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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cherri and Family

Today is a bad day, and my thoughts are all jumbled. I'll try to have an installment up late tonight if I can get my brain to calm down.

Y'all who have been following the blog for a while probably know of Cherri, my buddy. She's been my roomie, along with Jaymi, at the two GRL's I attended. She came out to visit this past November and we stayed at the beach. She's an awesome friend and I love her dearly. She has incredible kids, too. I've met them. I love them. I adore all of them.

Two days ago, Cherri and I were texting and she told me her son, Peyon (he's 10) was having trouble breathing. He has severe asthma and allergies, so this happens. She'd done his treatments and he was resting, but she was going to take him to the dr in the morning. She did. The doctor thought Peyton had a collapsed lung and sent her to a hospital yesterday. Then the doctors there thought it wasn't collapsed, just being squeezed by fluid.

This morning, they told Cherri Peyton has cancer, a mass on his lung that's spread to his back and is probably still spreading. He's been moved to St Jude's-- Cherri lives in MS but close to TN, so they'd gone to a hospital there already-- and doctors are going to do biopsies and more tests.

I just can't even grasp this. I can't imagine how Cherri and her family must feel, how scared Peyton is. My family knows them, loves them, and just...there are just no words.

I asked Amber to start a GoFundMe for Cherri and family. I'm going to post the link here and if you can, please donate, share, pray, all of the above, whichever one you can do, anything. I'd appreciate it and so would Cherrita.

Meanwhile, I have to get out of the house for a while. I can't be still today.

And I wish I could give y'all a huge, huge **huggz** in person, but I can't, so just know there's ***HUGGZ*** here.

Peyon's Medical GoFundMe

Monday, April 20, 2015

Installment Swap, CONTEST.

Since it seems that I hurt my knee exercising yesterday, and I can't shake the crankies, I am going to move the installment to tomorrow. Also, I have to pick Amber, Charlie, and Elijah up from the airport tonight, and don't know what time we'll get home from that.

Anyway, I think there'll be three more installments to the current blog story, then a break while I help Mom drive to Ohio, and come back. During that time, we'll have a vote going for the next blog story. 

Any suggestions? Comment below with them, and you know what? We'll make a contest out of it. Anyone who comments with a story suggestion-- and it has to be a suggestion, I'm going to make this challenging!-- will be entered to win a $10 Amazon, Totallybound,  or ARe gift certificate. I don't think I'll be back from Ohio until after May 5th, and we're leaving here on the 27th, in a week. I'll still pop in with babbles and such, but the new story won't begin until I'm home. 

So, what would y'all like to read? Leave your suggestions, and a random winner will be chosen from those comments. 

After everyone's suggestion is listed, we'll vote. Whoever's idea gets the most votes wins $20 in Amazon, Totallybound, or ARe bucks. 

Sound like fun? Did I clarify everything? I'm not the brightest crayon in the cookie jar today. Pain makes me snarky and dense, lol. 

Y'all take care! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings Ch. 39

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Xelscior’s skin was a mottled red and grey, unlike any fairy’s Blaze had ever seen before. That Griff resembled the man was indisputable, but whereas Griff’s features carried a lightness to them. Xelscior’s were somehow tinged with evil. Of course, that could have just been Blaze’s imagination. He didn’t really have time to study the man what with all the damned creatures coming at him and his friends—and Griff, who was glowing like a star in their midst.
In fact, Griff was sparkling, and it was as eerie as it was breathtakingly beautiful.
Griff’s wings extended out to close to a dozen feet on either side of him. His hands held white-silver flames encapsulated in orange and blue fire. He was a mix of magics and strengths.
Blaze wanted to focus on him instead of the fact that Bonny was there, ordering daemons to come after him, lobbing her own fire and poisonous hatred at him.
She’d helped raise him, for gods’ sakes. It hurt him to the core to have her turn on him in such a way.
And it would destroy Fyre.
Blaze had started to shift when something stopped him—a sizzle-pop of power shooting through him. Not a deadly one, nor an attack, but a familiar and welcomed one. In an instant, he held the Sword of Synchrony in his hands, and it sang to his blood as if it were a part of him.
The sword deflected Bonny’s fire and the current of electricity she sent at him. He swatted aside ice and daemons, sliced through them and filled the air with a fetid stench that overpowered the sulfur-fumes of dragon fire.
Griff was battling through the daemons and dragons that Xelscior kept sending his way. Jade shrieked as he sliced off a dragon’s snout.
Blaze didn’t know where Jade got the sword he wielded from nor did it matter. Jade was a deadly foe and Grlind was as well. Grlind threw back his head and roared, and the sound of it sent the closest daemons reeling back.
Blaze locked gazes with Bonny, still in her dragon form. She was beautiful, strikingly so, and he dreaded their confrontation, because only one of them would survive it.
And he would not be leaving Griff here to live out the rest of his days alone.
Always, Blaze had been afraid of Bonny. He’d mouth off, certainly, but he’d been afraid of her. She’d known it, too. Maybe she hadn’t always hated him, or maybe she had. Blaze wanted to think she’d been good once, and something had warped her over the past few years. He could remember a time when she laughed more than she scowled, when she’d reached for Fyre with tenderness instead of snapped at him with anger.
When she hadn’t taken pleasure in hurting a young, orphaned dragon who couldn’t control his fire or his shift. Somewhere between then and now, she’d changed, and he didn’t know why.
He suspected the why of it was important.
If he had time to question her, that would have been great, but he didn’t and doubted he would get any answers from her anyway.
He deflected a steady stream of flames from her, angling the sword so the fire shot off of it and annihilated a half-dozen daemons and scorched a dragon that had been darting past to attack Jade.
Someone cackled gleefully, and he wasn’t sure it wasn’t one of the people on his side. There was a glory in a righteous war for some people. Blaze felt only utter sadness and firm determination. He locked up the pain of such a deep betrayal and focused on what he had to do.
Blaze only glance away from Bonny to check on Griff as he cut through body after body. Gore splattered on him and he ignored it, swiping off only what he had to in order to be able to see and breathe clearly.
Griff was at Blaze’s side and a little in front of him. Blaze could see Griff in his peripheral but couldn’t see Jade or Grlind. He heard them, though, both shouting with ever victory as they battled.
Blaze felt stronger with each life he took, not something he was reveling in, but a side effect, he suspected, of the sword. It hadn’t been like that when he’d killed the fiends, but fiends were odd creatures, and he’d already killed more daemons and dragons in the current battle than he had fiends. Perhaps the sword grew stronger with more blood spilled, or certain types of it. Blaze didn’t know and couldn’t dwell on it.
He hated taking a life, especially that of another dragon, and yet he did so without hesitation. It could mean the life of his bonded and their friends if he faltered.
At least none of the dragons but Bonny were known to him.
Bonny bellowed at him, her golden eyes narrowing as she backed up with his approach. If she took to the air, he’d have to shift, and the sword would be of no use then.
Griff was almost to Xelscior, who seemed unwilling to flee. The evil fairy was pulling up large, jagged clouds of something malevolent. Just seeing them made Blaze’s skin crawl.
Bonny clawed at the ground and arched her neck, tossing her head as she sent more daemons his way. The dragons were either defecting from her command or going after reinforcements, Blaze wasn’t sure which. He saw four of them shooting up into the sky and veering off to the North.
Whatever they were up to, he had to concentrate on Bonny. Blaze held the sword up and took out the daemons with it and an incredible flame he exhaled at them.  Never had he been so skilled at warfare, nor in so control of his abilities.
“What have you done?” he asked of Bonny as the ashes of her army fell to his feet. “What have you done!” he shouted, furious on Fyre’s behalf. “You have betrayed him!” Which was worse than her betraying him, much worse.
Bonny didn’t answer with anything other than a rough, cruel laugh. Coming from her as a dragon, the sound was otherworldly and sent a shiver down Blaze’s spine.
He took a step toward her, every hair on his nape quivering with unease as he tried to guess her next move.
She leapt at him, her movement so sudden and without the warning of tensed muscles and flicked tail. Blaze sucked in a sharp breath and started to raise his sword.
Bonny shot up out of reach—all except for her deadly tail. Had he been a fraction of a second slower, he’d have been headless instead of shouting as he ducked and stumbled aside. The flat edge of her tail caught him on the head, stunning him for a moment but not disabling him.
“Blaze!” Griff shouted.
Blaze’s vision swam but he shook his head and stood up, holding his weapon, ready to strike. He saw Bonny twenty feet past him.
“Blaze!” Griff shouted again, alarm making his voice strident.
Blaze jerked his attention from Bonny to Griff just as a dark, sharp object came at him. He swung the sword and hissed when Xelscior’s magic whatever it was divided into numerous smaller projectiles. “Shit shit shit!” Blaze flamed and managed to get most of them but a couple hit his chest and scored marks on his flesh.
The burning was not debilitating, the wounds not deep, but Griff’s furious shout promised retribution for Blaze’s pain.
Blaze plucked out the first of the odd spiked objects and tossed it aside. He had to leave the second one in as Bonny turned and dove right at him. Her flames were hotter and heavier than before, and buried in them was a magic not her own. Blaze could sense it, and he knew she was being aided, most likely by Xelscior in some way.
She has always been his tool. She is not what she has presented herself to be. Bonny is no more a dragon than you are; she is the concubine to Xelscior. The bitterness in Ahndwa’s voice said there was more to the story than that, but now wasn’t the time for it.
Blaze didn’t question hearing her voice in his head—she’d chosen him to use the sword, after all, at least temporarily.
Even knowing Bonny wasn’t what he’d thought her to be didn’t lessen his anxiety at knowing he had to kill her. Blaze’s heart pounded as he planted his heels in preparation of her attack.
The sword held back her fire and magic, but it couldn’t do everything. She was soon close enough that her wings and tail were going to be able to harm him.
Blaze moved the sword and tried to angle her fire back at Bonny, but it merely bounced off her scales.
That was the thing about fake dragons, apparently—they had scales as strong as a real dragon, at the very least.
But even a real dragon had chinks in their armor—notably any orifices and the less-scaly underbelly. There, the scales were looser and thinner, and it was possible to get a sword in between them if it was shoved against the grain of the scales and between them.
Blaze might not get so lucky. He had to try.
He waited until she was close enough to reach him, then he dropped to his knees, rolled, and swung the sword.
Blood splattered down on him as Bonny shrieked. She caught his arm and chest with one of her back claws but the damage to him was slight overall. Blaze rolled again and ended up behind Griff. He came to his feet and put his back to his bonded’s, readying for another attack from Bonny.
Jade and Grlind were still alive and fighting, which relieved him. “Griff, are you—“
“I am unharmed,” Griff said before chanting unfamiliar words.
Someone screamed, a long, drawn-out, agonized sound that would haunt Blaze.
Griff flapped his wings, and Blaze caught glimpses of Bonny circling in the distance. She seemed to be listing, and he realized she had one paw pressed to her gut.
Griff vibrated and his body emitted heat like he had his own fire inside.
Bonny turned and came at them with surprising speed, as if she’d never been injured moments before.
The air around Blaze and Griff crackled and popped with magic, and Blaze feared things were about to get much, much worse.
What happened was a complete surprise.
The sky itself seemed to rip open, and a battalion of dragons came through it, led by Fyre. Beside him was Artaxis, looking surprisingly fierce as he pulled back the bowstring and let an arrow fly right at Xelscior.
Bonny growled and Blaze knew this was it—she’d either kill him on this strike, or die herself.
Griff and Xelscior lunged at each other.
Blaze wanted to help Griff but feared interfering would distract him instead. He held his ground as Bonny came at him, with Fyre chasing her.
Blaze waited until she was almost on him, then he shifted. There were many things he didn’t want to do, and letting Fyre kill his wife was a priority.
The sword fell to the ground and Blaze thrust himself up. Bonny hadn’t been prepared for such an attack. Blaze hit her in the chest and sent her sprawling fifty feet away, knocking down trees as she went.
He was on her before Fyre could reach her. Why did you have to do this? Blaze wished he could ask her. Instead, he had to dodge her claws and tail, her fire and teeth. Blaze slammed his head against hers, hoping to stun her. Whether it worked or not, he didn’t know. He was lifted off of her by a mighty gust of wind, and great bolts of lightning rained down on her.
Blaze flew of his own accord as he watch Bonny turn to ash. Jade nodded once, then wiped his hands together before looking at him.
Fyre landed beside Bonny’s ashes and turned to look at Jade, then inclined his head in a way that conveyed thanks.
Blaze had to trust that Fyre wasn’t going to harm Jade over Bonny’s demise. He had to get to Griff’s side and help him.
He turned and saw that Griff and Artaxis had Xelscior pinned between them. Xelscior was giving each of them his side, fighting off Artaxis’ arrows and Griff’s magic simultaneously.
Then Griff flicked his wrist, as if to say, enough, and he tipped his head up to the sky.
A vibrant swath of color, almost rainbow-like in form, arched down into Griff’s palm, and across from him, into Artaxis’ hand as well.
The two men looked at each other then Artaxis gave the slightest nod. As one, they each tossed the colorful magic and it exploded over Xelscior, covering him.
Xelscior melted like snow tossed on a fire. It was disturbing to watch, yet Blaze couldn’t look away.

Then Griff was reaching for him, touching him, and Blaze had to curl himself around his bonded and hold him. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings Ch 38

Wednesday's installment since I will gone Weds :D

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Magic pulsed through Griff as if he were merely a vessel or conduit. Griff had felt it beginning when he was making love to Blaze. It had filled him to capacity and forced him to open his mind to it or be obliterated by the force of it.
Griff had given over after an internal struggle that had terrified him almost as much as the external struggle around them.
Then it had come—the knowledge of who he was—son of Ahndwa and the former Love fairy king, Xelscior, who had vanished long ago.
And who hadn’t been only a fairy himself. Dark magic ran through Griff’s veins, along with the power of a goddess. Xelscior’s contribution to Griff’s existence wasn’t pure.
Even a goddess can fall for a bad boy. Griff would have been amused had he not been on the verge of losing his sanity. Too many things were happening in his mind. Visions, memories—his own, from this life and ones before, some he didn’t believe were his at any point—mysterious words and images worked through him. Griff stopped fighting and let the magic take over.
It illuminated every part of him. Griff felt like he could conquer anyone and anything that got in his way, though he knew that wasn’t so. It was the discovery of a new strength, a secret embedded in his soul and bound by magic and curse and fear itself.
Griff had to envision himself prying layer after layer of deceit away until he reached the epitome of who and what he was.
Son of a goddess, son of a dark fairy.
A combination that would ensure he’d be feared and perhaps even hunted.
And someone had likely done both.
It’d been a might hand that had swatted him down. Mightier than a dragon or normal magical being.
There was an oddly familiar tinge to the icy cold tendrils of magic in the air. The fire was from a dragon—and one he’d bet he knew. The cold…that was from someone else.
Someone stronger.
Someone he should recognize.
Griff would bet whoever was lobbing the deadly balls of ice at him and Blaze was the same person who had snatched his wings.
And that would take power. “Dark power,” he murmured as he deflected another round of fire and ice.
Beside him, Blaze roared and shadow figures shrieked before dissipating into grey wisps of steam.
Griff raised his hands up and called to the magic in him. He called to Ahndwa. As he did, his past replayed—he’d been bespelled and bound by a curse for so long, and when he’d begun to free himself of it, when he’d realized that he didn’t fit in with his frolic and never would, he’d sought to leave. By finding a mate in another frolic, he’d have been out of control of Artaxis—
Griff shuddered. Artaxis, his half brother, his king, and his would-be lover. Griff had never understood exactly why he had been so reluctant to give himself to Artaxis, but now he did. To some fairies, blood ties didn’t preclude one from becoming a sexual partner; but it did for Griff. But did Artaxis know of their relation?
Griff had no answer for that. He saw himself leaving the frolic, felt his intent to be free because he didn’t belong with them—and he saw it then, a tear in the fabric separating the worlds, the magical from the plain, a violent rend that shouldn’t have existed.
From it came a blurred shape, and it seemed to stop as if surprised. Griff supposed that he wasn’t expected, or at least not at that moment. He had left his frolic earlier than he’d told Artaxis he would, mainly because he’d been so eager to get away. So either he’d been about to be ambushed, or he’d come along when he shouldn’t have. Either way, the end result had been the same.
That blurred form coalesced more clearly into a deep red shape, then again into the frame of a tall, thickly muscled man. He was beautiful, with very refined features and uptilted eyes. Griff barely got to see him before the man struck him with a wave of magic that had almost killed Griff. He heard cackling, laughter, and a joyful promise to rip away his wings.
The agony had been so sharp that Griff had screamed and screamed, and passed out and he still didn’t know who the man was who’d hurt him.
But he shivered as he realized the same man was there now. Someone strong enough to pass between the worlds, someone cruel enough to rip away his wings.
And twisted enough to hand them back to Griff now.
Griff snatched them from the ether and nearly wept with the mixture of joy and fear—fear the wings would be snatched away from him before he could do more than touch their silky warmth.
Before the fear could paralyze him, the wings pulsed and a voice whispered to him, It is I who have given your wings back to you, not he who took them. Ahdnwa’s voice, telling him she’d taken what had been stolen from him, and she who returned it to him.
Griff lifted the wings up and barely had to maneuver them at all before they were where they belonged. Pleasure, bright and beautiful, sang through his veins as his wings found their home again.
Beside him, Blaze bellowed, but it sounded more like a song than a raging protest.
Griff caressed Blaze with one wing and one hand. Sparkling currents of affection passed between him and his bonded even as another round of assaults began.
“We will not lose,” Griff vowed.
“Gods, your wings are gorgeous,” Jade rasped from behind Griff.
Griff swirled his hands, sending back the projectiles coming towards them. He spared a glance for Jade. “They are.” He was maybe a little vain about his wings. They were like no other fairies, and now he knew why.
Because he was the son of Ahndwa, and blessed by the goddess. But even a demigod needed help, and friends.
Griff shouted for Grlind, and he held out a hand to Jade. “Form a circle. Blaze, shift. You can still use your fire, right?”
Jade threw a mighty gust of wind and hail towards their invisible attackers at the same time Blaze shifted.
Griff didn’t have to give orders. As one, the four of them joined hands and formed their circle. “We have given, and taken, honored and worshiped. We have served, and will serve, we have joined together now as one.”
The rest of the words were of an old tongue, one carried through lifetimes. Griff heard his bonded and their friends repeating the words, then saying them along with Griff.
Their souls had met before, had fought beside one another, had laughed and cried with each other before. The pieces of their pasts bound them together for eternity, and Griff knew they’d fought noble causes every time they’d lived. Some they had won, some they had lost.
This time, they would prevail. “Name them,” Griff demanded, his heart racing. “Name them, and they will show themselves.”
“Bonnie,” Blaze growled, “Come forth!”
Griff saw it as if from an aerial view. His eyes saw something else, the world in shades of magic, in life and death. His thoughts were combined with Blaze, Jade’s, and Grlind’s. For now, they were as one. Their mind’s eye saw the dragon queen ripped from the veil separating the worlds—something that shouldn’t be possible.
Yet it was.
It would take a great power to move back and forth between the worlds.
A dark power to assault the son of a goddess.
A bitter soul to harm an innocent.
Ahndwa spoke to them. “One cast aside for trying to murder his own child. I hid you in plain sight, and even Artaxis did not know of your nature. Had Artaxis not appealed to the goddess Hetrexa to save you, you would have died when your wings were taken. Artaxis remembers none of that. Hetrexa saved you, and in doing so, had to alter his memories to save him as well. He would not have hesitated to go after the one who hurt you.”
Griff was relieved to learn that Artaxis was innocent, and puzzled by Artaxis’ protectiveness, but then again, Artaxis was his king. He was strangely unhurt learning who had tried to destroy him.
Griff didn’t hesitate at all to call out his father’s name. “Xelscior!”
Bonnie screamed and shifted, turning into a magnificent dragon. She came at them in full fury, her roar shaking the ground and her fire exploding all around them as Jade called forth the wind to fan the flames away.
“Xelscior! Stop hiding like a coward!” Griff pulled at the magic he and his circle wielded, drawing from it, pushing, tugging, trying to force the dark fairy to appear. For one moment, he considered whether he was wrong, but Ahndwa whispered in his ear and Griff knew he was right. Xelscior was very powerful, however, and he resisted being brought forth.
“Ahdnwa, help us,” Griff cried out, his entire body aching from the strain of trying to pull Xelscior to them.
I can not. I am bound by a promise, and must do no more to help you. Xelscior was once bound by his word, but he has given up his soul for power—and that is why he seeks your soul, Griff. You are the one true son. Artaxis may be Xelscior’s son, but it is only in name. Do not give up.  Ahdnwa sounded sincere and regretful, which was great but didn’t help at all.
“We will not lose,” Blaze murmured, then repeated loudly. He squeezed Griff’s hand. “Xelscior, come forth!”
Bonnie screeched, coming off more like a giant rat than a dragon, but her furious display was eclipsed by the shout from Griff, Blaze, Grlind, and Jade, calling out Xelscior. Their voices combined into a great, otherworldly sound that carried with it voices from lifetimes’ past.
Xelscior came through the fabric shouting and leading a band of daemons and dragons.

The battle had truly begun. 

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