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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Then I'll get to writing:) Here are some review links that were sent to me, so as when that happens, I pass them on to share:) Er, there's kind of a few of them...I've been gone, you know, and e-mail accumulated, and...I'm so organized...





And from Tangie at Twolips:

I'm not the best at promo-ing stuff, and I never know about reviews unless someone sends me a head's-up-- that's not a request, I'm just saying, I don't Google myself, I just write, lol. Well lately, I've been running but y'all know all that. We almost have Mom's room done, rented a storage room today for the extra stuff, and we will be moving her in over the weekend once we get that godawful snap in wood flooring down. I bet that's been the cause of many a divorce. :D Me and the DH are fine, I'm teasing. Anyways, the installments will be short but they're going to happen.

Now I better shut up (silence my fingers? Really?) and go get Super Teen, then get an installment done before I head over to Mom's to make homemade buttermilk biscuits and help pack stuff up. Y'all take care *huggz*


Jase G. said...

Have you thought about taking a vacation once this is all over? I think you might need one. I've seen busy. Hell, I've done busy but you've got me beat be a long shot!
Great news on getting the room set up for your mom. Last time I did anything involving renovation work, I told my best friend to disappear. We had to do his whole house before he and his now wife moved in. A couple of times I felt like strangling him. Especially after the room that needed three coats of primer and two of the actual paint. Of course by the time we were done...all I wanted was a couple shots of really good scotch!! Nothing brings people closer than home renovations! ;)

Bailey;-) said...

Jase G.,

I feel like such a whiner, because all that come out of my mouth lately is I am so tired. Bleh. It's not even 9 pm and bed time is right here.
Hahahahaha! Home renovations are bringing us closer, all right, closer to losing our marbles, lol. We went back to work on the laminate flooring tonight, but the freaking house is ancient, and not level, and yeah, there be cussing and hammering with a rubber mallet (!) more cussing, screwing down of laminate-- now you know that isn't right-- Elijah with the mallet (!!!), removal of screws, and now, the DH watching Youtube videos on how to install laminate flooring. Always an adventure, and fortunately, most of us in the house have a warped sense of humor.
And a large cursing vocabulary:)

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