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Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Babble

How's everyone doing? Feel free to share any adventures with the rest of us :D

I'm working on Radney's story and some revisions on Edie's story (the next Spotless one), that's what's keeping me busy. After those two, then I have to revise the other two vamp blog stories that ran here, write extra scenes for each of the 8 Southern Spirits books....and write another Southwestern Shifters book. This one will bring the guys back to New Mexico and will focus heavily on Aidan and Zane, and Marcus and Nathan. At least, that's the plan. We shall see how the plan goes!!

Other than the writing side of things, there's been allergies amok in the family, with Mom, ST, Elijah and Charlie all snorting and snotting and hacking up who knows what. No matter how you want to look at it, a kid blowing snot bubbles is NOT cute. Just saying. Most everyone is feeling better-ish.

If they aren't, they're going to be quarantined in the washroom. :D Fine, fine. I'll stay in the washroom.

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend. Look for tomorrow's installment to be up around 11 PM Central time.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings Ch. 30

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirty

Two things occurred to Griff as he clung to Blaze. The first was that he hadn’t known he could call to a goddess. He couldn’t have named off the deities had his life depended on it before that moment when he’d reached for Ahndwa’s help.
Second, the Sword of Synchrony was possessing Blaze, at least to a degree.
And he realized a third thing as Blaze destroyed the last fiend. There was more locked away in his mind than an average Love fairy should be aware of.
Blaze’s gasp brought Griff’s focus back to his bonded. Blaze’s eyes were still glowing with an eerie glint of silver in their amber depths. Hid face was flushed, his features slightly altered, as if blurred. It took Griff a moment to realize he was seeing flickering, shadow images flitting over Blaze’s features. It was eerie and terrifying. “Blaze?”
Blaze gasped again. He reached for Griff’s cheek, mouth moving, and a lost look as he trembled.
“Blaze!” Griff didn’t know why he was so scared, didn’t know what the hells was happening to his bonded.
Then Blaze threw his head back and screamed.
Griff stumbled back, propelled by a supernatural force that burned when it slapped at him. Blaze’s entire body convulsed, and an orange-gold glow encompassed him.
He levitated off the ground just as the colors around him grew brighter.
Griff shouted his name again. The light was too much; he squinted and shielded his eyes. Heat rolled off of Blaze in waves.
With his retinas close to being singed, Griff had only a second to see the flames shoot from his appendages, from his mouth and eyes. Griff felt the pain of it, his insides burning torturously as he screamed.
Then as suddenly as the agony had begun, it ceased. Griff collapsed. He’d no sooner hit the ground than he was crawling, forcing his eyes open, searching for his bonded.
When he saw Blaze, Griff’s heart almost stopped. Blaze was on bended knee, head down, puffs of smoke leaving his nostrils with every exhalation. Ahndwa stood before him, one hand in Blaze’s hair, the other holding the Sword of Synchrony.
Griff didn’t dare interfere with the goddess. He managed to crawl to Ahndwa’s side where he knelt, head bowed in a show of respect.
When Ahndwa touched his head, Griff whimpered in a mix of fear and gratitude. The goddess’ touch could be a blessing or a curse.
She stroked her fingers over his scalp, then moved them down to his face, her touch leaving a heated trail behind. When she reached his chin, Ahndwa pressed up, and Griff raised his head just enough to look at her knees.
Another push, and he dared look higher. When he gazed past her smiling lips, past her strong nose and to her dark green eyes, Griff felt a pressure in his head, like someone had stuffed it too full and it was close to bursting.
He winced and would have reached for his temples, but was unable to move.
The goddess stared at him, and he felt exposed, vulnerable and elated at the same time.
“What have they done to you, my brioghi?” Ahndwa asked with such tenderness, Griff’s eyes welled.
He couldn’t answer. His mind was still a chaotic disaster. Yet with each sweep of her fingers over his skin, Griff’s panic and fear ebbed, to be replaced with a peace that was pure and comforting. There was no need for him to feel anything other than what the goddess gave him. Griff accepted it, sinking into the gift of her touch.
She murmured words he didn’t understand, and Griff’s eyelids grew heavy, too heavy to hold open. The sensations he felt altered. A new energy flowed into him, a familiar, loving one. Blaze’s presence was mingled with his, and Griff’s with Blaze’s. It was another gift from their goddess, a blessing and that was all he knew of it.
Then slowly, the feeling of safety and comfort waned, though it didn’t leave him altogether. The connection with Blaze was still there, too, yet not as strong as it had been.
It was still a treasure, a bond unlike any Griff had ever heard of. He slowly opened his eyes and found that Blaze was still kneeling. The goddess was fading out, her smile still fond, her touch still on them. The Sword of Synchrony was strapped to her back.
Griff was relieved she hadn’t left it with Blaze. The sword was a blessing and a curse.
Ahdwe grew dimmer then was gone as a breeze wafted over them. Blaze raised his head, his gaze seeking out Griff’s immediately.
Blaze reached for him, and Griff moved into his arms.
Behind him, Griff heard someone clearing their throat.
He ignored them in favor of holding onto his bonded. Blaze held onto him with equal strength and need.
“You do realize that a goddess never blesses without there being a cost.”
Griff squinched his eyes shut upon hearing Jade’s words. He had no doubt Ahndwa had blessed him and Blaze.
“She freed my fire,” Blaze rasped. “She freed my dragon. She brought us closer together.”                                                               
A small, angry part of Griff wanted to know why she hadn’t given him his wings back—or his memory. He snuffed that part of himself down. All that mattered was that Blaze had recovered that which had been taken from him.
“I’ll pay whatever the cost for that,” Griff murmured to Blaze. He wasn’t taunting Ahndwa.
“There’ll be a cost,” Jade said. “There always is.”
Blaze hugged Griff tighter then loosened his hold and leaned back. Griff opened his eyes and saw that Blaze was looking beyond him.
“Where’s Grlind?” Blaze asked.
“Here.” Grlind sounded pained.
Griff wiggled, and in short order stood with Blaze. Grlind was sitting with his back against a tree. Blood had pooled beside him.
“Healed,” Grlind added. “For the most part.”
“Is that through your own power?” Griff asked.
Grlind cast a look at the Storm King. “No.”
Before Griff could ask what he meant, Jade huffed and took one step, only to whimper and collapse.
“Shit!” Grlind scrambled toward the fallen elf.
Griff and Blaze reached him first. Griff smelled blood. “He’s hurt!”
He shoved at Jade’s robes and found them heavy with blood. The dark red and black material had hidden it well.
Griff grabbed the ripped fabric and tore. “Gods!” Three deep gashes marred Jade’s side.
“Is he hurt anywhere else?” Blaze asked.
“Let me see!” Grlind demanded.
They stripped Jade quickly and found another deep wound on his left thigh.
“And he used his gods be damned powers to heal me?” Grlind growled. “Fool king!”
Griff shook his head. He didn’t understand any of it—Ahndwa coming to his and Blaze’s aid, the sword, the release of Blaze’s abilities, blessings and debts and healings—and he couldn’t concentrate on any of it. Friend or foe, or something in between, the Storm King needed their help.
If he died, the chaos wouldn’t be confined to the elven world.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Updated as of 3-26 AM ARe Entrants List

Okay, even more people added! 

And if you aren't on here yet and want to be, just comment, and I'll add you! This is for the weekly, $10 ARe bucks drawing.

  1. Deb W.
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  3. Avalie
  4. Roxanne R
  5. MargaretP
  6. EydieG
  7. Priscilla
  8. Crissy
  9. Penumbra
  10. Foretta
  11. Diane A
  12. Erica Pike
  13. Tracey D
  14. Peggy Clark
  15. DeniseG
  16. Yvette
  17. Pearl
  18. Bos
  19. Jen
  20. Gina
  21. LuckeeZeeG
  22. Adnil
  23. Dee
  24. Renee
  25. VyckyJ
  26. Eva
  27. Jerrimerry
  28. Angel
  29. Uncle Gerry
  30. Debra G
  31. Rachel
  32. cathym
  33. Judi P
  34. julieB:)
  35. Sas
  36. Helen
  37. panalopy
  38. Jackie G
  39. Jaymi
  40. Daylea H
  41. Kelli
  42. Linda A
  43. Jase G
  44. Chris E
  45. Rain
  46. Tonya
  47. MistyG
  48. mel
  49. Rita S
  50. LindaC
  51. ElaineG
  52. Jess M
  53. Rhonda
  54. Allia W
  55. KarenJ
  56. Brandi
  57. Tati
  58. Kaytee/KT
  59. *mariewig
  60. CandaceB
  61. Cynthia
  62. Theresa
  63. MargaretS
  64. Kerstin/KeDe
  65. Cherri
  66. Raven/Corrie
  67. Melinda
  68. Kristie F
  69. Demetra
  70. Linda
  71. Andrea W
  72. Melissa H
  73. Toni G
  74. Possum
  75. Meagan
  76. Mellanie
  77. Kat!
  78. charliemmh
  79. Toyin
  80. Amanda F
  81. Rachel H
  82. Lucia
  83. Mandy
  84. Susan L
  85. Niki D
  86. Perpetua
  87. darabaer
  88. Thao
  89. bheath
  90. Judy C
  91. ~*fern*~
  92. Joe
  93. Nichole
  94. Elisabeth T
  95. Tomas Santiago-Lopez
  96. Jenny
  97. Linnt
  98. Merri
  99. Karen B
  100. LJ Peterson
  101. Tyety
  102. Collette Nicole
  103. Angie
  104. Katrina
  105. Lisa G. 
  106. Denise Schmidt
  107. Tekikat
  108. Shellirie
  109. Tammy
  110. Lisa G
  111. Muffet
  112. Anna 
  113. Felicity A
  114. Rhonda W
  115. Morgan
  116. Wanderlustchic
  117. Donna
  118. Crystal Marie
  119. Traci K
  120. Emily K
  121. Jordan L.
  122. Julie S
  123. Alanna
  124. EstherBunny 
  125. MirandaP
  126. Elizabeth FIELDS
  127. Mary Velasquez
  128. Ann L
  129. Henry
  130. Karen H
  131. Shorty Chelle
  132. Beth
  133. RikitikiT
  134. Sharon Smithe
  135. Adigail 
  136. Rexasoreass T
  137. Jesse Maldonado
  138. PollySays
  139. Eric Roberts
  140. Jay Jay Ling
  141. MA Church
  142. RonnieBlair
  143. Kept1
  144. Waxapplelover
  145. Chris Cruz
  146. Sarina F. 
  147. Julie Riley
  148. Anthony G.
  149. BackBumper
  150. Candy C.
  151. Emily
  152. John M
  153. Samjam13021
  154. Pamela Cleary
  155. ramlr
  156. Kim Whaley
  157. Serena91291
  158. Ashley E
  159. L.M.
  160. Tess
  161. cazpedroso
  162. Julie Small
  163. Christy Williams
  164. Julia Matthews
  165. Karen
So I think that's everyone who has asked to be added. If not, comment and I'll update the list here :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings Ch. 29

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Blaze’s heart stopped the second he spotted the fiends attacking Grlind and Jade. He supposed it shouldn’t have been such a shock—Elves and fiends were mortal enemies. So were orcs and fiends, dragons and fiendseveryone and fiends, except for other fiends, of course.
Fiends never turned on each other.
And they were viciously difficult to defeat.
Griff clenched Blaze’s hand and fear etched his features. His eyes were huge as he looked from the battle to Blaze.
Fiends called for a retreat and some kind of plan.
Blaze tugged Griff back a good distance, keeping track of the fiends in case some of the bastards spotted them. Not likely, maybe, but possible.
As soon as he had Griff far enough away, Blaze pulled him close and whispered in his ear. “A half dozen fiends, Griff. We aren’t armed enough to take them on. Even the Storm King is going to lose to them.”
“Fiends.” Griff shuddered. “I couldn’t remember the name of them. They’re so” He shuddered again.
“Scary,” Blaze finished for him. It was true. Just seeing a fiend could strike fear in the heart of someone, and freeze them on the spot.
Which might be why fiends were rarely defeated. There were disagreements about what fiends truly looked like, but Blaze knew the truth of their appearance.
They were supernatural beings that drew from viewers’ fears. Whatever gave someone nightmares, whatever terrified them asleep or awake, that was what each fiend appeared to be to them.
Sometimes even the viewer didn’t understand what they were seeing. Not everyone’s fears were coalesced into an easily understood nightmare.
Blaze wasn’t sure what he’d seen. He refused to dwell on it.
“If we have to fight them, I don’t know if I can,” Blaze admitted. “What if I look at them and see you?”
“See me? Why—“ Griff frowned then beamed at him. “Oh! I remember what they are! Well, I don’t know what they’re really called. We were told tales of frighteners when we were children. That’s what they are. They steal into your mind and display your fears. Why would you see me? You’re not afraid of me, Blaze.”
There was no way he’d explain that all of his worst fears had to do with something bad happening to Griff. “What did you see?” Blaze asked.
Griff shrugged. “Nothing scary. I don’t think, after what I went through, that they could scare me more.”
Blaze felt his eyebrow singing up his forehead without him even having to think about it. “Hey! If you don’t have any fears
“Then they can’t be used against us,” Griff said. “I mean, I’m afraid of never finding my wings again, but how would they make that into aaa thing?” He shrugged. “Do they have magic? Besides that?”
Blaze nodded. “Yeah, but I don’t know what kind of magic other than the scare the shitballs out of you kind.”
“Shitballs?” Griff glanced back over his shoulders. “We need to help Grlind and Jade. Even if they might not be on our side.”
“I wonder if the fiends just stumbled on them or if someone sent them,” Blaze murmured.
“Are they for hire?” Griff asked.
Blaze had no idea. “I don’t know.” He hated being so stupid. Maybe he wasn’t dumb about everything, like he knewwell he knew some things. Just not the stuff he wished he knew.
“Whatever you’re thinking must be unpleasant,” Griff observed. “Do you have any idea how to fight the fiends?”
As much as Blaze wanted to be Griff’s hero, he couldn’t lie. “No. I’ve never fought them, and have only heard about other dragons who’ve fought—and lost—against the fiends.”
“Don’t they burn?”
“I don’t have fire, so it doesn’t matter,” Blaze mumbled. “And if I freak out because I’m terrified
“We can fix that.”
“How?” Blaze asked just as Griff tore a strip off his tunic. “Ohhhhh.”
“Ohhhhh.” Griff smiled briefly before he placed the material over Blaze’s eyes.
Blaze huffed as darkness encompassed him. “Griff? I can’t see to fight.”
“Uh—“ Griff stopped tying a knot behind Blaze’s head. “Your other senses can’t lead you? Scent and sound? I thought dragons had really sharp senses.”
“Not sure they’d work against fiends. Fear could appear in different ways, right?”
Griff removed the material. “Damn it, yes. It could manifest in a scent or sound, certainly. Why didn’t I think of that?”
“Maybe I’m rubbing off on you,” Blaze said.
Griff pointed at him. “Don’t. You don’t start insulting yourself.”
Blaze ducked his head, embarrassment warming his cheeks. “What are we going to do?” he asked softly.
“We’re going to go fight. We’re not going to let fear have any sway over us. We can’t.” Griff tucked a finger under Blaze’s chin. “If we lose, if I die—“
Blaze couldn’t stop the growl if his life had depended on it. He yanked Griff to him and said, “You won’t die. Ever!” and before Griff could even blink, Blaze crushed his mouth to Griff’s, tasting him, feeding him that determination not to even consider dying.
Just as suddenly as he’d grabbed Griff, Blaze set him back a half-step. If he didn’t, there’d be sex, and sex while Grlind and Jade were being attacked wasn’t cool at all.
“We won’t lose,” he told Griff. He might have trouble believing it himself, but he’d damn well make it happen. They’d be the first to defeat the fiends.
“No, we won’t. But, you need a weapon.” Griff chanted and a moment later, a long, deadly looking sword appeared in front of Blaze. The hilt was plain, nothing fancy at all, but the length of the sword was covered in etched symbols or words. Blaze didn’t know which.
Griff’s breath hitched and he drew his hands away from the weapon. “Gods, it’s the Sword of Synchrony. It doesn’t just take lives, it takes souls and destroys them, utterly!”
Blaze yanked his own hands back. “I don’t want to touch it!” Souls were sacred, and they were definitely vital to reincarnation. If one was destroyed, that was the end of a person’s lives. They were justgone.
“It’s what the goddess Ahndwa saw fit to send you,” Griff said. “I wouldn’t risk insulting Her.”
Insulting the goddess of war was unthinkable. Blaze bit his bottom lip. “Thank you, Ahndwa. Please guide my hands.”
“No one has seen it in centuries,” Griff said reverently as Blaze grasped the hilt.
Blaze felt a current unlike any he’d ever heard of. It zapped from the sword to his palm and fingers, up his forearm to his biceps, triceps, shoulder, and down to his chest. It hit his heart with a painful jolt that made his ears ring with a shout he never loosed. The metal warmed in his hand, and seemed to throb. A swell of power thrummed throughout his body.
“Blaze.” Griff placed a hand over his own heart. “Youyour eyes. All of you—“
Blaze didn’t get to hear the rest of what Griff was saying. A fiend appeared behind Griff, as if transported there.
Blaze roared as the creature raised razor-sharp talons up over Griff’s head. Blood dripped from them as Griff spun around.
Griff neither screamed not shrunk back. He raised one hand and sent a bright ball of green and gold flames at the fiend.
The flames hit the creature and the fiend shrieked, stumbling back.
Blaze moved with a speed he had never before possessed. The sword hummed. He felt it, heard it, his heartbeat aligned with that song.
It empowered him and he surged past Griff. The sword’s musical sound grew louder as it sliced through the air.
Those green and gold flames had done some damage to the fiend, but nothing like the sword slicing through flesh and bone. Blaze had never held such a mighty weapon, one so finely made that it could cut through a living being like it was nothing of substance at all.
He was equal parts horrified and intrigued as he watched Synchrony cut the fiend in half. Some small part of his brain was reminded that, for all Blaze knew of the creatures, they could be boneless, hence the ease of doing what he’d just done.
Except he saw white bones before the blood and entrails went everywhere.
“Ohoh gods!” Griff spun around and retched.
Blaze wanted to reach for him and comfort Griff, but the sword was a living thing in his grasp, and it was mightier than he was.
There was no releasing the beast he’d been handed. His fingers wouldn’t obey his mind’s command to do so.
Blaze was jerked a foot forward. “Griff! Griff!”
Griff wiped at his chin and mouth. “Mmph.”
“GRIFF!” Blaze shrieked, because he was being pulled away from his bonded. “The sword is—ow!”
“About to dislocate your shoulder.” Griff ran over to him. “Let it lead. It won’t stop until its task is complete.”
Blaze could barely keep up with it. He wasn’t even certain his feet were touching the ground.
Griff ran behind him. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know!”
Blaze got it. Griff hadn’t known he’d end up being attached to the bossiest sword in all of existence.
But it was a good thing he was, because the moment the rest of the fiends came into view, Blaze’s mind recoiled in horror. His fears were, apparently, numerous after all. He saw Griff dead, dying, in agony. There was Fyre being eviscerated and his parents in various stages of decay.
Blaze saw it all in the blink of an eye, then his arm was swinging, his feet moving in a skillful dance he shouldn’t have known.
He saw Grlind, bleeding and down, heard Jade screaming, but what was real and what was a nightmare, he couldn’t say. When he sliced through one Fyre look alike, it almost killed Blaze.
Then there was Griff, on his knees, begging for his life.
“Blaze!” Griff shouted. “Kill it!”
That voice came from behind Blaze. Whether he’d have listened to it if he’d had the choice, Blaze would never know, because the sword called, and it took. There was nothing he could do but watch in complete horror as Synchrony speared the kneeling Griff right through the heart.
Blaze screamed. He was going to lose his mind! He couldn’t—
“I’m here!” Griff grabbed him, all but climbing onto Blaze. “I’m right here. I’m always going to be here, with you. See? The sword isn’t trying to get me.”
Blaze gasped and gasped until his world stopped spinning and the insane chaos in his head slowed down. “Griff?”
Griff was in front of him, holding him, arms wrapped around Blaze’s middle. “Right here. I’ll hang on. We’ll fight together.”
“It was you,” Blaze got out as his arm was jerked up and outward again. “Gods, they’re all you!” Every one of the fiends had morphed into a matching version of Griff.
Jade bellowed and leapt on one of them. Grlind shot up from the ground, a gash in his chest, but undeterred as he tackled another fiend. Blaze was faced with two.
“Close your eyes,” Griff whispered. “Now you have the sword to guide you, and me, right here.”
Blaze tried to close his eyes, but he saw the sword driving through the body of the fiend that had taken on Griff’s appearance. He might never be able to close his eyes again.
Griff unwound from him and leapt toward the sword.
Blaze shouted, but Griff only grabbed the hilt, his hand covering Blaze’s as much as possible.
“I’m right here,” Griff said. “We’re together.” Tiny lines appeared around the outer edges of his eyes, and framed the corners of his mouth. “Now!”
Pain burned down Blaze’s hand and arm, following the path the power had taken moments earlier.
Something was wrong, something was off, but he didn’t have time to figure out what. The sword was leading him—and Griff—and the battle raged on.

There would be no losing to the fiends this time. Blaze knew it as surely as he knew his soul was now forever darkened.