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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Charlie Charlie Bo Barlie update.

Installments....will pick back up at some point after Charlie gets out of the hospital. She does have pneumonia, and is getting suctioned and IV'd. I am not making light of it; we're all about strung as tight as can be. I've got Elijah right now, and we'll see how things go tomorrow. MIL was in the hospital for a while today but they're waiting on tests results and she's back at home. Drs can't figure out why she isn't getting any better, and the Tamaflu (?) is making her sick too.

So, long stressful day. Thank y'all for the kind thoughts. I'll let y'all know when I'll have the next installment up.

Installment Delay

Sorry, y'all. Charlie's been sick with RSV, we've had two ER visits in 12 hours because her fever spiked to 105, and I got about four hours sleep. Between that, the congestion I've got, and ST having her appointment in San Antonio today-- that's the four-hour round trip one, including the appt-- I am going to be at my wit's end and in dire need of sleep.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Already! How about a look into the mind of an evil Queen?

This week is zooming by!

Edie is taking her time to tell me her story, so I'm taking a break to keep from wailing in frustration :D

I noticed a lot of y'all were really irked at Queen Bonny, and thought maybe I'd explain a bit about her-- she is very aggressive, and not nice all the time, nope. I based her off of something I learned the hard way that she has yet to comprehend. Ready for a longish babble? And this isn't an appeal on her behalf, she's cruel with her actions and words. Hate away :D

I was raised in a pentecostal church. Women were submissive and all that. It never fit for me, and I had a lot of anger issues. I also didn't have any representations of what a strong, independent woman would be like in day to day life. For me, trying to find that strength, to learn what it meant to be strong, took a long, long time. I confused being a smart ass with being smart, being able to cut someone down with words as being witty, and knocking someone on their ass as proof that I was strong. As a tall, underweight girl, I was picked on occasionally, though not much once people learned I'd hit them without fear of repercussion. Violence was the solution, to me, because that's what I saw a lot of the guys doing to handle confrontations. When I was in school, the boys settled their differences with their fists, and the girls bickered and gossiped. I couldn't see how a female was strong, couldn't differentiate it from the way males are perceived strong. (We've all seen movies, read books, etc, where the men are chest-thumpers. Not all men are, of course, but think of the romance novels in the '70's and '80's, for those who are old enough to have read them. Very alpha male) It's what I heard stories about. So I thought I was showing how strong I was, when really, I was just mean and confused.

It took a long, long time to understand that true strength doesn't always mean winning, or being right, or not bending. I'm a slow learner, but I got there.

So I think Bonny's in a place like that. She's terrified of being seen as weak, of being taken advantage of, and crosses lines in her ignorance of the true understanding of what it means to be strong. Does that make any sense?

Now, that doesn't mean y'all are wrong to hate her or whatever. She doesn't deserve sympathy. She's made her choices, even if they're the wrong ones. She is responsible for how she acts, the things she says. She's Bonny, and y'all have every right to think she's a bitch or whatever. I just thought it'd be cool to kinda see what drove her.

I never zapped someone with an electric current, but there were times I would have, and maybe they wouldn't have deserved it. My judgment wasn't always the best. Still isn't. I have chronic foot-in-mouth disease. I am terrified of coming across wrong on social media. Some days, I can't even manage to do more than pop in and say hi, if that much. Y'all have seen the days on the blog when nothing's posted during the week. That's me, and my brain freaking out a little when I'm overwhelmed.

The world isn't always a forgiving place, and one status update or Tweet taken the wrong way by someone can cause an uproar. It's a tense social media world, lol, and since I truly believe we should be kind and try to extend that kindness not only to others but to ourselves, I worry.

Anyway, I like to imagine Bonny will eventually discover what it really means to be strong, that it isn't a show of force or cutting words. But maybe she won't. Maybe she'll be one of those people who is angry and confused all her life. Man, that'd suck.

And please, y'all don't take any of this as a chastisement or anything. What she did was cruel and heartless. She is NOT a nice Queen at all. Hate her all ya want :-) Blaze is going to be happy in the end, and she has to live with all that rage inside herself. I write a lot of redemption stories, but there's no guarantee Bonny will ever get that chance to redeem herself.

As to why King Fyre stays with her, who knows? Haven't we all seen couples and wondered, what the hell? S/He treats Her/Him like crap! Why doesn't S/He leave?? It's strange the things that draw people together.

So what's y'all's thoughts on all this?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings Ch. 9

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Nine

“Can you not act with honor at all?!” King Fyre shouted, two hot streams of steam jetting from his nostrils and just missing Blaze’s head. “All you had to do was help King Artaxis and instead you end upArgh!” King Fyre smacked himself on the forehead.
Queen Bonny tutted and turned a glittering orange stare on Blaze. “Really, Blaze. A fairy? Are you that desperate for affection?”
Blaze jerked his head up anger welled up in him. “What do you mean, a fairy? And what’s it to you if I am desperate for affection? Who doesn’t need to be touched?”
Bonny narrowed her eyes and stood, rising from her throne like a goddess come to life. “That does not mean you can go around fucking fairies.”
“Why not?” Blaze asked, glaring back at her. “Why do you get to decide where my dick goes?”
“Blaze!” King Fyre snapped. “That’s uncalled for!”
Her judging me for wanting to be wanted is what’s uncalled for!” Blaze shouted, gesturing at Bonny. “And why should she have any say anyways? She’s not my mother!”
“No, but I am your Queen, something you seem to have forgotten.”  Bonny pointed one lean, talon-tipped finger at him. The electric shock that hit Blaze knocked him on his ass. “You will not take such a tone with me.”
Pain enveloped him and Blaze toppled onto his back as he gasped.
“You will always show me respect,” Queen Bonny said. “Even when we are in a more relaxed environment. But especially when we are in the Throne Room and you are awaiting judgment!”
Blaze flopped like a fish out of water as she continued tormenting him.
“Honey, I think that’s, er, uncalled for,” King Fyre said tentatively. “He is my little brother, after all.”
Bonny sighed and lowered her hand. “I wasn’t going to toast him. He’ll be fine. Consider it a paddling for an adult.”
The agony ceased in an instant, but Blaze was stunned and not read to move. Instead, he kept his eyes closed and ignored the king and queen as they bickered or whatever they were doing.
Yes, yes, he crossed a line he shouldn’t have. He’d had intimate relations with another species, which was definitely frowned upon, but mainly because of the offspring that could result. That wasn’t a problem for two males.
Well, and of course dragons tended to think they were better than all the other species.
A longing that hurt almost as much as Bonny’s punishment stirred in Blaze’s chest. He clutched at his heart, curling into a ball. The song that had filled the air when Griff had climaxed wrapped around him and infiltrated his thoughts.
There was Griff, so beautiful, perfect, powerful. That song, the colors that enveloped Blaze and the fairy, like the air itself was turned into a rainbow around them—nothing like that had ever happened to Blaze before.
Griff had sighed and laid down on him. Blaze had a few moments of perfection in his life, holding Griff, listening to his breaths, feeling the smooth, warm skin against his.
Then all hell had broken loose. And now he was in more trouble than ever, and he couldn’t—wouldn’t—regret what he and Griff had done together.

One moment, Griff had been sleeping better than he had in a long time. He’d felt some strong internal tug, some spiritual pull at his core when he’d climaxed. But he’d kept back the last of the binding words.
He’d still felt so close to Blaze, so safe, that he’d let sleep take him. Only to wake up to frantic pounding on the door and Gia on the other side, screeching to the high heavens that Blaze had kidnapped Griff.
That was all it had taken. The door had been magicked away, Griff had been yanked off of Blaze, and asinine accusations had flown. Blaze had been carted off by fairies and Griff didn’t know where he’d been taken to. Away from the castle the fairies were in, he would guess.
His gut cramped and Griff curled over onto his side.
“Oh, stop pouting,” Gia said. “I didn’t know you two had done the deed. I thought he’d abducted you or something. You don’t have sex with random strangers anymore. What was I supposed to think?”
“Maybe that I can act as I choose in regards to things such as sex?” Griff snapped, holding himself tightly. Gods, but he ached all the way to his bones. His head pounded, and that was not a pleasant experience at all. “I wouldn’t go busting in on you.”
“But” Gia sighed. “A dragon, Griff? Really? When King Artaxis has let it be known more than once that he wants you in his harem?”
It wasn’t an unusual thing in a Love Fairy’s life, to be in a harem with relatives. Sex wasfreer, for their kind. Even so, Griff had never been able to stomach the idea of it.
And his King didn’t appeal to him in a sexual way. None of the fairies in his frolic interested him. Griff knew he was lucky in that Artaxis didn’t force him into the harem—kings could do whatever they wanted with their subjects, after all—but their kind were lovers, not fighters.
And why did he hurt worse with every moment that passed?
“What’s wrong with you?” Gia asked, her voice soft with concern.
“There’s nothing wrong with what I did with Blaze!” Griff forced himself to uncurl and flop onto his back. He looked at Gia. “Why is it a problem that he’s a dragon? He was a man when I was making love with him.”
“Making—“ Gia’s eyebrows shot up to her hairline. “Love?”
Griff blushed furiously, the heat of it making sweat break out on his upper lip. “Sex. I mean, when I was having sex with him.” The cramping in his gut increased. “Oh—“ Griff moaned and closed his eyes.
“Griff?” Gia touched his cheek. “You’re hot. What’s—“
“Why did you take me away from him?” Griff panted out. “You should have left us alone!”

“Oh no. Oh, no no.” Gia kept muttering as she ran her hands over him, the cooling power of her healing ability not really helping Griff much. “Griff, what did you do? What did you do?”

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday ARe bucks winner, and monthly ARe bucks winners!

Okay, first off, the weekly ARe bucks winner is:

#102 Collette Nicole! You win $10 in ARe bucks!

Now, the monthly winners will be chosen from a random post. I'm using Random.org to pick the post (by entering in the number of December posts and going from there, since this is the drawing that stems from last month's comments). From the post chosen, I'll let Random.org again choose the winners, 2 winners, who will each receive $20 in ARe bucks.

So for the Monthly winners--

The post the winners will be drawn from is Dec. 24th post! Now, the winners:

Tekikat (Whoa! You are on a roll! Buy lottery tickets!!!)
Debby !

If you all will email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com, I will get those ARe bucks sent out to you!

Remember, next month starts the birthday drawings, and we will still have the print book copy contest, the monthly winners, and the weekly ARe bucks winners. Whew! That's a lot of contests!

Also, next month will be time for mine and the Hub's anniversary trip to the mountains in New Mexico. From Feb 12th-17th, there may not be a lot of activity on the blog. Depends on what I can get written in the blog story ahead of time-- and if I can get anything written ahead of time. I'll try to post pictures and have someone oversee any contests that should occur during the time I'll be gone. :D