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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday babble

Well, this week is flying right on by! Amber will be getting married Monday, and it's not a big affair, but there's still things to do. I'm just not sure what :D At least the flowers are ordered, and everyone is set clothes-wise except for the DH. Looks like a Saturday shopping trip to San Antonio. Three shopping trips in one week, yikes. That's three too many.

Superkid has been battling a migraine, keeping her in school has been problematic. I know how bad migraines hurt, and she can't take anything major for the pain-- there's a familial history of arrhythmia-- that makes things like Imitrex dangerous. She's fixing to get the  orange Gatorade treatment. Cherri suggested that for  mine, and I waited and waited because I absolutely hate orange flavoring, but finally broke down and tried it. We won't get into details about how that first attempt at a drink of it went. *shudder* but it did help.  Superkid has missed one day this week already with the migraine, and she will be missing Monday for the wedding and part of Thursday for our doctor appts-- her left knee, my right knee and wrist, too much fun-- so she really can't miss any more. 

I am going to get started on the installment this evening as I plan on it being longer and probably somewhat NSFW at least. We will see if the guys fall in line with my plans:D First I have to get about 5k done on the 4th shifter book, though. It's a little more complicated since part of it will be dealing with the  hunting down of the ones who abducted Marcus.

And on that note, I'll end the babbling and wish you all a wondermous day!! Take care:)

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