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Friday, July 31, 2015

And the Stars Danced Ch. 27

*Warning for the NEXT Installment, for those who might not want to read it because...there will be semi-shifted tentacle-alien-human sex. So, that's happening Monday. Happy Weekend to y'all! 

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-Seven

“Are you two going to fuck now?” Ian asked. “It’s not like the sleeping compartment has a door on it or anything. This pod’s too small for that, and there’s not much in the way of a bathroom, considering we can shift into our true forms and where’s the need to crap or pee then? Nowhere.” Ian’s eyes rounded. “Oh, well that might be a problem for you both, I suppose. Unless, of course, you learn to do this.”
Elliot was trying to process all of that, plus his boyfriend being turned on by tentacles, when Ian just blooped right into one of those weird aliens.
“You think that’s sexy?” Elliot asked skeptically of Karl.
“Well, n-not him, and” Karl scrunched up his nose as he looked at Ian. “Okay, so I don’t look at that form and get hard.”
It only took a glance at Karl’s crotch to confirm that he wasn’t as hard as he had been.
“But,” Karl drawled. “You, in any form? I would be willing to try even if you were jelly-aliened out on me.”
“Jelly-aliened” Elliot tried to imagine that, and something tingled inside of him, like the blood in his veins was becoming effervescent. It scared the shit out of him. “No!”
“No?” Karl shook his head. “Right. No. I, er, I didn’t mean that. I was joking about tentacle sex and—“
Elliot tried to tell Karl that wasn’t what he meant, but sheer terror at the thought of what was trying to happen inside of him kept him silent, as if to open his mouth would mean letting his inner alien out.
Karl frowned and Ian began to tremble all over, like the fucker was laughing at Elliot.
“El, what’s wrong? Do you think I’m a nasty freak in the bed now?” Karl asked worriedly, reaching for Elliot but stopping just shy of placing his hand on Elliot’s forearm.
Seeing Karl’s fear, knowing he must think Elliot was freaked over Karl’s newly discovered sexual kinks—it prodded Elliot out of his own fear.
“No,” he said, barely parting his lips. That weird sensation began to subside. Elliot felt a huge knot of tension in his chest begin to unwind. He breathed a sigh of relief. “It wasn’t that. Anything you want, I’m fine with it. Er, though I don’t know about having—“ He shot Ian a glare. “Go away and at least pretend like Karl and I have some privacy.”
Ian floated over to his seat then morphed into his human-ish form. “Spoilsport.” He popped some kind of earbuds in, at least Elliot assumed that’s what they were.
Elliot returned his attention to Karl, reaching out to him, needing to touch him. The moment his hands were on Karl’s warm skin, Elliot felt calmer. “I want you to fuck me with—“ He gulped and wondered why it was so hard to say such things. “You know. Your dick,” he whispered.
Karl bobbed his head jerkily. “Well yeah, I want that too. A lot. A lot lot. I wasn’t meaning I’d turn all tentacled and start trying to stick one up your ass. I meant—“ He leaned into Elliot, then murmured in his ear, “I think I’d like it if you did that partial shift thing like Ian did, and used your tentacles to fuck me and drive me crazy. All the parts of me you could touch at once, mmm, just thinking about it’s made my cock so hard, I ache.”
Elliot’s dick was rapidly reaching epic rigidity. He apparently wasn’t as prudish as he feared.
And as if that realization flipped a switch in him, that effervescence washed back through him, and panic was a chaser as he started to yelp, only to have everything change.
It wasn’t just him. One second, though, he knew what he was, how he worked, how to move, and the next, his body was as alien to him as could be.
That’s when he realized that he was an alien, beyond a doubt. Karl still looked like Karl—in a way. He was actually kind of transparent, and Elliot could see his innards and veins, and the silent, little pulsing form of Karl’s alien in his core.
Karl was gawking at him, jaw dropped, eyes huge, hands flailing, as if he once again wanted to touch Elliot but was afraid to.
Everything looked different, like Elliot wasn’t seeing things, exactly, but rather all the tiny particles and matter that made them up, as individual pieces pushed into a whole. Colors were particularly bizarre to him.
“El?” Karl rasped, the words echoing through Elliot.
Elliot tried moving a tentacle. It took less effort than raising his hand did. He just thought it, and his tentacle was there, touching Karl’s cheek.
Karl shuddered, and Elliot started to pull away, but it wasn’t fear Karl was experiencing. Elliot could feel emotions, at least Karl’s. They were particles, too, albeit ones that worked on another wavelength.
And while Karl wasn’t turned on anymore, he wasn’t repulsed, either. If anything, he was a little envious.
“How’d you do that?” Karl asked, slowly reaching out until he was caressing some of Elliot’s tentacles.
And holy hell, that felt amazing! Elliot quaked with pleasure, emitting a humming sound that he wasn’t sure was truly audible.
Except Ian plopped out his ear buds and turned to look their way. “Um, you should know, Karl, that some of the tentacles produce an ejaculate. It can bemessy, if you aren’t prepared.”
“Oh?” Karl’s heavy-lidded look was a promise and a threat. “Which tentacles?”
Elliot started to pull one back, but Karl gave the tiniest sound of protest. Elliot stopped worrying and enjoyed the sensation of Karl’s fingers on his being.
“I should let you two discover the joys of sex on your own,” Ian muttered. “But someone could lose an eye, so It’s the ones with the slit on the ends, which, I mean, that’s kind of obvious.”
Karl leaned over and thumped Ian on the back of the head.
“Ow!” Ian huffed and swatted at Karl. “See if I help you out again.”
“How long until we’re somewhere with more room?” Karl asked, once again touching Elliot with both hands.
Elliot rippled and let the pleasure reverberate throughout his being.
“Sooner than I’d planned since there’s an intergalactic craft in our field. They’re like the Earth’s version of NATO, except useful,” Ian snarked.
Karl merely grunted.
Elliot tingled everywhere. Fear that he was about to make the very kind of mess Ian had warned about had him scrambling to figure out how to reverse his shifting process.
“That’s the sound of distress,” Ian said. “I bet you want to change back, right?”
Karl cocked his head to the side. “I want to know how to do this. And I want you back in my arms, Elliot. Come back to me as a man, please.”
Elliot whimpered, except it didn’t sound anything like he’d meant it to.
Ian stood up and touched him, not on the tentacles, thank the gods. “Concentrate. You have more power in this form. You can see what makes everything what it is. You can see what you must become. That’s all there is to it.”
That’s all there is to it, for fuck’s sake? Elliot would have had a melt down over that, but as soon as he tried to see what had made him him as a human, he changed. His feet hit the floor and he gasped, a near-orgasmic sensation rippling over him this time as he changed.
“Oh,” Karl murmured, his gaze going right to Elliot’s cock, which bobbed, uncovered, as if waving at Karl. “So the clothes disappear, and you come back to me with this?”

Ian groaned. “Well, geez. Go fuck in the sleeping quarters after all. I’ll turn my music up, and I promise not to peek.”


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Thursday, July 30, 2015


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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

And the Stars Danced Ch. 26

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-Six

“Shit! Oh my God!” Karl ducked—a stupid thing to do, maybe, but there was an asteroid coming right at them. It was bigger than their pod, possibly. Ducking wouldn’t save him if they hit it.
“Smooth,” Ian said, his tone dry and irritating.
“I should have had you neutered,” Karl snapped. “Even if you didn’t need your balls in your jellyfish form!”
But Ian winced and crossed his legs. He scowled as the pod dipped sharply downward. “I’d be nicer to me if I were you. If I’m distracted, it could be bad.”
“Focus or I’ll smack you upside the head,” Elliot growled. “You won’t be getting laid more if you’re dead.”
“That’s true.” Ian bit his bottom lip and piloted them around asteroids.
Karl was fairly certain he’d be having nightmares about this for weeks to come. He wanted to close his eyes, but some illogical part of his brain told him if he did that, they’d all die. So he stared ahead, twitching, tensing, holding his breath until he was so dizzy he nearly passed out.
Maybe he and Elliot needed to learn how to change into those weird tentacled forms. Tentacles. He glanced at Elliot, who was still scowling at Ian. Tentacles. I wonder ifWell, that probably wouldn’t be the first thing in Elliot’s ass. I mean, I want toGod, I want him. Pretty sure a tentacle there would freak him out.
The pod spun and Karl’s stomach heaved. Tentacles. Think about tentacles. Would I be willing to—Yes, yes I would. I mean, it’d be a part of him. And those things were really thick, and I love thick. Not so much on the long part, but thick, oh yes.
Another dip, then the pod shot up as Ian cursed.
Karl reached for his distraction as he also reached for Elliot’s hand. Huh. Tentacles could be fun. I wonder if sex is possible when both are in jellyfish alien form? Does anything feel good then? What about procreation? No, no no, not going there. Tentacles, sex, orifices He spent a few minutes envisioning some of the dirtier things going through his mind. If we can turn into that thing with tentacles, or do a partial, like Ian did, I mean, those tentacles were long enough that, theoretically, a person could fuck themselves—
“Cryione to Karl, wake up,” Ian said, snapping his fingers.
Karl blinked and shook his head. “What?”
“We’ve been out of the asteroid field for several minutes,” Elliot said. Then he looked down at Karl’s crotch and his jaw dropped.
Karl looked down, too. “Oh. Er.”
“Really enjoyed the near death experience, hm?” Ian mused.
“Fuck you,” Karl said, trying not to strange on his embarrassment. “I was thinking about tentacles!” He froze as Elliot’s eyes bugged and his jaw dropped wider.
“Ohhhh, tentacle sex! You dirty bird!” Ian began to giggle.
“I really should have neutered you,” Karl muttered. But, in for a penny, and besides, Ian had seen him beat off a jillion times, and had followed him into the bathroom on more than one occasion. So what was the point in being embarrassed now? “Is it possible?”
The sound Elliot made reminded Karl of a kitten getting it’s tail stepped on crossed with a parrot squawking—not pleasant at all.
“Well, you’d be able to figure that out if you’d accept who and what you are, and let your inner alien out to go all freaky on Elliot’s ass,” Ian said.
“What?” Elliot yelped, letting go of Karl and scampering out of his seat.
“I was thinking about it being the other way around,” Karl said.
Elliot’s face was red from the roots of his hair all the way downeven his neck and ears were red. “Karl, II
Karl got up. “El, it’s not like a mandatory thing. I was just thinking about it. If it’s what we are, then it wouldn’t be wrong. Right?”
Elliot looked at Karl’s groin again.
Karl looked at it too. His dick was definitely interested whether it was wrong or not. Oh hell. All of him was curious. Who was he trying to kid otherwise? “I’ve read a lot of hentai, and there’suh. Tentacle porn. In a lot of it. So maybe I’m moreopentoit?”
Ian snorted. “Right, like all of our kind don’t stick those tentacles everywhere we can, including up our own holes. There’s no shame in it. It feels good, we enjoy it, why should there be guilt? You being all embarrassed is funny. Elliot looking scandalized is funnier. You are both so sexually uptight, like humans everywhere. Sheesh. That whole species tends to miss out on the really awesome sex.”
Elliot snapped his mouth shut and glared at Ian.

Karl pressed his hand against his still rigid dick.