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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Available now for General Release! The Trouble With Mirrors!

If you haven't gotten to read The Vamp For Me book #5 yet, you can pick it up here:

The Trouble With Mirrors

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ARe The Trouble With Mirrors

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Amazon The Trouble With Mirrors


A little sass and a perfect ass can land a vamp in a sticky situation…
Paolo has watched his friends and coven leader find mates, their other halves. He’s ready to find someone just for him, though that means getting out and actually going somewhere. 
When his coven leader, Claude, asks him to help out with a bit of a spy mission, Paolo agrees. He puts on his sexiest—and skimpiest—club outfit and dives right in. 
But the mission brings him head to head with his coven’s worst enemies, the Dark Slayers. And when he finds himself attracted to one who’s about to be initiated against his will, Paolo can’t resist helping the man out…and having some really hot sex while he’s at it. 
Then the Dark Slayers find them…


The final Vamp for Me book is up for early download now! If you'd like a chance to win an e-copy, comment below with the preferred format out of ePub or PDF since those are the only two ways I get copies.

This book is a bit more serious but there's still humor in it, too :D

If you'd like to buy the book, here's the link:

That's One Cross Vamp


Death, taxes and vampires—the three certainties in Erin’s life.
Erin Meyers knows all about the existence of vampires. He’s the guy who helped his twin brother Andrew find true love with the kilt-wearing Radney.
Erin’s used sex as a way to run from his emotions for a long time. It’s become a habit that he’s finally caught on to, and he’s growing tired of it. In fact, he’s growing tired too easily in general.
A doctor’s visit leaves him fearing for his life. When he encounters a friendly vamp he knows out at the club, Erin breaks his no-vamps rule and takes Jude home with him. Together, they burn up the sheets, and Erin finds himself willing to spend more than one night with Jude. Soon, a relationship blooms, but the bad news Erin gets might put an end to any dreams he had for the future.


Sunlight—Erin Meyers loved it. He rolled onto his stomach and tugged his ball-snugglers up so his tan line wouldn’t show when he went to the beach wearing his bathing suit that made a Speedo look like a Puritan’s modest dress. He had a nice ass, and when he was out prowling for men on the beach, he liked to go as close to naked as possible.
Erin sighed and drifted a little, letting himself completely and utterly relax. It’d been a bad week at the office. As a psychiatrist, he saw all sorts of people, but for the most part he managed their medications after meeting with the person one time. After that, he had them start therapy with a psychologist or licensed therapist. Sure, he saw those patients monthly for check-ins, but… Well, he made a shit-ton of money, but lately that just didn’t seem to matter.
Kind of like getting laid wasn’t the priority it’d once been.
God, he was closing in on middle age, depending on the average male life span in America. He wasn’t going to look it up—he didn’t need that kind of depressing info. He was going to be forty soon, though, and like the typical, clich├ęd guy in the throes of a mid-life crisis, Erin was finding himself dissatisfied with everything.
And having to work so much harder not to have parts droop or go to fat.
And he had gray hair at his temples, which he dyed religiously.
And he was getting ear hair. What the hell is up with that? Like anyone needs the additional intrusion against being able to hear? Is that why so many elderly people are almost deaf? Overwhelming ear hair?
Then there were the latest results of his physical and bloodwork. High cholesterol, plus some other questionable results that needed further research.
“No.” Erin was going to relax, enjoy the sun, and not let anything ruin his day. He took half a Xanax, needing to bank the anxiety threatening to build rapidly. He picked up the Beats headphones he’d set by his lounge chair, connected them to his iPod, and put on his favorite playlist as loud as he could get it. Then he carefully blanked his mind, and after a while, dozed off under the hot Nevada sun.
* * * *
It’s a damn good thing I’m burn-proof. Erin sat up, awakened, he guessed, by his playlist ending, or his Beats dying…or the iPod dying. When had he last charged either of those, anyway? Erin shrugged and stretched. He was drenched in sweat, warm through and through, and he felt great. That nap had been just what he needed before a night out.
His twin brother Andrew had long ago settled down with one man… Okay, one vampire. Erin had stopped being freaked out about the existence of vampires way back in his early twenties. Even then, when Andrew had stumbled upon their existence, Erin had been less surprised than he should have been, probably. Well, he’d always been the cynic out of the two of them, so it just hadn’t blown his mind to discover human beings weren’t the be-all and end-all of intelligent life forms.
He’d also been the shallower of the two. Andrew was the introvert, the loyal lover and mate. Erin was the bitchy playboy, although he kept the bitchy to an as-needed basis more often now.
Erin shook off his wandering thoughts. Andrew had always been a homebody and Erin had not, that was the gist of the whole thing, anyway. Erin was also aging, and Andrew was not—a benefit of being a vampire’s mate.

Winners will be chosen and announced here on Sunday, May 29th, around 10 PM-ish Central. 

There will be a blog installment in TFtC tomorrow-- was aiming for today but it's not going to happen. 

I wish you all a merry week :D 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

TFtC Mr. January Ch. 25

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-Five

Albert stared at Gregg. He'd heard about the fight between Perry and Evan from Gregg but was sure Perry would tell him her side of it soon. “Okay, that definitely tops any of my bad days. Well, except maybe the one when I broke my wrist, but that was back when I tried out for the baseball team in junior high. I should have known better. I’m obviously not the jock type.”
The look Gregg gave him set Albert’s entire body into a not so slow burn of arousal. “I dunno,” he drawled as he leveled his gaze on Albert’s groin. “I have absolutely no problem picturing you in a jock.” He sauntered across the living room to stand in front of Albert, where he sat on the couch. “Yeah,” Gregg murmured, “I’d grab a hold of that strap and pound you until you screamed my name. You have any jock straps?”
Albert’s face went hot with a blush. “N-no.” But he’d sure go buy some the first chance he got.
“He can borrow one of mine,” Chris said, stepping out of the hallway, smirking. “Jeeee-zus Key-rhist, talk about sexual tension! Which would be totally hot if it didn’t involve my little brother.” He shuddered. “That totally ruins it.”
Gregg rolled his eyes at Albert but grinned, then turned and sat beside him on the couch. “Well, it’s good to know you draw the line somewhere.”
Chris snorted and flipped Gregg off. “You’re going to marry Albert and become family, right? Because you’re funny. And I don’t mean that in a humorous way. But besides that, I don’t want to have to break in another potential bro in law.”
“Gregg!” Albert yelped. “God, we’ve been dating like two seconds!” He shook his head. “Not literally two whole seconds but ugh! Could you be any more embarrassing?”
Chris shrugged. “Sure. I’ve got the family photo albums. Be right back.”
Albert pressed his hands to his face. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”
Gregg nudged his shoulder. “Why? I’d love to see pictures of you when you were a little baby, and growing up. I bet you were cute then, too.”
Albert peered through his fingers and smudged glasses at Gregg. “Seriously? That’s what you think I’m apologizing for?”
Gregg raised one dark eyebrow. “What else?” he asked innocently.
Albert lowered his hands. “You know what else. The whole marry my brother thing.”
“Well, I like to think it could happen between us,” Gregg startled him by saying. “In fact, it’s a goal of mine, and hopefully one of yours, too, but we’ve got time. Like you pointed out, we haven’t been dating long. Though…” He trailed off with a thoughtful look on his face. “My parents did get married after less than six weeks of knowing each other. They both said when it’s right, it’s right, and they’ve been happily married for over thirty years.”
“Six weeks?” Albert gulped. He was confused and happy and scared and…and a lot of things he couldn’t isolate and describe yet.
Gregg nodded. “Yup. Don’t look so terrified. I d0on’t have any plans to propose that soon. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one doing the asking.” He winked.
Albert didn’t know if he’d ever have the nerve to do any such thing. He’d never really been able to imagine himself married, hadn’t thought much about it because he just didn’t think he’d meet Mr. Right.
But chances were, he had met Mr. Right, hadn’t he? Albert took his glasses off and began to clean them with his t-shirt. “You really want that? Not just to…to date around and all that?” He couldn’t bring himself to look up at Gregg as he asked.
“All that what?” Gregg made a huffy sound. “Sex? Sex is easy to get.”
Well, that wasn’t the case for Albert, but—
“Sex is empty without emotions being involved, I learned that a long time ago,” Gregg continued. “I’ve only ever had sex with three men, and all of them were long-term relationships.” He tucked a finger under Albert’s chin and encouraged him to raise his head.
Albert did, and found himself transfixed by the tender expression on Gregg’s face. That Gregg hadn’t screwed around a lot both baffled and pleased Albert, and, especially, made him feel like he was valued.
“None of those three men move me like you do,” Gregg whispered. “None of them felt right enough to contemplate spending my life with them, though I loved them. It was almost as if I were just waiting…”
Albert’s lips had parted more in wonder than anything else, but he was glad they had when Gregg dipped down for a kiss. It was sweet and sultry and made Albert tingle with heat all the way down to his toes. He could have kissed Gregg all night, but of course, his brother had to come back into the room. Albert grumbled when he heard Chris’ footsteps and Gregg moved back, ending the kiss.
“Nope, no getting out of it,” Chris said. “And I’m not watching you two bang on the couch. Also, don’t fuck on the couch. If there’s cum stains on the couch, I’m scrubbing them off with your toothbrush.” He tipped his chin toward Albert. “Now, it’s entertainment time.” He waved the stack of photo albums.

Albert sighed and slipped his hand into Gregg’s. At least he wouldn’t be the only one with embarrassing pics. Chris had gone through an awkward stage from about age four to twenty. He glared at his brother. Make that four to thirty and still counting.

Installment Estimate

Y'all probably already have it guessed...should have one up around 10 PM-ish Central tonight. Depends on what time I do yoga with...whichever kid of mine I'm yoga-ing with. ST/Naomi and I did our workout today, but I'm trying to encourage Amber and Mike to do yoga, too, so last night, Naomi and I were up doing yoga with Mike until after two am. It was fun, too! I hope y'all have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The contest for the ARe bucks is now closed, and there where only 12 entrants. If anyone else tried to comment, I'm sorry, there's only the 12 and those are the ones I've got and have picked the winners from. I enjoyed y'all sharing a little part of your lives with me; thank you for that.

I'm not rich by any means-- and I'm not likely to ever be anywhere near it, which is fine, but every now and then I can splurge a little on y'all, so there's more than two winners tonight. All winners, please email me with your ARe email addie at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com so  I can send you your bucks tomorrow.

Congratulations to:

Julia Matthews
Katherine Young 
Miranda P

and to 

Shorty Chelle
Cinders Osborne

I hope this little kindness makes each of you smile, and if you're having a rough week, just know that someone cares and wishes it was better. 


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

TFtC Mr. January Ch. 24

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

I don't know why Blogger still isn't letting me upload my pics for the installments, but Blogger, you suck dank balls, damn it.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Hemisphere Plaza wasn’t as packed during the weekdays, which was a good thing. Otherwise, Marco might have had more trouble getting permission to shoot the calendar photos there. As it was, he had been warned about not crossing certain lines—And Gregg wondered if people filming amateur or professional pornos in the Plaza was an actual issue. He’d have to Google it when he got home.
Sweat rolled down his back and chest. It was hot and humid, the usual San Antonio weather nine to ten months out of the year. Maybe he exaggerated a bit, but not by much. The cotton robe he had on was sticking to him in a most unpleasant way, and though he was to be Mr. January, Marco was determined to get Gustav’s photo shoot done first because Gustav “looks like the perfect male specimen of sexuality.”
Marco’s word was law, and though Gregg could admit that Gustav—Mr. May—did indeed look to be in top form today, with his long blond hair in a man-bun and all his muscles on muscles gleaming just so, he did absolutely nothing for Gregg.
Gregg preferred his men shorter, with softer skin and just a hint of a tummy. Albert wasn’t anywhere near being fat, but he wasn’t toned and bulked up and snuggling with him was like snuggling with the best soft stuffed animal ever.
Except Albert made Gregg horny as hell and stuffed animals most definitely did not.
“You look like you could use a drink.”
Gregg turned enough to see Perry standing to his left, looking as if she’d never broken a sweat in her life. She held out a bottle of Evian. “And probably a good hosing down and a bar of soap,” she added. “And deodorant.”
“Hey!” Gregg sniffed his pits then frowned. “I don’t have smelly armpits!”
Perry shrugged. “In your opinion.” She thrust the water at him. “Then again, I bet Albert loves you all sweaty with that rank man-smell.”
Gregg took the water and uncapped it, watching her uneasily. “Why are you even talking to me about anything like that?”
“Because I like Albert a lot, and if you hurt him, I’ll be forced to do something drastic, like superglue your dick to your balls. At least.”
Gregg cringed despite his best effort not to, pressing his this together as he lowered one hand over his crotch. “Uh, isn’t that…psychotic?”
Another shrug from Perry. “Eh, probably, but it runs in the family.”
“I don’t want to know,” he muttered.
“Nope, you sure don’t,” Perry agreed, then promptly groaned and closed her eyes. “Aw, damn it, I was hoping she was gone for good.”
“Who?” Gregg whipped his head around and saw Marco’s wife walking their way, her stilettos tapping on the asphalt. Evan was tall, thin, and sculpted—likely by a a few surgeon’s hands—to perfection. And as far as Gregg could tell, she was completely lacking in a soul. Then again, he didn’t really know her.
“Go away, mommy dearest,” Perry called out. “Are you walking funny?”
Gregg was sure there was a joke he was missing. Or an accusation.
Evan’s cold features hardened as she stopped in front of Perry. “You utterly classless shit.”
Perry smiled brightly. “I wasn’t the one out fucking around on my husband.”
Evan slapped her in a move so quick, Gregg could barely believe it. Perry was on Evan before Evan’s hand left her cheek.
“Girl fight!” someone shouted. “Down with the one percenters!”
“Jesus Christ,” Gregg muttered, rolling his eyes as he tried to decide how to intervene. This wasn’t a ‘girl fight’ with hair pulling and swatting. Evan and Perry were trying to seriously damage each other. Fists were swinging and cuss words flying. Evan shrieked and Perry grunted.
“That’s enough!” he bellowed. Not that either of them listened to him. “Shit! He looked around and saw Marco, camera in hand, snapping away as he took multiple pics of Gustav, posed in a tiny pair of briefs and holding a fake, Thor-inspired hammer. “Marco! Help!” Gregg shouted. “Your wife and daughter—“
“Do not interrupt me while I’m working!” Marco shouted back without looking his way. By this time, other models had gathered around.
“Shit, what do we do? I don’t want to get between them,” one whined. “Look at those punches!”
Gregg smacked him on the arm. “Come on—“ He heard sirens in the distance and hoped they weren’t headed to the Plaza. “Help me separate them.”
Though Gregg would have preferred to reach for Perry, Evan was closer. When he bent down, she clocked him with her elbow high on his right cheek. “Fuck!” He reached for her, and another model helped him, yelping then folding over and whimpering, “My balls…”
Evan slipped out of his grasp and he reached for her again. She was fast, and mean, and it took him and two other guys to finally get a hold of her.
Gregg tried to get his arms around Evan and spin her away. Perry was being pulled back, but she was still lunging for Evan—but at least she wasn’t hitting the guys holding onto her. Gregg was getting kicked and elbowed and scratched and—
“Sir, let go of the woman and put your hands up,” a rough voice snapped.
“He was trying to assault me!” Evan shouted.
Gregg let go of her and raised his hands. “I was not!”
“He wasn’t!” more than one person vouched.

The police officers didn’t seem to be buying it, and Gregg sighed as he realized he was very likely about to be arrested.