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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good Morning:D

Everyone ready for Christmas? We sort of are, lol. There's still wrapping to be done, we didn't finish yesterday-- we are more likely to start wadding up scraps of paper and throwing them at each other, easily distracted:D The kids are on short schedules at school--- they get to leave if they don't have finals in the afternoon. They are all bouncy and excited; the big family Christmas is this weekend so they are walking around with dollar signs in their eyeballs, and hoping thier aunts make their favorite Christmas foods:D

I received and signed the contract for the 4th Southern Spirits book, Wait Until Dawn yesterday. Sent it back and should get my copy in a few days. Then I will ask about pub dates for it and All of the Voices. I'm thinking Feb and March... I hope. Other than that, not a lot going on.

That's about it for life here in South Texas, how's everything going for y'all? Excited over Christmas? Expecting something awesome under the tree?? Take care and y'all have an amazing day, don't forget there will be another installment tomorrow:DD

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