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Thursday, April 28, 2016


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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

TFtC Mr. January Ch. 19 ***NSFW*** Pic

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Nineteen

“I swear to God, if one more thing goes wrong today, I’m going to…to…to—“ Albert huffed and shoved the fingers of one hand through his hair. “Argh!”
“Problem, there, Al?”
Albert stiffened and bit back a groan as he closed his eyes. It’d figure Yancy would show up. “Yancy, go get your kicks picking on someone else. I’m not in the mood.”
Yancy, of course, did not leave. “Aw, come on, you look frustrated. I can help you, maybe, probably.”
Albert opened one eye up enough to roll it and glare at Yancy. “Don’t blow me away with your confidence there, Yance.”
Yancy shrugged. “Well, you’re the brilliant one. Everyone says so.”
Yancy, for all that he looked like a beautiful person, was an ass, as far as Albert was concerned. “Then it stands to reason that you probably can’t help me with the program I’m working on.”
“Ya never know, but I was thinking, maybe you need to blow off a little steam.” Yancy waggled his eyebrows. “Might stir your creative juices.”
This wasn’t the first time that Yancy had said something to that effect, but it was the first time that Albert caught on to the fact that Yancy was flirting. Or at least he thought Yancy was flirting. But should he accuse him of such? What if he was wrong? Oh God, that’d be utterly humiliating.
Yancy pulled up a chair and sat by Albert, not quite at the desk, since Albert had that spot. It was his desk, after all. Albert opened the other eye and, head ducked down a little, turned his head enough to look at Yancy.
Blondish-brown hair cut in a preppy style, clear skin, strong jawline, no glasses, nice features, good build—yeah, Yancy was attractive, not that Albert had ever wanted him. Well, to be honest, he’d always figured that if Yancy was gay, he was out of Albert’s league, looks-wise at least. There were, much to Albert’s disappointment, a lot of people in the world that only wanted to hook up with likewise attractive people. No one looked past appearances.
But Gregg does. He sees me and likes me. It’s so weird. Thinking about Gregg bolstered Albert’s confidence. He never lacked for it regarding his job, but when it came to people…but Gregg was good for him, apparently, because it wasn’t as hard to ask Yancy, “Why, exactly, are you here, talking to me? You don’t want to help with the code, you have your own projects. What gives?”
Yancy batted his lashes. “I thought you’d never ask, Al. Isn’t it obvious? I want you to go out, with me. I tried being subtle so I didn’t scare you away, but that didn’t work. You just thought I was an annoying asshole. I was trying to get your attention.”
“You got it,” Albert muttered, though Yancy was right. He’d definitely been perceived as a pain in the ass by Albert. He really needed to work on his people-reading skills.
“But not like I wanted it,” Yancy said quietly. “You snap at me all the time.”
“You ask annoying questions!” Albert retorted defensively, sitting up straight and glaring. “I’m trying to work and you’re over here half the time, going on about…stuff.”
“Stuff?” Yancy laughed. “You don’t even listen to me. Look, I know I’m not as smart as you are. I mean, okay, I look like this.” He gestured to himself. “And you look like you. So it could be a trade-off, sort of. We’d make a good pair, possibly.”
Albert blinked. “Did you just basically say I’m smart and unattractive, and you’re stupid and attractive?”
Yancy scowled. “I’m not stupid!” Then he blushed darkly. “I didn’t mean—“
“I’m seeing someone,” Albert cut in. There was no way he was bothering with Yancy and this mess anymore. “And I plan on seeing him as long as he’ll have me. He doesn’t think it’s a trade-off of brains for looks, either.”
“I didn’t mean it like that,” Yancy protested. “Damn it! You make me so nervous I sound like an idiot every time I try to talk to you!”
“So it’s my fault you think I’m unattractive?” Albert was getting a headache. He needed caffeine and a break from the stress of the day.
“No! That’s not—I didn’t mean that, either.” Yancy folded his arms over his chest. “See? You’re twisting my words.”
“No, no, I’m pretty sure you said something very much to that effect,” Albert countered. “But again, it doesn’t matter. I’m seeing someone.” And he’s hotter than you are, and nicer, and he doesn’t insult me, dickhead.
“Are you really, or is that just an attempt to get rid of me?” Yancy asked, leaning close to him.
“Dude.” Albert rolled his chair a few inches away. “I’m not a liar, and any chance you might have had, you shot down with that bullshit line. Not that you had a chance anyway. I didn’t even know you were interested, so that’s got to tell you something.” Like maybe that Albert hadn’t been interested in Yancy. He was pretty but that had never been a priority for Albert. Which was funny, because he now had the most handsome boyfriend in the history of boyfriends.
“Boyfriend,” he mumbled, shocked.
“What?” Yancy stood up. “Right. Yeah. You have a boyfriend. You said. I bet he wears suspenders, too.”
Albert shook his head, trying to put off the shock of thinking that he and Gregg might actually be boyfriends. Were they to that point yet? He didn’t know. Should he ask Gregg? Well, he’d rather have an honest conversation with Gregg than whatever crap he had going on now with Yancy.
But he couldn’t let the suspenders line pass. “If you don’t like the way I dress, why bother trying to date me?”
Yancy flapped a hand at him. “Because once you were mine, you’d want to dress better. The nerd look is cute and all, for a little while, then it gets old. If you really do have a boyfriend, you might want to consider that.” Yancy dropped his gaze down, ogling Albert from head to toes then up again. “Yeah, I bet it gets old real quick.” Then he turned and walked off.
Albert looked down at himself. He was wearing battered Chucks, khaki pants, suspenders over his blue button-up, and a bowtie. He didn’t always dress up for work. There were plenty of days he wore shorts and t-shirts. That wasn’t boring, was it?
Disgusted with himself for letting Yancy get to him, Albert left his little office and went to the breakroom. There were donuts and other assorted pastries laid out, along with healthier foods. One of the benefits of working where he did. He picked up a plate and fixed himself a nutritious-ish lunch, and grabbed a bottle of water before sitting down at a table. No one else was in the break room, which meant he’d probably worked way past lunch then. At least the food wasn’t stale because people had the sense and courtesy to cover it up after helping themselves.
He’d just taken a bite of food when Yancy came barging in.
“You have a visitor,” Yancy said, glaring at Albert. “What’d you do, text someone and ask them to send a model over to try and convince me he’s your boyfriend?”
Before Albert could answer, Gregg appeared and nudged past Yancy. He strolled right up to Albert, and with a big grin, stopped right beside him. Then he bent and kissed the living daylights out of Albert.
Albert forgot about Yancy and his stupid crap. He forgot about lunch and problematic codes and deadlines. He forgot he was at work, for that matter, and he moaned as he reached for Gregg.
But Gregg eased back, still smiling, though this time with clear affection. “I came over with Marco since he wanted to talk to Ezra. Thought I’d see you for a few minutes, if that’s okay.”
“Of course—“ Albert had to clear his voice because damn that squeak! “Of course it is.”
“Good.” Then Gregg looked at Yancy. “You can’t have him. I won’t go all chest-thumping on you, because Albert is a grown man who is capable of making his own choices, but still—you can’t have him. He’s my boyfriend.”

Albert’s heart couldn’t possibly beat any faster, and happy? He had reached a new level of it. It appeared that he didn’t have to ask Gregg whether or not they were boyfriends after all.

New Release!

The Trouble With Mirrors is out now for early release! This is Paolo's story, and he has the sass and ass to carry the whole book, lol :D

The Trouble With Mirrors

A little sass and a perfect ass can land a vamp in a sticky situation…
Paolo has watched his friends and coven leader find mates, their other halves. He’s ready to find someone just for him, though that means getting out and actually going somewhere. 
When his coven leader, Claude, asks him to help out with a bit of a spy mission, Paolo agrees. He puts on his sexiest—and skimpiest—club outfit and dives right in. 
But the mission brings him head to head with his coven’s worst enemies, the Dark Slayers. And when he finds himself attracted to one who’s about to be initiated against his will, Paolo can’t resist helping the man out…and having some really hot sex while he’s at it. 
Then the Dark Slayers find them…
General Release Date: 24th May 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Installment update

Hi :D Had a road trip-truck delivery with the Hubs that took us to Denver for several days, but I think we're recovered from that drive after getting in at 4 am yesterday. I will have an installment up tomorrow afternoon, and another one on Friday. Thursday, watch for a contest announcement :D

Happy Tuesday to y'all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Thank you all for your patience! I appreciate you all, very much.

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Congratulations to: Something Shattered winners (unless you'd rather have Yes, Forever. Email me and let me know your choice please :D )

Julia Matthews

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Carol Anne Pedroso
Miranda P

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TFtC Mr. January Ch. 18 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Eighteen

Panting, Gregg tried to gather his wits, but they were well and truly scattered. He’d had sex, maybe not as much as some guys, but he’d had several lovers. None of the love-making or fucking he’d experienced could compare with what had just happened between him and Albert.
The intensity of it scared him. Not enough to send him running. To Gregg, it was more proof that Albert was the right man for him.
Gregg got his breathing under control, then swallowed twice before he could speak. “Are you okay?” Maybe a stupid question, but Albert was being very still and silent, although he did shiver on occasion.
Albert opened one eye up like it took him a monumental effort to do even that much. “Ungh.” He closed his eye, then sighed.
Gregg tried not to feel smug. That was a very satisfied sigh if he’d ever heard one. He dipped his head and brushed his lips across Albert’s. Then he did it again, and on the third time, Gregg tilted his head just so, and slipped his tongue between Albert’s parted lips.
Albert’s hands were on Gregg’s hips a second later, then Albert was moving them up, caressing Gregg tenderly.
Gregg would have been content to kiss Albert all evening, but he had to eventually pulled back. His cock was growing soft and he didn’t want there to be an accident with the condom.
“I’ll be right back.” Gregg got up and stood for a moment, staring down at Albert while he appeared to quickly fall asleep. It made Gregg grin. Apparently Albert was of the, roll over and go to sleep after coming had variety of male.
He liked the way Albert’s lips remained parted just a bit, and the shadows his eyelashes cast on his cheeks. Gregg liked everything about Albert.
Unfortunately, Gregg’s energy reserves were just about depleted. He longed for round two, but nothing else was happening down south for him for a while. His body was still recovering, and curling up to sleep with Albert sounded like the best idea in the world to Gregg.
After he disposed of the condom, Gregg washed up then took a warm wet cloth into the bedroom and wiped Albert’s drying spunk off him. Albert didn’t even twitch, just slept through it.
Gregg barely remembered getting back into bed with Albert, but he woke up warm and happy and close to coming. “Oh…” God, he’d be happy to be awakened like that every morning! Albert’s warm, wet mouth surrounded the tip of Gregg’s cock, and he palmed Gregg’s sac in an equally warm hand. He gently rolled Gregg’s balls while sucking down, down his length, until Albert’s nose was buried in Gregg’s pubes.
Moaning, Gregg reached for Albert’s silky hair. He just wanted to touch him anywhere he could. Gregg raised his legs up, bending them, digging his heels against the bed as he tried not to thrust.
A tap on his hip and a hum gave him an okay to move. Gregg couldn’t hold back. He started slow, shallow, but Albert growled around his length and tapped his hip harder.
Gregg gave up the fight. He grunted as he pushed deeper into Albert’s mouth, then again as his tip breached Albert’s throat.
The contraction of those muscles around Gregg’s cockhead wrenched a shout from Gregg.
The finger rubbing over his hole a second later sent a rush of need through him. “Please,” he rasped, wiggling, trying to get more of that finger, but not wanting to lose the sweet suction of Albert’s mouth.
It was just a dry fingertip, but the slight burn accentuated the pleasure Gregg had spiral up from his hole to his balls, then to his cock. He hissed as he thrust, control gone, his climax riding down hard on him.
All through his release, Albert sucked and swallowed. He withdrew his finger and went back to massaging Gregg’s balls as if to encourage him to come more.
Gregg managed another spurt, then he went slack, all but melting into the bed. “Jesus.” He gulped. “Could use a nap after that.”
Albert released Gregg’s shaft, kissed the tip, then crawled up and straddled Gregg’s hips. “After I come.”
“Get up here.” Gregg patted his chest. With the pillow under his head, he had a pretty good angle for giving a blow job, and Albert didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the offer.
“Oh yeah,” Albert murmured as he pushed the tip of his dick into Gregg’s mouth.
Gregg loved sucking cock. The taste of a man, the feel of that silk and steel, everything about it appealed to him. He gripped Albert’s ass in his hands and squeezed, letting him know it was good to thrust.
Albert placed his hands on the headboard above Gregg, and looked down, mouth open on gasp after gasp as he began to move.
Gregg teased his fingertips over Albert’s hole repeatedly until Albert was thrusting deep, pushing into his throat. When the gasps turned to moans, Gregg rubbed over Albert’s hole harder.
Albert hissed, his eyes rolled back then closed, and hot cum spurted into Gregg’s mouth.

Oh, Gregg wanted many, many mornings like this one with Albert.