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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ARe bucks winner!

Hey there! Tonight's winners are being chosen by random.org!

Also, waxapplelover, please email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com and let me know how you'd like your prize-- ARe bucks, Totallybound gift voucher, or Amazon GC :D

And now, on to this week's winners!

Congratulations to:

#45/Rain and #3/Avalie! If y'all will email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com so I can get those ARe bucks sent to you.

Thanks for playing! I won't be on again until next week when I'm back from the family get-together! Y'all take care :D

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monthly Winners! Woot!

Okay, y'all, this month there are going to be three $25 gift certificate winners! The winners will have the option of a gift certificate from ARe, Amazon, or Totallybound since I haven't yet bought vouchers from anywhere and am not financially committed to any one place.

Sound good? All right. ST has been counting away (Part of her allowance, she's my assistant for things she can assist with, like writing down names, assigning numbers, and so on. Works well for both of us!) and has everyone sorted out and she's ready to pick the winners' names from the Toyo Cap!

Winners will need to email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com before Thursday, otherwise the prize will be emailed out after I get back next week. Let me know which email addie to use to send your gift cert to, and which gift certificate you'd like to have.

And, congratulations to:

Eric Roberts

Thanks for commenting, everyone. We'll have at least two winners again next month. Comment for your chance to win. Take care!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Re the Texas and Tarantulas winners

Someone commented and asked who the other winners were because the names were gone. I do that after I've been contacted by that winner and I send them their book.

I reposted the names on that original post, but generally, if there's a lack of names, it's because those winners already got their prize, and I'm leaving the names of the people up who still need to contact me, that's why it's all odd. I work weird, I know.

Various Blog Tour Winners!

Okay, I meant to do this a few hours ago, but the winners from the Broncs and Bullies blog tour are as follows:

From the posts at:

Scattered Thoughts and Rouge Words: sula22
Hearts On Fire Reviews: B. Tina
Prism Book Alliance: H. B.
LoveBytes: JenCW

Please email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com so I can send y'all your ebook :D

What I need from y'all in that email is the email address y'all use at totallybound.com because I'll be gifting y'all the book from there.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the tour stops! Y'all are awesome :D

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Aidan & Zane Part 3 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2014
Bailey Bradford

Part 3

This was turning into the biggest clusterfuck Aidan had faced in a while.
Zane whimpered and stumbled.
Aidan shifted and raced over to his mate. He scooped Zane up in his arms right as Zane’s eyes rolled back in his head. Aidan carried him to the vehicle, alert for the possibility of trouble, but no one else was around. He skirted past Arturo’s remains and quickly settled Zane onto the back seat of the truck. With Zane still in wolf form, the front seat wasn’t the roomiest place for him.
Aidan turned and looked the area over again before focusing on Zane and running his hands over every inch of his mate’s furry body. He found no additional injuries, knew logically that he wouldn’t since he could feel what Zane felt. Still, he’d had to check. Zane was his, and Aidan treasured him.
Aidan’s breathing was slow and steady. He was in a drugged sleep, but otherwise unharmed. Aidan was experiencing a bit of wooziness himself, having been shot with a tranq dart. It was only the one, though.
He fired who had shot the damned tranq gun. It hadn’t been any of the shifters that had attacked afterwards.
Aidan shut the back door to the truck then jogged around and got in. He started the vehicle up and gassed it a little harder than he should have, fishtailing it as he sped from the area.
On the off chance that he was going to pass out, he wanted away from there. Driving wasn’t the brightest thing to do, but it was all he could think of—get Zane and himself away from where they’d been attacked.
Fortunately, he didn’t get any worse. His head began to pound and his pulse sped up, which he figured was his body’s way of working that drug out of his system. Fifteen minutes down the road, about the same time Aidan saw the highway, he felt much better.
Behind him, Zane whimpered again.
“I know, baby. It’ll wear off soon. I’m gonna rip the heads off of everyone who had a hand in this,” Aidan vowed. “Fuckers.”
He drove for forty miles before pulling over at a crowded truck stop. There he called Marcus and filled him in on the crazy shit happening, including Arturo’s death.
“I’m coming up there. We don’t know who is leading that pack now, which means it’s someone who shouldn’t be leading it.”
Aidan agreed. “Yeah, they need to die, but you need to stay put. You have other people to deal with this kind of shit. Like me and Aidan, or Keegan—any of your guards, for that matter.”
“Goddamn it, Arturo was golden. He was a good leader and a good man. As for Keegan, he isn’t here. He’s still in Brazil,” Marcus said. “Though I’m going to call him after I get off the phone with you and I’ll have him and his mate come back. You and Aidan stay clear of that mess and wait for Keegan and his guards to get there. Get a room and let me know where you’re at, and I’ll have them meet you there tomorrow.”
“Okay. As much as I want to go back and single-handedly kill everyone who’s betrayed you, I don’t think it’s possible. For no one to have contacted you or anyone else about this kind of thing means virtually the entire pack is in on it.”
“Or the ones who aren’t can’t fight back,” Marcus said. “Either way, that isn’t a small pack. There were fifty-three adult members the last time I received a head-count, and over a dozen pups. I would like to know if the shifters you and Zane killed today are from that pack or not. I want to know what the fuck is going on. And don’t start in on me having people to delegate this to. I’m still the Alpha Anax, and those shifters are all my responsibility.”
Aidan gripped the phone harder. “Yes, they are, and obviously someone doesn’t want to be under your rule, and whoever that is has enough power and backing to take out Arturo and steal his pack. You showing up here would be cherry for them—that’s what they want. Don’t give them that. Let us handle this.”
“We’ll see,” was all Marcus would say to that. They ended the call shortly thereafter.
Aidan wasn’t mad at his twin. He understood the reasons Marcus wanted to come straighten everything out. Marcus was an excellent Alpha Anax and it was in his nature to handle his own problems.
But he couldn’t take on everything. There was one of him and thousands of shifters. Not all of them had problems they needed him to solve, but there were more than one that wanted Marcus gone.
Aidan would have gladly taken each of them out, but that wasn’t possible. Most had the sense to keep their dislike for having a gay leader to themselves.
Zane whimpered again form the back seat. Aidan looked over his shoulder and saw Zane pawing at the air, as if he were running in his dreams. A quick peek told him that was exactly what Zane was doing. The dream was a good one, too, the both of them running freely through a forest, yipping at each other, playing and being together. Aidan loved dreams like that.
He got them back on the road and drove. An hour later, Zane groaned as he shifted forms.
“Better?” Aidan asked him.
Zane climbed over into the front seat, uncaring of his nudity. “Feel kinda groggy, but yeah, that’s better than being drugged. Where are we going?”  He yawned and stretched.
Aidan couldn’t help but notice his soft cock or the muscled thighs and abs. Aidan yanked his gaze back to the road. “Keegan and backup will be here tomorrow. Or wherever we stop at.”
“Where are we stopping at?”
“Billings.” Aidan shrugged. “It’s the nearest big city we’re close to. I don’t want to get too far from where we need to be.”
“Yeah, but we don’t want to be close enough to be found easily.”
“Exactly,” Aidan agreed. “Billings ought to do it.” He glanced over at Zane. “Might want to cover up some. You’re might distracting like that.”
“Yeah?” Zane smiled shyly but his actions were anything but shy. He ran one hand down his chest while with his other, he cupped his balls. “Oh, man. Feels—“ He hissed as he pinched his nipple.
Aidan growled, his cock growing erect in seconds. “Zane,” he warned.
“Mm?” Zane closed his eyes and leaned his head back. “Just let me blow off some tension.”
Aidan could have argued, but in truth, he wanted Zane to keep touching himself.
Zane took turns with his nipples while fondling his balls.
Aidan knew Zane’s left tit was more sensitive than the right, and after a few minutes, Zane stuck with plucking at that nipple.
The tip was swollen and dark red. Zane moaned and squirmed in the seat.
“Put your head here,” Aidan urged, patting his thigh. “Let me help.”
Zane popped one eyelid open. “Huh?”
Aidan patted his thigh again.
Zane hadn’t bothered with his seatbelt. He sprawled in the front of the Hummer, hooking his right leg over the headrest. It put his dick and balls on beautiful display.
Aidan took an exit that didn’t look like it was going anywhere. Worked for him. Once off the highway, he pulled onto the shoulder of the road and immediately pinched Zane’s nipple.
“Yes,” Zane hissed, running his hands down his chest and belly. He skated his palms over his thighs, cock, and balls. “Mm, touch me.”
Aidan didn’t give a damn that it was broad daylight. The Hummer had tinted windows, and they were in an area where he doubted anyone would drive past them. If they did, oh well. He needed to touch Zane.
Aidan cupped Zane’s throat and thumbed the underside of his chin while Zane began playing with his dick and nuts.
“Want to fuck me?” Zane asked, peering up at him.
“Always, but for now, this is good.” For now, he wanted it to be all about Zane. He touched Zane’s face, his neck, his shoulders and chest.
Zane moaned sweetly for him and wiggled against the seat.
Aidan went back to playing with his nipples, working the left one a little gentler than the right, now.
Zane pressed the back of his head harder against Aidan’s thigh. He spat in his palm and used it for lube as he began jacking off.
Aidan’s gaze shot from Zane’s face to his tits, then to his dick, watching that fat purple crown disappear repeatedly in Zane’s grasp. After a minute or so, Aidan went back to watching Zane’s features, the way the pink blush of arousal spread from his forehead, over his face, darkening on his cheekbones, spilling on down to Zane’s neck and chest.
“So fuckin’ hot, honey,” Aidan told him, giving both nipples a sharp tug.
“Ah!” Zane bowed his back. “Oh gods—“
“Yeah,” Aidan agreed, working those tips harder. The skin was hot and puffy under his fingertips.
Zane rutted mindlessly into his hand, grunting every time he shoved his hips up.
Aidan wished he’d taken Zane up on his offer. “I’d flip you over and fuck you so hard this whole Hummer would rock.”
“Aidan!” Zane shouted. The pungent scent of spunk filled the cab as Zane shot cum all over his torso.
Aidan left off playing with his tits, knowing they’d be unenjoyably sensitive now. He instead ran a finger through the closest gob of cum and spread it over Zane’s lips.
Which Zane licked, and Aidan damn near came in his jeans.
Zane rolled over onto his belly, his right knee on the floorboard. He glanced up at Aidan while reaching for Aidan’s belt. “You want?”
Aidan put the seat back and reclined. “Go for it.”
Zane winked at him and in short order had Aidan’s dick out. “Love this, love you,” Zane said before stuffing most of Aidan’s shaft into his mouth. The tip breached his throat a second later and Aidan thumped his head against the head rest, trying to keep from shooting off right then.
Zane gave Aidan’s pubes a little tug then pressed his hand against Aidan’s balls while bobbing his head.
Aidan didn’t last long. Couldn’t, with the way Zane was sucking him off.
“Zane—“ Aidan cupped the back of Zane’s head and started fucking his mouth with sharp, quick thrusts.
Zane moaned around his cock and that was it. Aidan snarled as he came, pleasure ripping through him. Zane swallowed his cum down, then licked his dick gently.
Aidan needed a nap after that, but it wasn’t an option.
“I could drive,” Zane offered.
Aidan considered it before shaking his head. “No, I’m okay to drive. You need to find your clothes anyway. Billings isn’t far away.”
Zane sat up and kissed him, then crawled halfway into the back seat.
Halfway, leaving his bare, upturned ass right there by Aidan’s face.
Aidan popped one cheek and Zane yelped. It was too bad that they had to get to Billings as soon as possible. There were lots of fun things he’d love to do to Zane’s fine ass right then.
“Soon,” he muttered.
“Not soon enough,” Zane huffed as he wiggled his rear.

Aidan couldn’t disagree.