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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Wishing you all a wonderful day whether it's Thanksgiving for you or not! <3

I wanted to take a minute and explain why I've taken the week off. Not going into great detail, but Mom has a health issue that's got us nervous, and concentrating isn't going so well. I want to spend time with my family and just try not to think much. So forgive me for taking a few days off. I don't think we truly have anything to worry about, but all of us are jumpy after what we went through with Dad. I'll be returning to the blog story on Wednesday of next week instead of Monday. 

Now, on to the contest part! Since I've taken the rest of the week off, let's do this:

Six winners will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, winners to be chosen and announced on Tuesday. that gives everyone plenty of time to enter.

How do we enter, you ask? Well, it's easy as can be! Simply comment below! That's it-- no trickery or fancy steps. Okay I'm done with the goofy salesman schtick. But seriously, just comment below. I'll have ST draw names Tuesday night. 

Good luck, and thank you. :D

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ooops! Unexpected Moments winners!

My apologies, I should have done this last night.

Going to have ST pick names real quick--

Congratulations to:


I'm going to toss in 2 PDF or whatever kinda copies that I will purchase for the winner via Totallybound. It might take a day or two to get it depending on when they get my email and the winner gets back to me, etc.

So for the two extra copies from Totallybound.com:


Now, if y'all will email me with your addies-- and those who won at Totallybound.com, I need your login address for there. They will jus put the book on your bookshelf, so if you don't have an acct, you'll need to make one-- anyway, y'all email me and we'll get this sorted out.

Thanks, and take care :D

ARe Bucks Winner! And Important Update About Installments

What a day. I'll leave it with that.

Tonight's ARe winner is drawn courtesy of Random.org! Congratulations to-----

#6/EydieG.! Eydie, if you'll email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com I will get those ARe bucks sent out to you.

  I'm going to take the rest of the week off for blog posting. Even the monthly short. I'll pick it all back up next week. Got lots to do with Thanksgiving and I need a short mental health break.

**Huggz** to y'all! And Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it :D

Monday, November 24, 2014

All In Ch. 24

Copyright 2014
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Twenty-Four

Maybe he should have called ahead. West fretted as they neared the coven.
Axel’s head was swiveling around like he was following some kind of invisible tennis game.
“What’s the matter?” West finally asked.
“I was just—“ Axel laughed and swiped at his mouth. “Aw, man, it’s gonna sound stupid, but I was surprised by the area we’re in. Guess I thought a coven of anything would live in some dark, scary old mansion. Sorry, I told you it was stupid.”
West wasn’t offended. “It’s fine. From what I understand, Pierre couldn’t find a crumbling haunted house big enough for his coven, so he bought that place.” West pointed at the very upscale apartment complex. Guarded by large, stone gargoyles, an air of affluence seemed to surround the property. “It has a large courtyard in the middle of it. The apartment building itself is built in a square shape with the center being the outdoor area. It’s a nice place to live.”
“And fuckin’ huge,” Axel muttered, eyes wide. “Geez. How many people live there?”
“A lot,” West said. “I’ve been here for a few months and I still don’t know everyone.” He took Axel by the hand, and twined his fingers with Axel’s. “Come on. I’m already nervous and I see someone peeking out the blinds at us.”
Axel squinted. “I can’t see shit. Where?”
West pointed to a spot by the main entrance. “There.” He doubted Axel could see it. “The blinds and curtains are always pulled tight in any room vamps may be in. During the day, the human mates and kids have set rooms that they open up to the sun, and they go outside, too.”
Axel gripped his hand. “You’re not the only one who’s nervous. What should I expect?”
West’s explanation never came because the door opened and Terrence came bounding out.
“Hey there! What a surprise! You two look adorable together by the way!” Terrence jogged over to them and fluttered his lashes. “Almost sweet enough to melt this cynic’s heart.”
“Terry,” Axel muttered. “I remember you. How are you?”
“Oh I’m fine, fine,” Terrence answered, flapping a hand at Axel. “How’s Jukie?”
Axel shrugged, an internal pang of worry zipping through him. “Same, last I checked. In a coma that he may or may not ever come out of. Yolanda is with him.”
“That’s too bad,” Terrence murmured. “I’m so sorry. It hurts to lose people, even if you aren’t close to them anymore.” He pasted on a bright smile. “Anyway, come on in. Pierre’s probably in the lobby by now, growling and pacing. I’m surprised he hasn’t come outside yet.”
Axel grimaced.
“It’ll be fine,” West assured him. He hoped he wasn’t lying.
Terrence ran ahead of them like an eager puppy.
“Is he always so energetic?” Axel asked.
“As far as I know, yeah.”
They entered the complex and sure enough, Pierre was waiting for them.
Pierre arched one red eyebrow at West.
West felt himself blush. “Pierre, this is Axel. I told him about the deadline, and I thought—“
I asked to come here,” Axel cut in. “I need to know as much as I can to make an informed decision.”
Pierre snorted at that. “Please. You only need to know whether or not you care enough for West to make a commitment to him. Everything else is secondary, with the exception of the children, of course.”
Axel narrowed his eyes at Pierre. “So you think I should have just dived in and said bite me?”
Pierre’s other eyebrow went up.
“Tried that,” Axel huffed. “West wasn’t ready.”
“West?” Pierre asked.
West blinked at them both. What the heck? They’re ganging up on me?
As if reading his mind, Axel scooted closer to him. “I respect West more for that. I was acting impulsively, and this is a really serious thing.”
“That it is,” Pierre agreed. “And I will wipe your memory without the least amount of guilt.”
Axel nodded. “Yeah, got that message already.”
Pierre turned his attention to West. “Is there a problem? Do you think he isn’t someone you could spend centuries with?”
West’s mouth went dry. He coughed.
Axel glared at him.
West licked his lips. “I want Axel to be certain. And…” God, it was so hard to admit, but he had to be honest, with Axel and Pierre. “And I’m scared to bite him.”
Pierre’s eyebrows shot even further up his brow. “You’ve not bitten him at all?”
West shook his head.
“But…” Pierre frowned. “Well, usually vamps have taken a nibble of their chosen humans by this point. The humans don’t always know that’s what’s happening because of the substantially increased pleasure they derive from being bitten. Still, you’re afraid to do it?”
“Substantially increased pleasure?” Axel asked at the same time West answered, “Yes. I don’t want to hurt him like I was hurt, and if the memories come back while I’m doing it…”
Pierre’s eyebrows finally returned to their rightful place. “Ah, but that, I can help with, West. Simply let me ease the memories down some. Not erase them,” he added quickly. “Dull them, that’s all.”
“No,” Axel said. “No fucking with his memories. I mean,” he turned until he was facing West. “Not unless it’s what you want?”
That would be the easy way out, but West wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Pierre messing with his memories anymore than Axel was. “No. I have to be strong enough for you.”
“You are,” Axel whispered. “And I’m strong enough for you.”
“Syrupy sweet,” Pierre proclaimed. “Definitely mate material. Come along, Axel, and let’s give you a tour. Then I’ll leave you two alone for the hour you’ll have left before the kids get up.”
Terrence waved at them from the corner. West had forgotten the man was even in there. He waved back.
Terrence gave him two thumbs up then raced away to the living area.
West thought, just maybe, that things would be okay.
“We’ll get there,” Axel said. “Wherever we need to go, we’ll get there.”

West hoped Axel was right.

Meet The Character Blog Hop!

I've been tagged by the amazing TK Paige for the Meet The Character Blog Hop! And so...Well first, here's TK's edition of it:

Thanks for the tag and cool intro, TK. I love you madly <3 

So, here we go!

This will be fun, I hope lol.

What is the name of your character?

Valen. That's it. Just Valen. Shifters got no need for any of that last name business!

When and where is the story set?

About three hundred years or so in the future. Humanity has managed to all but wipe itself out, although not how you might have imagined. Yes, lots of wars and violence, but the rise of incurable and deadly diseases also decimated the world. Shifters, with their resistance to human diseases, are left unscathed and likely outnumbering humans.

What should we know about him?

He's a rather reluctant alpha. Born with a crescent birthmark above his left nipple, Valen is declared an alpha, as all wolf shifters with that birth mark are. But Valen loves the pack he's grown up in, and he love his family, his father who is the alpha of that pack. He loves them all enough to leave, as he's supposed to,  and sets out to discover his own place and pack. 

What is the main conflict? What won't he talk about? What messes up his life?

Well, I kinda covered part of that in the explanation before this one. He isn't afraid to talk, however, and I'm not giving away more of the plot, so you'll just have to read it to find out what Bad Shit happens.

What is the personal goal of the character?

To grow a beautiful pair of butterfly wings and fly off into the sunset. Just kidding. Again, answered this kind of. Valen has to leave the only home he's known and create a new place and pack for himself as an alpha. He intends to do this, but life doesn't go exactly as planned, and sometimes success comes at the price of great losses.

Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

There is. It's Valen's Pack: Run With the Moon, and it'll be available at Totallybound on these dates:
Preorder: 26th December 2014
Prerelease: 9th January 2015
General Release: 6th February 2015

What's that? A blurb and excerpt? Well, I can do that :D Can add part of the cover in here, too :D

Ain't it pretty?

Blurb: (same as the one I had up last week...or the week before. I can't remember. Bad author.)

Valen's been forced from his pack, as Alphas often are unless they want to fight the current leader for position. Since the current leader is Valen's father, and he loves and respects the man, Valen leaves even though he really just wants to stay in the safety of what he's always known. Then he encounters a sticky-fingered human, Aaron, who's the first human Valen's ever seen. The attraction between them is immediate, and more enduring than either would have guessed.

Excerpt Valen's Pack: Run With the Moon
copyright 2014
Bailey Bradford

The ceremony had begun despite Valen’s desire to remain with the pack. He hadn’t said as much to his father, Varex. Dishonoring him was unthinkable. Varex had been a good father and alpha. Fear of being alone wasn’t an acceptable reason to ask to remain there. Besides, he could and would succeed in making his father, and himself, proud.
Soft chanting filled the air then ceased. The gathered pack members joined hands and moved closer to them as Valen’s father clapped him on the shoulder. The chanting ceased, and expectation hung heavy in the air. “You told me once that you didn’t want to rule.”
Valen flinched. “I respect you and can only hope to be half the alpha you are.”
Varex squeezed gently. “You were only a young boy when you said that. To see a child’s adoration for his parent is one of the greatest moments in the parent’s life. I know you love this pack, and your family. Leaving us behind to embark on your new life is frightening. Not knowing where you will find yourself tomorrow, or next week, when your life has been all about this pack is difficult to accept. I remember well how scared I was when my father died, and I had to take over the pack. I wasn’t yet twenty, and I thought I wasn’t capable of taking the alpha position. But I was, and you are ready for this. You aren’t a power-hungry man, and you’ve been raised well. That’s part of why you’ll be a good alpha. You’re wise enough to know that power can do more harm than good in far too many instances. One only has to think of the humans to realize that.”
“I thought they were almost wiped out by diseases, not power struggles.” That was what they’d been taught in the small classroom the pack had for the kids.
Varex gave him a slight squeeze before letting go of Valen. “Diseases made and used as weapons, for the most part. Had our kind not been immune, we’d be almost extinct as well. Instead, we are thriving, as much as nature allows it.”
They still had deaths, and the odd accident that killed a shifter, but Varex was right. There’d been fewer losses when it came to pups and litters as a whole over the past several decades.
“Lanaka says that the spirits bless us for continuing to keep the peace with the humans. As if we would seek to destroy such a weak species,” Varex finished with only a hint of a sneer. “Besides, they’ll almost certainly do themselves in somehow. Humans never can remain peaceful for long, and it’s been over a hundred years since the End Times. Must be a record for them.” Varex shrugged. “Then again, they may be fighting and killing each other off somewhere, just not in the vicinity of which we receive news.”
Varex tutted. “And I’ve gone off track completely. Valen, my son.” His dark brown eyes shimmered with a mix of pride and tears. “I did not believe the spirits would see fit to gift me with someone who would follow in my footsteps. I love all of my pups, I do. Still, having an alpha for a son, that is something all of us dream of. To know that you will leave here, and make a new place, build a strong pack of your own, and spread our family line out amongst this world, it brings great joy to me.”
“Thank you, Father,” Valen murmured, dipping his head down. His heart beat faster. The time of his departure was near. Valen tried to keep his fear buried deep inside. It wouldn’t do for anyone else to scent it and think him weak, even if he knew himself to be just that.
Lanaka called forth all to witness.
Goosebumps prickled Valen’s skin. He wanted to run back into the home he’d grown up in and slam the door to his room. Hide away like a child, and never come out.

Mmmhm, peeps, and now I get to tag two (or more, hehehehe) authors to do the Meet the Character Blog Hop on their blogs next Monday! Share it with us here if you accept:

Hey and welcome to my M/M blog! My published name is M.A. Church. I'm an author with Dreamspinner and eXtasy. I also wrote at a free website as nomoretears00. I write m/m romance stories that tend to have nonhuman characters. I believe in HEA, and my stories have that, but there may be a few bumps in the road before they get there. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and live in the South.

Eric Roberts is a debut young adult author that writes whatever comes to mind. He lives in the south and believes true love could come in any form.