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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Because I'm supposed to do it, lol. This was actually fun once I quit stressing over it:

TEB Author Spotlight

Not sure whee the one about who some of my favorite authors are went, but here's the answer I had sent in:

This is a tough question, one that my mind blanks on frequently. When I read, I want a happy ending. Reading is my escapism. I like Alexis Morgan, Gena Showalter, Kresely Cole, Jacquelyn Frank, Louis L’Amour, Toni Griffin, Sue Brown, KA Mitchell, ZA Maxfield, Carol Lynne, Lisabet Sarai, TC Blue—this list could go one for a really long time, so I’m just going to stop there. 

I imagine it got lost in the shuffle, but honestly, there's too many to list. 

I thought I'd share some beach pics with y'all. I know it's not nekkid studs but some of them are pretty:)

I always end up taking pics of the plants. 

This was the view Sunday morning from our 3rd floor balcony.  Usually we can get a condo off-season for less than a hotel room.

More plants, across from the jetties

Love these little yellow beauties

One of these days maybe I'll learn the names of all these plants. And promptly forget  them, but still....


If you look real close, you can see the DH and Super Teen strolling down the jetties. 

And if you magnify this pic, you can see one or two porpoises escorting this ship out, playing in the swells.

Me and this bird were about to have a go-round...noisy thing. 

He kept trying to get our food, and when Super Teen and I were in the restroom, the DH got attacked, or the table did. He had to get up. I suspect he probably tried to feed a bird, tsk tsk.

just ignore the potentially icky stuff and look at the pretty colors instead:D

I forgot this one and had to come back and add it cuz yum! It was so good! The DH and I shared it, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, chocolate syrup, and gooey goodness in there, mmm:D

So there's our little beach escape from last weekend, I hope y'all got a little enjoyment out of it. We sure did. Take care and have a fantastic Thursday:D


Margaret S said...

Great picture.
Glad you all had a wonderful time and were able to relax and unwind.
Last one is making my mouth water as it looks so yummy.

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

Thank you. It was a nice time. And that was a delicious banana split, *sigh*

KarenJ said...

Thanks for the nice pics but I REALLY miss the pretty naked men Thursdays. Didn't realize how much until it was no more. Sigh........

Toni Griffin said...

I am truly honoured to be included in your list of fave authors. Your beach trip looked amazing. :)

Bailey;-) said...


Lol, you're welcome and I miss them too. :/

Bailey;-) said...

Toni G,

You're an awesome author and a great friend, and I adore my pink penguin you sent me almost as much as Joshie would:D Thank you!

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