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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whoops! ARe bucks winner!

Sorry y'all, I was so tired last night I went to bed after finishing the V-Day short. That will be up at 12:30 am Central on the 14th. It's not based on the holiday, and is more of a... getting to know each other for Cliff, Bobby, and Rolly.  It takes place before Rolly and Edie's story, and there's a part of it involving a spider that is based on a true story. Based, not completely retold as there was no nudity in the RL version. Anyway. I finished that and went to sleep.

Later today I'l lbe posting an installment in Who Says? and that will be the last one until next Wednesday since the Spouse and I will be gone through Monday. Tuesday I'll probably be recovering from the anniversary escape. I'll also try to share pics while on the trip, or shortly thereafter.

I wanted to share the video I'll be posting in a minute, today, because hey, who doesn't need some happy? And this is just fantastic. How have I not seen this? Get up and dance, y'all!

Now, on to the winner. It's a random.org drawing as DH is at work and ST is asleep:

Congratulations to #118/Crystal Marie! Crystal Marie, if you'll email me with your ARe bucks addie I'll sent those ebucks to you today :D

I hope y'all all have a fantastic week and weekend!


Misty*G said...

Wow woman, are you ever not busy?

Shorty Chelle said...

Congrats to the winner.. Can't wait to read the installment.

Demetra said...

Congrats Crystal. Enjoy spending those bucks.

Traci Kurtz said...

Well I guess Edie won't kicking Rolly's butt then...Oh well...No wonder he has time to get into trouble.

Tekikat said...

Enjoy your break...looking forward to your V update.

Melinda said...


Melinda said...

That was such a great install. Have read it 2 already. I could not stop laughing at 2 am.

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