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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brain Spasm

Or maybe it's just not functioning yet:D That being the case, I figured I'd share the blurb for my November 30th release with Loose Id. A while back I asked how y'all felt about characters with mental illness-- nothing too heavy, but-- soapbox moment-- mental illness is still one of those topics that isn't talked about much and care and treatment for it is underfunded and not addressed as it should/could be. Considering the WHO says depressive disorders will be the second highest cause of disability for all ages and sexes by 2020, I find the lack of education on the subject and lack of affordable, available treatment very worrisome. I'm just sayin'. Anyway, here's a little info on Something Shattered:

Jesse Martin never knew what it meant to belong anywhere until he moved to the small town of El Jardin, NM. Something about the town called to him, and he set about doing what he could to fit in. If that meant keeping some parts of himself separate, tucked away from prying eyes, then that’s what he’d do.

Caden Tomas moved to El Jardin to escape the memories of a vicious attack that left him a shattered, broken man. The physical wounds would heal, but the emotional ones seemed insurmountable. Unable to leave his home for more than a brief walk to the mailbox, Caden’s isolation is another torment that eats away at his hopes of ever recovering.

Two men, each with their own personal demons, living only yards across from one another. Each is fascinated by the other, but unable to find a way to breach the problems that keep them apart. The solution comes in the form of one yappy little poodle, Loopy. His frequent escapes from Caden’s yard gives Jesse a reason to approach his neighbor, and from that moment on, a tenuous bond is formed between Jesse and Caden.

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