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Sunday, July 24, 2016


I know, late again! I don't know where the days go lately, we're so busy trying to do everything and be everything. It's about time for us to take a break and run off to the mountains.

Thank you all for entering the contest. Winner was chosen via random.org.

Congratulations to:

Avalie said...
Punishing the panda by AJ Marcus.
You are very generous - I don't think I could give away my ARe 10s.

Avalie, please let me know your ARe address. You've probably told me it before but I tried a search in my email and it was a disaster. 

Thank you all again. We'll have another contest this week :D 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

TFtC Mr. January Epilogue ***NSFW pic***

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

* When this goes to print, the epilogue will be revised to be NSFW. I simply didn't have the time to make this as long and steamy as I wanted to. Sweet and happy felt right for now. I hope y'all will agree.

“Surely there’s a timetable for this sort of thing…” Albert scrubbed at his cheeks and glanced away from his reflection. He hadn’t been so nervous in… “Ever. Jesus, what’s wrong with me? It’s just words!”
But he knew better than that. It wasn’t just words. It was everything, and he was about to put it all out there, if he didn’t pass out first.
“Geez.” He tugged at his collar then gave one pit a sniff. As much as he was sweating, he’d better shower again. And crank the AC down. And put on more deodorant. But not too much. Maybe I should shave again too—
“Whoa, you’re looking like you’re about to piss yourself.”
“Chris,” Albert wailed, spinning around to glare at his brother. “Don’t scare me like that!”
Chris looked amused. “Whatever, twerp, you left your bedroom door wide open. It’s not like I barged in.”
Albert figured he could argue that point—Chris was in his room, uninvited. An open door didn’t equal an invitation. There was no need for him to be so petty, however.
“Are your hands shaking?” Chris asked, all amusement gone from his voice as he approached Albert. “What’s wrong?” He stopped right in front of Albert and frowned. “Is it Gregg? Did he do something stupid? Do I need to find him and remove his genitals?”
Albert sputtered and stumbled back a step. “R-remove his—“
Chris waved off his shock. “I’m joking about that. I will, however, kick his ass if he needs that done.”
“No!” Albert shook his head. “No, it’s…it’s nothing like that.” He tugged at his collar again.
“You’ve got sweat stains under your arms, dude,” Chris observed.
Albert groaned. “Ugh! I’m just so nervous.”
Chris stared at him unblinkingly.
“The thing is…” Albert began, his voice ending in a squeak. He cleared his throat and tried again. “The thing is, I never thought I’d meet someone who…who felt like he was the missing part of my heart.” Oh hell, he had to be blushing bright red. His cheeks burned.
Chris smirked. “Your soul mate? Your OTP?”
That snapped Albert out of his embarrassment. “OTP totally doesn’t apply here. I can’t refer to me and Gregg as my One True Pairing. Now, Korra and Asami? Yes, so totally OTP, and I still say it should have been Katara and Zuko, not Katara and—“
“What are you babbling about?” Chris asked, voice heavy with exasperation. ”I don’t understand nerd. You should know that.”
Albert flipped him off. “The point is, I love Gregg. Like, totally, deeply, completely, forever kind of love him. And I want to tell him that, tonight. I’m just...” He wiped at his brow.
“Scared shitless?” Chris asked. “Guess it’s a good thing you don’t have to actually say that to him again.”
“Again?” Surely that strangled sound didn’t come from himself? Albert touched his throat then swooned, almost passing out when Gregg stepped into the doorway behind Chris. “Erk!” Well, he certainly hadn’t meant to say that!
Gregg’s cheeks had a slight pink tint to them, but his smile melted away the fear and embarrassment threatening to suffocate Albert. He felt like a weight was actually lifted off his chest as Gregg rushed around Chris and pulled Albert into his arms.
Gregg’s eyes gleamed and his joy was obvious, just as obvious as the fact that he returned Albert’s feelings.
“Soul mates,” Gregg murmured, mouth so very close to Albert’s own. “OTP. I’ll be the Katara to your Zuko, or the other way around. Whatever you want me to be, I’ll be, as long as it’s with you, because I love you with every fiber of my being.”
Then he kissed Albert, and that first press of his lips warmed Albert, made him heady with something, love, happiness, hope—he was buzzing on it all as he slid his arms around Gregg’s waist, then ran his hands up Gregg’s back.
“I’ll just, er, leave, because ew.”
Albert didn’t bother to reply. He was too busy kissing his lover, his man, his intended—whenever he finally got up the nerve to propose, which he would.
As Albert let Gregg guide him back, onto the bed, he let go of every worry he had held in about their future, about a sexy, perfect man like Gregg falling for a nerd like him.
It was possible, it happened, and he believed with everything in him that Gregg loved him, strongly, and would forever.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Epilogue coming tomorrow evening; ARe Contest NOW :D

Tomorrow I'll sit down and write out the final installment in TFtC Mr. January. It should be up in the evening.

I have a free book voucher from ARe (from all the giveaways lately :D ) so if you'd like a chance to win a book on your ARe wish list, comment below with the title of the book, and, if you're comfortable doing so, your ARe address.

One winner will be chosen at random Saturday, July 23rd, around 10 PM-ish Central. Good luck!

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Okay, how many of y'all are out doing the Pokemon Go? We might have all become addicted here. Who knew?

I hope everyone's having a grand weekend! Now, on to the winners:

Three people have been chosen via random.org. Thank you to everyone who entered. Congratulations to:

Jbst said...
Your hair color and cut looks fun and modern. Hope everyone is feeling better today.
Dark Tide by Josh Lanyon. Thanks for the contest!
*Can you email me please with your ARe addie? Thanks!
Tekikat said...
Nice haircut Bailey! I want to read Always a Groomsman by Cassandra Gold.

Alicia Nordwell said...
I can't imagine changing my hair, but then again, it's a very dark shade of red inside and looks like flames outside. If I tried to change it, it would probably turn a very non-appealing shade of green, lol, not all pretty like yours!

I just added What The Carpenter Saw by Vicki Reese to my wishlist as a pre-order. It sounds intriguing. My email is anordwell@live.com

Stay healthy, Bailey! (hug)

Enjoy the rest of y'all's weekend ***huggz***

Thursday, July 14, 2016

TFtC Mr. January Ch. 36 ***NSFW Pic***

*This is not the end. There'll be an epilogue coming soon, so one more installment here. :-)

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirty-Six

Perry took off her glasses and wiped them with a small cloth, looking down as she spoke. “Dad’s getting released today. He’s being transferred to a recovery center Ezra and I found for him. He’s got a lot of surgeries to go, and his attitude…well.” She huffed. “I’ll set him straight soon enough. He can’t pout and regret what happened to him for the rest of his life. A few scars don’t make him any less the man he’s always been.”
Gregg glanced at Albert. They both knew Marco had more than ‘a few scars’, but he was very lucky that his injuries hadn’t been worse.
“What about Evan?” Albert asked.
Perry growled like a Chihuahua guarding her food from another dog. “That heifer has vanished, but she’ll turn up. She’d better hope the cops find her before I do. She managed to steal most of Dad’s money. I’ve got someone trying to track it down. So does the police and FBI, because she broke all kinds of laws, but I’m not putting any faith in finding her through legal measures.”
“Er.” Albert cleared his through. “Maybe you shouldn’t tell us anymore?”
“Gonna sell me out to the law?” Perry smirked at Albert. She put her glasses back on and tucked the cloth into her shirt pocket.
Albert shook his head. “No, duh, you’re my bestie. I just figure the less we know, the less we can tell if we’re ever interrogated.”
“Interrogated?” Perry repeated before bursting out with a loud laugh. “Really?”
Albert narrowed his eyes at her and folded his arms over his chest. He stuck his nose in the air. “It could happen.”
Gregg slipped an arm around Albert’s waist. Just touching the man gave him a thrill that shot right down south of his belt. “It could, Perry. Law enforcement as a whole isn’t staffed by stupid people. There might be a few here and there, just like in any career field, but overall, they’re wicked smart and determined. If you do something like, oh…” Gregg hesitated, then plunged forward, “Like, for instance, offing your stepmother, they’ll know.”
That garnered another laugh from Perry, and she pushed her glasses up to swipe at her eyes.
Her amusement irritated Gregg, but only because he felt like she was laughing at him. He reminded himself of the stress she’d been under, and that Perry wasn’t a mean person at heart. He was simply being overly sensitive.
Perry shook her head. “I’m not laughing at you, and I can tell that’s what you’re thinking because you had the look that told me so.”
Gregg was going to have to do some serious studying of himself and his expressions.
“I’m not killing that bitch, I’m just trying to find her, and Dad’s money. She can go to hell for all I care, except I think the devil would toss her back up. Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything stupid.” Then Perry sighed. “And yeah, you’re right, Gregg. The law enforcement agencies are great at what they do, but if my guy can find the money his way, I’ll let them know about it. Same thing for if we find Evan first. I want her in prison, away from my dad. I don’t trust her not to try and kill him so he can’t testify against her. There’s still evidence, sure, but nothing like the testimony coming from a would-be murder victim.”
The sound of footsteps then the jingle of keys had Albert rolling his eyes. “And heeeeerrreeee’s the moron!” he quipped as Chris opened the door.
Chris flipped him off. “Hey Perry, Gregg…” He scrunched his nose up when he looked at Albert. “Toad.”
The insult was so childish Gregg couldn’t help but laugh. Perry snickered, but Albert merely shook his head. “That was pathetic.”
“Yeah, well,” Chris muttered, and suddenly, Gregg could see the exhaustion weighing Chris down, curving his shoulders as if Chris were ready to just drop and sleep. “I’ve had a long-ass, shitty day, and I’m not up to my usual witty standards.” He winced, then he plastered on a smile so fake it was worrisome. “I’m going to shower then pass out for eight hours. Got early appointments tomorrow.”
Gregg frowned as he watched Chris leave the room. Once he was gone, he turned to Albert, who was still staring off in the direction Chris had taken. “Is he okay?”
“He seemed off,” Perry added.
Albert grunted, then shook himself slightly. “He didn’t look hurt. Maybe he just partied too hard the night before. He does that sometimes, then gets a few hours’ sleep and has to get up and work.”
Albert didn’t look convinced by his own words, and Gregg’s expression—damn, I really have to check that!—must have showed it since Albert said, “Okay. Maybe he’s getting sick. He’d mentioned that some of his clients had some kind of stomach bug.”
“Fun times,” Perry said dryly, “And on that note, before I get cooties, I’m outta here. I’ve got to go make sure everything’s ready for Dad.” She hugged them both, then Albert walked her out to her car, the two of them chattering as if they’d known each other for years rather than weeks.
Gregg understood the feeling. He knew Albert was the man for him, and if Albert hadn’t figured it out yet…Gregg kind of hoped he hadn’t. He liked the idea of springing that on Albert as a surprise.
Someday, but not yet. Too soon, and he’d scare Albert off.

But as Albert turned and began walking back toward him, Gregg’s heart raced and he knew he’d have to confess that Albert held his heart, now, and if Albert were willing, for the rest of their lives.