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Monday, October 1, 2012


So, I had blog withdrawal, and awesome people withdrawal. That was like going without chocolate for days... I will be attending GRL in a couple of weeks, and I hope to have a few installments written ahead of time for then. Small ones, because sheesh, I need more hours in the day and less damn cooties.

Let me show you some of the fun stuff happening in the Bradford casa. We are getting a room ready for my Mom to move into, and the DH, wonderful man that he is, told her he wanted to make the room all nice for her, and replace the windows, rip out the two walls facing the outside of the house, put insulation-- because the original builder used NONE in that room, or the bedroom beside it, which is Amber and Mike's. NONE.  Who does that? Oh yeah, the person who built this house. Ages. Ago.

Anyway, so this is going on:

Which was putting the windows in, then...

      tearing the drywall out. You see what was under that sheetrock? NOTHING. Well, some scary stuff but we aren't going there. Needless to say, we will be insulating it and making it look alllllll better.

    But I have to wonder about the rest of this place, and the attic, which I have never, ever even looked in in the past 8 or 9 years we've lived here. I'm kind of scared to look. Okay no kinda to it. Now the DH is home from his day job and is off to work on the room some more. I'm thinking staying out of there might be better on my throat for a bit.

   Anyway, that and sounding like, let's see, how did Amber just describe me as sounding? Oh yeah, like a sexy old man-- she's off my x-mas list unless she meant Sean Connery-- well those have been all the highlights of my weekend. But you know, I'm happy and working, and I appreciate y'all letting me ramble on:) I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!


Diane A said...

I hope you feel better soon!
You've had a helluva year! I have this overwhelming urge to find you at GRL just to give you a hug!!!

Very cool husband you have working on that room, I'm sure it will look amazing when complete!

I hope your Mom is doing okay, or as well as can be expected, take care of yourself as well as you'd take care of your family!

Margaret S said...

DH does indeed seems a wonderful man. I am sure he will make the room into a cozy retreat for your mum where she can sometimes escape the madness that can be Casa Bradford.

Sorry to hear that you and Super Teen are still unwell and hope you improve soon.

All the best to the whole family

Bailey;-) said...

Diane A,

I actually feel almost human today! Finally!! Thank you for the kind wishes:D If you're going to GRL I would love to meet you and am always open to hugs:) The DH is pretty amazing, I plan on keeping him and hoping he doesn't realize I'm getting the better end of that deal:)
Mom is doing all right; her birthday is this Friday so I plan to feed her cake, lol:) You take care and thank you!

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

We both feel better today, which, that's not fair. Super Teen didn't get as bad as I did, and she didn't get a shot, and she's feeling at least as good as I do. Oh, I'm glad she didn't get a shot, but it's odd the way things work.
The DH got rewarded with a nice meal out, and a couple of cold beers. He seems to be happy, sprawled on the bed watching TV. I think he needs a poke in the ribs...

Anonymous said...

Glad to read that you and Super Teen are feeling better. DH is definitely a keeper with a big heart. Also, he is so handy, not too many people would know how to make over a room like DH. Wonderful to read about your Mom coming to live with you.
P.S. Later on, better have DH check out the attic if possible - my parent's house wasn't properly insulated in the attic either.

Bailey;-) said...


Grrrrrrrrrr Blogger is still spamming your comments. I am going to screech! Thank you, and yes, DH is a good guy. He's learned how to do repairs, and thank goodness for youtube tutorials:D There is no insulation in the attic. None. Ugh.

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