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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Elijah as a lil monster. The twins didn't dress up this year,  but if I can get some new pics of them I will add them:)
Just popping in real quick to share some pics. Y'all feel free to do the same, if there's Halloween pics you want to share, email them to me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com and I will get them posted here, with this post.

I will try to get an installment done today, although with all the running, I might have to move it to Thursday. We have relatives to go pop in on and all of that.

Amber and Super Teen participated in the SA Zombie walk, and they were some skeery zombies:

Normally, Super Teen is unseen, but she's all made up and asked if she could have her pic up, so there ya go, Amber, Super Teen, in the Tower of the Americas in SA,
She did pretty good with the makeup. Super Teen wants to be a make-up artist, among other things:)

I slept through this zombie invasion, but the DH snapped a pic. Look at his laptop. all FB'ing it ...

There might be more pics, depending on if I get the chance to take them, and feel free to share y'all's:)

This pic was sent in by Mel, super cool pumpkins they carved!


Jase G. said...

Damn!!!! That's some scary good make up. If she wants to be a make up artist then I think she'll be a great artist. That's an awesome job. Maybe we'll see her on SyFy's "Face Off" in a couple of years. Hell, I have enough trouble with chap stick. No way could I pull that off.
It's going to be a cold and quiet night at my place. My apt is on the third floor, so not many kids make the trek up here. I want to be here though if they do. They shouldn't have to make the hike up here without some kind of reward. Besides, I love seeing all the costumes they come up with. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice makeup job! She even has the freaky glowing eye thing going on :)
Have fun.

Margaret S said...

What a cute little monster!
But you love him anyway.

Debra G said...

Fantastic makeup by Super Teen! She's
got some talent.
Love Elijah the little monster. So cute!

Bailey;-) said...

Jase G.,

Super Teen says she likes you, you're funny, and yes, Chap Stick is difficult which is why she uses Carmex:D
Did you get many trick or treaters? By the time we got him from visiting my in-laws, it was after 8, and there were no kids out. The last few years there have been fewer and fewer trick or treaters; I think most of them go to the city park celebration. This leaves me with entirely too much candy to eat. ^.^ I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Bailey;-) said...


thank you from us both, and as for the eyes? She's 13, they frequently glow like she's possessed O.o
Nah, she's a good kid:)

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

You know I do:) He's been fussy and not sleeping well lately, poor little boy:( Allergies, I think. They are kicking everyone's butt down here...

Bailey;-) said...

Debra G,

Thank you, from the both of us. Super Teen really got a kick out of the comments here and on FB. Really boosted her spirits when she's been having a crap time with friends lately.
Elijah is a sweetie! :D Have a wonderful weekend!

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