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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More or Les Part II

Copyright 2013
Bailey Bradford

Part II

“A baby?” Adam squeaked, not giving a damn if he sounded like a rodent. “Are you—“ He just bit back the word crazy—which likely saved his life—and subbed “Sure?”
Charlene narrowed her eyes at him. “Am I sure?”
Oh hell, she knew good and well what he’d almost blurted out. Adam fully expected an ear twist and a nose thump as soon as he was in reaching distance.
He didn’t care. His mind raced and petty thoughts like he was his mom’s only baby kept screaming and stomping their imaginary feet.
“Mom, come on! A baby?” he said, despite a warning siren blaring in his head.
“Adam, maybe you should discuss this with Charlene later,” Les whispered in a calm, reasonable sounding voice.
Adam glared at him. “She brought it up here.” And yeah, Les called Charlene Mom, too, but that was different. Charlene hadn’t birthed him, raised him, all of that.
“I’ll put you over my knee here, too,” Charlene said, pointing a spoon at him. Xav and the others chuckled, but Josh, who was standing behind Charlene as he’d gone to the restroom, kept making slashing signs over his throat, telling Adam silently to shut up.
Adam sealed his lips tightly together. He gave his mother a look letting her know he wasn’t done, and he wasn’t intimidated. The rest of his meal went untouched, although he did manage to loosen up enough to talk. He couldn’t even look at his mom without feeling angry and betrayed.
Neither emotion made him particularly proud of himself, but he couldn’t shake them. He was also angry that his mom waited to tell everyone about wanting a baby instead of confiding in him first. In many ways, Charlene had been his best friend for years. He was hurt, goddamn it!
And scared. Stupid for a grown man to feel that way, but he was. Les pulled him aside when everyone headed into the living room.
“Adam—“ Charlene began.
Les held up a hand. “Charlene, please. You did broadside him without any warning. I’d like a minute alone with Adam.”
To Adam’s surprise, Charlene looked almost remorseful as she nodded. “It doesn’t mean I’d love you any less, Adam.” She turned and went into the kitchen.
Les pulled Adam right into his arms. “It doesn’t, you know. Your mom loves you and that won’t lessen any if you end up with a brother or sister.”
“I’m a petty asshole,” Adam muttered. “I don’t want her to have another kid. I don’t want to share my mom. I mean, sharing with you is different. You’re mine, too. I’m yours. Mom is ours. And when will she have time to make us cookies? Or lunches like this? It’ll all be about the new kid—“
Les kissed him. Adam’s eyes widened then his lids fluttered shut as he gave in to Les’ masterful touch. He melted against his lover as Les kneaded his back and ass with those big, strong hands.
Les thrust his tongue deep, he nibbled and bit Adam’s lips, and he squeezed his butt hard enough that Adam shivered with the realization he’d have marks on his skin. And Les did it all in mere seconds. Adam felt well and truly groped and loved on when Les raised his head.
“There,” Les murmured. “My favorite look on you—dazed and horny.”
Adam snorted and pinched Les’ side. That got him a yelp and he grinned. “Dazed my ass. Come on, we have company. We’ll talk about the other thing when they’re gone.”
And he’d try to be mature, but wasn’t going to make any promises.
Spending the afternoon talking and teasing with their friends had bolstered Adam’s spirits considerably. After they left, he knew he had to talk with his Mom. She had remained in the kitchen, cooking supper from the smell of it. That wasn’t an unusual thing. His mom spent entire days with them sometimes, and now he feared he was going to lose that.
He told Les as much as they stood on the porch. “I don’t even want to go back into our own house right now. It’s dumb, because we won’t have Mom like this many more times if she does end up with a kid. We’ll lose her, in a way.”
Les caught his chin and raised it, encouraging Adam to look him in the eyes. “Bullshit. You’ll have your mom, still, we’ll have her, and you’ll have a brother or sister, too. You’re—our—family would grow, not shrink. And you think your mom won’t need help with the baby?” Les huffed and actually looked a little angry. “Adam, you are being selfish, and that’s not like you.”
Adam was angry in a flash. “Yeah? Well maybe you don’t know me as well as you think.”
Uh oh. That icy look settled on Les’ face and Adam’s anger died out to be replaced by fear. Not of Les beating him or anything ridiculous like that, but over what his own temper had done.
But he should have had more faith in Les, he realized, as Les hooked an arm around his waist and jerked him close. Les held him so tight Adam could breathe, but that was about it.
“I know you better than you think,” Les growled at him, and Adam’s dick went from soft to hard so fast it kinda hurt, especially considering the way he’d tucked to the side in his tight jeans.
“You’re more hurt that Charlene told everyone instead of talking about it with you first,” Les continued. “And you’re scared, yeah, but you’re smart enough to know Charlene won’t forget about you. If anything, she’s going to be leaning on you more. You want to be mad and have a hissy fit, you go at it. Stomp your feet and cuss and when you’re done, I’ll turn you over my knee and tan your hide until you beg me to fuck you. That’s what you’re wanting.”
“Oh Jesus,” Adam whimpered, because hell in a hand basket, Les was so right. He whimpered again and tried to rub against Les.
Les landed a hard swat to his ass that jarred Adam and had pre cum leaking from his cock. “Les, please,” Adam begged. God, he was all tight and hard and hot inside—
“Charlene is still here. You and me are gonna sit down with her, and you two are going to talk, and you’re going to apologize for being a shit to her, and she is going to apologize for springing this on you in company—“ Les paused before adding loudly, “And for eavesdropping!”
“What?” Adam was just doing a fine imitation of a squeaky toy today. “Oh my god! MOM!”
“It’s her own fault if she heard the fun stuff,” Les said. “You get to think on what I told you I’ll be doing once she’s gone. Hasn’t any of that changed.”
“I’m scarred for life,” Adam muttered as Charlene stepped out onto the porch, her face scarlet with embarrassment.
“I have no sympathy for either of you at this point,” Les informed them both. “Adam, your momma loves you. Charlene, you shoulda talked to him first. And eavesdropping?”
“I didn’t mean to,” Charlene snapped, pointing at Les “And you can huff and puff all you want, but I’ll thump you upside the head if you keep griping about the eavesdropping. I was just coming out here to tell Adam I was sorry for surprising him like that. Sorry to both of you for that, actually. Then I got to hear about spanking and—“
“MOM!” Adam screeched. “Stop!” He was just going to die.
Charlene shrugged. “Well, it’s not like I’ve never—“
“MOM!” Les shouted with him, and Les was about as pale as a piece of printer paper.
“You boys always think anyone older than you is a prude,” Charlene snapped. “Serves you both right. Now, Adam, I love you no matter what. If I want another child to raise, I’ll have one, someway or another, and that is my right. You can throw a fit, but I raised you better than that. You’d have had a sibling or two years ago if I’d found the right man for it. Now days, I believe a man isn’t necessary for more than the sperm.”
Adam cringed but kept quiet. He wasn’t going to get another lecture.
“And I’ll still be over here, and you’ll be helping me with the baby, if that happens. I didn’t say it was for sure, but I think maybe, yes.” Charlene nodded. “Yes, I’ll probably do it. We’re ready for a baby and there’s no reason we can’t have one, though I don’t plan on getting pregnant.”
Charlene’s husband was a good man. And he had no kids, so Adam could see them making this choice together. Still. “I can’t believe you just told everyone,” Adam muttered. “I know you said you were sorry, but damn it, that hurt, okay?”
It was telling that his mom didn’t pop him one for the curse word. Instead she yanked him right out of Les’ arms and hugged him until he squeaked. Again. “I was just excited. I didn’t think. And all you boys mean so much to me, y’all’s friends are all like family.”
“I’m sorry,” Adam rasped out, trying to inhale afterwards. Charlene loosened her hold. “I am. I want you to be happy, and maybe a baby would be cool to have around sometime. I could teach him or her how to sneak out— Ouch!”
Charlene flicked his ear again. “You gave me too many scares doing that when you were growing up. I’ll lend Les my kitchen spoon if you think you’re going to be teaching your potential little sister or brother how to sneak out!”
“Spoon?” Les said.
“No,” Adam growled at him. That spoon hurt like a bitch on the buttocks. He much preferred Les’ hand, which also hurt, but in an entirely good way.
“Anything we decide to do, whether it’s adopt or find a surrogate, I’ll tell you two first,” Charlene promised. “Supper is in the oven. It can stay there for a while since the oven’s off now. You two have fun.” Charlene kissed Adam’s cheek and patted his backside. “We covered the major issues. Anything else can wait until tomorrow.”
Charlene passed him over to Les, and maybe Adam should have been a little offendedor a lot offended over being handed over, but it was Les, and it turned him on like nothing else.
Les grinned down at him. “Guess you won’t be throwing another fit.”
Adam gulped. “I can. I can if you want me to.” He’d gotten all turned on thinking about what Les had promised to do to him. Usually, the whole bad boy/punishment thing was not appealing. He liked a good spanking, but just because it felt awesome.
Les got him, though, proving again that he did indeed know Adam very well. “I think you’re going to cuss and shout for me enough here shortly.” And he bent, put his shoulder to Adam’s belly, and hoisted him up in one fluid movement. 

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