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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sun Shift Ch. 26 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2018
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-Six

“Jacob.” Cali scooped him up, cradling him in his arms. “Jacob, what’s wrong?”
Jacob wasn’t having a seizure; his scent was different when those occurred. But he was grabbing his head, holding his hands against his temples as if he were in pain. 
“We’ll discuss this more in three hours. Get Tally checked over, Anya, unless someone else is better qualified?” Cali waited until Anya nodded, then he stood and carried Jacob to their bedroom. 
Our bedroom. Cali liked that, a lot. He sat on the bed and held Jacob, murmuring reassurances to him until Jacob stopped shaking and he lowered his hands from his temples. 
“What happened? Can you tell me, or do you need a drink, some water—” Cali’s questions were cut off by Jacob turning his head and brushing their lips together. At first, Cali thought it had been an accidental touch. After all, Jacob had just been through some sort of traumatic event. 
“Don’t wanna think.” Jacob rumbled low in his throat, and he twisted around on Cali’s lap, straddling him. Jacob ran his hands up Cali’s arms, to the base of his neck. He moved one around to his nape and the other to Cali’s cheek. 
Then he kissed Cali, a deep press of tongue, hunger flowing from Jacob into Cali with one slick move. 
Cali growled and wrapped his arms around Jacob’s waist. He wanted to know what had happened to Jacob, but it would wait because he wasn’t going to push Jacob away now. 
He’d made it clear that Jacob was his equal. Cali had meant it. 
And for all that Jacob’s body had been through that day, he showed admirable strength as he pressed forward, grinding his stiff cock against Cali’s abs. He leaned harder, and Cali lowered himself down, his back on the bed, feet on the floor. 
Jacob’s hands were everywhere, moving at an almost-frantic pace, as if he had to touch every part of Cali. The scent of his arousal was filling Cali’s nostrils, his lungs, his bloodstream, fueling his own desire to new heights. He traced the knobs of Jacob’s spine and Jacob shivered and moaned. 
Cali sucked on Jacob’s tongue, nipped it as he slid his hands under the waistband of Jacob’s sweats. Jacob had the lightest coating of fuzz on his ass, and Cali purred as his hands smoothed over each cheek. 
Jacob rocked his hips, driving his erection against Cali’s. Even through the shorts Cali had put on earlier, the stimulation was exquisite.
Then Jacob shoved himself up and began tugging at Cali’s shorts. 
Cali grunted and grabbed the snap to them, his gaze locked with Jacob’s. “Get your sweats off.”
Jacob got naked almost faster than Cali, then they were on the bed together again, Jacob straddling him once more, stretching out over Cali, rubbing his slender body all over Cali’s broader one. 
Cali spread his legs, and Jacob gasped, a startled expression flitting over his face. “I can—”
“You can,” Cali finished for him. “Anything. Anything.
The choked sound Jacob made then was cut off by the fierce kiss he laid on Cali, with almost bruising force. The eagerness Jacob showed was intoxicating, and Cali imagined for a second how it would feel to have Jacob fuck him, to give himself in a way to Jacob he’d never given himself to anyone else. 
Jacob moaned into the kiss, and he settled in between Cali’s legs, aligning their cocks. 
Cali had curled up, raising his shoulders off the bed to make up for their height difference. Jacob broke the kiss and reached over Cali’s head. He grabbed pillows and plumped them up under Cali’s neck and upper back. 
“Perfect,” Jacob murmured. 
“You are,” Cali agreed.
Jacob licked his lips. “You meant it.” 
Cali didn’t have to ask what ‘it’ was. “I did.” He ran his hands down Jacob’s sides. “Equal. This, us, what we have—”
Jacob rocked his hips and Cali lost the ability to speak. Pleasure coursed along his cock and spread like a warm wave up his body and down to his toes. 
Jacob kissed him again and flicked his tongue against Cali’s before thrusting it in rhythm with his hips. Jacob lowered himself to his elbows and began kissing a path down Cali’s cheek. 
Cali closed his eyes and let Jacob do what he wanted—move, still, nibble, kiss rut—it was all up to Jacob. Not that Cali didn’t participate; he thrust with Jacob, caressed every bit of Jacob he could reach, and kissed Jacob’s neck and shoulders, his jaw and lips. Tingles of pleasure turned into steady bursts that stole Cali’s breath and made him tremble as moans slipped from him. Every part of his body was alight with blissful sensations, as if every cell in his body was reveling in Jacob’s lovemaking. 
Jacob licked his lips, then nibbled on the top one as he thrust faster. 
Cali squeezed Jacob’s ass, working the taut globes, encouraging him to move faster.
Jacob whimpered. He thrust harder. “Wanna suck you. Can you—if I lie down, will you—can we—”
“Suck each other?” Cali almost came just from asking. His entire body went hot and he clenched his muscles to keep from losing it. 
“Yeah, that.” Jacob’s crooked grin and heated look was just as erotic as the touching. 
Cali was in so much trouble, but it was the bestkind of trouble. He was completely gone for Jacob. 
“Anything,” Cali repeated. 
Jacob flopped onto his back and licked his lips again as he leered at Cali. “Come on over here.” 
Cali wasn’t far away. He maneuvered around and had his nose an inch from Jacob’s cock. The long, thick shaft was perfect. 
“Closer,” Jacob urged. 
Cali wasn’t sure if he meant head or tale, so he wiggled closer altogether, then he licked the pre-cum from Jacob’s slit as he ringed the base of his cock. 
Jacob hissed, and an instant later, he’d fisted Cali’s dick and he sucked the entire head into his hot, wet mouth. 
Cali’s eyes crossed and he might have whimpered. He tried not to thrust as he laved Jacob’s glans. 
Jacob grabbed a handful of Cali’s ass and pulled. 
Cali got the hint. Thrusting was desired. 
Well, he wanted Jacob’s dick buried in his throat, too. He canted his hips at the same time he sucked most of Jacob’s length into his mouth. 
Jacob’s garbled shout vibrated around Cali’s shaft. The restraint he’d been holding onto snapped. Cali growled and thrust again, deeper, and Jacob took him in.
And filled him, pushing his cock to the back of Cali’s mouth. Cali gulped, and Jacob pressed in further, into his throat.
For one moment, they were still, then each began to move, Cali unable to keep still, needing to thrust, to come to fall apart with Jacob.
He tongued Jacob’s length as he sucked, flicked over those sweet nerves and deep-throated every chance he got. 
Jacob worshiped his cock and Cali tried to keep up. He sucked harder, and slid the tips of his fingers down Jacob’s crease to his hole. 
Jacob gave a muffled shout and thrust faster. 
Cali’s balls drew up tight; he was so close, his body ached to come. He wanted Jacob there with him, and with a rub of his finger, a flick and a swallow, he got his wish. 
Cum spurted over his tongue and it was that salty taste, as well as Jacob’s tongue sliding over Cali’s slit, that did him in. He came so hard his vision hazed and his head spun, and he thought, once he could manage such a thing, that he might have actually passed out for a few seconds. 
Because Jacob was beside him, head-to-head, and peering at him anxiously. 
“Are you okay?” Jacob rasped. 
Cali grinned, and if it looked as goofy as it felt, he didn’t mind. “Blew my fuckin’ mind, honey.” 
Jacob blushed and settled down to lie beside him, with his head on Cali’s chest. “Same. I’ve never come like that before. Like everything I was got taken apart and put back together in better ways. Like…” He blushed darker. “Like I have a part of you in me now.”
“You do,” Cali whispered. “You have my heart.”

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Installment Delay

Hey y'all, I've been up at the ER with Naomi/ST for about... four hours now as she's having a bad flare of IBS/pain, and I have no idea what time we'll be getting out. We did finally get put into a room half an hour ago, so...progress. And at least the hospital has WiFi that lets me get on the blog!! But I'm chatting with Naomi and will have an installment up tomorrow.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sun Shift Ch. 25

Copyright 2018
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-Five

Jacob could have kissed Cali for hours—all night, even, but he knew Cali had responsibilities. And Jacob needed time to think about everything Cali had said, and the way Cali had just let him take control, kiss him without asking or submitting even a little. 
Cali had moaned and shivered, but he’d kept his hands on Jacob’s hips gentle, no squeezing, pulling or demanding. 
Ending the kiss was almost painful, but Jacob made himself pull back, then brush his lips over Cali’s. “You should go see what’s what. Maybe the bears know something about those men.” He shook his head. “And maybe I’ll remember more, but I’d been away from the pack for a few days, and I just don’t know if there was something that gave them—us—away to humans. I don’t know why—well. I’ll try to remember more.”
Cali nuzzled his cheek. “Let me help you in the bath. A seizure while you’re in the water could be dangerous.”
Jacob bit back a sigh. Cali was right for the most part, except the correct word was ‘deadly’. “You need to check on the new arrivals, and…” Did he dare to ask? It all hinged on whether or not he believed Cali, truly believed what he’d said. Jacob licked his suddenly dry lips. “I want to be there with you. I can just wash my face and brush my teeth. Won’t take but a few minutes, then we can go.”
Cali blinked then a wide smile lit up his entire face. “Well then, that’s the plan.” He turned off the water and helped Jacob to his feet. 
Jacob leaned on Cali, let him help make himself presentable. His heart raced and thoughts about what his life had been like with the pack, and what it could be now, with Cali, were swirling around in his head. Hope, something he’d had precious little of in the past. 
“Here, I’ll get the washcloth.” Cali stepped back.
Jacob nodded at him. “I’m okay.” In fact, his muscles were screaming with pain and his joints ached. Most of his bruises were faded, but the current pain reminded him that he wasn’t healing like he should have been. No kidding, dumbass. I just had a seizure, too. That’s not a shifter norm, either.
“What’s wrong?” Cali asked, reaching for a cloth from the cabinet.
Jacob turned the water on and picked up his toothbrush. In less than five minutes, he was in clean clothes, and he didn’t look—and smell—like he’d been sick. 
But he leaned on Cali, not trusting his own legs to hold him up. The walk to the main room of the house seemed to take forever, and when they arrived, only Ashton was there, lying on the floor, the tiles of which were cool under Jacob’s feet. 
“Where’s everyone?” Cali asked, helping Jacob to the couch. 
Ashton huffed, got up, and padded off. A few seconds later, a snarl sounded throughout the house. A couple more snarls followed, and a loud, guttural roar that had to be from one of the bears. 
Cali shook his head. “I’ll be right back. You good here, or you want to come with me? I’m just going to tell them to shift. Except Ashton. I don’t think he ever intends to change forms.”
“I’m okay.” Jacob leaned back and when Cali turned away, closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. His head was pounding and every few minutes, he heard a buzzing in his brain, felt it like a tiny electrical shock. Something wasn’t right with him, something major, and it scared him. 
He didn’t have time to dwell on it. Cali returned with a menagerie of beasts and people—well, a menagerie might have been pushing it. Anya, Finn, Dion and Tally, judging by the way he was limping, were all in their human forms. Wick and Ashton were not. 
“It’s not broken,” Tally muttered. “And anyway, it’ll heal in a matter of a day or so at most.”
Anya frowned at him. “That doesn’t mean you should be walking on it.”
Tally blushed and darted a look at her that Jacob couldn’t interpret.
“Acting like it doesn’t hurt and using it—why? What’re you hoping to prove?” Anya huffed. “Not that you’re smart. Not that you value yourself.”
“Anya.” Cali didn’t say anything else, but Anya pressed her lips together. 
Tally wasn’t just blushing, he looked mortified. 
Wick rumbled, and Ashton swatted at him with one big paw. 
The bear growled and raised one of his own paws. 
“Stop it,” Cali snapped out. “Right now. I will not have idiocy in this house or on this property.”
Wick plopped down onto his haunches but kept his gaze on Ashton. 
Ashton bared his teeth at Wick, then slunk over to Cali and rubbed against his leg and hip. He mewled once, sprawled on the floor, and yawned.
“Tally, Wick, do you know anything about the men that followed you?” Cali asked as Tally lowered himself to a chair. 
Tally grimaced. “Followed us? There’s no way they followed us. We weren’t running from anyone. Wick and I were just, I dunno. We got tired of being alone. There were no other shifters in our area, and we started wandering around the southern states. Some of them, anyway. We never even shifted out of bear form. Not until tonight, and obviously, only I shifted. So no one could have known what we are.” He canted his head at Cali. “Are you sure they weren’t just hunters or poachers? What makes you think they followed us? Why would they do that? What would they want?”
“Well, judging by the assault rifles, face pain, night vision goggles, and other gear, they were set on killing someone of something.” Cali glanced at Jacob. 
Jacob nodded though his throat went painfully tight as he fought back tears. 
Cali came over, sat beside him and held his hand. “Jacob’s entire pack was murdered by men like that.”
Everyone—even Wick and Ashton-- gasped other than Jacob and Cali. 
“So these guys, they showed up here, right after you two bears did. Neither of you sensed them? Heard or smelled them?” Cali pressed.
Wick rumbled. He rippled. A growl followed, then he was a large, naked, hairy man sitting on his ass with his knees bent and his arms resting on them. “Ouch, that hurt.” He stretched his arms and arched his back before facing Cali. “There wasn’t a hint of anyone around us. We moved through the wilderness, always. If we couldn’t get somewhere without leaving the safety of the trees, we didn’t go. We found your scent purely by accident. And there was no trace of any human’s scent near the property when we arrived. So I don’t understand how these men just…appeared, or why we wouldn’t have caught even a whiff of them or heard the crunch of leaves under their feet.”
“Wick’s right,” Tally added. He began picking at his thumbnail. “Um. Could they have found this place because Jacob’s here?”
Jacob froze, not even daring to breathe. 
Cali came up off the couch, hands fisted. “What are you implying?”
Tally shook his head frantically. “Not that he led them here!”
“Or at least not on purpose,” Wick added. 
Cali turned to him. 
Wick shrugged. “Man, you can glare daggers at me all damn night, but it won’t change the fact that those guys were here. If they’re linked to the same people that murdered Jacob’s pack, maybe they scented him somehow, or tracked him.”
Jacob opened his mouth to deny either claim, but the buzzing in his head sent a jolt through his body. He slammed his hands against his temples, fighting back a memory, not another seizure, though his whole body was shaking and his mouth watered as he fought not to throw up. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Research Question

Maybe y'all can help me out. Is there an anonymous employee fraud line for companies like Dodge and Bosch Tools? I'm researching for a story about-- well, here's the blurb:

Sonny Langley is loyal-- maybe too loyal. He spent over twenty years with Jared, a man he thought loved him. He stayed through infidelities, although to hear his ex tell it, those never actually occurred. Even though Sonny's stepson and his daughter both found messages to women from Jared...on more than one occasion. Even though Jared placed online personal ads then denied it despite browser history proof. 
Still, Sonny stayed; he stayed when his now-ex was arrested for something mortifying; he stayed when his now-ex was fired for stealing from a job. He stayed, and stayed, and stayed, until one day, a conflict caused by his stepson hurt Jared so badly, Sonny volunteered to set himself up as the 'bad' guy to salvage Jared's relationship with his stepson--- because Sonny couldn't stand to see Jared hurting.  With Jared sitting beside him, Sonny sent off a DM he hoped would spur conversation between Jared and Jared's son again. And Sonny vowed not to do anything to come between Jared and his son, while Jared continued to tell Sonny and Sonny's daughter that he wouldn't blame them if they never forgave Jared's son. It was a convoluted mess, but Sonny just wanted his husband to be happy.
Then Jared began criticizing Sonny, gaslighting him, and hurting Sonny with verbal daggers.
But Sonny stayed, wanting Jared to be able to repair his relationship with his son. 
It worked, but rather than thank him, Jared threw Sonny under the bus. He turned on Sonny one night, out of the blue, after reassuring Sonny that things were good. Jared dismissed what Sonny had done for him and turned it into Sonny being hateful, when all Sonny had ever done over the past decades, was put Jared first. All the sudden, Sonny was the horrible person, despite all that Jared had done. Heart shattered, Sonny left.
But the secrets he carried from over twenty years of dealing with his ex's family won't leave him alone. 
The papers he wrote so his stepson wouldn't flunk classes.
There's the STI one family member deliberately tried to share with other people, and the nephew with his own TMI STI. 
There's the crime he knows about his nephew's mother, the hit-and-run Sonny was told about by a drunken, angry person. 
The drugs and thefts committed by his former brother-in-law.
The admission of a murder by his ex father-in-law.
There are the thefts committed by his ex, who conveniently pretends he has no idea that he stole thousands of dollars from his customers. 
Jared's coming off like the saint, and Sonny's been portrayed as the sinner. Sonny might have been able to let it go, but his heart will never recover, and someone is sending him threats, someone who is aware that Sonny knows too much and wants to make sure he's never going to share those secrets. 

Sonny doesn't plan to, but pain is leaking out of him and he doesn't know how to get over all the betrayals. He doesn't think he can ever trust anyone again, but a slow-building friendship begins to give him hope. 

Guilt hinders that hope. The man he's falling for works for the corporation Jared stole from, and the complexities of honesty and revenge make everything difficult. 

Then there are the threats, and the fear for his life...and the life of the new man he's beginning to trust. 

This is more than a quirky erotic romance-- though that's in there, too. Morals, working out what is revenge, and what is just the right thing to do, learning to trust, not just himself but another person who could heal or annihilate his heart. 

So, what do y'all think? Any advice on how one would anonymously turn someone in? I've thought about emails etc, but that can all be traced. And I don't know if Sonny will do anything like that or not. Part of the fun will be working through those issues.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Hi there! It's time for the weekly contest!

This is a double, with a chance to win an eCopy of Mr. June when it comes out!

So if you'd like a chance at a $5 Amazon GC and/or an eCopy of Mr. June when it comes out, comment on this post! One winner for each prize will be chosen on May 25th, around 6 PM Mountain Time.

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Sorry I didn't post this yesterday, there are some things happening, shenanigans, and not fun stuff, too.

 One winner was chosen via Random.org. Thank you to everyone who entered!

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**Trigger Warning: Jacob and Cali are discussing sex, and Cali knows that Jacob was raped as an omega; Jacob knows this as well, but his position on the subject is shakey in his own mind as that is simply the way the pack order went-- omegas were there to be used in whatever way seen fit by all pack members ranking above them. Jacob realizes that just because that was the way it had always been, it didn't make it right. He's got to work past this in his head and heart.

Copyright 2018
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-Four

Cali scooped Jacob up and carried him to the bathroom. He had to pause often, the need to kiss Jacob and nuzzle him too great to resist. Something had changed inside of him, Cali felt it, something ancient and forgotten had come out from whatever part of his DNA it’d been hidden in. 
Every time his heart beat, Minerepeated in his ear. He heard it, felt it, knew it in every cell of his being, Jacob was meant to be his, and he, Jacob’s. 
But Jacob’s body had been worn out, and Cali needed to soothe him, to care for and ease his stiff muscles and aching bones. 
Desire was a slow-burning ember; he wanted Jacob, but not more than he wanted to provide comfort and safety for him. The time would come when Jacob wasn’t exhausted or sore, and then, then Cali would make love to him, learn every sweet spot of his body, would give himself to Jacob and hide nothing from him…
“Bath,” he murmured, settling Jacob on the side of the tub. “Let’s bathe. I smell like sweat and god knows what. You must be sore after what your body’s been through.” 
Jacob looked up at him with so much trust and love, Cali felt like the greatest man alive. “I am tired, and everything hurts, but I want you. I want…” He shook his head. “You can fuck me without—”
Cali didn’t want to know what the rest of that sentence was. “No, I won’t fuck you without concern for you.” He was afraid it had been something close to that. “Whatever this is between us, it isn’t going to vanish because we take a bath, then sleep. I won’t hurt you to get off, and sex, as amazing as it can be, isn’t my priority with you.” He blushed, his cheeks going hot on him. “I don’t know much about making love, because I’ve only ever fucked around, but I do know that you and I, when the time is right, we will make love to each other. I’m not going to take from you, Jacob. I’m not going to see to my own pleasure—there’d be no pleasure for me in that. I want you, all of you, and I want to give myself to you in return.”
Jacob was wide-eyed and his mouth had dropped open. He closed it with an audible snap. 
“What? You can ask me anything,” Cali said as he pulled the stopper on the tub, then started the water. He was trying his best to sound assured, confident, but the feelings he had for Jacob were so new to him, every word he spoke carried a fragility—his emotional fragility-- in it he couldn’t repress.But how must Jacob feel? He mentioned his pack status before. Jesus, no wonder he’s staring at me like I’ve sprouted two heads. “You’re my equal in every way, Jacob. Not my omega, or…or whatever you might have been in the past.”
Jacob made a garbled sound then lowered his gaze. 
“Do you know what that means?” Cali asked him, gently cupping Jacob’s chin. 
Jacob shrugged, shook his head, nodded, then shook his head again. 
It made Cali ache for him, to know how unsettled and lost Jacob appeared. “Have you ever had sex that you enjoyed?”
Jacob winced and didn’t answer at first, then, “With other omegas. We can—could—decide.” 
Cali’s stomach threatened to heave. “Have you…has sex been consensual for you, besides with omegas?”
Jacob darted a quick glance up at him. “All omegas consent. Always. We have no right to…to not consent. By being born what we are, our place in the pack is sealed. It is what it is, and there’s no other way.”
“There are other ways,” Cali rumbled, trying not to outright growl. The idea of this generous, sweet man being forced to do anything, of himbeing raped, was enough to make Cali want to hurt someone. But those who’d hurt Jacob were dead, mowed down by humans with assault rifles, and—
“Cali.” Jacob touched his cheek, and for once, looked him in the eyes with no trace of hesitation. “It was the way of our pack, of every wolf pack I knew. None of us thought it was wrong, including me. The human world is different. I haven’t seen much of it, but I doknow that, and living here, with you, being kept safe and not…not forced to do anything, it’s shown me that just because a pack has rules, rules that existed for hundreds of years, that doesn’t mean those rules were right. Even so, all of my life, I have believed that my body isn’t my own. I lived and could have died by any higher-ranking pack member’s teeth. I’m learning that isn’t the case any longer. It…it hurts, in a way. I loved my pack. They weren’t horrible, they just…were, they were what they had always been.” 
He pressed his lips tight and shook his head yet still didn’t look away from Cali. 
Cali’s eyes burned with unshed tears. “I’ve never known anyone as strong as you.”
“I wanted it, what we did before. I want you,” Jacob whispered, his voice a raw scrape of sound. “I want to be enough.” 
“You are, you always have been,” Cali responded, and those tears escaped to trail down his cheeks. “Jacob, if anyone here needs to prove their worthiness, it’s me.”
Jacob shook his head vehemently, then in a quick couple of moves, he framed Cali’s face with his hands, and kissed Cali.
Cali was startled for only a second, then he opened for Jacob, moaning and settling his hands on Jacob’s trim waist. 
Jacob wasn’t tentative, or gentle, even. He kissed with a hunger that stirred Cali’s cock and made him shake with want. 
But he wouldn’t take. He’d give. He’d give Jacob everything.