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Monday, December 11, 2017

Across the Tides Ch. 34 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirty-Four

“Oomph!” Draven barely had time to close the door before Titus was on him.
Draven flushed with need as Titus pushed him against the door and kissed him. There was nothing gentle or timid about the kiss; Titus was owning him, claiming him, and Draven’s insides quivered with excitement.
Everything I ever wanted, and never thought I’d have. It was his last coherent thought before Titus blew his mind, sliding down Draven’s body, licking, kissing, nibbling, leaving marks after he shoved Draven’s shirt up.
“Want you,” Titus mumbled as he began to unfasten Draven’s pants. “Need you.”
Draven tried to agree, but Titus mouthed his cock through the denim, and Draven’s eyes rolled back as he moaned. He buried his fingers in Titus’s hair, more for support than guidance.
Titus hummed and Draven’s legs trembled. Chances were good he wasn’t going to remain upright for long.
When Titus shoved Draven’s pants and briefs down, then licked over his leaking tip, Draven cried out. He started to slide down, then the world tipped and Draven was utterly confused. By the time he figured out that Titus had hoisted him into a fireman’s carry, Draven was being flopped onto the bed.
Then Titus was back on him, nearly ripping Draven’s shirt off. Draven couldn’t keep up. His head was spinning with the force of his need. He tried to help get his clothes off, and whether he did, or whether he hindered Titus’s efforts, he couldn’t have said.
But he was naked, and Titus was kissing him, and nothing else mattered. Draven touched Titus everywhere he could reach. He fed off the warmth and strength of his lover, off the desire they shared.
Titus tugged on Draven’s bottom lip, having caught it between his teeth. The sting went right to Draven’s cock and he thrust his hips, grinding against Titus, desperate to get more of him.
Titus released Draven’s lip and began nipping his way down Draven’s body once more. He loved on Draven’s nipples, sucking and pinching them until Draven clawed at the bedsheets. “Please,” he rasped, the word finally forming and escaping past his dry lips.
“Please… suck you?” Titus asked.
Draven spread his legs and tried to get his knees up to his chest. He couldn’t speak, but he had no shame in showing Titus what he needed.
Titus scooted down, then his hot, wet mouth was on Draven’s cock. Draven cried out and clutched at his knees. Titus showed him no mercy, palming his balls and tugging them gently while he took Draven’s shaft in completely.
The pleasure enveloped everything. Draven was helpless to do anything other than feel as Titus sucked his cock. Only the grasp Titus had on Draven’s balls kept him from coming.
Then Titus pulled off and flipped Draven over. Draven was still lost in pleasure, still had it thrumming through his system.
Titus pulled him to his knees, then pressed Draven’s head down. He spread Draven’s cheeks and licked over his hole.
Draven had been lust-dazed before, but it was nothing like where he went and what he felt as Titus rimmed him. Titus fucked him with his tongue until Draven was babbling nonsense, then he used his fingers to open Draven up.
And finally, Titus slipped his cock into Draven with a slow, steady grind that set Draven’s nerve-endings on fire with need.
Titus bucked his hips once he was fully sheathed, then he did it again, dragging a ragged moan out of Draven when Titus’s dick rubbed over Draven’s gland.
“Draven,” Titus muttered, then he pulled out and slammed back in.
Draven shouted and dug his elbows into the bed, giving himself leverage so he could shove his ass back. The sound of his flesh and Titus’s meeting echoed in the room; their panted breaths grew louder and erratic as the fucking became more intense.
Draven’s cock ached; his balls were drawn up tight. Titus reached under him and fisted his shaft. One squeeze of Draven’s glans, and his orgasm tore through him.
“Draven!” he heard his name as if at a distance, then Titus was draped over him, shuddering, gasping.
Several minutes passed, then Titus rolled off of him, whimpering as he flopped down beside Draven.
Draven forced his heavy eyelids open and turned on his side to look at Titus.
Titus was frowning at him.
Draven wasn’t as sleepy as he’d been a second ago. He propped his head up on one hand as he studied Titus. “What’s wrong?”
Titus blushed and averted his gaze. “I—I shouldn’t have been so rough. I shouldn’t—”
“Oh, no, no you don’t,” Draven cut in, moving right over to lie halfway on Titus. “Don’t you dare apologize for fucking me senseless. I was nothing but pleasure and ecstasy, Titus. Nothing but sensational feelings—and yours. Why would you be sorry about that?”
Titus’s blush had darkened but he looked at Draven once more. “I’m not. I’ve never been so…demanding, before.”
Draven kissed him, then rubbed his nose against Titus’s. “You can be as demanding as you want with my ass any time.”
Titus grinned and wrapped his arms around Draven. “I need you, in so many ways. You make it possible for me to just…just be me. I’m not sure I know who that is, but with you, I’ll find out.”
“I can tell you that you’re an incredible man, sexy and smart and a god in bed,” Draven told him.
Titus snorted. “A god? Seriously?”
Draven nodded. “Would I lie?”
Titus laughed, then brought one hand around to cup Draven’s cheek. “I’m scared,” he whispered. “And I hate that he scares me.”
Draven hated it, too.  “It’s understandable, Titus. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re feeling. We’re going to keep you safe, though. Me, Rive, our friends. We won’t let him touch you. I promise you.”
Titus stared at him for several seconds, then he tugged Draven down the inch or so that separated them, and kissed him. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Across the Tides Ch. 33

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirty-Three

Titus stood up. “Thank you, Deputy Martinez. I’m sorry I fell apart.”
Martinez shook his head. “Don’t be sorry. I told you, I still have nightmares and bad moments. You’ve got to learn to let go of the guilt. That’s the hardest part, sometimes. Forgiving ourselves for not being the epitome of machismo society tells us to be.”
The truth in that statement hit Titus in the chest. He took a half-step back and nodded. “Yes, you’re right.”
“I’ll contact you when I have something more to tell you. We won’t get the finger print results back for weeks. If this was a TV show, I’d already have them along with hair follicles, footprints, and a convenient neighbor who decided to come forward and tell me he or she saw it all.” Martinez walked past them and opened the door for them. Unfortunately, reality is a lot slower.”
“I understand.” Titus itched to be out of town, back in the safety of Draven’s home. He was growing calmer by the minute, but the need for his lover was not diminished.
After a few more words with the deputy, Titus and Draven finally left the police station.
Titus hesitated on the sidewalk and glanced around. A few people were out and about, but no one seemed to be paying him and Draven any mind.
“What’s wrong?” Draven asked, touching his lower back briefly.
“Nothing. Just…thinking.” Titus looked at him. “This really isn’t home to me; all those romantic stories about home being found in someone, not in a place, they’re all right. I love my job, but I’d love teaching anywhere.”
Draven smiled tentatively. “Are you hinting that I should ask you to move in with me, permanently?”
Was he? Titus pursed his lips. Had he been hinting? “No, I think I was being more obvious than hinting. I want to live with you, and I can probably find a job teaching somewhere not too far from… from home.”
Draven’s smile broadened. “I’d love that. Will—”
Titus ignored Stacy and Michelle calling his name. “Will I what?” His heart raced. “What were you going to ask?”
Draven sighed. “Another time.”
“But—” Titus closed his mouth. Stacy and Michelle were less than a dozen feet away. Whatever Draven had been about to ask—if it was what Titus hoped he was going to ask—Titus would prefer it to be done in private.
On the beach as the sun is setting... But I don’t have to wait for him to ask. I could ask—
“Titus, I’m sorry.” Stacy hugged him. “Michelle and I will repaint the walls once we can get into the place. Let us do that for you.”
Titus hugged her back and met Michelle’s gaze over Stacy’s shoulder. “I think you should know, I’m probably not going to stay there. Here.”
Stacy hugged him tighter. “That’s okay. We’re still going to clean up your house and paint the walls, do what we can to help. Whether you live here or not, you’re my best friend, Titus, and I love you. Michelle and I will do anything we can to help you. That’s not dependent on you living in this town and working at the school here.”
A burden Titus hadn’t known he was carrying lifted off his shoulders. “Thank you. That… you are…” He gave up trying to explain and just held on for the hug.
Eventually, he and Stacy separated. “Are you heading back?” Stacy asked. “I’d invite you to our place, but until this is settled, I think staying away from here is the wisest choice for you.”
Titus knew he was blessed when it came to friends. “Yes, we’re heading back. I can’t be here right now.”
Stacy hugged him again, this time a quick moment of contact before she stepped back. She turned to Draven. “Keep him safe.”
“Always.” Draven touched Titus’s back again, but this time he kept his hand there. “Y’all are welcome to come over any time. I have a guest room you can stay in, and the beach is right out the back door.”
Stacy hugged Draven, too. “You made the offer, we’re going to accept. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” Draven replied.
“Be safe,” Michelle said. She hugged them each.
Then Titus was walking to the car with Draven beside him, hand still resting on Titus’s lower back.
It felt like a goodbye, not to his friends, but to the town itself. The roots he’d started to grow here had been hacked off and the ground thoroughly salted.
He should have felt sad, but all he experienced was relief as he watched the sign for the town grow smaller in the rearview mirror.
“The further we get from there, the better I feel,” he said to Draven. “Free. I feel free. Whatever I do next, wherever I work, I’m not hiding who I am, or who I love.”
“Good,” Draven replied. “I want to be able to bring you lunches and hold your hand while we’re out in public. Not all the time, because I think you’re as reticent there as I am, but… I want to get past that.”
“So do I,” Titus admitted. “We shouldn’t have to be afraid.”
“We shouldn’t, and we won’t be.” Draven slid one hand up Titus’s thigh, stopping with his fingers just centimeters from Titus’s balls. “And when I get you home, I’m going to make love to you all night long.” He moved his hand that little bit more, and caressed Titus’s balls through his jeans.

“Sounds like the best idea ever,” Titus scraped out, his throat dry as need began to coil in his gut. The drive back is going to take forever.