.
And Ian agreed with Edion, totally. He stopped licking Edion and said, “Fuck me, damn it,” over his shoulder to Link.
“Yes,” Link muttered darkly. “Get in him.”
Ian waited for Link to withdraw his fingers, and after a few seconds, realized that Link wasn’t going to do any such thing, that he was going to keep them buried in Ian’s ass while Ian kneed up to Edion.
“On your back,” Ian rasped, so turned on he was surprised he didn’t combust with the heated lust flowing between him and his mates.
Edion flopped gracelessly onto his back and hitched his knees to his chest, gripping the backs of his thighs. “Now, please, please, mates—“
Knee-walking with a few fingers in his ass felt filthy, and Ian really liked it. He liked that Link didn’t pull those fingers out as Ian lined his cock up to Edion’s hole.
He liked that Link still didn’t withdraw them as Ian began to thrust, to sink his cock into the tight, gripping heat of Edion’s body.
Then Ian couldn’t think anymore because of the blissful, velvety clench of Edion’s ass around his length. “Fuuuuuuuuuck,” Ian drawled, head hanging down as he tried to watch his shaft disappear into Edion’s body.
Edion took him eagerly, whimpering and urging Ian to shove in all the way.
But Ian could feel how very tight Edion was. He wouldn’t insult his mate, but he wouldn’t hurt him, either.
Ian bent over Edion and kissed him as the last few inches of his dick filled Edion.
Edion grabbed at him, holding Ian’s arms as the kissed turned feral, more teeth than tongue.
Then Link moved his fingers, and Ian hissed as he arched his neck, tipping his head back. He had to move, and he did, pulling his hips back until just the tip of his cock remained inside of Edion. He looked down at Edion again and growled before shoving back into that welcoming grip.
Link pushed his fingers in deeper, and it felt like he’d added another to it, stretching Ian’s ring wide. It felt good, so good that Ian couldn’t do anything but let his body take over, thrusting hard and fast into Edion’s ass, shoving back even harder onto Link’s fingers.
Until it wasn’t fingers, because Link pulled them out and when Ian slammed back, he had the fat tip of Link’s dick breaching him. The full, round head popped into his ass and Ian shouted, pulling back too far.
Edion flipped over and had himself thrusting back onto Ian’s cock before Ian could think about it.
After a couple of off-beat thrusts, the three of them found the perfect rhythm, Link slamming into Ian, driving him forward, making him fuck Edion hard and fast.
Ian didn’t have to think, which was good, because he couldn’t. He had one had behind him, touching parts of Link, and one wrapped around Edion, Edion’s cock in his grasp.
Link fucked him with a ferocity that Ian hadn’t expected. Ian forgot to be snarky, forgot to be anything but the stripped down need that consumed him and his mates.
His ass ached in the best way possible as he took Link’s cock. That round, fat tip in particular stretched Ian’s ring in a thrilling way.
And Edion’s big body in front of him, his dark skin and thick muscles, the eagerness with with his slammed back to meet Ian’s thrust—both of his mates were perfection, fucking and being fucked, giving and taking and giving again.
Ian scraped his teeth over Edion’s shoulder as Ian’s pleasure swelled to incredible heights. He didn’t know where he ended and his mates began at that point; they were one, all striving to attain something more than just physical pleasure.
And Ian felt it when they reached it, the bond between them like a laser firing off from one of them to the next, over and over until Ian shouted again, Edion’s voice joining his as Link cried out.
Edion’s cock swelled then pulsed, and his ass clenched so tightly, Ian froze, his orgasm ripped from him by those soft inner walls working his shaft.
Behind him, Link slammed in deep, and the hot spurts of his cum jetted into Ian.
At some point, Ian came back to himself enough to ease his cock out of Edion’s ass, just as Link had done to Ian.
That was about all he managed. He collapsed beside Edion, who seemed to be sleeping.
Link dropped down beside Ian, then curled up against him, just as Edion did on Ian’s other side.
Ian closed his eyes and wiggled his butt, grinning to himself. Having two mates was going to be the best thing ever, and he couldn’t wait to see what adventures they got up to.


There'll be an epilogue tomorrow night! Stay tuned!