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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am going to have to concede defeat on catching up on comments >.< Some of y'all left comments telling me to chill about it, but way more tactfully than that lol. I wanted to catch up with all of them regardless, but  I need to step back and realize I can't do everything I want to, no matter how bad I want to do it. I spend approximately sixty hours a week writing, books and blog, and then there's family needs and what have you. It irks me that there's been so many issues lately, health-wise, that have kept me down, but y'all are right, unless I'm careful I'll end up laid up again.
I appreciate each and every one of the comments, and of y'all, please don't think otherwise. I'm just a bit overwhelmed. Thank you all, though! Y'all really are the best, and I hope everyone has a wonderful evening :)

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