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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just thought I'd share...

We are at Big Bend National Park, and it's so beautiful. But, freaking scary!
The balcony view is nice


Part of the trail we hiked

Me and Super Teen at the start of the hike. At the end of it, we were panting and dragging ass. 

No no no no. Story ideas, yes. But just no.

These signs...

Are everywhere. Tomorrow we are going on horseback  with a group, I hope.

View from the restaurant

This is the beginning of our Christmas trip. We will spend a couple of days at Big Bend, then visit Silver City or the Catwalk again, and end up in Tucson on the 19th so we can see Sammie and the twins. We leave from Tucson on Christmas Eve. Installments may not get posted, but I will try my best, and probably post pics of everything, lol.

Take care, I hope you all have a fantastic week:)


Margaret S said...

Hope you all enjoy your trip and look forward to some great pictures.
I hope you and the family have a great time.
Give my best wishes to Sammie and the twins.

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

Thank you. I am sorry I didn't get an e-mail in, time zoomed then we were on the road. It is beautiful here, and I wish you could join us on the patio as we watch the sun set. Thank you for the kind wishes, I hope y'all have a fabulous week, too:D

ElaineG said...

Have a fantastic week yourself Bailey enjoy! And as for all those signs? Scary, but looks like you braved it :)

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