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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Indianapolis & Babble

Well, we made it here. It's cold and there's snow. Yeehaw lol :D

Considering I haven't flown for 24 years, today was a bit of a victory over phobia, so that's good. The first flight was pretty bumpy, but the second was only half as bad.

I could take a bus back...

But anyway.

I'll resume the weekly ARe bucks drawing next week, and pick a monthly winner Sunday night. We won't be home until Friday, then Saturday is Amber's baby shower. Mom got sick yesterday before we left, she has bronchitis and that's not good. Hopefully she feels much better soon. I hated having to leave when she's ill.

Tomorrow there won't be an installment, but there WILL be one Thursday. Friday, probably not as we'll be flying to Atlanta then back to Tx. So two installments this week, only. My apologies for that.

Thought I'd share a few pics of the trip so far. It took half an hour to load these, so I don't know if Ill post anymore until I get home:

The Rockies out the airport window.

Snow. No. No snow. (Indianapolis)

Hell. Hell in a hotel. 

View from outside our hotel door

Why, you ask? Because it's pretty. Just be glad I didn't share toilet pics :D


Shorty Chelle said...

Glad you made it there. Sorry your mom is sick. Hope she gets better soon. Have fun. Take your time with the installments and monthly drawing. Very interesting pics.

Misty*G said...

Lord woman, do you ever relax. Hope your mom feels better soon. Seems like no one can stay healthy this winter.

cherri said...

Love the sink lol Yall have fun

Melinda said...

Love the pics. I hope you get to have fun.

Cinders Osborne said...

Have fun and quit worrying.

Tekikat said...

Very nice hotel...loved that sink and avocado shade. I hope you have a great time Bailey!

Traci Kurtz said...

I hate flying too so I feel your pain my friend. I hope you have fun & a safe trip back......And the bus....I don't know. I've done a bus trip & I'll deal with my plane issues for the shorter time frame...5 hours into the bus trip I was wishing I had a buddy to pull a Thelma & Louise & steal a car to go out in a blaze of glory over a cliff....And I was on a trip with my husband..The jerk was just snoring away while I was going crazy because I can't read or do anything like that in a moving vehicle....15 years before tablets so no movies either..

Demetra said...

beautiful pics Bailey - hope you had (have) a great time.

Melinda said...

I have to say I love to fly. then again I have not flown in a long time. I used to work for the airlines and could hop flights with my then fiancé on our down time. Always short flights (vegas a lot) so we would not get stuck somewhere and miss work.

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