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Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's only Thursday?? Writing update and a little melancholy memories...

It seems like the weekend should be here already, doesn't it? Yesterday I spent twelve hours working on a story I finished, yet somehow I only made it through page 37-- out of 245. Part of that 37 pages included writing thirteen new pages, though, so maybe that's not too bad. This particular story is titled Something Shattered, and in it, one of the main characters struggles to deal with the repercussions of a violent act committed against him. I've learned some interesting things while researching for this book, such as what type of mental disorders can result from a traumatic experience, and how Internet therapy works. I find 'net therapy an interesting subject, and maybe more people can be helped that way. Helps cut down on the stigma that is generally a part of mental illness, and for those who aren't near any decent mental health care facilities, or who are unable to deal with going somewhere to receive help for whatever reason, it's might be a viable option.

There's also an apricot toy poodle in the story, Loopy, who does his part to set the heroes up. Loopy is completely and totally based on a real pup; he passed away too young four months ago. I miss that little dog. Maybe working on this story has been my own brand of therapy, because I've laughed at Loopy's antics, and remembered many of the things that made him such a special lil boy.

Tomorrow I will be posting the cover for Relentless, hope y'all stop by to check it out;-)

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