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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday ramble...

Let's see, I wish there were some exciting news to pass on but... Not much is happening. I will be taking What Matters Most down this week, and am working on the last book in the Spirits series, and Adam's story of course. That's that on the writing front. On the personal-ish side of things, everyone's healthy and it's fixing to get cold cold cold, supposed to hit 19 degrees for a low either tomorrow or Thursday, can't remember which-- my brain spasms kicked in and blocked the info, 'cause that's just WRONG for south Texas. Yesterday I think it was in the low 80's, Thursday we might get snow. Wrong. Eep. I will stay huddled under covers with the lalptop:D Since the cold front is coming, today I have to get out and run errands, go to lunch with my mother and daughter, be sociable, lol. We will have a good time. 

I hope all of y'all are going to have an awesome day as well, and that everyone stays healthy and warm:D

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