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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dec 6th CONTEST Stormin' Norman!

Y'all, if you haven't ever read a Sue Brown book, you're missing out! And Sue is a lovely, intelligent, amazing person, too!

I love her stories, so today, you have a chance to win this book by Sue Brown:

Stormin' Norman

Pretty cool story!!

Annnnd, I bet y'all know the rules by now-- but in case there's any newbies popping in:

Just comment below with your ARe ( allromanceebooks.com ) email addie or say hi, whatever you're comfortable with. On Thursday, December 8th, at around 10 PM US Central time, I'll use Random.org to pick a winner for the copy of Stormin' Norman. You must have an ARe account to win :D Good luck!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Winner of And This is Ed!!

Lol, y'all are right. I don't sleep much, or rather, I wake up every hour or so and always have. I tend to check messages etc. when I should be trying to go back to sleep :D

Anyway! On to the winner, chosen courtesy Random.org !

Congratulations to:

Kim Whaley said...
No handstands but I would be glad to try for a copy of this book. The first one I already owned. :) kimwhaley@gmail.com

Watch for a new contest every day this month!! 

Dec 5th Contest!

This one is the same as the first four contests this month (right? Yeah, four!) just a different book! Today you can comment below with your ARe ( allromanceebooks.com ) address, or just say hi, post a pic, do a handstand-- Okay, okay, no handstands required! Y'all are cracking me up with some of your comments! Anyway, just comment below for a chance to win a copy of Then Sawyer Happened by Hurri Cosmo! Again, I've read a few of Hurri's books and enjoyed them, so wanted to share this fabulous author with y'all!

Then Sawyer Happened

Just click on the link for more information on the book.

One winner will be chosen and their name posted here at the blog on Wednesday, December 7th, at 10 PM-ish Central USA time.

Good luck!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 2nd CONTEST WINNER His Omega!

 A little early, but I have some things to do and won't be online later, so I wanted to post today's winner! Here we go :D

Congratulations to the winner of the second contest (chosen via random.org):

Tekikat said...
New author for me....great opportunity to read this one :-)

December 4th Contest! Poor Little Rich Boy

This one is the same as the others (and I'll stop writing that intro, lol), just a different book! Today you can comment below with your ARe ( allromanceebooks.com ) address, tell us something about yourself or whatever you'd like to share for a chance to win this book by Kate Sherwood! I love Kate Sherwood, and omg, her Dark Horses series is amazing, though this is not from that series. But if you love a fantastic, and heart-wrenching story, along with laughter and an enduring story and group of characters you will love, check that series out. There's a lot of shorts on ARe that are free that go with it, or there used to be. Man. Now I am going to have to go back and re-read all of them. *happy sigh*

Poor Little Rich Boy

Just click on the link for more information on the book.

One winner will be chosen and their name posted here at the blog on Tuesday, December 6th, at 10 PM-ish Central USA time.

Good luck!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Winner Of The Highest Bidder!

Picked via Random.org, congratulations to:

nikirenee said...
great idea for Christmas giveaway. thanks for the chance

Y'all keep checking in, there's a new contest every day! <3

The Jasper Soul Ch. 33 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Thirty-Three

Not a single god popped in to argue with Enanaoke. Only Kinoega protested the idea and called Enanaoke stupid for considering it. Kinoega told him a single sacrifice was not going to be enough to pay for millennia of the disrespect and disregard they were all guilty of.
Aklink felt a loss of something—not exactly faith, or not that alone, but perhaps some innocence, some naivety now that he’d seen how petty and human the gods were. He’d once believed them to be above all such squabbling and concerns, but he’d been misled by them and so had the rest of his people. The gods had stopped putting the people first long before they had all been killed.
Anger grew rapidly. Aklink had to get away from Enanaoke and Kinoega, even though they were trying to find a way to make their wrongs right.
“What’s wrong?” Matt whispered in his ear before sorting softly. “Besides the obvious.”
Aklink glanced toward Kinoege and Enanaoke.
Matt grimaced, then pulled out of Aklink’s embrace, sitting up on the lounger they shared.
“Hey, you two,” Matt called out with not even a hint of respect. “Can y’all go bicker somewhere else? I think Aklink’s had enough of gods being idiots to last him for a while.”
Kinoega’s face darkened with anger and thunder clapped loud overhead.
Enanaoke grabbed his arm. “He’s right. Matt only speaks the truth.” And with that admission, both deities vanished.
“I believe in them, trusted them with everything,” Aklink rasped, his throat tight with tears and sobs he repressed. The anger grew, then gave way to a sadness almost as great as the one Aklink felt for his lost family and clan.
He was unable to hold back, and the agony of loss wrenched him, tore him inside as violently as if a mountain lion had gutted him.
And he was wrong. The anger wasn’t gone, hadn’t given way to the pain. It all combined and poured out of him as he clung to Matt.
There was no shame in tears, in grief, Aklink knew that and didn’t hold back. He had so much pain he needed to allow to drain from him, so much regret and anger as well as his loss of innocence.
He had lost his faith in his feckless gods, though he didn’t stop believing in them—they existed. They were not the honorable deities he had believed them to be, however.
A great, howling wind wrapped around them, so icy cold it did not belong on the sunny beach.
Aklink felt a surge of glee. Let the gods hurt as he did. They were not above human pettiness, though they held themselves up as holy beings. They should suffer as much as he and his clan had.
But Aklink was not by nature a vengeful, hateful man. After only a moment, he whispered, “Stop.”
The wind died down and warmth surrounded him—Matt, sunlight, and the soft, comfortable place where they lay together.
“I’m sorry,” Matt was repeating, his lips brushing Aklink’s ear. “I’m so sorry.”
Aklink wiped his face with one hand, trying to get rid of the tears he had shed.
Then Matt was there, holding his shirt up to Aklink’s face, cleaning him off.
Aklink looked into the eyes of his beloved, and the storm inside him calmed. He cupped Matt’s cheek, then kissed him, tenderly at first, with gratitude and love. Those two emotions did not ebb as the kiss grew more intense, erotic, both men nipping and grasping at each other.
Every part of Aklink throbbed with need, with the proof before him, on him, beside him—depending on where Matt was as they moved and changed positions—that he was loved, that someone, Matt, would not forget or forsake him.
Their clothing was gone, Aklink did not even know how or when it come off. He did not care, either, as Matt took the tip of Aklink’s cock into his warm, wet mouth. At the same moment, one slick finger rubbed over Aklink’s hole, then Matt was sucking and fucking him, pushing pleasure into Aklink through his shaft and ass.
Aklink dug his heels against the padded lounger they were on and cried out as heat suffused him. Pleasure glowed bright and promising, tangling him up in its silken webs, covering him and chasing away the pain, regret, and anger he’d been torn up with.
Matt did that for him. Aklink tangled his hands in Matt’s hair, then cried out when Matt touched the spot inside of him. “Again,” he managed to plead, and Matt gave him what he asked for.
A universe expanded behind Aklink’s closed eyelids, spreading rapidly and brilliantly lit with sparks of gold and white. His orgasm crashed over him and stole his breath, his mind, his strength. All Aklink could do was melt into it and let his release carry him away.
He was still soaring when the hot jets of Matt’s cum hit his belly and chest. At some point, Matt had stopped suckling Aklink’s depleted dick and started jacking himself off.
Aklink opened his eyes just in time to see Matt throw his head back and bellow. One last squirt of seed spurted from Matt’s cock.
Aklink pulled at the same time Matt lowered himself, or collapsed, more appropriately. He landed on Aklink, knocking a grunt out of them both.
Matt had given him what he needed, had shown Aklink that, even though he had been betrayed by the very gods he had served, there was still love and honor in the world.

Aklink would not forget that. He would not let bitterness and anger rule him. Love would guide him, and love would never fail.

December 3rd CONTEST!

This one is the same as the first two, just a different book! Today you can comment below with your ARe ( allromanceebooks.com ) address, or just say hi, post a pic, do a handstand-- but we have to see it!-- whatever you'd like to do for a chance to win this book, by J.D. Walker!! I've enjoyed quite a few of J.D.'s books, so thought this would be a good one to buy and put out here:

And This is Ed

Just click on the link for more information on the book.

One winner will be chosen and their name posted here at the blog on Monday, December 5th, at 10 PM-ish Central USA time.

Good luck!

Friday, December 2, 2016

December 2nd Contest! Woot Woot!

Today you can comment below with your ARe ( allromanceebooks.com ) address, or just say hi, whatever you'd like to do, for a chance to win this book, by amazing author A.C. Katt! This is the first in a series, which...some other books might not be. I really did just buy stuff here and there :D What an adventure we're on this month!

Anyway! Linkage:

His Omega

Just click on the link for more information on the book.

One winner will be chosen and their name posted here at the blog on Sunday, December 4th, at 10 PM-ish Central USA time.

Good luck!