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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We got home at about 2 a.m. Christmas morning, and are still worn out. We had a great time in AZ with the grandbois, and were also glad to get home and see Elijah, too. Unfortunately, Christmas night he had an allergic reaction to something he'd eaten and he broke out in hives, and ended up at the ER for a few hours. He's okay, and we're thankful he didn't have a severe reaction, but the poor little boy was miserable, scratching and itching all over. He'd been taken off milk and put on soy milk while we were in AZ, and that had cleared up a lot of his eczema. We don't know what caused the outbreak yesterday, but the ER doc said no dairy, no wheat...and to go above Elijah's allergist's head because she refused to do any allergy testing other than for the five common allergens, and I don't know what those are for sure.
Anyway, he will be going to a different doctor because we need to know what is causing the allergic reaction. Last night he went from almost cleared up to this:
Which got him back in the ER. He'd been sick during the time we were gone, running a very high fever, so he'd been in the ER just a few days before this, too.
Today, Elijah's cleared up more, and, as you can see, looks way less itchy:
Pretty big difference, isn't it? He'd been on zyrtec and some other meds, but the ER doc prescribed Benadryl instead. It's cleared up a lot of the hives, though he just started getting some more on his back and ribs about an hour ago. If y'all have any suggestions or stories to share, we'd appreciate reading them, but no pressure:) We're just trying to help the sweet boy.

Obviously, things have been a bit hectic here, and I will be getting back to regular blog posts/installments/contests starting on Monday. That way we can maybe get things back to normal-ish here and get some sleep.

This morning's rude awakening was four dogs pouncing on me in bed-- a no-no three of them are aware of. P-Nut sleeps with us-- the first dog in 19 years of marriage to be allowed to do so, but I know the DH went with it because of how upset I was with my dad's illness and passing. He certainly won't go with the other three dogs making our bed a playground. It was kind of cute though, even if I did get jumped on as a wakeup call.

Again, I appreciate y'all's patience, and all of the kind messages and comments. Thank you. Good night, and sweet dreams:)


Tanya said...

Poor Elijah! My daughter had severe asthma as a child and by time she was three we were hitting the ER three to four times a week. Always in the middle of the night it seemed like. They put her on oral drugs once they decided she was old enough and she had a bad reaction. Hallucinations of spiders and monsters. It took me weeks to convince the doctor. He put her on the synthetic version. Absolutely no way she could have a reaction they said. They were wrong. It took another three or four months of walking the floor for hours at a time with a terrified three year old because I was the only thing, including her daddy, that didn't have spiders on me before I gave up. I quit going to the military hospital and paid for a civilian pediatrician. Took one visit and she got us a home nebulizer. No more hallucinations and no more middle of the night terrifying ER runs with a child who couldn't breathe. I hope the new doctors can help Elijah and I'll keep him in my prayers. No little one should have to go through so much pain and stress.

RanchingGirl said...

Hey, on the allergic reactions, I think going off of milk and wheat is a great idea, I am allergic to both, but Benadryl might not be the best med for him, I cannot take it. I would suggest Allegra, it is one of the few medications that I can take. If you are going to go off of all gluten and mild, start doing a little research and then be prepared to do a lot of label reading, and a lot of cooking. I hope it all gets better.

Margaret S said...

I find it strange that the torso rash came up later than the face. I have had reactions to something I ate and in my case the torso came first then spread out . Are you sure it is not something he got on his hands as the pattern on his face is like he covered his face with both hands slightly overlapped left over right and the ribs and back could be from someone with the same thing on their hands picking him up later when he was shirtless. Maybe going by the timing something new for Christmas.
His hands might not have the same reaction as they are a bit tougher. I got a finger tip size rash on my face a while back and it was from touching a type of ivy in a friend's garden and then my face. My hands had no reaction to it. Letting him wear some soft thin gloves might help ease the damage from scratching without stopping him playing (you could make a game of him wearing them). Also the itching is less when cooler.
He has my sympathy. Having had a all over rash in a heat wave in my 20's the only thing that kept me sane was the bags of ice my dad kept me supplied with I know how bad it can feel.
I hope you can get it sorted soon.
When you get second to relax that a deep breath.
Love to the family with a special hug for Elijah.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about poor Elijah's allergic reactions. Please check with the doctor about whether he should take Benadryl or Allegra. Benadryl works the fastest. I usually carry some with me just in case. Allegra takes some time to work etc.


Anonymous said...

From the pics it almost looks like fifths disease (slap face) which is as common as chicken pox and really only harmful to teens and adults. However the rash also reminds me of when my cousin Nicole went playing in a yard with Elephant Ear (evil-invasive-plague plant). I agree with RanchingGirl about the Benedryl, at least until you know what caused the reaction. Hope he feels better, and Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! He looks so uncomfortable. I once broke out in hives all over and the doctor told me it was a reaction to the virus I had. I was on benadryl until the virus ran it's course. Hopefully you all can isolate what is causing it soon. I hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year :)

Yvette said...

Poor Guy! He looks uncomfortable. I know what it is like to have an allergic reaction to something and I am an adult.

Kat! said...

I think the most common allergens are peanuts,or nuts, shellfish, pollen, pet dander, and dust. Maybe strawberries. Some, like me are allergic to soy. Milk, and dairy. Gluten. Funny, I don't remember hearing about anyone allergic to meat...just about everything else. My chriropractor had a client who was allergic to water.
I'm really behind. I've had a problem with my back. No sitting at the computer since November.

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