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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Well, Wednesday...what?

Yes, I am addicted to alliteration... Also, I'm tired and not whining about it, just stating it as it's true. I don't think I've had a decent night's sleep since Dad went into the hospital. I know there are e-mails and comments, and I promise to catch up, it just might take a few days. I am also working on another Leopard's book, titled Sullivan, who is another cousin to Levi and Oscar and all the guys. His mate just happens to be s snarky wolf by the name of Bobby.

Sully is a bit of a prankster-- y'all know the kind, the ones who never know quite when to stop and almost always overdo it. He's got a good heart, though, and a rampaging libido-- what can I say? He loves to play. How do y'all think Bobby will handle getting pranked? Could be an all out war, that ends in some very hot truces.

Y'all would not believe the corny awful joke I passed up there.

I will start a new blog story next Wednesday, that should give me time to finish Sullivan and to refresh myself on the men I'll be writing on. Someone suggested a Halloween short on the Love in Xxchange gang, and I'm thinking yes, yes we can do that. Thanksgiving with Gabe, though, he's insisting!

Now, I am going to go back to writing, and then hit up the track to walk a few miles. If the DH is nice to me, I'll shower after that, before going to bed  ^.^ I might have a mean streak :D But not a stinky streak!

Thank you all for the comments and e-mails, y'all are awesome, y'all know that, right? Remember ARe bucks drawing tomorrow! Get your name in if it isn't already on the list!


Margaret S said...

My daft thought was - Sully likes to get Bobby pinned - Sorry pun on the American name for a hair clip just popped up :D
Try to catch some sleep and get your writing resorted - I am sure it go messed up recently.
Take it easy and and take care of yourself and the family.

Kat! said...

My Dad was King of the Corny Jokes. I look forward to it. I already ordered my copy of Esau from Total e Bound's VIP promotion. You get it early, and 10,or 15% off.
My brother is a punster. He likes making puns. I couldn't tell a joke to save my life! I do like playful characters, though. I just stare with blank confusion for a long time, until I either get it, or have to ask for clarification. Nobody usually gets my humour...it's rather warped. I don't like pranks...people usually take them to far. Some ends up being laughed at...not with.
I hope you, and your family are doing okay...as well as one can expect. It's a long, hard, road.
It sounds like Sully, and Bobby's story would be good for you, and as always I'll enjoy reading it. I love the Leopard's Spots series. I think snarky Bobby, and I will be like two peas.
A Hallow'een story with the Love In Xxchange crew sounds good. What bat-shit crazy costumes are floating around in that head of yours?
I also love the idea of a Thanksgiving story with Gabe, and the crew.
As always, my thoughts are with you. My best wishes to you, and yours.

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

Lol! Now that's stuck in my head, and the images are quite...interesting:D

Bailey;-) said...


Thank you for pre-purchasing it:) I do appreciate that very much. How are the kitties? I hope they are bright rays of sunshine for you.
I'm not a huge prankster either, but my Dad and sister used to really go at it. I preferred to stay out of the way. I know people who just don't know when to quit, and they aren't all bad, but some of them...Well. Ya gotta wonder:) Or not, lol, people are sometimes functioning on different levels.
I hope you are warm and feeling well. Thank you, Kat!

Kat! said...

My babies keep me hopping...and sometimes tearing my hair out. I've always had kitties that could run around outside, and burn off energy. Kalli, and Jagger tear around the apt. like it's a race track.
They're growing like weeds, too! Jagger is about six lbs., and Kalli is five lbs. I swear she looks about half his size. About the first of Nov. they go for spaying, and neutering. Maybe that's why they're so full of beans...hormones. LOL. Already they've made themselves at home in my heart. I can't imagine not having them.
It's getting colder here, but warm for Sept. My hot flashes are keeping me sweating, though. LOL.
I'm so glad you could turn a sad time into a special memory with your mum.
Because I can't always spend enough time on the computer, I got lost somewhere during the blog story. I'll just read it when it's published. It's sad when a story ends, but you can always revisit them for us, and you. It's so fun when you do.
As always, you, and your family are in my thoughts, and I wish you all the best. At least you won't have cold and snow to content with. LOL. Enjoy your week. Thank you for your kind regards.

Bailey;-) said...


Lol, they sound amazing. Sound a lot like the three puppies we have! The boy pups are going for neutering the first part of November, too. We can commiserate then:) I am so glad we got P-Nut before Dad passed away. This puppy has been such a comfort. He's always on my lap (which is making it hard to type but eh).
It's hot here, still in the nineties during the day. I want cooler weather. I don't want COLD weather. I am so with you in the hot flashes. I was walking around the store with the DH and Super Teen griping about how hot it was and of course neither of them were even slightly warm. It's just...lovely, isn't it?
Kat!, email me when you can about the blog story that just ended, if you will:)
Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts, you are always in mine too:) Take care and have a wonderful week!

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