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Thursday, July 2, 2015

And the Stars Danced Ch. 16

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Sixteen

“Huh.” Karl wasn’t sure what to think. “It’s still there.”
“Yeah it is.” Elliot unbuckled his seatbelt. “Should I get it?”
The Walmart bag was still tucked under the dumpster behind the bar where they’d hidden it the night before.
Karl shook his head. “Shit, I don’t know. I mean, if they traced the comm, and they found it hidden there, then they could be waiting somewhere, watching, just like we’re doing.”
“So we leave it?” Elliot asked. He sounded as confused as Karl felt.
“No. Yes. Maybe? Shit!” Karl thumped the steering wheel. “I don’t know what’s the right thing to do here!”
Elliot arched a brow at Karl before looking in the back seat at Ian. “Do you ever get the feeling he understands us?”
“All the time,” Karl said dryly. “I talk to Ian all the time, too. He’s my best friend.”
Ian whined and thumped his tail against the seat. He pawed at the window.
Karl had a bad moment where he almost freaked out when he realized that Ian was sure looking in the direction of the comm. Then he decided why should that freak him out with everything else that was going on?
“Okay, Ian, here’s your chance to prove me not crazy.” Karl got out of the Jeep. “So, should we get the comm, or—“
Ian leapt over the front seat and darted out the driver’s side. He snorted like he was proud of himself, then he struck a pointer’s poise, nose aimed at the trash bin.
“Are you serious?” Karl whispered, goose bumps pebbling his skin.
Ian trotted over to the bin and tugged the bag free. He picked it up, catching the plastic between his teeth, then strutted back over.
“I think he’s proud of himself,” Elliot observed. “He looks like one of those fancy, dancing horses.”
Karl didn’t know what Elliot meant, and managed a, “What?” before taking the bag from Ian.
“You know. The horses that do the sideway steps andand it looks like they dance,” Elliot was explaining. “Dressage? Maybe it’s dressage. That’s a weird word.”
Karl shook his head. “Elliot, Ian just went and got the comm. That’s weird.”
Ian butted his head against Karl’s thigh.
“No,” Elliot drawled, “That’s a dog who’s smarter than we are. He figured out what to do.”
Karl opened his mouth to argue then shut it again. It was impossible to argue effectively against a solidly proven point.
“We should reach the point on the map in about six hours,” Elliot said several minutes later when they were on the road.
Karl had been gripping the steering wheel so tightly that his fingers ached, but he was beginning to relax and believe they might not be attacked or found or whatever it was that could have happened. Honestly, he wasn’t sure what he feared at that point. Something bad, that was the best he could figure.
“It’ll still be light, too, so—you know, I don’t know why we’re going there,” Elliot said. “I mean, the AI’s told me to, but why? And why didn’t I ask them more questions?”
“Guess we’ll see what’s what when we get there.” Karl just hoped it wasn’t some kind of a trap that they were headed for. “I wish we knew who we could trust.”
“Each other,” Elliot said promptly. “And Ian, of course.”
The emotional warmth Karl experienced was much more pleasant than the heat he was used to, living in the desert. “I do trust you both. It happened quick with you, Elliot, but I—“ Did he dare admit it? Karl remembered his grandma saying, Nothing ventured, nothing gained. “But it felt right, everything about you. Like we’ve known each other longer, likelike
“Like destiny,” Elliot finished for him. “We were meant to be right where we are, together.”
Karl chuckled. “Yeah, though we could do without the threat of being captured or worse.”
Elliot waggled his eyebrows. “Sure, but it adds that little extra sense of adventure. Wouldn’t want you to get bored with me.”
“Never happen,” Karl vowed, feeling happier than he had in a very long time. “You know, I’m having more fun, and I’m happy in a way I can’t remember being before. Who would have thought that would be the case, what with people trying to get us? Or you, and me in the peripheral? Maybe I was made for a life of adventure!”

Elliot sat back with contemplative expression as he stroked his chin. “Maybe you are.”

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Sorry, y'all, I'm feeling like crap today. I'll have a post up tomorrow afternoon, though. Here's a few pics to brighten y'all's day:

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Monday, June 29, 2015

And the Stars Danced Ch. 15 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Fifteen

Despite the possibility of being found by their pursuers, Elliot slept surprisingly well. Part of it was that he trusted Ian to alert them to any danger—a feeling he didn’t question—and part was due to the fact that Karl had completely blown Elliot’s mind. Elliot had been thoroughly satiated after what they’d done together. He’d had no idea an orgasm could be so powerful, and suspected it was more the man who’d shared it with him than the physical act itself.
He mused over it all as he debated whether or not to wake Karl. Sunlight was peeking through a crack in the thick curtains, so morning had come around.
Ian made a snuffling sound, but other than that, there was only Karl’s soft breaths breaking the silence of the room.
Elliot was wrapped around Karl his chest to Karl’s back. He could feel his own heart beating, and Karl’s as well where Elliot had his hand to Karl’s chest.
Karl’s strong, lean body was warm and hard, but soft in the right places. The smooth curves of his buttocks were pressed against Elliot’s groin.
Elliot nuzzled Karl’s hair, then his neck. The heady scent of the man—sweat, spice, sex and soap—caused Elliot’s mouth to water, and his semi-erect dick grew to full staff.
“S’nice,” Karl rasped. He wiggled his behind. “Mm, yeah, I like this.”
“Me too.” Elliot reached between them and poisoned his cock between Karl’s cheeks. He then caressed Karl’s hip for a moment before moving to fist Karl’s shaft.
“Lube,” he heard Karl grumbled. Karl must have known right where the bottle was. He poured some on his cock then held the lube up. “You want some of this.”
It wasn’t a question. Elliot had to let go of Karl’s length long enough to slick up his own, but then he was able to glide his dick with ease between Karl’s cheeks. The tip of his cock nudged Karl’s balls then went over them.
Karl moaned and grabbed Elliot’s hand. “On me!”
Elliot grunted as he started jacking Karl off, keeping time with the movement of his hips. He kept a steady rhythm, not too fast or hard, reveling in the sensations that were building with every thrust and glide.
Karl wiggled and clenched his butt. He put his hand over Elliot’s and squeezed.
Elliot closed his eyes as he licked Karl’s neck, tasting the raw essence of the man. He wanted to know what Karl tasted like everywhere, when he was hot and sweaty, when he was freshly showered, when he’d been doing whatever he did on the average day. Elliot wanted to know everything about Karl; he craved a deep level of intimacy with him, one that surpassed the physical.
But he wanted the physical too, and eventually, his body demanded it. Elliot cried out against Karl’s skin as he came in great, shuddering waves of bliss as Karl’s cock pulsed come over their joined hands.
It was a perfect start to their day, Elliot thought later as he packed away their toiletries. His life had changed so much, so quickly, that he felt like he was living in a dream sometimes.
But he only had to touch Karl, to see him, to know what reality was.
“Ian’s ready to go,” Karl said. “I’m kind of nervous.”
“We’ll be as careful as possible, or we could just not go back for the comm,” Elliot offered. “No one broke in here last night, so maybe the tracking device isn’t in me.”
Karl nodded. “Yeah, and by process of elimination that would mean the comm was bugged, unless it wasn’t.”
Elliot frowned. “Huh?”
“They could have just found us through some other means, like detective work,” Karl said as he shrugged. “Maybe there’s no tracking chips.”
“Or maybe that’s what they want us to think.” Elliot rubbed his forehead. “Fuck, this is complicated.”
“Well, let’s go see if the comm is still there. We can check without getting close.” Karl had bought some binoculars the night before and he held them up now. “They aren’t the best, but they do okay.”
Elliot made sure everything was gathered. “Okay, then we’re ready. I have to wonder though—if the comm’s bugged, who did it and why? Was it the government or was it the AI’s, or—God, it’s just a mess!”
“We’ll figure it out,” Karl assured him.
“I hope so.” And he hoped they could escape, though Elliot was beginning to think he, at least, would never be free from the people chasing after him. Karl has a chance at a normal life. If I’m not in it. It hurt to think about, yet it was true. Elliot was endangering Karl and Ian every moment he was with them.
“I think you and Ian should—“ he began in the elevator.
Karl pointed at him and glared so fiercely that Elliot gulped back a whimper. “Don’t you even say it.”
Elliot licked his lips. Was it odd that he was both scared of pissing Karl off, and aroused by his temper? “How do you know what I was gonna say?”
“You were going to ditch me and Ian for our own good, and we’re not having it, so don’t go there.” Karl harrumphed and crossed his arms over his chest. “I know that’s what you were leading up to.”
Elliot thought about denying it, but lying to someone he cared for was wrong. “Howhow’d you know?” he couldn’t help but ask.
Karl narrowed his eyes as the elevator stopped. “Because I know you, and” Then his expression changed from one of irritation to one laced with concern. “And it was weird. I justI just felt it, like I was you for a second.”
That was weird, indeed. “What are you saying?” The elevator doors opened and they walked out.
Karl shook his head. “Nothing. It had to be just me picking up on your cues. I mean, I know you’re a good person. You’re going to worry and feel guilty about me and Ian being involved, but you have to remember this—I chose to get involved, and I’m an adult. I get to make my own decisions.”
“And Ian?” Elliot couldn’t help but ask.
Ian barked and thumped the back of Elliot’s thighs with his sturdy tail.
“Okay, I get it,” Elliot said to Ian. “Sheesh.”
“So you’re stuck with us,” Karl added. “Just to be clear.”

That was the best news Elliot had heard in possibly ever.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

And the Stars Danced Ch. 14 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Fourteen

Karl’s palms were sweaty—never an attractive thing, according to the romance books he’d read, but whatever, he was nervous and almost bursting with anticipation.
And lust. There was plenty of that, too. Karl didn’t examine anything else he was feeling for Elliot too closely. They had only just met, so he couldn’t possibly have any other kinds of feelings for Elliot yet. Stuff like that just didn’t happen.
Yet there was more than just lust, and Karl decided not to worry about that. He was going to live every minute as if it were his last—sort of—because if they were caught by those fuckers from the MiB club, he might very well be killed.
And the chances of them escaping a bunch of government agents seemed scarce, what with spy satellites and God only knew what-else out there to track them down.
So he wasn’t going to worry about falling too soon. He was simply going to enjoy his time with Elliot.
As he waited for Elliot to come out of the bathroom, Karl prepared their bed, pulling back the covers and setting two of the four pillows off to the side.
Then he messed with the lighting. Karl had to beg to get the place to take cash, but a twenty to the night clerk had finally cleared the way. He hadn’t even had to show his license, either, and he suspected the clerk might have pocketed the fee for the room, too.
Karl didn’t care. He was certain that Elliot was a virgin when it came to anal sex. There was no way he’d get them a dank, cheesy room for that.
Plus, he hoped being in a big hotel would offer him and Elliot some protection. They’d settled on turning the comm off and hiding it for the night. When they went back for it tomorrow, they’d have to be very careful. If it was gone, or the hiding place destroyed, that’d tell them something.
“Maybe. It might just mean they found it and are watching us.” Then again, if dark suit-clad men and women burst into the hotel room later, it could only be because they’d put a tracker on Elliot somehow.
Karl shook his head. He couldn’t even say for certain if that was the case. For all he knew, he was being tracked somehow.
Like through his credit card, which he’d used up until it dawned on him that it could be tracked. He really wasn’t made to live life on the run, apparently.
He heard the water shut off. Why am I so freakin’ nervous? I’ve had sex with a virgin before. For fuck’s sake, I was a virgin once!
Karl smoothed down the blanket again. Then he bit his lip and wondered if that was kind of presumptuous, like he expected Elliot to come out and flop down and present his ass.
Karl groaned and rolled his eyes. He was being an idiot.
And what was taking Elliot so long?
“At least he won’t walk out and find me with a hard on.” Karl glared down at his dick. “Wait. Will he think I don’t want him then?” Shit. What was he supposed to do? He plucked at the waistband of his sweats, the only clothing he had on.
Ian woofed and flopped onto his side, as if to tell Karl he was being ridiculous.
“I already know that,” Karl sniped, more to the voice in his head agreeing than to Ian.
The bathroom door came open, and Karl’s thoughts all scattered as he looked up and found Elliot standing there, naked except for a towel around his hips. The slight swell under that towel quickly became much larger, and Karl’s cock hardened in response.
Strangely enough, Elliot didn’t appear to be suffering from any of the nerves Karl was.
“Karl.” Elliot dropped the towel.
Karl’s mouth and throat went dry. His hands trembled as he tucked his thumbs under the waistband of his sweats.
“Let me.” Elliot strolled over, his thick cock bobbing, tapping his belly as he walked.
Karl clenched his ass and reconsidered his original plan. It’d been a long, long time since he’d been properly fucked.
Elliot stopped in front of him, then leaned close. His dick brushed against Karl’s stomach.
Karl’s lips parted just in time to greet Elliot’s. The press of Elliot’s mouth to his shorted out Karl’s nerves and he reached for Elliot, grabbing, touching, clinging.
Elliot kissed him with a hunger that was as unmistakable as his need, pressed hot and rigid between them.
Karl might have whimpered as he tried to get closer, hitching one leg up and doing his best to wrap it around Elliot’s hip.
He ached for Elliot in a way he’d never believed possible. When he’d heard or read about people overpowered by sexual attraction, he’d always been envious but had put it off as fiction— no matter who was talking about it. He’d been horny before, sure enough, but not with the kind of painful, gut-wrenching craving for someone like he felt for Elliot.
It made him give everything of himself. Karl forgot about the potential for embarrassing sounds and stupid sex faces. He forgot about coming off as desperate or slutty. He was freed from a lifetime of societal expectations for men and lovers, and oddly enough, aware of the fact that he let them all go, swept away by the fierce kiss of this one man.
Elliot scooped Karl up, lifting him with hands beneath Karl’s ass.
Karl was carried to the bed, then Elliot tumbled down with him, landing on Karl somewhat but not unbearably so. Karl dug his heels into Elliot’s plump ass and began to rock against him while Elliot sucked on his tongue and buried one hand in Karl’s hair.
Things were going to be over before they got much further if Karl didn’t get a grip on himself.
Or a grip on Elliot.
Karl bucked and rolled them over so that he was on top. He grinned at Elliot. “I’ve got to inspect you properly.”
Elliot swallowed and nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, you’ve got toto make sure I’m not leading them to us.”
Karl stroked Elliot’s cheek. “You do realize I want to get my hands and mouth all over you regardless?”
Elliot’s slow, sexy grin was like a sweet lick to Karl’s cock. It ratcheted up his need even higher.
“Oh yeah? I wouldn’t have guessed,” Elliot replied, reaching between them and touching the tip of Karl’s shaft.
Karl snorted then sat up so that he straddled Elliot’s waist. “I should look you over, very, very thoroughly before—“ Well, he still wasn’t sure who’d be fucking who, just that it would be happening.
Then again, as long as they both enjoyed what happened between them, did he really need to plan the night out?
“Before what?” Elliot asked, cupping Karl’s butt cheeks. He squeezed them firmly.
Karl’s breath stuttered out from him. “Uh.”
Elliot traced the seam of his crack.
Karl arched his back a little and inched his knees further apart. “B-before we fu-ungh! Oh God!”
Just the press of that finger at his hole nearly pushed Karl over the edge. He wiggled his hips but Elliot didn’t push his finger into Karl’s ass.
“El,” Karl whined, “Please!”
Elliot frowned. “I may not have done this before, but I still know we need lube.”
“I can take a finger or two without it,” Karl began, then scrunched up his nose. “Okay, yeah the lube is under that pillow beside you.”
Elliot reached for it and Karl was able to get a handle on his control. “But first, I’m going to touch every inch of you.”
Elliot pulled the lube out but laid it beside his head. “Every inch?”
Rather than answer, Karl bent over and, framing Elliot’s face with his hands, kissed Elliot. He slid his tongue alongside Elliot’s and resisted the urge to hump against Elliot’s belly. He wanted this to last, and he’d go off like a shaken can of soda if he wasn’t careful.
“Every inch,” he said several minutes later. He started at the top of Elliot’s head, running his fingers through Elliot’s silky hair, rubbing his scalp.
“Ohhhh. Oh that’sthat feels so good.” Elliot all but purred and closed his eyes, a slight smile curling his kiss-swollen lips.
Karl paid attention to what he was doing, feeling for any odd lump or scrape. “You’ve got a sexy head.”
Elliot snickered and peeked out of one eye at him. “Is that even possible?”
Karl nodded. “Absolutely. There are some head shapes that are scientifically proven to be a turn off for me. Like big heads that partially block the movie screen or band I’m trying to watch live. Little heads that contain even littler thoughts. I can go on.”
Elliot was laughing and that was what Karl had been aiming for. He moved his hands down, touching Elliot’s neck, his face, his ears.
Then he started kissing the places he’d touched, learning Elliot’s taste behind his ear—very mild, a little sweet; the dip at the hollow of his throat—a little saltier, a hint of soap. Karl worked his way down Elliot’s body, taking his time and enjoying this learning of Elliot.
For his part, Elliot seemed to be enjoying it, too, moaning softly and giggling at times. He was ticklish under his arms and right above his hipbones. The soles of his feet were even more so. Elliot squealed and almost kicked Karl in the head when he licked one arch.
But when Karl began to lick his way back up, running his hands over the back sides of Elliot’s legs, Elliot’s pupils expanded and his chest heaved.
“What are you going to do?” Elliot rasped.
Karl grinned at him and tongued the groove between groin and thigh.
Elliot’s eyes rolled back and he shuddered. “P-please, Karl. I need you.”
Those three words sank into Karl’s soul. “I’m right here,” he whispered before fisting the base of Elliot’s dick. “Right here,” he said against the broad tip. He laved the slit. “Move these up.” He tapped one of Elliot’s legs. “I want your ass, too.”
“Fuck!” Elliot drew his legs up, knees to his chest. “You’re going to kill me with this inspection.”
“This isn’t an inspection,” Karl said. “This is me making love to you.” Because ‘fucking’ seeming too crude for this slow, intense joining. 
There was an electric-type spark at times when Karl touched Elliot. He almost thought he could feel it moving through Elliot like great waves of pleasure.
Karl sipped at the tip of Elliot’s shaft and fondled Elliot’s balls. He liked Elliot’s flavor, sweet and briny at the same time. Karl sealed his mouth around the entire glans and sucked, pulling a guttural moan from Elliot. At the same time, Karl rolled Elliot’s balls then pressed them up against Elliot’s body, careful not to press too hard.
Elliot rocked his hips up and Karl took in more of that thick cock, tonguing the veins on it, using as much suction as he could to get more and more of Elliot in him.
When the head reached the back of his throat, Karl came back up before going down again, and this time, he didn’t stop until he had what he wanted—all of Elliot’s cock.
“Fuck! Karl! I can’t hold on,” Elliot rushed out. “I-I’m gonna—“
Karl tugged Elliot’s balls and swallowed around his dick. The second he released Elliot’s sac, Elliot keened and started to come.
Karl moved up and caught most of the spunk on his tongue, but some escaped to dribble down his chin. He suckled while continuously playing with Elliot’s balls until Elliot tucked his butt down.
Karl released his prick then kissed the insides of Elliot’s thighs before going right for his taint. That sweet spot between balls and asshole was made for loving on. Karl lifted Elliot’s balls up out of the way as he licked and laved, enjoying himself immensely.
“I’m gonna get hard again,” Elliot said after a moment.
Karl couldn’t make himself give up his treat. He offered Elliot a thumbs up which made Elliot laugh.
But he stopped laughing when Karl slipped his tongue down lower.
“What are you doing?” Elliot yelped a second later. “You licked my ass!”
Karl did raise his head up then. He arched a brow at Elliot. “Did you hate it?”
“Uh, no!” Elliot sat up. “I most certainly did not hate it.” And with that, he turned over and presented his ass to Karl. “This way’s better, right?”
Karl caressed the rounded cheeks. “Fuck yeah it’s better.”
“Good. You can rim me like this, if you want,” Elliot said.
Karl most definitely wanted. He parted Elliot’s cheeks. “Sweet little hole.”
Elliot groaned and his pucker clenched. “That’s embarrassing!”
“Didn’t mean it to be,” Karl assured him, then he licked over it. “So sorry.” He kissed the tightly furled opening. “Really sorry.” Karl ran the flat of his tongue over it repeatedly, moaning at Elliot’s taste.
“You’re forgiven,” Elliot panted. “Don’t stop.”
Karl was out of words. He pressed Elliot’s cheeks further apart and buried his face in his crease. He’d have told Elliot this wasn’t something he’d ever done before had he been able to articulate anything.
Instead, Karl licked and sucked Elliot’s pucker, working it until the skin was soft and warm, then he pushed his tongue right inside.
Elliot shouted and shoved his ass back. Karl almost ended up falling over. It was only his grip on Elliot’s butt that kept him from doing so.
Elliot began to rut against him. Karl let go of one cheek long enough to grab the lube. He tongue fucked Elliot until his jaw began to ache, then Karl scraped his teeth over Elliot’s buttock.
“Now, those probing jokes come to life,” Karl muttered, rubbing one thumb over Elliot’s hole.
Elliot’s strangled sound might have been a laugh, or a culmination of need erupting from him.
Karl opened the lube. He poured too much into his hand—judged too much only because a bunch of it spilled over onto the sheet.
With his fingers slicked up, Karl moved to kneel beside Elliot. “Relax.”
“Karl,” Elliot growled.
Karl was tempted to ask ‘what?’ but he knew. Elliot wanted. Karl didn’t tease. He pushed one lubed finger slowly into Elliot’s ass.
“Fuck,” Karl drawled as that silky heat rippled around his digit. “You are so fucking tight, I don’t see how I’m going to fit.” Though he would. He so would, and it’d be fucking glorious.
Elliot arched his back. “Then fix me!”
Karl chuckled and kissed Elliot’s back. “Oh, I am, believe me. Just—“ He pulled his finger out. “Like—“ And thrust it back in. “This.”
Elliot moaned and began to move, rocking back and forth, his inner muscles gripping and loosening, gripping and loosening.
Karl stroked those muscles, trying not whimper at the thought of them all hot and slick around his cock. He worked a second finger in and when he found Elliot’s prostate, that current Karl had sensed before seemed to swell until Karl’s hair felt like it was vibrating with static electricity.
Whatever anyone said about Elliot, he was all man, with every bit and part a man normally had. His prostate was right there under Karl’s fingertips, and every time Karl massaged it, Elliot moaned or whimpered and shoved his ass back eagerly.
Karl took more time with the third finger. He reached under Elliot and gently stroked his dick while stretching his hole.
But Elliot didn’t appear to have Karl’s caution. He growled and shoved back, hard.
“El—“ Karl began, wanting to warn him to be careful, but Elliot sighed like he’d finally got an itch scratched, then he began to move.
“Feels so good,” Elliot said in a gravel-rough voice.
“Yeah,” Karl agreed, watching his fingers slide in and out, in and out. Elliot’s asshole glistened with lube. Karl wanted more than his fingers in there.
He left off jacking Elliot’s cock and instead shoved his hand beneath the pillow. The condoms were right there, thank God, or he’d have had a breakdown trying to find them.
“You want my dick?” Karl asked before he used his teeth to tear one packet off the strip.
“Now,” Elliot answered after clearing his throat twice.
“Now,” Karl agreed. He took his fingers out and wiped them on his sweats, which he took off. As soon as he had the condom on, Karl moved behind Elliot. Remembering Elliot’s eagerness with his fingers, Karl said, “Don’t push back. Trust me to do this.”
“I trust you.” Elliot arched his lower back. “But if you don’t hurry up, I’m going to scream.”
“Only good screams allowed.” Karl lined up and started pushing into the tightest, hottest ass he’d ever touched. “Ohoh shityou’re soahhh!” He sank in smoothly, his cock pulled deep by those wonderful, clenching muscles.
“Mmm, yeah, that’s so good,” Elliot said, then nothing more was spoken as Karl began to move, withdrawing a few inches and sinking in to the hilt.
When Elliot was ready for more, Karl began to let loose, pulling back until the rim of his cockhead stretched Elliot’s hole, then shoving in fast and hard.
He tried to hold onto Elliot, his hands sliding, their bodies slick with sweat as they moved.
Something was moving through Karl, something primitive and foreign and wild. He had never felt such a force of lust and need before, and put it down to that as he powered into Elliot repeatedly.
His abs burned with exertion when he pulled out and nudged Elliot’s hip. “Back.”
Elliot understood the one-word demand and rolled onto his back. He started to pull his legs up, but Karl stopped him. “No. Like this.” Karl shoved the pillows under Elliot’s ass, then he pressed into Elliot again. He took a hold of Elliot’s ankles and spread his legs further apart. “Fuck. Yes!”
Elliot’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open. His back bowed and a mewling sound left him. He reached for his cock and began jacking it roughly, his strokes a blur.
Karl leaned forward a little and plowed into Elliot’s ass as fast and hard as he could. His hips slapped Elliot’s butt and his balls were beginning to ache, but every part of his body felt more alive, more sensitized and powerful than ever before.
Karl felt like he could keep going all night, and he might have done so had Elliot not keened and the already tight muscles of is inner walls clamped down around Karl’s dick.
The rippling, gripping massage was too much when combined with the sight of Elliot’s spunk splattering on his chest and chin.
Karl tried to watch, but the ecstasy overpowered him. His vision blurred and he threw his head back as his climax slammed into him.
He was aware of everything and nothing, as if he were in himself and outside of himself at the same time. When his cock released the last spurt of come, all of Karl’s strength left him along with it. He just barely managed to pull out carefully and make sure he didn’t lose the condom before he collapsed across the bed.
Elliot draped his legs over Karl, and they lay like that until Karl wriggled out from beneath him.
“Where’re you goin’?” Elliot asked, his voice slurred.
“Washcloth,” Karl got out, sounding much the same as his lover.
He made it to the bathroom and disposed of the condom before wetting a cloth so he could clean Elliot up.
Karl had heard people claim someone was glowing, but he’d never understood that until he returned and saw Elliot. The man really did look like he was lit up from the inside out. Nothing so extreme as that, but there was a definite sheen to his skin that Karl told himself was a result of his own blurry vision.

Must have got sweat in my eyes. That had to be it.