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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Interesting stuff in online today...

ST and I won't be doing our usual Wednesday thing for a few reasons, so in a couple of hours, I should have the blurb and maybe some pics up for the blog story that starts on Friday. Last night was a bad sleep night and I tried going back to bed a little while ago but it just won't happen.

So, here's a few things I ran across with my jumpy brain this morning:


There's so much being said about BDSM right now, and there was a time when that wouldn't have been the case except to criticize the people involved in it. It's still listed under 'weird' news, though.


Well, it certainly explains a lot ^.^


... I can't even...


Crap. So much for good triumphing over evil--


Ah, no. It infuriates me when men do this shit, but when it's another woman turning on her female sisters, fury isn't a strong enough word. Different country and all, but there's plenty of this same thinking here. I also read an article about a guy saying women were sinning if they dressed in a way that showed off their silhouette. I'd love to sit down and chat one on one with him.


I didn't know anyone doubted it...

Okay, now I'm off to get some writing done! Check back in a few hours, and I should have that blurb up. ::D


Shorty Chelle said...

You try to get some sleep Bailey when your able to actually sleep. :) I can't wrap my head around some of those article titles in the blog. I'm with you on that woman saying another woman invited what happened to her. Such BS I bet she wouldn't be saying that if it had happened to her. You have wonderful day and stay warm and safe. :)

Misty*G said...

Just from your comments I can't wait till I get to check out those articles (shhh, I'm supposed to be working). Hopefully you can get some sleep tonight. Seems like nobody did last night!

Melinda said...

Just can't believe some peoples attitude. You just want to grab them and slap them across the face and say 'wake up'

Tekikat said...

Thanks for the links Bailey...now get some sleep!

Bailey;-) said...

Shorty Chelle,

Yeah some of them made me so mad. I didn't post all the ones that made me want to slap the dog crap out of people, because then I'd be angry all day. There's good stuff out there too, and I try to think about that. For a woman to make a claim like that... Oh no. No no no no.

Bailey;-) said...


Well, there's also a pretty darned good porn video up at churchofhomsexualtiy.tumblr.com :D

Bailey;-) said...


At the least. Some I want to slap across the face with a bat.

Bailey;-) said...


You're welcome, and I did! Last two nights I have slept 8 hours or so, which is awesome!! Thank you :D

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