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Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy Weekend!

Hey y'all! I still don't have a release date for the Power Series BDSM books, but hopefully I'll have that soon!

Today Mom, ST and I took the pups and went for a walk at the Paseo del Bosque Trail, or a tiny part of it. Such a beautiful place! Our goal is to walk all 16 miles or so of it eventually. Well, not at once :D

Paseo del Bosque Trail

After that we came home, left the pups in the AC, and walked half a block to Costco, where  Mom bought us pizza and drinks. It was a very nice day spent with family, but I sure wish Amber and the kiddos were here. It'd have been a perfect day then.

This weekend, I'll reread Destined Prey, take notes, and start on the sequel. Well, continue with it. I have like a whopping 1k down from I don't know how long ago, but I need to re-read the first book because I can't remember jack shit. It's been a rough couple of years.

I'm also still working on the Calendar book, revising it, making it into a shifter book because it's fun and I love my shifters. So far, I've added 3k to that and I'm only on chapter 5.

But for today, I'll probably chill, and read, and possibly nap. It's been a long time since I felt like reading, but I've read a few books this week. That's a positive thing!

I hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend! <3

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wiggle Ch. 7 ****NSFW****

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Seven

Bowen had been a little worried about Chiz after they’d fucked last night, but in the early morning light slipping through the curtains, Chiz looked like a sleeping angel.
He’d passed out after they’d had sex the first time. Bowen had panicked, afraid he’d killed Chiz. Bowen had bitten him without thinking, without meaning to. He’d never done that before.
There’d been blood, and Chiz losing consciousness, but as Bowen had freaked out, he’d also noted that Chiz’s breathing was steady and deep, and he most certainly wasn’t dead.
Still, Bowen was scared. He’d bitten Chiz, not with human teeth, but with non-human ones.
Wolf. I went wolf on him. Granted, not full-on wolf, because that would surely have been fucked up. He’d shifted enough, though, enough that his canines had changed and fur had sprouted out on his body here and there. Bowen had been simply aware of it, because he’d felt his beast raging inside of him. The tight, hot clenching of Chiz’s ass had shut up the beast and every other thought in Bowen’s head.
Bowen bit his bottom lip as he tried to figure out how he would explain the bite to Chiz. There was no way he could pass it off as a regular ol’ human bite. His canines had sunk in deep.
It was times like these that Bowen wished he wasn’t a lone wolf. He’d never had a pack, just his mom and dad.
Chiz snorted and murmured, then he rolled onto his side and threw one leg over Bowen’s hips. “Mmm.”
Bowen, despite all his worries, went hot with lust. His dick perked right up, and he couldn’t resist reaching for Chiz, touching his soft, warm skin and slight muscles.
Chiz murmured again and squirmed closer. Bowen helped him until Chiz was lying on top of him.
Bowen felt the hot, hard length of Chiz’s cock beside his. He rocked his hips, then spread his legs so Chiz slid neatly between them.
“Yeah,” Chiz rasped. He turned his head and bit Bowen’s left nipple. At the same time, Chiz moved his hands up and clasped Bowen’s shoulders. “Wanna fuck me?” Chiz asked.
Bowen grunted and rolled them over, pinning Chiz under him. “Are you sure? You’re not—“ Bowen gulped. “Sore?” He glanced at the spot he’d bitten—
Which was now completely healed up. Bowen gasped.
Chiz opened one eye. “What? Have I got deadly morning breath?”
Well, they both did, but that wasn’t the problem, and Bowen didn’t know how to bring up the fact that he’d bit the living shit out of Chiz yesterday, but now the bite was gone.
“Come on, fuck me,” Chiz said, opening his other eye. “I slept like a rock and I’m horny as hell.”
He grinned and Bowen’s lungs seized as he saw the sharp, pointed tips of Chiz’s canines.
Jesus Christ, what did I do?
Before he could articulate his concern, or even process what those sharp teeth meant, Chiz’s pupils shrank down and yellow chased out the pretty green in his irises. “Fuck me,” Chiz growled, wrapping his strong legs around Bowen’s hips. “Now.”
Bowen growled back, and his canines dropped. His wolf was rising to the challenge presented by another male. “Better watch what you ask for,” he warned, the need to dominate and prove his alpha position growing stronger by the second.
Chiz licked his lips. “Never been so horny in my life. Fuck me. Fuck me!”
Bowen broke. Whatever he’d done when he’d bitten Chiz, he’d have to deal with later. His wolf was snarling for control, and for pack—something Bowen hadn’t had since his parents had died. Maybe not even before then.
He snarled and framed Chiz’s face with one hand, grasping him under the chin. “You want this?” he asked, jutting his hips, grinding his cock alongside Chiz’s.
Chiz whimpered and shook, and the show of submissiveness to Bowen’s alpha was exhilarating. “Please,” Chiz whispered.
“Gonna fuck you so hard you can’t walk.” Bowen released Chiz. He got to his knees and reached for the nightstand drawer.
“Just you,” Chiz said, grabbing at his arm.
“We do this my way,” Bowen replied. He’d already done something to Chiz. He wasn’t going to risk harming him in any way—again.
Chiz huffed and Bowen punched one of his nipples. Chiz’s displeasure turned into a throaty whine. “Uhnnn!”
Bowen got out a condom and the lube. He quickly sheathed his cock, then slicked up a couple of fingers.
As soon as he touched the heated, ruched skin of Chiz’s hole, Chiz moaned and pulled his legs up, knees to his chest.
Bowen pushed two fingers in, fast and hard, bumping Chiz’s outer rim with his knuckles.
Chiz’s back bowed and he mewled, all need and eagerness. Bowen thrust his fingers in and out, in and out, until Chiz’s asshole loosened up for him.
Then he didn’t wait any longer. He pulled his fingers free, lined up his cock, and shoved in.
Chiz shouted, bucked, and grabbed at him. Bowen gave him a moment to adjust, waited until Chiz began to squirm and whimper, then he started to move, pulling out completely and thrusting in until he bottomed out.
Over and over, he drove into Chiz, fucked him harder and harder, the intensity building between them. Chiz scratched at him, grasped and pulled, as if he couldn’t get enough of Bowen.
Bowen hitched Chiz’s legs up, then kneeled and used his grip on Chiz’s ankles to tilt his ass up. Bowen’s balls slapped against Chiz’s ass, and Chiz cried out as he reached for his own dick.
Grunting, growling, Bowen chased after more, needing something he couldn’t comprehend. His orgasm was building up inside of him like a massive storm waiting to break.
Fur broke out along his spine, on the backs of his hands, and his mouth ached as his canines grew even longer.
And ChizChiz was turning into a furball. A terrifying thought tried to break loose in Bowen’s mind, but his wolf snarled and snapped at it.
Bowen pulled out and rolled Chiz onto his belly, then he pulled Chiz up to his knees. He covered Chiz then, and, unable to stop his wolf, he bit that same sweet spot he’d found the day before.
Chiz howled. Bowen growled, and everything changed.
They weren’t men but beasts, two wild things mating, driven by instincts that were impossible to ignore.
Bowen’s wolf howled with glee as he pounded into his pack mate. Chiz whimpered and shoved back, trying to get more of Bowen’s cock.
Then it happened—something Bowen had never experienced before. His cock grew thick at the base, then thicker still. He couldn’t pull out, not without risking harm to Chiz.
And not when his orgasm finally burst free inside of him, and he was coming, coming, coming—
The scent of Chiz’s spunk hit the air a moment later, not the salty tang of human cum, but the earthy, musky aroma of wolf.
A small voice in his head asked Bowen what the fuck was happening. His wolf told that voice to fuck off.
There was no denying now what he’d done.
Bowen had bitten Chiz, and turned him, made him like Bowen—a wolf shifter, undeniable since they were both wolves at the moment.
And so they remained until Bowen’s cock finally began to soften, and the knot at the base of it began to go down.
Even then, Bowen remained in his wolf form.
Chiz did, too, though after several minutes, he jerked away from Bowen and growled, baring his teeth, anger clear in his yellow eyes.
Bowen was the alpha, but he knew when he’d screwed up, even if he didn’t know how he’d screwed up. He sat back on his haunches, then he shifted, and held up both hands. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know—“

He didn’t get any further before Chiz lunged at him.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Excerpt-- :D

So, my new book should be out at Rainbow Ninja Press next week. I'll hopefully have a firm date soon. Beany's got some things going on she has to take care of, then we'll know when for sure, and I'll be able to share a cover with you.

What I can do now is share an excerpt from each of the stories making up the book. As I mentioned a while back, once I got my rights back to it, I revamped the story I'd written for an anthology at another publisher. Amazon takes a huge chunk of royalties if a book is priced under 2.99, and I just didn't think it's fair to any of us-- readers or me-- to price a 12k story at 2.99. Y'all should get more for your money, and I should earn more for my work.

So, I fixed up the original story, and wrote a whole new story, too! These are BDSM shorts, and if y'all enjoy them, I may make it into a series, two stories per book. The combined word count is under 30k, but that may fluctuate with the next two stories.

Anyway, here's a peek at the first story, followed by the second :

Excerpt from Power Series: Exchange
Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Thomas closed his eyes. He needed a man who’d submit to him and mean it. A man who did it because submission was an inherent part of his nature, not because it was fun to play along with the whole popular and “newly discovered” world of BDSM.
Thomas would have sat there with his eyes closed for God only knew how long had he not heard someone say, “Let Thomas grab you by yours.” For some reason, even in the noisy club, he heard those words and had to stop moping and see what was going on.
And what—who—he saw made his blood heat in his veins. Thomas sat up a little straighter as he watched one of the older more experienced subs hesitantly making his way over.
The man was long-limbed, more sharp elbows and knees than muscles. He had an arresting face; not classically handsome, more impish, maybe, like it wouldn’t have been a surprise to discover he had pointed ears.
Thomas would have scoffed at his own description, but it fit. The way the approaching sub’s eyes shone, the slight upward curve of his full lips, all lent him a fae air. Thomas knew his name, too.
Hank Evans. Jesus! He knew that name well, because he’d kind of had a thing for Hank since he’d first seen him submitting in a scene on stage for another dom.
But they’d never been available at the same time, what with Thomas being with Kelly, and Hank having a few different doms. Now, however, they were both free to interact in whatever way suited them.
Thomas felt something hot and hungry come alive in him as he watched Hank.
Hank held his head up high, but didn’t look Thomas directly in the eyes. Thomas could tell that it was difficult for Hank to approach him, and he appreciated the struggle playing out over Hank’s features the closer he came.
Thomas’ bruised confidence and his kicked ego didn’t throb quite as badly as a moment before.
Hank was wearing a miniscule white thong of such thin material that Thomas could see the slit of his cock through it. He also had on white leather chaps.
White leather, white thong— That was one of the reasons Hank always stood out in the club. Hank had never been seen wearing black. He wore white, all the time, even if it was only a pair of shorts or a tank top… or a jockstrap.
The color shouldn’t have worked so well with Hank’s pale skin, but it did. Thomas wondered if Hank had ever been outside without wearing sunscreen. In the dimly lit club, Hank seemed to glow in a way that no one else did.
Thomas’ cock began to harden as he imagined laying down stripes on Hank’s back and buttocks. He’d show marks so beautifully, especially if Thomas used a cane.
Hank stopped approximately three feet away, then slowly and gracefully lowered himself to his knees. He bowed his head, settling into the perfect posture that every sub should exhibit when offering him or herself to a dom. At least, that’s what Thomas wanted to see when a sub knelt for him.

Thomas waited, letting the silence draw out between them. The noise of the club ceased to matter. Thomas wasn’t hearing it. What was important in that moment was all the possibilities suddenly opening up for the night.

*Fans self* Well, well, you can bet they have an interesting and sexy evening! 

Now, for the second story...

Excerpt from Power Series: Submit
Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Another night, another disappointment. Bo Olsteen didn’t know why he’d bothered checking in at the club. He hadn’t seen anyone he wanted to do more than talk with in months. Since moving to the town of Ravon, he hadn’t even gotten laid. Worse, he hadn’t had a scene, hadn’t been able to wield his whip or flogger or any of his beloved tools.
“The Hooded Monogamist rides again,” said a familiar voice from behind him. “Alone, of course. Are you ever going to take off that executioner’s hood?”
Bo turned and flipped off Quarry, one of the club owners. “Fuck off, Quar. You know why I wear it.”
Quar nodded. “Yup. The whole dom who loves leather thing, I do get it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pick on you. You’ve been coming here for months now, Bo, and no matter what boy comes panting after you, you turn him down. Of course I’m going to give you shit about that.”
“I just haven’t seen anyone who has really caught my attention, although okay. Maybe I’m being too picky.” He could at least get laid, or, if it came down to making a choice, set up a nonsexual scene with someone, because he really needed the freedom BDSM gave him. It might have seemed like a contrary way to think, because all the power was truly in the sub’s hands when it came to BDSM, but that was just it. Bo could let himself go and know that the sub would lay out hard limits not to be crossed.
“The problem is, I don’t know what subs will really speak up if I’m too rough,” Bo admitted since Quar just kept staring at him. “I need to put someone over the bench and beat their ass, see someone submit, and be able to trust they’ll stop me—”
“Most of the subs here are good boys, as I’ve told you before, but since none of them appeal to you, maybe— Yeah. There ya go,” Quar said, interrupting Bo. He pushed at Bo’s shoulder, encouraging him to pivot slightly. “That guy. Wow, I haven’t seen him in a while. Didn’t know what happened to him. Anyway, that pretty blond over there? That’s Larry. Plain name, but he is tough as nails, and he doesn’t play around. By that, I mean—you know what? Go talk to him yourself.” Quar pushed at Bo. “Go on.”
Since the man Quar had pointed out seemed to be coiled as tight as any spring Bo had ever seen, Bo decided to approach him—Larry. Quar was right. That was a plain name for a man as attractive as Larry was.
Bo stopped a few feet in front of Larry, who was still walking down the side aisle of the club, greeting people who spoke to him.
This gave Bo more time to study Larry. Medium height, or average, perhaps, with blond hair that gleamed under the club lights. The hair was just past Larry’s shoulders. Larry’s body carried only a bit of bulk, like he worked out enough to stay in shape, but not enough to turn into a muscle-hound like Bo himself.
Larry’s wide mouth and full lips were intriguing, but it was his manner, the way he didn’t appear to be there at the moment, that puzzled Bo.
In fact, Larry didn’t notice Bo until he walked right into him.
“Umph.” Larry had turned his head just in time to smoosh it against Bo’s chest.
Rather than reach for Larry, Bo kept his hands at his sides. “Careless, sub.”
Larry jerked his head up, eyes blazing, mouth open in a way that looked like curse words were fixing to spew out of it.
Bo raised one hand, held up one finger. “I’d be very careful what you say here, boy.”

So, what do y'all think? :D