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Thursday, October 4, 2012

What's in your TBR?

I was looking at mine, and there are 36 books in the Immediate TBR pile and over 200 in the Will Get To Them TBR pile. I will never catch up. Some of the books at the top of the list are My Regelence Rake, Love in La Terrazza, The Mountain, Magpie, and To Catch A Fox. I'd like to read them before GRL but it's not looking likely with the renovation and another deadline approaching. Still, I'll get some time to kick back and read.

Those are also just the books in PDF. There are more on my Kindle, and my ePub reader on my phone. I think I'm too overwhelmed to know where to start with them:D

I still feel icky, but my throat seems to be clearing up this evening. Maybe whatever's in the air is finally blowing on out of the area. If I wake up unable to talk again tomorrow, though, I am going to be one po'd chick.

Tomorrow, as I mentioned, I'll be taking Mom out and about for her birthday. Oh and yay for her, she gets to help me haul three pups to the vet's for more vaccines. I bet that's just how she wants to spend her day :D We'll be going to dinner after, and from there who knows what wild and crazy stuff we'll do. The installment will be up late tomorrow, after we've spent the day together.

I hope y'all all have an amazing Friday. I will catch up on replies this weekend. For now I am taking my whiny self to bed. Sweet dreams ^.^


kaytee said...

Your TBR sounds like mine, except I just finished My Regelence Rake. Well worth the time. I also really like Esau - another well done!!!

Tell Mom happy birthday from another October B-day girl those of us from the beginning of October are the best! I celebrated my day by working and taking my mom shopping the making dinner for the rest of the family. I'm sure she won't mind taking the pups to the vet.
Feel better soon.

Margaret S said...

I see the problem - So much to do and so little time.
I have got into a pattern recently where even if I don't read all day I read for 30 minutes or so before sleeping. I find this helps me to relax and unwind from the stress of the day and usually nod off soon after putting the book down.
My Regelence Rake was great and Magpie is top of my TBR list.

Hope in spite of the cores your mum enjoys her birthday. please pass along my birthday wishes to her.

I do hope the problem with your throat has finally cleared up and that you will soon be back to your lovable self instead of doing the old man impressions your daughter kindly commented on.

Have a good weekend.

Melinda said...

Gotta say I am caught up on the books I own. My TBR list is actually the ones you guys have not yet released. I have about 10 or so authors (you are one) that I buy everything from. So at this point I just have to wait for new releases. I have a hard time finding authors that have the HEA ending and have cut about 20 or so authors from my reading list because the book does not have the HEA and I read to get away from real life and need that good ending, not that my life is bad. But you just need the escape from reality and to know someone has the life everyone dreams of.

Debra G said...

I always have a towering, teetering stack of TBRs. At the very top are the two new Amy Lane novels Mourning Heaven and Dex in Blue, One Wrong Move by Shannon McKenna, For Men Like Us by Brita Adams and Regelence Rake.
I do this weird thing when something I really want to read comes out; I save it and wait a little longer. Maybe I'm worried it won't live up to my expectations? I do enjoy knowing I have something really good to read.

Have a great day with your Mom and feel better yourself. Also, would you post some puppy pictures? I would love to see them :).

Jase G. said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Hope you guys have a blast!!! Watch out for the margaritas. I hear they can be tricky little things. ;)
Remember how just a month or so ago I was trying to find something to read? Well that is no longer a problem. I seem to have jumped into the "where am I going to find time to read everthing" pile. "My Regelence Rake" is also on my list of TBR. That will be the fifth one on my list. I have to finish one series and then an Andrew Grey book, then reread the first two books before "My Regelance Rake" so I can remember what was going on. I've had my NOOK for about a year now and already have about 350 books on it. I guess it's confession time or whatever they call it.
"Hi! My name is Jase and I have an addiction to books. The real problem is that I don't really care to be cured....so there!" (Not sure how to say "I'm sticking my tongue out and being a brat" so that will have to do.) ;)
Hope you are feeling better and having a fantastic day!

Avalie said...

All those are on my immediate to buy/read list, except The Mountain, don't know that one.
Also on my priority list are The Gravedigger's brawl, Dirty secret and A game of schemes.
About 200 others on various tbr lists!

Anonymous said...

My TBR pile was past 350 last time I checked and more great books keep coming out! With all these books to read all I really want to do right now is reread Ethan, Who Loved Carter. It must fit my mood at the moment. I hope you feel better soon and your Mom has good birthday :)

Crissy Morris said...

Happy Birthday MoM!! :)

Umm...I've read MRR (and I loved it...love the whole series) my TBR is out of control right now. I think there is probably over 200 that I haven't read that I need to read. But the one's that I plan on getting to sooner rather than later...Reverence (yes, I know...but I have so much to catch up on *sigh* not enough time in the day), Ethan Who Loved Carter, Love in La Terraza, To Catch a Fox, Tramps, Men of Smithfield books 2&3, Trouble by Talia Carmichael,Second Hand, Love Hypothetically, Point of No Return...and that's only the beginning...I need a vacation...a 2 month vacation...

Yvette said...

OMG...my TBR list is about 120 on the Kindle Fire Carousel...my problem is that every time I read one book I get two more....I think that I may have a problem :-)

Bailey;-) said...


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I need to have y'all all tell me when y'all's birthday is and start doing announcements here.
Thank you re Esau, I'm glad you enjoyed it:) I have Sully in, and he finds himself running into a wolf shifter named Bobby--
Mom said thank you, she had a wonderful birthday. She also sends you belated happy birfday wishes:D Take care and have a fantastic week!

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

Ohh I want to read them both so bad. Last night I had time, but I laid down and was asleep before nine pm. That's bad. I just feel worn out a lot.
We managed to surprise Mom, with Amber slipping over to her place while I had Mom out at stores. Amber hung up a birthday banner and made her another cake. I need to post pics:D
I hope you've had a fabulous weekend, and read and laughed a lotQ

Bailey;-) said...


Thank you:) I totally agree with you on the happy endings. I get so angry when I read a book that doesn't have an HEA. There should be a warning-- and some publishers do that, attach a warning in the blurb so I know not to buy it. Others don't, though, and I always want my money back. Reading is my release, too, just like writing tends to be. There's enough sadness in the world, I don't want to read it, too.
I hope you have a fantastic week, take care.

Bailey;-) said...

Debra G,

I want to read all of those! I have most of them, too. Like you, I hang on to them for a while. I think you've got the reason for that down right, lol. I hope you have a fabulous week, take care:D

Bailey;-) said...

Debra G,

And yes, I will post P-Nut pics soon, thank you for asking! :D

Bailey;-) said...

Debra G,

And yes, I will post P-Nut pics soon, thank you for asking! :D

Bailey;-) said...

Jase G.,

Mom said thank you, she had a great day, and thank you from me, too:) We avoided the margaritas since we were driving around and shopping and stuff, but we had two cakes and omg, I love Chili's molten lava cake. That thing is awesome.
Lol! I am so glad you've found plenty to read! It's great, isn't it? Heh I definitely got the sticking your tongue out impression, who could blame you?
Cool front blew in, and I'm not so croaky. I might be kinda cranky though, due to lack of quiet time. Hmmm. And. And! I am so excited about going to GRL. That's going to be fun! I might have a margarita problem there:D
Take care and have a fantastic week:D

Bailey;-) said...


The Mountain is Ally Blue's latest. Oh! I have a Game of Schemes! I want to read that one ASAP too. And Gravedigger, I need that one. Need. It. :D Lol your lists sound as long as mine! Have an amazing week:D

Bailey;-) said...


Wow, that's a lot of books!! Mom did have a wonderful birthday, and she thanks you for the wishes. The DH just finished painting her room lavender, it's pretty:) You take care and I hope you have a fabulous week!

Bailey;-) said...

Crissy Morris,

Mom was with me when you posted your comment, and she was tickled, just like she has been every time y'all wished her happy birthday. She said thank you, she had a good day. And good cakes!
Ohhh, your TBR pile sounds like mine, and it's all good, I know how hectic things get. Part of my problem is, when I have time to read, I'm overwhelmed by my choices, I panic a little and I go to sleep, lol, or write!
I hope you have a fantastic week, take care!

Bailey;-) said...


Lol!! We are all book addicts here, ain't it great? Now, if only books were tax deductible...
Take care and have a wonderful week!

Kat! said...

I have TONS on my TBR. I have time, but I just love to read. I have to narrow it down to MBR...must be read. Of course, you're one of the authors on my MBR list. I never even have to know what it's about. I always have to read your latest release. I have about five authors that are in that catagory.
I know what you mean about vet trips. Jagger, and Kalli's next visit is for the big one...spay, and neutering. I wonder if it will calm them a little. Sometimes, it's like watching acrobats. Jagger gets so wound up he starts panting heavily. It doesn't even slow him down. I've never had indoor cats, so this is new for me.
I'm sorry you continue to feel sick. It's autumn here, so I'm having trouble with allergies, and bad migraines. My sinuses close up while I sleep, and the stuffiness in the apt. are leading to daily migraines.
I hope you feel better, soon.

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