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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving ***NSFW***

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you to each and every one of you. Y'all have been so incredible, and helped me through a very tough year. I appreciate y'all.

Here's a Thanksgiving short with the Xxchange crew. It might not be as detailed as I'd have liked, but there were time constraints and at least a little check-in is better than none (IMO, lol). Enoy:)

copyright 2012
Bailey Bradford

An Xxchange Thanksgiving

There were lots of things to be grateful for, but this Thanksgiving, the first one that popped into Josh’s mind was the thick cock that felt as hot as a brand pressed up against his backside. He all but purred as he wiggled his ass. Sleep was still clouding his mind, and he was so comfortable and warm and happy. There was no reason to rush and get up. Even in his sleepy state, Josh remembered that he had the next four days off.
And if that wasn’t something to purr about, nothing was.
Oh, that happy rumble was almost reason enough to open his eyes. Josh pressed back with his butt, his shoulders, every part of him he could as Nick’s arms tightened around him. This was definitely the way to start a morning off right. If everyone woke up feeling loved and horny, with the person—or people—snuggled to them that they loved, no one would be starting wars and killing people. Everyone would be happy, happy, happy—
Josh pried one eye open at that way too happy thought. He wasn’t a big enough morning person to really believe his own line of bull. Not without having a pot of coffee first. Then he could be perky and cheery and all that shit.
Right now he was—“Fuck me!” Horny, holy hell and hand grenades! “Nick…” He did not just whine. Just because Nick pinched his nipples, which were kind of tender from the night before, that still didn’t mean he’d whined. It was just that sleep-thick thing that happened, the phlegm and—
“Oh thank God,” he moaned when Josh plucked at his tits again. That was way better than thinking about the nasty stuff he’d been thinking of. Now all Josh could think about was the way his nibbles throbbed every time his heart beat, and how he wanted more pinches and plucking.
“Was that a question or a declaration?” Josh rasped. He was going to start keeping a bottle of water on his night stand again. He sounded like a pack a day smoker, and he wasn’t.
Nick was less of a morning person than he was, but he didn’t have any problem getting his hand on Josh’s dick. Josh sucked on his bottom lip as he moaned and rolled his head against Nick’s shoulder.
Last night he’d had Nick in almost this exact same position, and he’d slid into the wonderful, tight heat of Nick’s ass. This morning he ached to feel Nick inside of him. Nick could be rougher, dirtier than Josh sometimes when they had sex. He was really hoping now was one of those times.
“Happy Thanksgiving,” Nick whispered, and Josh’s plans for a good, hard fuck evaporated.
“The turkey!” He squirmed and while his nerves were pinging with lust everywhere he and Nick were touching, his brain was screeching at him to get his ass out of bed before he ended up with a bunch of angry—and hungry—cowboys coming for him. Chance in particular still spooked him when the man had that look, the one that said he was about to rip someone a new one. And Josh knew Chance now, knew the man was mostly more bark than bite. Mostly being the key word.
“Aw, can’t it wait a few minutes?”
Josh twisted around until his back popped and he could kind of see Nick’s face. “A, a few minutes? Seriously? Honey you don’t fuck this ass in a few minutes and you know it. And B, save the whine for dinner, okay?”
Nick growled and swatted him on the ass and Josh seriously reconsidered his stand for a few seconds. Then his phone chimed with a text message, and another, and a third, and he sighed as he rolled over to hug Nick. “Later, I promise. I’ll so make it worth your while.” And mine.
“I might be passed out from the turkey and the wine,” Nick teased. Josh stared at him without blinking. “Aw, cut that out, you know it gives me the creeps. How can you just not blink? Don’t your eyes get all dry?”
Yes, they did, but Josh wasn’t going to admit it. He widened them slightly.
“Okay, okay, you win! Like I would be able to sleep without getting this first,” Nick clamped a big hand on Josh’s ass, squeezed and jiggled it. “Mmm, I just need a few minutes rubbing against this sweet ass and I’ll be in a whole lot cheerier mood, and I promise I’ll make it up to you later.”
Josh’s phone went off with two more texts and immediately rang with Annabelle’s ringtone. Nick wasn’t the only one to groan.
“Yeah, if I don’t answer it…”
“For God’s sake, get it before she has a coronary.”
A pouty Nick was cute, even if he was kind of old for playing the part. Still, Josh figured he could make everyone happy just by rolling over and grabbing the phone. Which he did. “Have at it,” he purred, arching his backside into the warmth of Nick’s groin. The man really was a human furnace, just one of the many things Josh loved about him.
He also really, really loved the way Nick moaned and held him tight with one arm around his waist and the other across his chest so Nick could slide that thick cock back and forth—
Josh forced himself to pick up the phone, which had ceased ringing for a moment then started up again. If he was a little breathless, oh well. Annabelle could deal with it. He pressed the button to accept the call, prepared for Annabelle’s voice, so hearing Justin’s was like getting a mouthful of water when you were expecting sweet tea. Except he didn’t gag.
“God damn it, Josh, I didn’t know there were things inside the damn turkey! Why didn’t anyone tell me there were things stuffed up there?” Justin snarled every bit of his complaint, and Josh would have snickered if Nick hadn’t shifted his hips a little and started rubbing right against his hole.
“Josh, damn it, answer me before Annabelle and Evan get back from the barn!” Justin hissed and cursed again and Josh tried to get his brain to function.
“Take ‘em out,” he managed, breathy enough that Justin should have caught on to the fact that his little brother was doing something other than just listening to him throw a hissy.
“But I don’t want to put my hand in—“
Nick put his hand somewhere Josh wanted it very badly, and he moaned as his cock was taken in a firm, rough grip.
“Josh! What the fuck!” Justin screeched. “What are you—while I’m on the phone? Really?”
“Hang up the phone,” Nick grumbled, nipping Josh’s ear as he began thrusting harder. “Now.”
Josh dropped the phone and grabbed two handfuls of bedclothes as he writhed, so close to coming that he couldn’t stand it. But Nick had been known to keep him right there, hovering on the edge of bliss for an endless amount of time. And when Josh finally got to come, his climax shattered him.
Nick seemed to be aiming for that effect, rutting and jerking him off. A buzzing sound began in Josh’s ears as he panted, need clamping his gut tight. Nick let go of his cock long enough to heft Josh’s leg up.
“Got to,” Nick muttered, and Josh agreed. But Nick was still going to blow his mind later, too, or there’d be hell to pay. The blunt tip of Nick’s cock pressed against his hole, and Josh arched, pushing out and taking that thick length inside. The burn was almost too much, but so perfect Josh cried out as he reached behind him for a handful of Nick’s ass. “Okay?” Nick asked.
Josh was going to kill Nick if he didn’t move. Articulating that wasn’t possible.
Nick knew him well, though, after more than three years together. He pushed into Josh, rolling him onto his belly as he did so. “Up,” Nick ordered, hooking an arm under Josh’s hips. “You want it hard, get up.”
“Bossy fucker,” Josh groused not unhappily. He got to his knees with Nick’s help. When he would have pushed up on his hands, Nick did his growling thing that made Josh want to whimper and come all over the place. “Stay down,” Nick told him, planting a hand between his shoulder blades.
Oh, this was going to be just what he’d wanted. And Nick might be off the hook for later, depending. Josh kept his shoulders down and he put one arm under the pillow, flattening his hand against the headboard as Nick began to withdraw. With his other, he palmed his cock, quivering at how good it felt to do so.
Then Nick filled him again, and Josh forgot for a minute to stroke himself. Nick grunted and grabbed his hips, a sure sign he was about to let loose and fuck Josh senseless. Josh took a deep breath, knowing he might well forget to breathe again until he came. It’d happened before, Nick fucking him unconscious. Nick walked around strutting like a rooster for a week afterwards.
Nick ploughed into him and Josh decided Nick strutting was cute, hot, and every other adjective having to do with him being a stud. Delicious friction was coming at him front and back, and Nick’s hips slammed against his ass in the way that always left bruises.
Josh shoved back with everything he had, meeting Nick thrust for thrust. His body felt like it was on fire, want and need combined, driving him out of his mind. Turkeys and Thanksgiving were forgotten about as tendrils of pleasure began to blossom into shooting spears of ecstasy. Josh fisted his cock tighter, jerking himself harder like Nick would have been doing if it’d been his hand on Josh’s shaft.
Twist at the top, fuck into his palm, tugging and catching on the downstroke, then a squeeze and back up—Josh was on automatic pilot, lust driving as Nick fucked him, each thrust jostling him to the bone. Despite the hand on the headboard, he was slipping forward, sweat making him slick, strength fading as he lost himself in what they were doing.
Then he was being pulled up, Nick still fucking him, slowing only until he had Josh upright. Josh threw his arms back, arching and catching his wrists behind Nick’s neck. It was Nick’s hand on him, harsh and perfect, Nick’s mouth, his lips sucking up a mark the size of Texas on Josh’s neck.
Nick thrust in deep several times, stroking Josh’s dick in time with his movements. Josh moaned and shook, needing just a little more. Nick gave it to him, catching Josh’s slit with his thumbnail. That twisted mix of pleasure-pain zinged through Josh, setting off spark in his balls that sent cum racing up his shaft.
Nick shouted and drove into him again, somehow toppling Josh and raising his hips at the same time. Josh couldn’t do anything but come and come as Nick plunged into him repeatedly. The guttural noise that tore from Nick came right before Nick did. Wet heat flooded Josh’s ass, and Nick shuddered and ground against him.
Josh was just going to have a bunch of cowboys pissed off at him, because the turkey he was making was going to be late. But as Nick uttered sweet nothings in stuttering breaths, Josh thought it was worth it.
Bo glanced at the oven. “Max, does the ham look like it’s ready for the glaze?”
Max set down the newspaper he’d been reading—well, actually, he’d been watching Bo watch the ham, which was way better than the depressing crap in the paper. He looked at the oven, the inner light left on by Bo so he could keep an eye on the ham.
“Aren’t you supposed to poke it with the thermometer?”
Bo nibbled on his upper lip as he shook his head. “Uh, I don’t know. I thought that was only for the birds. Do we even have one of those thermometers?”
“We did.” Max stood and dug in the drawer he’d last seen the meat thermometer in. “Ain’t here.” Of course. Things seemed to sprout legs and walk off right before you needed ‘em.
“Do you think Rory has one?” Bo asked. “Or Josh?”
Max snorted. “Wouldn’t ask Josh, after that panicked phone call from Justin. Rory might, though.”
Bo snickered and rubbed a palm over the front of his jeans. “Yeah, poor Justin. Guess he thought his little brother didn’t have sex.”
“Justin was probably just mad he wasn’t getting any himself.” Max felt the smirk stretching his lips even though he tried not to do it. He couldn’t help it. “Reckon he’d been really squicked out if he’d known what I was doing to ya when he called us.”
Bo fluttered his lashes and cupped his cock through his jeans. “Well, you sure couldn’t tell him since you had your mouth full.”
“And you had somethin’ else full right after,” Max pointed out. Okay, he bragged, but damn it, he was closer to fifty than not, and so was Bo, and neither of them were in any danger of needing Viagra any time soon. He had every right to be smug. So did Bo, the sexy stud.
“You keep looking at me like that and we’ll end up fooling around.”
Max leaned against the countertop. “Yeah? Again?”
Bo did something he wouldn’t have been able to a few years before. He blushed. “Well, sure. We might be old, but we aren’t dead yet, and a slow build up is better than a quick pop-off, isn’t it?”
“What about the thermometer?”
Bo shrugged. “I’ll get it later, and until then, we can make good use of this here table.”
“So you can still watch the ham.” Max sighed, but he didn’t really mind. Bo was excited as all get out about most everyone getting together.
But Bo surprised him by shaking his head slowly. “Oh, no. I’m gonna strip you naked and feast on your sexy ass, and when I have you begging me to fuck you, I’m gonna slide into you nice and slow, and make love to you until you can’t remember your own name.”
“Jeez.” Max’s cock was already beginning to firm up again. “I, uh, probably ain’t that far away from any of that already.”
Bo beamed at him. “Good, baby, ‘cause I’m about ready to jump your bones.
Les looked at the apron. It had frills. Frills! “Are you…are you serious?”
Charlene cocked an eyebrow at him and gave him The Look. “Do I look like I’m joking?” She shook the apron at him.
“Aw, Charlene, come on,” Les whined. Fuck being manly, that never worked with his mother in law. “Please? I said I was sorry.”
“You might was well give it up,” her husband hollered from the living room. “She’s mad as hell you got shot at.”
“I didn’t get shot at,” Les stressed. “The dumbass— Ow!”
Charlene pointed at him. “I’ll flick the tip of your nose plumb off if you don’t watch that mouth!”
Les planted a hand on his hip and glared…a little. At least in his head, he did. “So I get in trouble because a guy robbing the convenience store accidentally fires the gun he was carrying, and it happened to be in my direction, and I can’t call him a dumb—“ Charlene raised her hand, finger cocked. “Dummy?”
“How do you accidentally fire a gun?” she asked.
“Well, I don’t. I’m not a dumbass—ow, da—dang it.” Les’ eyes watered and he cupped a hand protectively over his nose. “I was right to be afraid of you.”
Charlene handed him a double chocolate chip cookie. “You know I love you. That scared a decade off my life, hearing you’d been shot at. Why, after what you and Adam went through—“
“Mom, give my hubby a break, will ya?”
Les blinked his watering eyes at his gorgeous lover, standing in the kitchen doorway. Adam blew him a kiss.
“He’s had a bad week, and the guy he was chasing was carrying the gun when he tripped, and accidentally pulled the trigger. The bullet was about mid-calf level, right hon?” Adam walked over and slipped an arm around his waist. Before Les could do more than nod, Adam had the apron from pink-frill hell in his hands. “And I will be more than happy to wear this in his stead. He shouldn’t get thumped for doing his job, Mom.”
Charlene pointed a batter-covered spoon at Adam. “He got thumped for his language. The apron was for scaring me. Les knows I love the daylights out of him, and being scared makes me…cranky.”
“Amen,” came from the living room. Charlene pursed her lips and glared in that direction.
“Someone’s gonna be in trouble,” Adam sang out, dancing past Charlene when she swatted at him with the spoon. “Wouldn’t want you to mess up your cookie dough,” he told her when she scowled.
Despite the scowl, her eyes were glowing with love and happiness, and Les knew some of that was indeed because of him. Then he felt bad for the whole getting shot at on accident thing, even if it wasn’t his fault. He’d have been scared shitless—spitless, he corrected himself, as if Charlene could hear him curse inside his own head. Anyway, he’d have been terrified if someone had almost shot Charlene, no matter how much he liked to rile her.
Well, sometimes he liked to rile her. It’d taken him a good while to get to where he could tease her, but now he did it kind of regularly. And got thumped just as often.
“I can’t believe that Justin, leaving the giblets in the turkey,” Charlene said a few minutes later when she had him and Adam rolling out cookie dough. “And then he has the nerve to tell me he called Josh, and Josh was doing…things, and Max and Bo were too!”
Adam tilted his chin towards Les. “Mom, you know me and Les ‘do things’, and I’m sure you and—“
“That’s not the point,” Charlene cut in, her cheeks pinking up prettily. “The point is, he called them first, and second, and I was third on the list! Third!” She smacked the dough down on the counter. “Why, that’s just an insult. He’ll be lucky if he gets any cookies for a year.”
Les chuckled right along with Adam at that. “Charlene, I bet he was going down his speed dial. His brother had to be right up there under Annabelle and Evan. Same goes for Max and Bo since they all hang out regularly. And probably Justin was just panicking.”
“Well, he shouldn’t have made that stupid bet,” Adam pointed out. “Then he wouldn’t be the one having to cook the turkey.”
“It was a really stupid bet,” Les agreed.
“Boys will be boys, and men will be idiots on occasion,” Charlene said. “Except for my man, of course.”
“Brown noser,” Adam muttered, which got him the very thump with the spoon he’d avoided earlier. “Jesus, Mom, maybe you should talk to someone about your violent tendencies!”
Charlene set the spoon down and picked up something, Les couldn’t see what. “I’ll show you violent tendencies.” She smiled, all innocence and impishness—and Les’ cop alarm started shrieking in his head. He straightened up and saw her bring her arm back as Adam huffed.
Les darted for his husband until he saw the white projectile zooming through the air. Then he skidded to a halt in front of Adam and ducked at the last minute, laughing even as he did so. He was definitely going to be in trouble.
The egg hit Adam right in the chest, the sound of the shell cracking loud even over Les’ laughter.
“Mom!” Adam shrieked, slapping a hand to his chest. “Mom!”
Charlene cackled and Adam gawped down at Les. “And you! You…you ducked!”
Before Les could come up with a good reason for that, other than it seemed like it’d be funny, Adam slopped egg goo all over Les’ face. “There!”
“Now Adam, he was just being a good man and making sure he didn’t interfere.” Charlene snickered, and Les nodded, but it didn’t matter. Adam was hopping mad—or so Les thought, right up until he saw the wicked smile as Adam toss a handful of slimy almost-dough at Charlene.
Then it was on, with food being slung all over the kitchen. Les was reticent to smack Charlene with any food, she was his MIL after all. Until she poured cold milk down the back of his pants. Then she was an enemy combatant until she began handing out cookies.
Les hadn’t had so much non-sex-oriented fun in…ever.  It was even worth being late to the Thanksgiving dinner at the ranch and the hour of cleaning up they had to do first.
“I love you,” he said.
Adam and Charlene both looked at him expectantly and Les grinned. “Both of you.”
And that was way worth the sticky wet hugs he got from the two most important people in his life.
Chance looked at the houseful of people. He wished Carlos, Troy and Will had been able to come down, but they had their hands full with the Mossy Glenn. Seeing Xavier and Chase arrive surprised him. Chance hadn’t been sure they’d accept the invitation, but everyone knew each other in one way or another, and Chase and Charlene were close, too. Maybe it shouldn’t have surprised him; Rory had told him that this would be Xavier’s first Thanksgiving day without Billy around, since Billy and his partner, Liam were spending the week with Liam’s family. Well, Chance hoped Xavier had a good time.
It was the next arrival that really shocked him. Chance opened the door before Glenn and James knocked. “Welcome. We’re glad you could join us.”
James nodded jerkily and his smile seemed a bit shaky, but he held his head up high and shook Chance’s hand, then Rory’s as they all went through the hellos.
“Les and them should be here soon,” Glenn said as he peered back down the road. “Sorry we’re late, James’ folks stopped by.”
Chance had heard about James’ parents; they’d done their son more harm than good trying to ‘help’ him. James didn’t look upset, though, just nervous like he tended to sometimes, but he was getting better. A year ago he wouldn’t have been able to walk through the front door, and now he could, and did, even chattering a bit with Rory.
But Rory was irresistible, Chance’s very own angel. He was thankful every day for Rory.
“Everyone’s running late today for one reason or another.” Chance and Rory were the only ones who weren’t late. Of course, holding Thanksgiving dinner at their house helped with that.
“Yeah, Les mentioned a food fight, can you imagine?” Glenn chuckled. “I’d have paid to see that. I hope Charlene didn’t lose any cookie dough. That’d be a shame.”
“Sure would,” Chance agreed.
“I feel bad not bringing anything.” Glenn stopped and looked at the long table piled with food. “Looks like there’s plenty, though.”
Chance nodded. “Yeah, we got two turkeys and two hams, and all the side dishes and pies and damn, we’re all gonna be fat and lazy after we eat.”
James actually patted his thin belly and spoke. “I wouldn’t mind a little fat. I can’t seem to gain any weight.”
He’d gained a lot, considering, Chance knew.
Glenn slipped an arm around James’ hips. “You’re fine, very, very fine.”
James’ fair skin turned red but he looked pleased. He and Glenn wandered into the living room just as someone else knocked at the front door. “I’ll get it, if you want to—“ Chance darted a look towards James and Glenn.
Rory nodded and kissed him chastely. “Yeah, I’d like to talk to them a bit more while I have the chance.”
That settled, Chance headed for the door. It looked like everyone else had arrived at the same time. Les, Adam, Charlene and her husband Howard, were talking to Annabelle, Justin, and Evan, and the twins were squirming and trying to escape all the hugs coming their way.
“Give me one of them,” Chance said, holding out his arms. He got an armful of giggles and sweet, baby smell. Big blue eyes and golden blonde hair, and dimples that would stop a person’s heart.
“Sorry we’re late,” Annabelle told him. She stood on her toes and gave him a smacking kiss on the cheek. “Seems someone didn’t pay attention to the directions and left the giblets in the turkey.”
“That’s just freakin’ wrong stuffing those things back inside the bird,” Justin groused. “And I got ‘em back out before it was too late, no thanks to the first two people I called for help.”
Charlene puffed up and narrowed her eyes at Justin. “Well, if you’d have called me first—“
“Inside,” Evan whispered, swiping the other twin from Les with a wink. “Hurry!”
Chance didn’t need to be told twice. He all but ran, being older and wiser and knowing retreat was often a damn good plan when it came to Charlene’s scolding.
“Think Justin’ll ever bet against Annabelle for anything again?” Chance asked as they entered the house.
Evan chortled and shook his head. “Well, I’d say no, but this is Justin, and as much as I love the man, he has a hot head on those big shoulders. He’ll probably get mad and dive head first without thinking a few more times before he learns his lesson.”
Chance nodded. “Yep, probably, and Annabelle ain’t ever gonna bet on something she might lose. That woman’s too sharp for that.”
Evan quirked an eyebrow at him. “You sayin’ Justin isn’t too sharp?”
Chance smirked. “If the description fits…” He laughed and hoisted the cute little girl in his arms. “Nah, he’s all right. Annabelle’s got him wrapped around her finger.”
“She’s got both of us like that,” Evan admitted, “And we wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Chance knew Annabelle wouldn’t, either. She was a lot happier than she used to be, and not so quick to rip someone’s head off—usually.
“I keep trying to get you to go double or nothing,” Annabelle said coming up behind them. “Come on, Jus, take a chance.”
“You can bat those eyelashes at me all you want, I’m not doing it. You proved you can out-ride me when it comes to a bucking horse. I admit you’re the better rider. What else do you want from me?” Justin asked.
Chance didn’t hear what Annabelle said, but when he stopped and handed Rory his niece, then turned and glanced down the hall, Justin, holding a turkey roaster, was looking lustily at Annabelle as she murmured something in his ear.
“That looks like a conversation I need to be in on,” Evan mumbled. “Max, come here and take Jayden, please.”
Chaos ensued pretty much after that, and it was nothing short of amazing. Chance sat with Rory at his side and they said a blessing over the food, the long table filled with friends and family, love and laughter. Chance hadn’t just gotten Rory when they fell in love, he’d gotten Annabelle and, eventually, her men and the two sweetest nieces ever born. Max had been working for him, but quickly had become more family than employee, and Max had found Bo, two souls made for each other just like Chance and Rory.
Add in Josh and Nick, and all of the friends brought in with them—Adam, Les, Charlene, Howard, Xavier, Chase, James and Glenn, and their friends up in Montana, and Chance’s world had grown so big, and his heart had grown right along with it.
And it had all started because he’d fallen, and fallen hard, for the man at his side. Rory truly was a once in a lifetime kind of man, and theirs a once in a forever kind of love.
“Who knew we’d have all of this when we met years ago,” Rory whispered as they watched everyone dig in. “I never imagined, never thought I’d have family again, or anyone like you. I love you, Chance.”
Chance’s eyes burned and his heart soared as he leaned over to kiss Rory. “I love you too, angel.”
Then he kissed his man while sounds of eating and laughter ceased, giving way to clapping and whistling and shouts of encouragement. It was definitely the best Thanksgiving ever.


Margaret S said...

Thank you for this sweet but naughty look in on the Love in Xxchange crew.
It was great fun.
Hope you all having a Happy Thanksgiving.

Demetra said...

Loved the Thanksgiving story - wishing my american friends a great Thanksgiving and lots of love.

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

You are very welcome:) I mentioned on FB, this is the quickest 20-something pages I'e written in a while:)I've missed these guys! Thank you, we've had a lovely day, though I am stuffed!!

Bailey;-) said...


Glad you loved it, it was so much fun to write, even though I couldn't give every couple or menage a separate scene. I hope you have a fabulous day!

kaytee said...

What a terrific ending to a great day. Thanks so much.

Kat! said...

Our Thanksgiving was Oct. 10th, I think...it's always the second Sunday in Oct.....but that doesn't mean I can't read your Thankgiving installment. LOL.

As to us helping you through the year...I can't speak for everyone...but you've certainly helped me through a tough one.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm envious. I love all those pies...even pumpkin. I never met a pie I didn't like. LOL. Except raisin....and I'd rather have whipped cream. I don't like meringue.

Bailey;-) said...


You're very welcome. As I've mentioned, I've really missed writing about all of the Xxchange crew. I can't wait to get started on the new series set in Montana!! I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving:)

Bailey;-) said...


I need an international calendar so I'll know these things!! Happy really late Thanksgiving!
Y'all have all helped, so much, and if I've helped in return any, I am grateful for that, too. I really do want to show more kindness than anger, and compassion rather than selfishness. Those are my goals, and have been for a while.
Thanksgiving here was very nice, and I am stuffed full of pies! Eeee I can't imagine raisin pie...and don't want to, that just sounds icky! We did have a sweet potato pie. As far as I can tell, all the pies were delicious:D And I totally agree with you on the meringue. Did you happen to get your stuff yet? I'm curious as I've had people in Norway and the UK get theirs. Take care!

jraecat said...

Great Thanksgiving story - like meeting old friends again!! Thank you

Kat! said...

My father loved raisin pie, but he grew up with Scottish parents in the depression. They were poor, and it was difficult to get, or afford things like white sugar, so I guess raisin pie was sweet. Maybe raisins were easier to come by.
I haven't got my stuff, yet. The Canadian Border can take it's own sweet, lazy, time to process things. Canadians seem to be getting a serious sense of entitlement, and a lot of them don't work any harder than they have to. Not all. There are some very, nice, very hard-working Canadians. Around holidays it gets worse.
I enjoyed your Thanksgiving story. It was fun being with the gang again. LOL. It sounds like you had a good one, too. This was our Grey Cup Football game weekend...like your Superbowl. Toronto won. I may live in Winnipeg, but I still consider myself an Ontarian. I don't watch football, but you can't really ignore it. Canadians love hockey, football, and baseball, especially. They go through withdrawal if there's a walkout, or strike. I don't know if hockey season has been worked out, yet. Oh, well, rambling again.
My best to everyone in your family. I hope this year is good...for everyone. Have a good week.

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