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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All In Ch. 13 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2014
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirteen

He wasn’t going to screw up tonight. Axel vowed to pay more attention to West’s reactions—if they did anything. They’d talked again after West had finally returned to sit on the bench. Axel couldn’t help but feel there was something huge that West was keeping from him. Maybe whatever went along with that biting incident. His gut cramped when he thought of West being hurt, and he was afraid of what else might have happened to him.
“No pressure.” Axel wrung his hands then snorted at himself. He was so nervous, and there was something else that was bothering him about West’s past. Specifically, there had been nothing but smooth, sweet skin on West’s neck. No scarring of any sort that Axel could detect. In fact, he’d been entranced by the texture and the taste of West, and he firmly remembered there not being any kind of marring of his skin where Axel had nibbled.
Axel shoved aside his doubts. Something bad had happened to West, that much was clear. He glanced up in time to see West rounding the corner. Axel stood up, smiling so big he’d bet he looked like an utter goofball. “Hey, West. How was your day?”
West blushed and stopped in front of him. “Good. You? When do you have to go back?”
That was a worrisome thing. Axel would eventually have to go home. But, he had his winnings coming soon. “I was going to leave tomorrow, but I’m thinking I’d like to hang around a while. See more of the city. See more of you.”
That blush darkened and West lowered his lashes as he licked his lips. “Oh. I’d like that, but—“
“No buts,” Axel said as he took West’s hand. He didn’t want to hear any arguments for why he shouldn’t stay. “I really like spending time with you, West, and I’m hoping, if we get to know each other and you like me, too, then we can work something out. I’m not but a few hours away from here. Well, five hours or so. We could give this a chance, if you want to.” He’d never moved so fast on a man in his life, but West was different.
West glanced at him. A timid smile pulled at his lips. “I’d like that.”
Axel could have let out a whoop and danced with joy. He settled for giving West’s hand a squeeze. “So, about that movie. Do you want popcorn?”
West looked a little sad. “I can’t. I’m allergic to corn.” A small tick at the corner of his right eye kicked in. “There’s actually a lot of things I can’t eat.”
Axel looked him over. “Wow, you’re really fit for a guy with a restricted diet. Want to walk or take a cab? The theater’s about half a mile out.”
“Let’s walk.” West cleared his throat. “And thanks. You’re in good shape, too.”
Axel laughed. “Well yeah, I bust my butt almost every day.”
“Are you going to continue competing for years?” West asked as they began to make their way to the theater.
“Eh, I don’t know, honestly,” Axel answered. “Truthfully, this isn’t a well-known sport and the winning pots aren’t all that great. I have a little money from when my grandma passed away. I’ve been living off that and competing, but that’s going to run out in the next year or so. Sometimes I think I really just need to grow up and get a real job, a real career.”
“I don’t think you’re not grown up,” West said. “You have a job. It may not pay well, like you said, but lots of people are in the same situation. Working, not earning much. What about sponsors?”
“I have a few, but that doesn’t pay for more than my traveling costs, and hotels. Well, and I get some of my equipment for free.” He shrugged. “Still don’t make much.”
They walked hand in hand to the theater. Axel was relieved to see that it wasn’t crowded at all. Not surprising on a weeknight. He bought their movie tickets and skipped the popcorn. Since West was allergic, and he wanted to kiss West very badly, the popcorn wasn’t an option.
Axel got a bottle of water but West declined anything. They entered the theater room for their movie, an action one Axel had been wanting to see. “You like Keanu?”
“How could I not?” West returned. “Think anyone else is going to show up?”
There was a hint of strain in West’s voice.
Axel was paying attention. He frowned, then noted the slightly enlarged bulge at West’s groin. Was West getting hard?
There was only one way to find out. Axel guided West to the back row of seats. “This okay?”
“Yeah.” West sat and Axel took a seat beside him.
Axel looked at him. West had his hands tented over his crotch. “Are you turned on, West?” There wasn’t going to be any misunderstandings tonight.
West’s cheeks darkened. He nodded slightly. “You. It’s just because of you.”
It might not have sounded like much praise, but Axel knew it really was. West was horny because of him. Him. Even after last night. Just from being with him.
Axel’s dick perked up and he squirmed in his seat. “Yeah? Well you do it for me, too, West. Not like anyone else has before.”
West looked at him sideways. “Jukie’s pretty sexy.”
“Jukie is pretty damned psychotic,” Axel muttered. “He left me out in the desert that night. Retaliation for breaking up with him over a month earlier. Add in—“ Talking about Jukie’s addictions wasn’t cool.
West, however, didn’t seem surprised. “Yeah, I heard.”
Axel thought about it. “Oh. The guy you were with.”
“Right. Terrence. He mentioned Jukie having some, er, problems.”
Since West was blushing again, Axel had a feeling those ‘problems’ might not all be the drugs and booze. Although they were probably caused by it. He didn’t ask if Jukie hadn’t been able to get it up or come. That was too much info for him.
“Yeah, anyway, Jukie’s just…” Axel didn’t want to talk about his ex. “In the past. You’re here, with me.” He ran a hand down West’s arm and noticed him shiver. Axel looked into West’s eyes, and even though the lights weren’t dimmed and anyone could walk in and see them, he didn’t care. Axel leaned over and brushed his lips over West’s, once, twice, then he slanted them fully on West’s.
West mewled softly as he parted his lips. He clutched at Axel with one hand, holding onto his shoulder.
Axel kissed him eagerly, licking in deep and almost coming in his pants when West sucked on his tongue. He closed his eyes and lost himself in West, pressing in closer, trying to touch him wherever possible.
West eased back, breathless, panting. Axel opened his eyes, stunned by how needy he felt.
“The previews are starting,” West rasped.
It was only then Axel even realized the lights had been dimmed. A second later, the screen flickered with the first of many previews.
Axel was good. He made jokes and fervently hoped no one else came into the theater. His hopes were dashed for a moment when a group of four came in, but they settled into the front row.
“That always gave me a neck ache,” West mused.
“Me too. West?” Axel held his breath, shocked that he was going to ask what he was going to ask. But damn it, West’s cock was hard still, and Axel’s was too.
“Yeah?” West squeezed Axel’s hand then rested it with his on West’s thigh.
Was that a hint? Axel couldn’t decide. He’d vowed not to screw up tonight, and he fully intended to keep that vow. So, clarification. “Do you…” God, he had to swallow and try again because his voice cracked. “Do you want me to touch you?”
West’s eyes rounded. Even in the darkened theater, Axel could see his shocked expression. “Here?
Axel nodded. “If by here, you mean in the movie theater, yes. If by here, you mean—“ He slowly unlatched his hand from West’s and stroked up West’s tensed thigh. “Stop me if you want to stop me, West. I won’t get mad.”
West gulped and after a moment’s hesitation, he spread his legs slightly.
That was an invitation. Axel knew it was. He moved at less than a snail’s pace, giving West every opportunity to tell him no or stop him.
The movie started, but neither of them paid any attention. Axel slid out of his seat, onto his knees, and looked up at West imploringly.
West shuddered and shut his eyes. “Axel—“
Axel moved his hand and finally, he was able to feel the heat through the denim of West’s jeans. He cupped West’s dick and almost moaned at the thickness of it.
Axel wanted to move over and kneel in front of West, but there wasn’t enough room. Frustrated, he tried to figure out another way he could get that fat cock in his hands—or mouth.
West pressed his hand to Axel’s and pushed, asking silently for more pressure. Axel gave it to him, then he traced the outline of West’s cock and rubbed over the head.
West hissed and the next thing Axel knew, he was being tugged to his feet.
“Can we—“ West didn’t finish the sentence. He had Axel by the wrist and was leading him out of the theater.
“Where are we going?” Axel asked. “I’m down with whatever you want, West. I’m just asking.”
West didn’t answer until they were outside. “I don’t know. I—I just—“
Axel had had alley sex before, and he didn’t want that with West. The man deserved better. “My room, then.”
West seemed hesitant and Axel feared he’d say no. Then a determined look came over West and he nodded. “Let’s go.”
When he said it, he apparently meant it. Axel ran beside him toward the hotel.
He had to hurry before he either backed out, freaked out, or came in his jeans. Running with a hard-on sucked, though, and his dick was likely to be chafed.
Well, he’d deal with it if it meant Axel touching him there. While West wasn’t sure he was ready for anal sex, he was ready to experience more things with Axel. He believed Axel wanted more than to just get off with him. Axel had been sincere earlier when speaking of his hope for them to have a relationship.
And most people in relationships had sex. West was ready for that.
A block from the hotel, they slowed to a jog.
“Stairs might be faster if there’s a line at the elevators,” Axel said.
West grunted, unable to get his mind off of doing something with Axel.
As they approached the hotel, they slowed to a walk. Axel waved at a concierge then opened the door for West. The lobby was empty, and there was no line at the elevators.
West was relieved that the interior of the elevator was paneled rather than mirrored.
Then he forgot about that too as Axel kissed him the second the doors closed.
West felt a surge of arousal so great he wanted to shove Axel’s pants down and—He couldn’t quite envision it, but West did back Axel up to one wall and kiss him fiercely. He wanted more of Axel, more of his taste, more of the sounds he made. More skin, more everything.
The elevator dinged and they jerked apart as the doors opened. Axel took him by the hand again and strode quickly to a room halfway down the hall.
“Key card, key card…” Axel mumbled while pulling his wallet out. “There it is. Thank God I didn’t leave it in the room. It’s happened before.”
He opened the door, and West barely stepped inside behind Axel before Axel spun around and buried his fingers in West’s hair.
West wrapped his arms around Axel. He ran his hands down the planes of his back but stopped at his belt.
Axel moaned and wiggled against him. He pressed his erection urgently against West and began to rut.
West bit at Axel’s lips. He wanted more than this, though it was good. “I want to see you,” West forced himself to say, speaking against Axel’s lips. Shaking with nerves and excitement, he moved one hand around and cupped Axel’s cock through his jeans. His own daring surprised him, but Axel drove him insane with want.
Axel hissed and shuddered. He moved back and pulled West with him. When Axel had the bed directly behind him, he began to strip. First his shoes, then socks, then his pants. He hadn’t worn underwear.
West should have probably taken off his clothes, too, but he was too busy staring at Axel’s long, muscular legs first, then his balls and cock next. West forgot to breathe and it was only when he started seeing spots that he realized it. “Can I touch?” he asked, almost not recognizing his own stripped voice.
“Please,” Axel said, spreading his legs.
West took a step and Axel gestured at him. “Can I unfasten your pants at least?”
Maybe he was an awkward dork who should have stopped and stripped down at least as much as Axel had, but West was too eager to touch. “Uh huh.”
Axel reached for his waistband at the same time West palmed his fuzzy balls. The weight and heat of them felt amazing in his hand. “Oh. Oh, god—“ He traced a thick vein running down the underside of Axel’s shaft with one finger.
“Fuck, you touching me makes me—“ Axel gasped and thrust his cock at West. “I’m going to lose it if you keep that up.”
West knew how he felt. He was on edge just from touching Axel.
Then when Axel pulled down his zipper and shoved a hand into West’s briefs, it was very nearly over and done with.
West cried out and bit his tongue to keep from losing it. He grasped Axel’s cock and closed his other hand around Axel’s nuts.
Axel moaned and his lids fluttered. His lips parted and West had to kiss him again.
The first flick of Axel’s tongue against his spurred something in West. Something he hadn’t ever had a chance to explore. He growled softly and nudged Axel back.
Axel took a step, then his legs hit the bed. He shoved at West’s pants. West let go of Axel and set about pushing his underwear down.
West still had his shoes and socks on, but that didn’t matter when Axel sat on the bed and, hands gripping West’s hips, pulled West’s groin to his face.
Everything inside of West froze inside in that instant that Axel’s lips brushed over his cockhead. He might have squeaked—probably did—then his head spun as the tip of his shaft was engulfed in wet, silky heat.
West’s legs trembled and his balls drew up. He wasn’t going to last, couldn’t when there was such perfect suction to his cock.
Axel moaned and took more of West’s length in.
“God, Axel,” West yelped, heated streaks of arousal shooting through him. “I can’t last!”
Axel pulled off his cock. “Then come and let me taste you.”
“Too fast,” West got out, embarrassed by his lack of control.
“I’ve got news for you, sweetheart,” Axel rumbled. “I’m probably going to make it two strokes after you come. You make me need, so bad. And we can go again.”
Well, when Axel explained it like that…
“Hold onto me,” Axel asked. “Give me everything you got.”
While he wasn’t sure what Axel meant, West just went with his instincts. He slid his fingers through Axel’s hair, then fisted it.
Axel nodded his approval then opened his mouth and took West down to the base of his cock. “Axel!” West shouted, inadvertently pulling Axel’s hair when he jerked.
Axel cupped West’s buttocks and pulled him even closer.
West felt his control and restraint shatter along with his self-consciousness. He couldn’t stop himself from withdrawing then thrusting in deep.
Axel made encouraging sounds, and he pulled West to him with every thrust.
West stopped thinking, stopped worrying and let his body lead. He fucked Axel’s mouth, his balls slapping the underside of Axel’s chin. Axel clutched West’s ass tighter until he was spreading West’s cheeks.
The shock of cool air over his hole combined with Axel’s fingers tracing down his crack sent West into orbit. He fucked faster, then stilled as he moaned, coming into Axel’s mouth.
The blissful sensations seemed to last forever, then West was plummeting down to reality. His knees trembled and his thighs shook as Axel let West’s cock slip from his mouth.
“I—“ West didn’t know what he’d been about to say. It didn’t matter. When he say Axel jerking off, West collapsed beside him on the bed, taking Axel down with him.
West got his hand around Axel’s, and began stroking with him.
Axel made the sweetest sounds, and West wanted to taste them. It shouldn’t have been a shock to taste himself on Axel’s tongue, but it was. And not an unpleasant one. If anything, it fired West up again, and as Axel keened and came on him, West was already planning out all the ways they could make each other come. 

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I'm working on a stand alone title that is due in by the end of the month, so I'm back in panicked writing mode :D  It's called Belt Buckles and Cowboy Boots, and it's a bit more serious. Set in a small town in Texas, and dealing with the hardships Colby faces as a young gay man there. We'll see how it turns out.

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All In Chapter 12

Copyright 2014
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twelve

It would be so easy to run. West stood frozen, having taken a step away. Axel pleading with him to talk rendered West incapable of fleeing like he’d planned to do. He touched his neck where Axel had nipped and shuddered. That one small action had sent the nightmarish memories cascading into West.
“West? Please?” Axel’s footsteps were as tentative as his voice. “T-tell me what I did wrong?”
West closed his eyes. If he told Axel the truth, he’d be putting all of the coven members in danger. If Axel even believed him. Why would he? I sure wouldn’t have believed someone if they’d told me vampires existed—not until I was bitten.
Axel’s voice was softer but came from closer than before. West listened and could hear Axel’s heartbeat, and scent the metallic tang of his blood. He hated being a predator.
“West?” Axel said again. “Did something bad happen to you?”
The bitter laugh slipped out of him before he could stop it. West opened his eyes and pressed a hand over his mouth. Why wasn’t Axel leaving? Did he really think getting laid was worth this much trouble?
Axel moved around to stand slightly in front of him. “You can tell me, West. If…if you want to.”
West wiped his mouth then scraped his palm over his thigh. He couldn’t quite bring himself to look Axel in the eyes.
“Or you can not tell me, that’s okay, too,” Axel added. “Just, please don’t run off on me and leave me wondering what I did wrong. We were…we were both enjoying what we were doing, then something—I did something you didn’t like.”
West touched the spot on his neck again.
Axel exhaled sharply. “I bit you. You don’t like biting? I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I won’t— We can just be friends. I just don’t want to lose you.“
West raised his gaze to Axel’s. What did that mean, even? Whatever it meant, Axel was sincere. It showed in the worried expression he wore, and the way he wrung his hands. West decided that he could offer Axel some of the truth. Still, he trembled as he spoke. “Someone bit me there, and it was…it was bad. Bleeding and terrifyingly bad.”
Axel recoiled. “Who would do something like that? Did—No, anything else you want to tell me, you can, but I will tell you this. I’ll never do that again, okay? If there’s ever a chance of us, you know. Making out again.”
West watched Axel fidget for a moment. Axel was clearly distressed, and it bothered West. Now that his own panic had ceased, he didn’t want Axel to be upset. It felt like the biggest risk he’d ever taken when he reached out and cupped Axel’s hands in his. “There’s more than a chance, if you think you can put up with me being weird.”
“You’re not weird!” Axel huffed. “God, something bad happened to you.” Then he frowned. “Is it going to bother you if I touch your neck with my hands?”
West thought it over then shook his head. “I don’t think so. It’s only the one area.” Geez, this is hard to talk about! His cheeks were hot enough that he thought he’d make water boil if he dunked his head in it.
Axel moved closer to him. “Do you want to sit back down?”
He wanted something else, something he considered more important than making out. And after his almost-flight, he needed to ask for it. Even so, West surprised himself by tugging Axel closer. “Can I have a hug?”
Axel was pressed against him a split second later, his muscular body warm and firm against West. They held each other, and West listened to the steady beat of Axel’s heart, the soft, shaky breaths as they embraced.
He knew then that he wanted more than just friendship with Axel, and more than just someone to mess around with. West was beginning to think he wasn’t the ‘mess around’ type anyway.
But there was more than just his own life on the line, and there were coven rules he couldn’t break without risking expulsion. With his siblings settled in and happy, he didn’t want to risk that. 
Patience. He could almost hear his mother saying it. She’d always been on the go, never winding down, and waiting had driven her nuts—but she’d done it with a grin, muttering about patience and her lack of it.
He could be patient for Axel, for what they might have. West held onto him a little tighter. He took in the scent and feel of the man, and felt more peace than he had in a long time.
He needed to get over his stupid neck phobia. West wanted to be normal—or as normal as a vampire could be. Any additional hang-ups beyond the fangs, battieness, and so on were ones he didn’t need.
What he did need, who he just might possibly need, was right there with him. West turned his head just enough to brush his lips over Axel’s.
Axel’s lips parted easily, his mouth warm and welcoming as West slid his tongue in. He could feel Axel tense up, smell need in the air around them.

And West ached. He wanted as he never had before.  

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All In Ch. 11

Copyright 2014
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Eleven

Axel smoothed down his shirt, not that it was poking up or wrinkled anywhere. He was nervous and excited. How West could tangle him up inside like this was incomprehensible. Axel wasn’t super-easy, but he’d been around enough to have moved past feeling like he was on his first date, ever.
Yet his palms kept sweating, and he’d spent almost an hour just picking out the light grey button-up shirt he now wore. He’d been flying on adrenaline after winning today and he’d crashed hard after showering, becoming so jittery he’d had to shower again before getting dressed.
He could hear Jukie in the room next door, shouting at Yolanda. Axel considered going over there to see if he could help, but Jukie had been furious when Axel had won. There was no denying that it was time to permanently severe their ties. Unless Jukie cleaned up and stayed that way, he was no one’s friend. Not even Yolanda’s, despite them having grown up together.