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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's coming again... CONTEST TIME!

New release on the 14th, All of the Voices, so everyone who wants to enter to win an ebook copy, send in your email addy to itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com (thank you luciatea for catching that!) or slap a comment up entering:D Winner(s) will be notified late Sunday night and the books emailed early Monday morning-- as long as I have my copies in!

Cherri said to tell y'all hi, she's 'netless until next Monday except for on her cell phone and she can't access the blog:/

Now... how about an excerpt? Maybe that first sighting of a potential lover that sets the blood to singing... Here's Carlin Douglas's (Mrs. Hawkins'--she of the naughty negligees from When the Dead Speak-- nephew) first eyeful of Deputy Matt Nixon:D

A flicker of movement caught Carlin’s eye and his breath hitched when he cocked his head to the side to get a better look. Oh, damn.
Another thing McKinton had over New York was the very attractive male bodies clothed in the dark uniforms of the Sheriff’s Department. Seemed like every cop Carlin had ever seen in the Big Apple was sporting a gut that’d make finding said cops’ dick darn near impossible without the help of a crane.
Of course, Carlin was out, way out, and he was a lawyer, so cops weren’t exactly likely to flock to him, and certainly none like the ones currently in his line of sight. The two men in the parking lot walking up to the door of the building were both very fine. One was taller than the other and wearing a cowboy hat, his shoulders broad, waist small, and his ass was quite tempting.
But it was the other man who truly caught Carlin’s attention. A few inches shorter and several pounds thinner, the guy had a butt that made Carlin’s mouth water, which was funny as he definitely preferred to bottom. Lean, almost too much so, and long legs that Carlin wanted to feel quivering as he bounced on the man’s cock. That guy had a hat, too, though he was holding it in his hand. His very big hand. Carlin dragged his gaze up the man’s back to his wide shoulders, admiring their breadth for a moment before looking further up to his nearly shorn head.
“Oh, nice.” Carlin could make out the pale strip of skin under the man’s hairline at the back of his neck. The short style must be new. “Almost like a gift just for me,” Carlin mused. He had a weak spot for men with buzz cuts, burrs, high and tights, and bald, God, he really loved the feel of a man’s smooth scalp under his palms or between his thighs.
His lovers’ bodies, however, Carlin preferred them to have hair, the more the better. Carlin liked his men furry and rough, and this guy—well. If his front looked anywhere near as good as his back, the guy could have a body as smooth and hairless as Carlin kept his own. It’d be weird, but it also just might be worth it. Like that is ever going to happen here in hicksville.
“Quit being an idiot, you’re not here to get laid. Probably get your ass beat if you so much as look at any man here.”
Except, as Carlin started to get out of his car, a gorgeous little guy with lovely dark skin stepped out of the building and greeted the bigger guy with the cowboy hat on with a long, definitely had to be tongue involved, kiss.
Well. McKinton just got a whole lot more interesting.

... And that'd be Severo coming out to lock lips with Laine while Matt stands by blushing and Carlin watches the three of them:D

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