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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One of those days...

Y'all know the sort, where you're just in a bit of a funk. It'll pass soon enough, probably once I've had a good amount of caffeine and I finish running around paying bills-- bleh. That is absolutely no fun. Instead of writing all day, I think maybe kicking back and reading is in order, once I can sit and chill. Although, I will of course work on the installment for tomorrow:D What Matters Most-- Joshie-- is just too much fun.

So, who do we want to read about next? Officer Stanton? He was who I was planning to start on, then Adam appeared, so... Adam? Or the burly cop? Hmmm. I put it to y'all: comment with your preference and the next story will be about the character with the most votes. It'll still be a while, but it'll give us something to anticipate:D

Thank you all and I hope y'all have an awesome week! And there we go, my funk is lifting already, just needed to stop in and say 'Hi'.;-D

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