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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reasons I need to start sleeping at night instead of during the day

Yes, because that's just how my mind works... sort of.

1) Going to Walmart at midnight is a lesson in frustration-- one I repeatedly fail to learn. One line, twenty people, aisles blocked by stock and stockers, and the lone cashier who looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

2) Less chance of those freaky pink see-through-ish lizards scaring the crap out of me, or grossing me out.
A) Waaay less chance of one of the little creepies jumping onto my flip flop as I'm walking... landing, of course, between my heel and the shoe. That was gross, and resulted in...
1. Having to clean up puke, lizard goo off my shoe, and this still squirming tail which was stuck to the shoe as well. Totally, completely disgusting. How does crap like that happen??

3) If I want to work in bed at night, the DH tends to try to snuggle while I'm writing. This results not in warm, fuzzy feelings, but in snarky elbowing. Yes, I'm a...

4) Click beetles dive-bomb at night. They just love the laptop, and my hair. The feeling is NOT mutual, at least on my part. Same goes for June bugs. Ick.

5) Stepping outside at night means a 50-50 chance of running into some critter, usually either a possum or a skunk. If I don't see them first, and from a decent distance, this can result in, oh, say, loss of bladder control. And screeching, lots and lots of screeching.

On the other hand, everyone else is asleep and I can write relatively undisturbed by humans:) And it's cooler, AND I don't have to nag the keeds for the broadband card.

Then again, I get goofy, hence this blog which I'm writing at almost 2 a.m.

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