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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hmm... I meant to post in the earlier ramble-babble...

I'll be pulling Ex's and O's down by the end of the week, in case anyone wants to reread any of it before then. Friday it'll be g-o-n-e. I think.

According to Blogger, there have been zero-zip-zilch visitors here since Sunday night. All y'all who read the installment must have some super-dooper telepathic stuff going on. o.O And how y'all managed to comment without visiting the blog is beyond me, but that's pretty amazing ;-D High-fives to all of ya!

Stats aren't the be all and end all; if they never work again, well, y'all will just have to comment more to let me know y'all are reading :D Blogger can spazz out on us as long as it doesn't refuse to let the installments be posted, and doesn't eat y'all's comments.

Anyway, that's the babble part deux! Take care, everybody:)

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