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Friday, October 24, 2014

Available today!

Coyote's Call: Off Course is now available for early download at Totallybound.com

Coyote's Call: Off Course

It's also available for pre-order at Amazon:

Amazon Coyote's Call: Off Course

And Spotless 3: Home is available for general release at 3rd party retailers like allromanceebooks.com and amazon.com I'm not going to bury y'all with links. The title should be searchable there, but it y'all encounter a problem with finding it, just let me know and I'll help you out.

Happy weekend to y'all!

All In Ch. 11

Copyright 2014
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Eleven

Axel smoothed down his shirt, not that it was poking up or wrinkled anywhere. He was nervous and excited. How West could tangle him up inside like this was incomprehensible. Axel wasn’t super-easy, but he’d been around enough to have moved past feeling like he was on his first date, ever.
Yet his palms kept sweating, and he’d spent almost an hour just picking out the light grey button-up shirt he now wore. He’d been flying on adrenaline after winning today and he’d crashed hard after showering, becoming so jittery he’d had to shower again before getting dressed.
He could hear Jukie in the room next door, shouting at Yolanda. Axel considered going over there to see if he could help, but Jukie had been furious when Axel had won. There was no denying that it was time to permanently severe their ties. Unless Jukie cleaned up and stayed that way, he was no one’s friend. Not even Yolanda’s, despite them having grown up together.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pics **NSFW***

I've posted it before, and I'll post it again, because damn. 

Hm. Think he's asking for some assistance? 

I'm looking where he's looking...

Well, I want HIM for Christmas...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All In Ch. 10

Copyright 2014
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Ten

West tucked in his shirt, then untucked it, then tucked it in again. Did tucking it in make him look like a loser? Did not tucking it in make him look like a slob? And why couldn’t he pull off that casually cool look so many other people managed? Heck, he couldn’t even hit it as a hipster.
West sighed and pushed his hair back off his forehead. The blond locks seemed to grow faster now than when he’d been just a regular guy. He considered putting some product in his hair, but trying to figure out who he could borrow some left him with a blank. West settled for wetting it and brushing it back.
He was nervous, feeling like his body was a butterfly-filled shell. Tonight he was meeting Axel again. Just thinking about that made the back of his neck heat up and his groin followed suit. West was so surprised by his arousal, but it wasn’t the first time he’d had that reaction when thinking of Axel.
Last night, for instance, he’d had to use all of his willpower to keep from getting hard when he was saying goodbye to Axel. There’d been something in the way Axel had looked at him that had made West feel good and warm and happy. What that translated to for his dick was an erection West hadn’t been willing to allow. He would have been mortified if he’d stood up to say goodbye and his pecker was noticeably out there—and it would have been, in that instance. The pants and the way he’d packed them last night hadn’t been conducive to hiding such things.

Off Course Coming Soon !

It'll be available for early release this Friday!

Off Course Coyote's Call

This is the start of a new series. The Coyote shifters in Texas haven't really been shifters in decades. They can't shift and are pretty much just like everyone else. Except there's something missing, and they all feel it, and they're all looking toward one man to save their kind and return them to what and who they should be. Miller Hudson, the reluctant, would-be savior of the pack. He has no intention of stepping up to a position he doesn't believe will help them. It takes meeting a special man to even let himself hope.

Off Course
Bailey Bradford

This is book one in the Coyote’s Call series, see the full series listing here

Gideon’s worst night ever starts out with a bang that will change his whole life.

Gideon Wells has been cast out of his bear shifter clan for being a curse, and he’s inclined to believe they’re right. After all, everything from fertility rates to shifting abilities has gone down the tube since he was born. Then when his car catches fire and mutant scorpions—he thinks they’re mutants, anyway—almost get him, he’s more certain than ever that he’s bad news.