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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where's the week gone to?

I know it's because I've got a deadline Monday for the 5th Spirits book, that's why time is flying:) Bend and Miles to Go have been contracted with tentative release dates for the three in the blog series as follows: Rory's Last Chance May 16, Miles June 20th and Bend August 1st. What Matters Most, if it's contracted, would be out in November maybe. I can't wait to see the cover art for those. Since they're related the series is titled (again, tentatively) Love in Xxchange since the club had a bit of something to do with each story. I swear my brain shuts off when it comes to titles and blurbs and such.

Totally unrelated to the above, today started off with the dog, Bets, having an accident in the house. Unusual for her, so it's worrisome with her having been so ill before. On the bright side, the day has to get better after that, right? :) I hope all of y'all have a fantastic day, and tomorrow will most likely be the finale of What Matters Most. If I didn't have a deadline I might mope over that, lol.

Y'all take care and have fun!;-D

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