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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Migraine -_- So CONTEST today instead of installment

I woke up with a migraine. It's flitted out and in all day, but is starting up worse again now. I am going to take some meds and sleep. Tomorrow I will post an installment. Today, CONTEST!

This is for a book off of your ARe wish list. Comment below, sharing something with me, and us, about your life/day/week, and the title of the book you'd like to win.

Winners will be announced Sunday night.

I hope you all have a fantastic evening <3

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Jasper Soul Chapter 16 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

* I have had a hell of a time concentrating tonight, but did the best I could.

Chapter Sixteen

The dream time was a blessing Aklink had never expected to have. All the centuries he’d been locked inside the stone, he’d simply just…existed. It was very odd. He’d been aware that his body was dead, that he needed to avenge his people, and that a great amount of time was passing.
But he hadn’t dreamt, or slept. Not even when Matt had first found him. It was only after he’d been with Matt a while that Aklink felt like he’d awakened. Maybe it had started the night of the fire, or perhaps it had started before that, or after—Aklink didn’t know.
In Matt’s time of need, he’d been there, and that was what mattered to Aklink. He’d been able to make himself almost fully substantial of form, three times now. Once, at the club, then two times at Matt’s house in one day.
Fighting Avery had been… difficult. Avery was a human being, but his strength was greater than a man’s should have been. Aklink could sense the evil force in him, and though Avery was not Aklink’s mortal enemy reincarnated, he was certainly a puppet of his.
He had managed to scare Avery off. A few punches seemed ineffective. Grabbing Avery startled him, but Aklink’s grip had quickly grown weak. It’d taken Aklink pounding on the front door and forcing his own aura to pulse red and blue, letting it shine through the window.
Had Matt been living in a less secluded area, someone might have heard Avery and really called the police. As it was, Aklink had succeeded in keeping Matt alive—this time. But what about next time?
Aklink had to find a way out of the jasper; he had to protect Matt at all costs. Even if it means giving up your vow of vengeance? Aklink didn’t know the answer to that question.
As he watched Matt sleep fitfully, tossing and waking up every half hour or so, Aklink ached to hold the man in his arms. He couldn’t. He’d expended so much energy already, and needed time to recover. Even then, he didn’t know if he’d be able to remain whole, firm, substantial, long enough to comfort Matt.
But he could let himself slip into Matt’s dreams, as long as Matt welcomed him. Aklink let part of himself go, gliding effortlessly into the dream space he could share with Matt.
There, he wrapped Matt in his arms, and sang an ancient song, a lullaby that had been handed down for hundreds of years amongst his people.
Instead of Matt growing still and peaceful, his body hardened, his cock a rigid length that, in the dream, was suddenly bared, as was the rest of Matt. Aklink was nude then, too, and he reveled in the feel of skin on skin, muscle against muscle.
“Please,” Matt whispered, and Aklink could deny him nothing.
He kissed Matt with all the passion and need he could no longer contain. The air around them grew heavy, hot, electric with their attraction. Dream or not, it felt as real as anything else Aklink had ever experienced, and much better than most of it.
He slid his hand down to caress Matt’s flank, one rounded buttock fitting perfectly in Aklink’s palm.
Matt made a desperate sound as he clung to Aklink, pushing his tongue alongside and over Aklink’s.
Aklink cupped Matt’s nape, then his hair, and gently eased his head back, giving Aklink access to warm, beautiful skin.
The sounds Matt gave him as Aklink licked and kissed his neck were amazing. The taste of Matt was addictive. Aklink spent many long moments loving on him, kissing him tenderly—lips, chin, neck, collar bones—and not so tenderly, as Matt began to rut and grunt.
That primitive response spurred Aklink on. He pushed his dick beside Matt’s, thrusting, rubbing, heat and friction causing both of their cockheads to leak.
Matt startled him with a bite to his chest, and the spark of pain quadrupled into pleasure.
Aklink needed more, and so did Matt. Aklink gripped Matt’s shaft, and Matt clasped his. As Aklink began to jack Matt off, he used his other hand to play with Matt’s ass, then he traced length of his crack and found that hot, tight spot that made Aklink burn hotter than a lightning fire.
He rubbed over that place once, then again, jerking Matt off faster by the second. When he pushed his fingertip against Matt’s hole, Matt threw his head back, his cock swelled, then cum jetted out as Matt shouted.
Aklink wasn’t far behind Matt. He was so close to finding his release that he was shaking.
Before he could climax, Matt dropped down to his knees, and engulfed Aklink’s cock in the wet, heated perfection of his mouth.
Aklink didn’t last past the first thrust. He’d never felt anything like Matt’s mouth around his prick. It was glorious and a reward Aklink didn’t feel worthy of. Matt suckled eagerly, swallowing as Aklink moaned and pumped his seed into Matt’s mouth.

When Aklink finally stopped shivering, and his nerve endings weren’t electric with ecstasy, he pulled Matt to his feet, then cradled him in his arms. Matt closed his eyes, and with a soft, sweet sigh, he drifted off to sleep.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I apologize for being so late with this. 

The blog installment will be up in a couple of hours. Thank you all for sharing a little of your lives with me! **huggz**

Now, congratulations to:

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Can't wait for the next installment. Loving the story.


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I had lunch with a girlfriend and we went shopping for a specific item for her but we couldn't find it.
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Jasper Soul Ch. 15

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Fifteen

Looking online for an answer as to how a stone could hold someone… or someone’s soul, I wasn’t sure what was in there, to tell the truth—but the online search was a disaster. I’d have said there were a lot of whacko’s in the world, except, there I was, holding the jasper, knowing with every fiber of my being, that there was a living force inside of it.
I thought of the day I’d found the stone. I’d believed it to be sheer coincidence. Not many people almost drown in a river and end up pulling out a perfectly polished piece of jasper.
But I had done just that, and I’d always felt a strange, strong attachment to the stone.
I closed my eyes and immediately regretted it. Images of flames were accompanied by the shouts that I’d only ever heard in my head. “No,” I whispered, throat aching as I fought back tears. No matter what anyone said, they’d never been able to convince me that I wasn’t somehow at fault for the death of my family.
“No.” Not now. I wasn’t capable of thinking about that, was hardly ever capable of thinking about it. I hadn’t struck a match and started the fire in our trailer, but that was beside the point.
I opened my eyes and held the stone up to the light as I so frequently did. There were colors of flames in that jasper. Not the same as the hell-fire I’d run from, but flames none the less. “Is that you? Or is it just science?”
I shook my head. How the fuck would science explain what I’d just experienced? This kind of thing could make a person doubt their sanity.
“Can you come back out?” I hadn’t meant to ask. The words escaped, my body knowing what it wanted. More of that almost-touch. Preferably, more of a firmer touch. Could the man in the stone become fully human?
So many questions, and no answers.
As much as I wanted to keep researching online, I needed to try and clean up the mess Avery had left behind. The living room looked like the scene of a fight. Maybe it had been. Avery had left me alone; something or someone had chased him away, and I knew who it had been.
With the jasper in my pocket, I got to work. It took hours to clean and put the house back to rights. I didn’t feel safe there, though, not after what had happened. My crappy trailer was on the verge of literally falling apart in places. The living room window in particular. The frame was bent, and I could see the ground there. Bugs could get in… or out.
I was never going to feel safe in my home again. Maybe it was time to buy a new mobile home. I could afford payments on one, just… hadn’t. Living in a dump was a sort of punishment. One of these days, I’d find a good therapist to help me get my head on right.
“Right.” That was what I’d been telling myself for a long time.
After patching the hole as well as I could, I made sure all the windows and both doors were locked. There’d be no more sleeping, but something had occurred to me, something distracting me from the threat of Avery, and I was itching to get back to Googling.
It seemed to me that Avery was some kind of embodiment of evil. He had it out for me, and he wanted something that wasn’t sexual from me.
The only thing I had that was unique was the jasper stone. I knew it was invaluable, because it housed a man’s soul or spirit or something in there.
And it stood to reason, at least in my exhausted brain, that if Avery was evil, and coming after me, then what I held in my pocket, and then in my hand, had to be good.
Maybe it wasn’t that simple. Few things in life ever were.
But it was worth a shot, and once I started looking online, there were so many stories about good and evil, and each having their place on Earth, each having a purpose.
That was all well and good. Not particularly helpful, though. The search was too broad. Biting my lip, I tried again, this time narrowing the search to stories about good versus evil in the good ol’ USA.
Oh. My. God! Don’t ever try that in a presidential election year!
By the time I’d waded through that bullshit, there was still a crap-ton of articles and sites to choose from.
“This is a waste of time.” I started to get up.
The stone burned hot against my thigh. The mouse didn’t move, but the arrow zipped down the laptop screen until it stopped on one link.
Heart pounding, I sat back down. “Is this you giving me a hint?”
The stone was still hot, but not uncomfortably so. I read the title of the link. The disappearance of the Tivis. “Tivis?” That didn’t sound familiar. I clicked on the link and frowned when I saw that the Tivis wasn’t a Native American tribe like I had assumed—teach me to make assumptions—and in fact, were from the Americas at all.
They’d originated in Africa, and spread out from there. Not a trace of their DNA could be found in anyone today, or at least, it hadn’t ever been found in anyone researchers had tested.
Because according to the legend on the site, the Tivis were a special people, much loved by the god and goddess they worshiped. More loved than the deities’ own flesh and blood, or whatever one called the offspring of a god and goddess. Junior deities?
Whatever the case, one of the sons was particularly bitter. He feared his father would pass along immortality to one or more of the Tivis. And so, this son made an alliance with another lesser god, and together, they forged into a new being and murdered every single one of the Tivis.
“Is it true? Is that what happened?”

There was no answer, no matter how much I wished there was.