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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sunshine is Overrated Update.

Okay, Sunshine is Clod and Abbie's story, and I didn't add any additional content, mainly because it's too late to. It'll be out in Sept, and that's cutting it too close with adding more content and all the rounds of edits. So, just a head's up, it's the same story just edited :D

Happy Weekend to y'all! <3

Friday, August 28, 2015

And the Stars Danced Ch. 39 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirty-Nine

“What just happened?” Karl asked, his voice a bare whisper.
Elliot couldn’t even form words as he stared at the screen, willing Link’s craft to reappear.
Ian was silent for a long moment. Then, “I don’t know. I hope—The silver streak is gone, too. There was no explosion.”
“So Link’s craft is—where?”
Ian stood up and ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know. I—they could have been vaporized.” Ian turned and walked unsteadily back to the couch. He sat, then lay down on his side, facing away from them.
Elliot went back to glaring at the screen. The rest of Link’s accompanying crafts were all circling the escape pods. Link’s brother’s ships were also circling the pods, except for one of the, which was zipping towards the spot where Link had last been.
At least that was what Elliot thought it was doing.
“Must be Link’s brother,” Karl said.
Ian was silent still.
Elliot noticed that Karl’s hands were shaking, and his eyes had the wet sheen of unshed tears to them. Elliot felt stunned as well, though he couldn’t believe that Link was justgone.
Dead. Stop beating around the bush. He didn’t really know Link, yet he was shaken by what had happened.
“I want to talk to someone who knows something about this!” Karl slapped the screen. A crack appeared on it, only to vanish immediately.
“Link’s brother,” Ian mumbled. Then he rolled over and propped himself up on one elbow. “But it will take longer for them to return. They won’t have the capacity for the speed they used to get there. Go rest. There’s nothing any of us can do but wait.”
“Link—“ Elliot began, but Ian shook his head.
Elliot didn’t ask what he meant. Instead, Elliot pulled Karl into his arms. Life was so different, and scary in a way that was much deeper than it had been on Earth. There, at east, Elliot had known who he was, what he was, even if the what had been ‘crazy’.
Now, he was lost and confused, with his only true point of reference and security being the man in his arms.
Karl trembled then tipped his head up, lips parted as he closed his eyes.
Elliot didn’t even think. In fact, his mind shut out the bad things as he pressed his lips to Karl’s.
The reassuring warmth and strength of the man, the slick glide of his tongue against Elliot’s, all filled Elliot with need—the need to prove they were alive, still there, despite the changes and weirdness their lives had become.
Elliot guided Karl towards their bed chamber, kissing him every step of the way. He kept to his human form, wanting the comfort and pleasure all the skin on skin contact gave him.
And he wanted more. Elliot needed more. To be alive, to chase off the fear just under his skin.
He stopped thinking of anything, anyone, but Karl, soaking in Karl’s scent, his taste—sweet and minty—the feel of him, warm, alive, eager.
Everything was magnified; every touch, every kiss, every flick of tongue and nip of teeth. Elliot ran his hands down Karl’s arms, feeling the muscles bunch and flex. He squeezed Karl’s wrists, then released them and slipped his hands back to cup Karl’s ass.
The hot drag of Karl’s dick alongside his was magnificently arousing, almost pushing Elliot to an embarrassingly early release.
He turned and pulled Karl down onto the bed with him, parting his legs, landing on his back, giving Karl a very clear hint as to what he wanted.
Karl’s breath hitched, his chest heaving when he finally inhaled, turning his head as he shoved his hands into Elliot’s hair. He kneaded and rubbed Elliot’s scalp while licking and kissing the length of his neck.
Elliot shivered and had some breathless moments himself. He rutted slowly, rubbing his dick against Karl’s, his legs parting further as if his body had its own goal.
And maybe it did. Elliot wasn’t scared or nervous—he just wanted. He didn’t need to think, to let worry and fear and regret into his head. It was easy to give himself over to Karl, to whine and moan, to whimper and cry out when Karl sucked hard enough to leave marks.
Karl was shaking with desire, with restraint. Elliot clawed at his own shirt, trying to get it off.
Karl sat up, kneeling between Elliot’s legs. He reached for the collar of Elliot’s shirt, and with a wicked smirk, tore it down the middle.
“That’s harder than it looks,” Karl said, frowning before he bent and licked Elliot’s nipple.
Elliot managed an, “Ungh!” before he gasped as his other nipple was pinched and tugged on.
The dual assault to his tits set fiery spikes of lust throughout his body. His balls felt hot and heavy, his cock hard enough to rival steel.
Elliot clawed at the bedding, and planted his heels so he could thrust, needing to fuck something.
Karl moved one hand down and cupped his nuts. He gave them a slight tug, and Elliot’s eyes rolled.
His nipples ached, the little nubs thicker, swollen, dark and chafed from all the attention. Karl blew on one and Elliot yelped, the pleasure/pain a wondrous torment.
Then Karl nipped a path down to Elliot’s waistband. For one second, Elliot thought Karl meant to rip his pants off, too, but no. Karl unfastened them instead.
“Pick your butt up.”
Elliot followed Karl’s order, and soon Karl had him naked and needier than ever.
Karl fisted Elliot’s cock in one hand and his balls in the other.
Elliot managed to raise his head up just as Karl licked the leaking slit of hit glans.
“Fuck!” Elliot dropped his head back, neck arching, pleasure spiraling down his thighs and up to his nipples.
And his dick—holy gods, Karl was sucking it, taking him in deep and fast, the slick glide of wet mouth, then tight throat, stealing Elliot’s ability to do more than keen.
The constriction of Karl’s throat muscles around the tip of his cock almost did Elliot in.
Karl bobbed back up, then there was the press of something against Elliot’s asshole. He didn’t care what it was—it was a part of Karl, that was enough, that was everything. When it began to enter him, he knew. Karl was fingering him open, spreading his pucker and making him ready for something much bigger.
Elliot parted his legs, then caught them up and pulled his knees to his chest.
He wanted this, wanted everything Karl would give him.
Karl sucked him in deep again, not as far as before, which was a good thing. Elliot would have come had he felt Karl swallowing around his shaft again.
The addition of another finger made him squirm. It was uncomfortable, but not painful—then it was fucking amazing because Karl was touching him inside, rubbing his gland.  Ripples of ecstasy began to spread out, and Elliot couldn’t fight it, thought he was going to come and come and come—
Except Karl pulled his fingers out, and the wet perfection disappeared as he let Elliot’s cock slip from his lips.
Elliot’s heart thudded. He lowered his legs some as Karl moved closer to him. Elliot felt him, Karl’s legs on either side of his hips as Karl stroked the backs of Elliot’s thighs.
The blunt, fat tip of Karl’s dick was right there, prodding Elliot’s hole.
“Open your eyes. Look at me,” Karl demanded.
Elliot gulped, nerves and need clamoring to escape him in a ridiculous bout of gibberish. He opened his eyes and immediately sought Karl’s gaze.
“That’s right, that’s what I want to see. Want to see you when I tell you that I love you, that you areeverythingtome.” Every pause between Karl’s words was filled with something else—the press of his cock into Elliot, the breaching of Elliot’s hole.
“Everything,” Karl repeated, then the fat cockhead was in, and Elliot mewled, reaching for Karl.
He grasped Karl’s shoulders as Karl leaned over him, and the change in Karl’s position was accompanied by more of Karl’s dick sinking into him.
Elliot gasped and likely would have made another embarrassingly needy sound had Karl not dropped down further and kissed him.
The thrust of Karl’s tongue perfectly matched the thrust of his shaft, driving deep, staking claim. Elliot felt the ache, the burn and stretch that was almost too much, then pleasure flooded his ass, his balls, his cock.
And Karl did something, moved some way that brought his dick into contact with Elliot’s gland.
Elliot almost came unglued, grabbing Karl’s biceps and probably leaving his own marks behind.
Karl bit Elliot’s bottom lip, then he was moving, withdrawing in small increments, pushing back in, hard.
Elliot was on fire with arousal, his body too hot, too tight, too needy. He tightened his hold on Karl, and Karl grunted before slamming his cock into Elliot.
That! That! More of that! Elliot couldn’t get a word out; Karl was fucking him so thoroughly, kissing him and taking every sound Elliot made, every plea he couldn’t quite form into a coherent word.
Elliot wrapped his legs around Karl as best he could and began rocking up into every thrust. The near-violence of their bodies coming together again and again would leave bruises, and Elliot would relish every one.
Then Karl shifted slightly, the kiss not as deep. Before Elliot could protest, there was a hand on his dick, squeezing, jerking him off roughly.
He didn’t last half a minute. Karl’s shaft rubbed right over Elliot’s gland at the same time Karl pressed a finger over Elliot’s slit.
Elliot shouted so loud his throat ached. The dull pain added to his pleasure, and he was catapulted into an orgasm so intense, all he could do was gasp, his hands and limbs going limp, his strength pouring from him in spurt after spurt of cum.
“Yes, fuck, yes,” Karl muttered against Elliot’s lips, then he shoved in harder, faster, letting go of Elliot’s cock and grabbing him by the shoulders.
Elliot relished the rough fucking, wanted it to go on and on, but Karl growled and on a forceful thrust, he froze, his groin pressed to Elliot’s butt as liquid heat flooded his ass.
Every time another jet of spunk warmed him from the inside, Elliot shuddered and Karl grunted, until finally, Karl huffed and lowered himself to lie on Elliot.
Elliot brushed his lips over Karl’s cheek. He wished they could stay just like that, forever.

“I love you too.” Elliot held his lover until it was time for them to greet their returning crew.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

And the Stars Danced Ch. 38

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirty-Eight

“The red triangles are Link’s ships,” Elliot said, pointing at one of the three. “The yellow are the enemy, and the blue—“
“Are our people,” Karl finished. “God, I might not mind ruling over a planet just so I can change the freakin’ royal color.”
“You can’t change it,” Ian said in a groggy voice. “You’d be impeached ander, recycled.”
“Recycled?” Karl really didn’t like the sound of that!
Ian cleared his throat, then said, “Well, yes. Kind of like, oops, that guy’s a mistake. Erase him and try again. I mean, death isn’t final.”
Karl goggled at Ian. “W-what?”
Ian gawked right back at him. “You didn’t think you’re just going to be able to rule however you want, did you?”
“I don’t know what to think!” Karl exclaimed, throwing his hands up. “For fuck’s sake, you’ve told me practically nothing about our planet, people, my family, my duties—anything!”
“We’ve been kind of busy trying to evade the enemy!” Ian snapped back at him.
“Guys—“ Elliot prodded Karl’s back. “Argue later—although, yeah, Ian, you need to step it up on handing out information, because ‘recycling’ someone is fucking bullshit, and I mean to find out more about that shit. But Link’s crews have all gone blurry, so I think that means they’re inlikewarp speed?”
Ian nodded just as Karl turned back to the screen.
“That’s what it means, all right, so Link and them will be there in a matter of minutes,” Ian explained. “He has technology that we don’t. Oh hey, those purple lines are Link’s brother and his guards. This’ll be a short fight.”
Karl watched the lines, the shapes, trying to connect them all in his mind to living, breathing beings, even the enemy ships. “Are they going to kill the bad guys?”
Ian snorted. “Your enemies, you mean? The ones trying to kill your crew?”
“Don’t be an ass,” Elliot said. “You know we aren’t used to this kind of thing.”
“I know. I’m justdiscombobulated.” Ian squeezed in between them then sat in the chair. “Sorry. Really. And I’m hogging the chair, but I feel kind of woozy.”
Karl and Elliot exchanged worried glances. “Maybe you should get checked out again,” Karl suggested, placing a hand on Ian’s shoulder. “By a different—“ What the hell was it? Oh! “Med bot. Can’t they be wrong?”
“No.” Ian didn’t say anything else, he just leaned in closer to the screen. “What the fuck?”
“What the fuck, what?” Karl asked, fear sending a cold streak down his spine. “What?”
Ian held a finger up then pointed to a silver streak that was moving faster than any other of the crafts. “What the fuck, that. What the fuck is that? Oror who is that? No one has better or faster ships than the space center guardians do. That makes no sense at all.”
Karl blinked as the silver streak bypassed the purple ones.
Ian tapped something on the screen. “Check in with base command.”
After a moment, Link’s voice came through. “You are not base command.”
“Can he hear me?” Karl got a nod from Ian. “Now’s not the time to be picky. Who’s the silver craft approaching?”
“Silver craft?”
“Yes,” Karl and Elliot practically shouted. “The silver one!”
Link cursed softly. “There is nothing showing on our equipment. It must be a cloaked craft, although to only hide it from us wouldIt would—Tarnses, engage the lower engines, we need to move faster! Have to shut the comm down—“
“Wait!” Karl yelled, but static buzzed for a second before silence took over. “What just happened?”
“Something must be draining the power supply,” Ian muttered. “Shit. Shit!”
On the screen, Link and his accompanying crafts moved too quickly to be more than a blur.
“Almost there,” Elliot said. “Almost—“
Before another word was said, the enemy ships glowed orange and yellow before turning white and vanishing.
Karl felt sick. He gulped trying to keep from losing his stomach.
“Are they—did they—“ Elliot coughed and covered his mouth.
“Yes, vaporized,” Ian said, sounding more solemn than Karl had ever heard him. “Our people are safe, at—“ He gasped at the same time Karl felt all the blood drain from his face.
That silver craft, whatever, whoever it was, did something that caused one of the ships in Link’s crew to start to ripple, like heat waves were coming off of it.
“What is that?” Karl found the voice to whisper.
“I don’t know,” Ian said. “Butbut that’s Link’s craft.”

And as they watched, Link’s triangle vanished from the screen.

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