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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sun Shift Ch. 10

Copyright 2018
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Ten

“Please, I’m full.” He felt queasy, but not from the food.
Bad wolf. Jacob curled up on his side and kept his eyes tightly closed. He shouldn’t have sucked on Cali’s finger like that without being told or at least invited to.
“Jacob, what’s wrong?” Cali asked.
“Tired.” He just wanted to hide for a little while. Like eternity.
There was no way Cali would want him, anyway. Even without seeing himself in a mirror, Jacob knew he looked like shit. He wasn’t healing fast and had bruises all over still.
But more than that, Cali was a lion. What would he ever want with an omega wolf? Maybe, if he became horny enough, he’d want to fuck Jacob.
He heard Cali sniff, then a big, warm hand cupped Jacob’s nape. “Wolf, don’t lie to me. Your scent tells me you’re upset.”
Jacob shivered at Cali’s touch but didn’t answer.
“Of course you’re upset,” Cali murmured. “I’m an idiot.”
There was no way he could let that pass.
“No! You’re not!” Jacob opened his eyes and rolled onto his back. Cali’s hand grazed over his through, and had his body been able to, Jacob was certain he’d have gotten an erection, but even that part of him was messed up.
Even so, Cali’s body heat spread out and chased off some of the morose feelings Jacob was struggling with. He looked into Cali’s eyes for as long as he could manage before having to avert his gaze. It wasn’t in his nature to be so direct, or so bold as to treat a more powerful shifter as an equal rather than a superior. He wondered if lions had the same sort of pack/pride hierarchy as wolves did.
“Thoughtless, then.” Cali’s touch on his neck grew lighter. “You’ve lost so much.”
Jacob swallowed, shivering again as his Adam’s apple bobbed under Cali’s palm. He wanted to reach up, to grab Cali’s wrist and beg him not to move his hand away, but that was too forward a move for him to make.
“You need more rest. I should leave you—”
“No—please.” Jacob whimpered and arched his neck, desperate to keep whatever contact with Cali that he could. “Please don’t leave me alone.” Alone was wrong, terrifying, and it made him feel hollow and dead inside.
“Jacob, look at me.”
Jacob was incapable of ignoring Cali’s demand, even uttered calmly as it was. He raised his gaze to Cali’s once again.
Cali nodded and a crooked smile tugged his mouth up on one side. “I’m not so scary, am I?”
“Not at all,” Jacob rushed out, then instantly feared he’d insulted Cali. “I mean, you are, can be, if—I—what I—” He couldn’t for the life of himself get his words right.
Cali chuckled, and the sound of it chased off Jacob’s anxiety over what he’d said.
“I can be when I’m a beast,” Cali confirmed a moment later. “But I’m not a power-hungry predator. Is that what you think I am?” His expression blanked, but Jacob thought he could see worry in Cali’s eyes.
And Jacob wouldn’t lie. “You’re the alpha. I’m just an omega. Even though I’m not a member of your pack, I’m still your subordinate.”
Cali frowned and whether he was aware of it or not, he stroked his fingers along the side of Jacob’s neck, sending a riot of sensations through him.
“I don’t think I work like that,” Cali said after a moment. “Lions have prides, and in the wild, the males are more transient than a part of those prides. I want things here, at this sanctuary, to be different. I want a pride, a family of shifters, or I suppose a pack is fine, too. It shouldn’t all be just the way I think of things. If I’m opening this place to all breeds of shifters, I should take their natures and experiences into consideration, too. Hm. You’ve given me a lot to think about, but I want to know more of how your pack worked. You say you’re my subordinate. Are their tiers in a pack? I’ve heard references to such before but didn’t think it was true.”
Jacob was slightly offended, but he wasn’t sure why at first. Perhaps he heard a bit of disapproval in Cali’s voice? “Why wouldn’t you think it to be true?”
Cali shrugged. “I thought part of human nature would prevent that kind of thing.”
Yes, Jacob was definitely offended. He tried not to let it show but Cali blinked at him and cocked his head to the side.
“Did I say something wrong?”
Jacob licked his lips and willed himself to speak up. He’d never have done so against Kirk or any wolf higher-ranking than himself. “You sound…judgy.”
“Judgy?” Cali moved his hand and Jacob instantly mourned the loss of his touch. “I guess I am. Explain to me why I shouldn’t be. Tell me how your pack worked.”
Worked. Jacob’s heart hurt for his lost pack. “Like most natural wolf packs, I suppose. The alphas lead in all ways—male and female alphas, usually, though there are some packs that are run by other pairings. But the alphas are the leaders, then they appoint their betas, and other wolves jockey for pack position. The omegas are the lowest of the pack. Not all omegas remain as such. Being an omega isn’t always a permanent thing. It just depends on a lot of factors.” Please touch me again. Let me know I haven’t made you angry.
“Is being an omega a bad thing?” Cali scratched his own chin.
Jacob couldn’t look away from his hand, nor could he repress the slight whimper that escaped from him.
“Is it?” Cali repeated. “Are you okay?”
Jacob wriggled over a little, trying to get closer to Cali without being too obvious about it. “Yes, I’m just…” Please, please touch me! He was on his back, belly bared, showing his submissiveness. Why wasn’t Cali accepting him?
“You’re just?” Cali prodded, and then, finally, he touched Jacob, resting his hand on Jacob’s shoulder. “Is this a wolf thing, a pack thing? This—” He raised his hand up an inch and Jacob tried to sit up, to keep that contact. “Oh.” Cali put his hand back and Jacob could have sobbed just a little in relief.
“It’s both,” Jacob whispered as his nerves began to settle. “You may not see yourself as my alpha, but I’m an omega. I’m not meant to be without someone to lead me. I don’t know how to be independent.” There. He’d admitted what must seem like a weakness to Cali. “I’ve always been told what to do. How to do it. When to do it. Not every single second, but in general…” He must seem like a pathetic being to Cali.
“Do you want to be independent?”

Did he? Jacob was afraid to consider the question. He just wanted to sleep. 


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Monday, March 19, 2018


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Friday, March 16, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sun Shift Ch. 9

Copyright 2018
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Nine

After watching helplessly as Jacob completely shut down, Cali had to reevaluate the situation. He’d thought Jacob was suffering from some kind of physical illness—and maybe he was, but there was something else, too. Jacob had been awake, capable of talking and understanding, then he’d just…gone away after covering his ears with his hands. There’d been a look of utter despair on his face for a moment before his expression had blanked.
After several minutes, his breathing had slowed and Cali had realized he’d fallen asleep.
Cali ran their conversation over in his head, but he didn’t know what could have triggered Jacob’s retreat. And he was certain it was a mental retreat, not a physical collapse. Granted, he’d never studied psychology, but he had spent decades working with people and learning to decipher some of their actions and words since those things didn’t always line up.
He knew Jacob had to be traumatized by the loss of his pack. There was likely a large amount of guilt for him to deal with, too. And if he’d seen his pack slaughtered… Cali shuddered and felt a pang of pity for him.
Doubt he’d appreciate that.
Cali forced himself to move away from the bed. He felt the urge to lie down and wrap Jacob in his arms, to murmur reassurances to him and promise to make everything all right.
That would be an impossible vow to keep. Cali couldn’t resurrect the dead or turn back time, and those would be the tools needed to fix things fully for Jacob.
Instead of lingering like a stalker, Cali went to the kitchen and made a simple meal of scrambled eggs and toast. He chopped up some raw steak and place about half a cup of it in a bowl. Jacob might not be up to eating it yet.
Cali returned to the bedroom and set the plate and bowl on the dresser. He’d forgotten to clear off the dishes from earlier, so the nightstand was cluttered.
He took care of that mess, moved the fresh food to the nightstand, then he sat on the bed, much like he’d done before Jacob’s retreat.
“Hey, Jacob, wake up. Time to eat.” He wasn’t going to let Jacob hide away. Maybe it was the wrong thing to do but he didn’t see how slipping away into his mind would help Jacob. “There’s raw steak, eggs—” He broke off with a chuckle. Jacob’s eyes had snapped open at ‘raw steak’. “Hungry?”
“Meat?” Jacob blinked wearily and rolled onto his back. “Raw?”
“Yup. Think you’re up to it?”
Jacob was practically salivating as he struggled to sit up.
Cali helped him, then he plucked a couple of pieces of steak up with his fingers. “Open.”
Jacob’s cheeks tinted dark with a blush. For a moment, Cali thought he would argue.
“I don’t want you to eat too much of it too fast. You’ll make yourself ill.” It sounded reasonable to Cali, though he didn’t know whether it was true or not. He wasn’t doing it because he wanted to feed Jacob by hand. That’d be a ridiculous thing to want to do.
Why would it be ridiculous? Cali told his inner questioning self to shut up.
Jacob licked his lips as Cali brought the raw meat closer to them.
An uncomfortable rush of heat settled in Cali’s groin. Behave, perv. He’s sick! I must be really lonely to be getting a hard-on when Jacob’s so ill. God, I suck.
He was a better person than that. He’d never take advantage of someone ill, or someone weaker than himself. “Open,” he said again, and when Jacob’s lips parted, Cali’s dick hardened in a heartbeat. Ignoring that unreasonable part of his anatomy, Cali brought the meat to Jacob’s lips. He rubbed the bloody strands over Jacob’s bottom lip, and Jacob closed his eyes on a moan as he licked the wetness left behind.
Cali had never thought food to be erotic, or a source of arousal. Then again, he’d never fed a lover before.
He’s not my lover. Get your shit together, jackass.
Cali pressed the meat past Jacob’s lips.
Jacob curled his tongue around the food and closed his mouth, sucking as he held Cali’s finger and thumb trapped in the warmth of his mouth.
I’m a piece of shit. Cali’s entire body went warm with arousal. He slipped his thumb free but kept his fingers there in Jacob’s mouth, just for a few seconds, let him suck and lave the digit.
Jacob moaned and pre-cum slipped from Cali’s dick.
He pulled his finger free. “Eat.” His voice cracked on the single word. It was hard to talk when his entire body was taut with desire.
Cali winced. He was a shit for lusting after Jacob.
It was just that he’d been along for too long. He hadn’t had a lover in over a year, and he wasn’t made to be celibate.
Maybe after Jacob was recovering better, Cali would take a weekend trip, hit up Miami’s clubs and find a man or two to fuck.

Jacob opened his eyes just a sliver, and all that warmth from arousal coalesced in Cali’s chest. He didn’t know what it meant or what was happening, but something about Jacob was calling out to him.