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Friday, March 24, 2017

Metamorphoses Ch. 15

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Fifteen

He’s in my bedroom! Mine! Clyde’s heart was going to just burst from a mix of lust and excitement, and that would suck because Raider’s sleeping in my room!
Clyde hadn’t missed the knowing look his mom had given him when his dad had said Raider could bunk with him.
It was embarrassing, really. His parents were trying to get him laid. Later on in his life, Clyde would probably cringe at that memory, but he’d never regret any time spent with Raider.
His crush on Raider was likely growing out of hand. If he wasn’t careful, Clyde would soon be at risk of losing his heart. Maybe. It’s not as if I know what it means or feels like to love a guy romantically.
He’d seen the love, true, deep, enduring love, that his parents shared. Clyde wanted to have what they had, some day. He’d dreamed of it, in fact. What he’d never expected was to have the chance of that kind of love happening to him at such a young age.
The deeper his thoughts got on the subject, the more Clyde lost track of the goings-on around him. He sat on the window seat of the kitchen alcove—one of the few areas where his brothers and sisters couldn’t plop down to join him. They could stand and irk Clyde if they weren’t so lazy. He knew when to count his blessings, and lazy sibs could sometimes be amongst them.
Not having much experience in the sex department, Clyde was trying to figure out if he’d regret his lack of playing time were he and Raider to become a settled pair, mates, lovers, committed spouses.
The realization of the absurdity of his thoughts hit him like a snowball to the head. Clyde flushed hot then cold, blinking rapidly.
The fine hairs on his nape stood up. He knew then that he wasn’t alone. So much for Murphy leaving me alone. Murphy always gave him shit the most.
“Murph—“ Clyde began, turning his head, only to shut up when he saw that it was Raider standing not six feet away from him. Raider’s cheeks had twin dots of red on them, signs of his embarrassment or discomfort. It wasn’t from the heat; the AC in the house was on ‘freeze off your sexual organs’.
“Just me,” Raider said, taking a tentative step forward. “I—Am I bothering you?”
Clyde just about broke his neck shaking his head. “No! No, I was just “ He chuckled. “Hiding from my brothers and sisters. They’ve been giving me crap about you being in my room.”
Raider cleared his throat, then took another step. “Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”
Clyde’s dick began to grow hard and he gestured Raider closer. “Come on, have a seat.”
Raider walked over then set beside Clyde, but didn’t look at him. Instead, Raider fidgeted with his fingers, steepling them, folding them, curling his hands into fists.
“You’re making me hella nervous,” Clyde admitted, his throat dry. “Do you you don’t have to stay in my room.”
Raider did look at him then. “I don’t want to be in your way. I know you said, back at my place, you were, after we—I mean.” He rolled his eyes and groaned. “Ugh! I just feel like this is moving really fast from us getting off to me living with you, even if it’s temporary.”
Clyde bit his lip. What should he say to that? He didn’t know! He wanted Raider there, and maybe it was because he was young and inexperienced, but he thought he kinda loved Raider already.
“I’m going to tell Chellie we’re leaving. We’ll—“
“No,” Clyde rasped, reaching for Raider before he even knew he was doing it. He wrapped his hands around Raider’s. “Please don’t. I want—“ Everything. You. Me. A future. “We don’t have to do anything else if you don’t want to. I won’t touch you or pressure you. Just just don’t leave.”
Raider turned his hands over under Clyde’s, and after a moment, he was holding Clyde’s hands.
And he raised his gaze to Clyde’s. “This is crazy, but I feel—so much, here.” He brought their joined hands to his chest. “That’s not normal.”
Clyde couldn’t help it. He was filled with joy and hope and he knew he was smiling like a lunatic. “That’s okay, Raider. I’m not normal, either.”
“Clyde!” Gladys’ voice held that, I’m going to yank your ears off, tone.
Raider jumped as much as Clyde did, and Raider tried to pull his hands back, but Clyde held them, held onto this moment and his hope. He knew his mom had thought he was going to spill the beans on being a shifter, but that hadn’t been what Clyde had meant.
“Chill, Mom,” Clyde said, still focusing on Raider. “I want to have a relationship with Raider. He ought to know I’m a goofball before he agrees to give us a shot.”
“Oh. Oh, okay.” Gladys huffed, then she strode over to them and cupped Raider’s chin, making him look at her. “My boy is an oddball, but normal is boring as fuck, Raider. You won’t find a better heart than the one Clyde can offer you.”

Then she startled Raider, who gasped when she kissed him on the brow before leaving them alone again.

Installment coming, depressing update below, so skip if you want to.

We got Amber and co moved out, their former rooms cleaned (and let me tell you, I shared some videos of that with some friends and they were horrified by how dirty the rooms were. I've had 5+ years of it so I knew it'd be bad), sanitized and painted one of those rooms so Sierra could have it as it's 3 times the size of the room she was in, moved her stuff in, and so on. Amber and Mike have a cute new place and I hope they love it there.

My mindfuck for the week has been losing two cats. I was going to write on the blog yesterday, but mostly I slept because I had to scoop one of our mostly-feral cats up out of the road at midnight. There were four of those cats; someone had the mom as a pet, then moved away. The mom wouldn't stay here, but her kittens did. They were a few months old then and we have never been able to get close enough to touch them-- except for the one that got run over. Donnie. Couldn't pet him, but once I managed to touch his head when he was eating. The others will come running for food, swarm your ankles even, but if you reach for them, they're gone.

The day before that, another cat I fed and often let into the house-- Bobbert-- he belonged to our next door neighbors, but you know, I should have just taken him, had him neutered, and kept him inside. Wrong or right, I don't even care, because then I wouldn't have found him Tuesday, with maggots inside and out, still alive though. The owners took him, then lost him, and didn't want me to take him to the vet because the vet might euthanize Bobbert. Well, no shit, man, but I guess it's better to let Bobbert be in agony? "Oh, we gave him Benadryl because he had mucus-- "

I can't even. It wasn't that long ago we had to have Murphy put to sleep because he developed FIP after being neutered. The vet said neutering probably activated the virus. I have never heard that one before, and I used to be a vet tech. I wonder if Murphy didn't catch FIP at the clinic. But three furbabies, and so this entire week I've been a sobbing mess. To add to all of that, Sierra was with me when we found Donnie. She and I took care of him, and while we were both crying, the Hubs didn't offer even one word of kindness. Sierra and I dug the hole for Donnie, out there at around one in the morning.

This coming week has to be better. I can't handle another one like this one.

I'm off to write. <3

Friday, March 17, 2017


I give up this week! Amber has strep throat, I've had kids half the day, and I am behind on everything! House, writing, sanity-- all lagging!

I am going to take off until Next Thursday, give myself a break from all pressure that I put on myself, focus on getting things done here at the house so I can not have that all nagging at my conscience. I'm sorry y'all, I just have to step back for a few days and get caught up around here.

I hope y'all have a good week, and I'll be thinking of y'all.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Installment update and babble

Okay, I was exhausted yesterday when we got home. Couldn't sleep or concentrate. I have to pay bills and such fun stuff today, but will be writing an installment (or two?) tomorrow. I miss writing!

Mom has recovered mostly from her fall, but damned if she didn't get sick Friday/Saturday-today. She had the flu or something close to it. Charlie's got cooties now.

And! Amber, Mike, Elijah and Charlie are moving out! I'm excited for Amber and co to be starting this new adventure, but I will miss them all. I am also excited to have my house back, so to speak. It feels like I've lived in my bedroom for the past several years. However, I will always treasure the time I got to spend with my family.

Amber and Mike won't be totally moved out until next week; then y'all know what happens?

*sobs* Massive house-cleaning, furniture appropriation, (Cheap furniture, because $$ and cats with claws), room-swapping and so much more hard work.

Send booze. And chocolate.

Mom and I made two runs in a row to Odessa, which takes us about 13hrs roundtrip. It's a beautiful drive, but I miss being home. Hubs said we will probably have three more trips next week, but I am going to try to bribe Amber into driving one or two of them. Money's nice to make, but I need recuperation time in my home.

Hubs is healing up from the surgery; he still can't even lift a 1 lb weight with his right hand, though. His surgeon is supposed to get him started in PT for that.

Sierra/Naomi/ST is checking into cosmetology school, specifically makeup stuff. She also takes college classes online, but she loves makeup, might like doing hair and stuff like that, too.

And that is about all that's happening on my end. Y'all remind me to tell y'all about the next contest :D

***huggz*** Happy Thursday, y'all!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Hey y'all, we had a delivery that we just got back from doing. It's after one and I'm going to get some sleep. I'll have an installment up late tomorrow evening; I'll either have to do another 13-hr delivery tomorrow or babysit, but will write after that.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Metamorphoses Ch. 14

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Fourteen

By the time the police left, Clyde was gone, too. Raider blinked, trying to remember when he’d left, but he had no memory of it.
“You look confused.”
Raider was. He turned to Chellie. “Where’d Clyde go? And when did he go?”
Chellie smirked at him. “He’s cleaning the bathroom. I don’t think I could pry him out of here with a crowbar. So, was he good?”
“Chel!” Raider felt his cheeks burn with a blush that was, without a doubt, a dead giveaway.
“I’ll take that as a yes, or at least an, he was okay,” Chellie decided. “It was really hard to tell since y’all weren’t super-noisy. Mrs. Jennings was sure trying to listen in. I had to stop her from walking to your door. She was going to.”
“Jeez.” Raider gulped and hid his face in his hands. “My life has become so bizarre.”
“You don’t say?” Chellie snorted and kicked a couch cushion that had been knocked onto the floor. “Get a bag packed. We’re getting out of here.”
Lowering his hands, Raider asked, “What? Why? We don’t know that this was more than a random home invasion.” Raider could do stubborn pretty damned well when he wanted to. “You said the guy didn’t mention my name.”
“So you think this is just a coincidence?” Chellie snapped, planting her fisted hands on her hips. She jutted out her chin, and Raider knew he was about to get his ass handed to him. “You think some big, scary moron just waltzed in here, silent as death, and tried to attack me for shits and giggles?”
“It could happen,” he said weakly. He didn’t want to believe he was the target, that LeHorne was sending anyone after him. “What about Murphy? Clyde’s family—“
“Are preparing a couple of rooms for us,” Chellie cut in. “We’re going to circle our wagons.”
“What?” Raider shook his head. “You say the weirdest crap.”
“You need to watch some old westerns,” she retorted. “Clyde called his folks while you were being interviewed. The point is, we’ll probably be safer if we’re all together.”
“Or we’ll make one nice, big target,” Raider countered. “Chellie, why don’t you go stay with some of your friends, or—“
Chellie startled him with a quick move, whacking him on the upper arm. “Don’t even start that shit. Get a bag packed. With any luck, you’ll get some more experience with lover-boy.”
“Ah. Er.”
Clyde! Raider was going to die of sheer mortification, which would put an end to LeHorne hunting him down.
Chellie beamed over his shoulder. “Hey Lover-boy. How’s tricks?”
“D-did you—“ Clyde cleared his throat. “Er, Raider? Did you tell her—“
“No,” Raider eked out. “I wouldn’t.”
“He wouldn’t,” Chellie agreed. “Raider is a gentlemen. But you two weren’t exactly quiet.”
“Oh fuck,” Clyde muttered. “Ungh!”
“Yeah, Neanderthal reversion, it happens.” Chellie patted Raider’s arm. “Go pack.”
Raider had to turn around and face Clyde. “Sorry. Chellie is—“
“Fucking amazing!” Chellie said. “Pack!”
Clyde’s lips twitched, then he grinned, and he looked so young and innocent and handsome that Raider’s heart ached just from looking at him.
“Guess Chellie doesn’t hate me and my family after all,” Clyde observed. He blushed. “But, um. Alone time at my house? Probably not happening.”
Raider hadn’t felt so disappointed in a long time. He tried not to let it show, and instead focused on what he hoped Clyde meant, though he hadn’t said it. “You would want alone time? With me?”
Clyde’s eyes went wide as he nodded vigorously. “Fuck yes! I want I want you. I haven’t done, um, much, but I want to do everything. With you. If you want to. With me, I mean. Us. Together. Not married or anything like that, I mean we don’t really know each other, but sex—“ He snickered and blushed darker. “Sorry. I just, I really like you.”
“Oh, wow,” Raider whispered, pressing one hand to his chest, where warmth began to spread out. “I like you too. A lot.”
Clyde’s smile could have brightened up a pitch-black room. “You do? So I didn’t do too bad when I—“ He glanced toward the direction Chellie had gone. “Earlier?”
Raider’s cock began to harden with that one word. “You were incredible,” he rasped, trying to will his unruly dick to behave. “I’d like to return the favor.”
“You two sound pathetic,” Chellie shouted from her room. “Why can’t men just talk?”
Raider groaned. “Maybe because they have nosy roommates who won’t stay out of their business!”
Clyde giggled but quickly muffled the sound with one hand.
“Stop whining. You know you love my nosy ways. They got you laid today, didn’t they?” Chellie replied.
Raider couldn’t very well argue with her over that. Besides, he wasn’t stupid. He needed to quit sparring with her before he was totally verbally annihilated. “Yes, thank you, Chellie.”
“Definitely thank you,” Clyde added. “Maybe you can work some magic at my house.”
Chellie’s wicked laughter was warning enough that she’d try to do just that.
Clyde waited until she stopped, then he moved closer to Raider, so close that he was almost touching him.
Raider had to crane his neck to look up at Clyde.
He didn’t get to ask any questions. As soon as he had his head up, Clyde cupped his nape, then he kissed Raider, soft, slow, sweet.

And that little ache around Raider’s heart grew into a fizzy, giddy sensation that flowed into his bloodstream. He hung onto Clyde, feeling as if he could float on the wave of happiness he was riding.