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Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Update

Amber and Charlie are home, as of late Wednesday night. They're both doing well, so YAY! And thank you all for the well wishes for everyone! Much love to y'all from all of us. Amber's wound wasn't sewn shut again, so she'll need lots of help still. Elijah is not old enough to understand why she can't pick him up, but he's been good about just sitting with her instead.

Today is ST's birthday, so there will be partying. Sort of. Vanilla cake with strawberry icing, and a plain vanilla cake with vanilla icing since Amber and Elijah are allergic to strawberry. Mom is going to bake the cakes-- thank you Mom, best Mom ever! <3 We got ST art supplies for her presents today, and a cosplay outfit that will get here eventually as those things have to be custom made in China-- at least the ones she wants. Only place we can find them. I'll have her dress up and post a pic when she gets it in a couple of weeks.

This will be the first holiday in a while that I haven't posted a short story, and I'm sorry for that. Very sorry. It saddens me to miss a short. Unfortunately, with everything that's happened, I still haven't even gotten to finish writing Dark Nights and Headlights. I will instead write a Mother's Day short for the blog. Now, who to write it about...

I've been sick as *#&$ since Charlie was born, slammed with allergies on her birth date and I kept trying Claritin, Benadryl, teas etc etc, yesterday I gave up and went to the clinic once the Spouse got him. I really don't like going to doctors or taking meds. But, desperate times and all, because I've felt horrible for almost two weeks and was so exhausted yesterday I couldn't hardly get out of bed. Allergies, sinus infection, fun stuff-- a steroid shot started helping within hours. I have antibiotics, spray, cough meds to help clear the rest of me up. I know I said I'd start the new blog story Monday (or was it Weds?) but I'm going to say we will see if I've got past feeling worn to a nub before doing that.

Also, next week I will do the monthly winner, I promise. Probably the end of the week, but it'll get done.

I think that's all for now, so I'll do the grandma thing and post some Charlie pics :D

And thank you all for being such amazing people. Y'all helped us through another rough patch, and saying we're grateful doesn't express the depth of our gratitude adequately. Again, thank you.

This morning, I picked Charlie up and she wasn't sure she was cool with that. 

Then she gave up and went to sleep.

Elijah peeking at Charlie while Mike holds them both. That's Elijah's baby handprint Mike has tattooed on his arm in the bottom center/right.

Not grandkid related-- I have an amazing Hubby. This is what he made us for dinner the other night when I was feeling particularly crappy. Funnel cakes!


Miranda P said...

Glad everyone is doing better. The pics are adorable.

Jess1 said...

So glad to read that Amber and Charlie are doing better. I hope your allergies are doing better too. The stress probably worsen them. What an amazing tattoo of Elijah's baby hand print on Mike. The baby photos are adorable!

Shorty Chelle said...

Happy Birthday ST. Glad your feeling better Bailey. Keep taking your meds. Very cute pics. :)

Misty*G said...

Awwww, the pic of Elijah and Charlie is too precious. Hopefully the meds (even though you don't like them) kick in and you can enjoy the festivities. Y'all deserve to have a great weekend filled with birthday cakes and love.

KarenJ said...

Glad to hear things are finally settling down and everyone is getting better. Don't worry about writing us any stories for now. Take all the time you need with your family and getting better yourself. We may whine a bit as we go through withdrawal but it's more important you take care of you so you will be in top shape when you do get back to writing. :)

Demetra said...

Hey Bailey - glad everyone's feeling much better. You're right - it does look like Charlie didn't want to be picked up, held...nothing. But still want to grab her cheeks and squeeze. Happy birthday to ST have a great Easter weekend.

Tekikat said...

Charlie is precious! You have an awesome family Bailey :-) Happy Easter and take care.

Melinda said...

Agreed. Glad everyone home and doing well. Love the pics.

Debra G said...

Happy birthday ST! Love the pictures of Charlie. She is just beautiful. I'm so sorry about your allergy problems.
So many of us here in the northwest are struggling
with this as well. Different sources, same misery.
That tattoo of Elijah's hand print is so special!
Feel better soon Bailey and Amber.

Margaret S said...

I do hope the meds the doctor gave get you sorted out. I also hope Amber is very careful and she heals well with time.
Is Mike considering another tattoo of Charlie's handprint? I like the idea of a permenent mark for each child's birth which his children can see for the rest of his life. As you know I am not into tatts but I like the symbolism of these.
I hope ST had a great time on her birthday and will enjoy all the added things you have planned for her. Lovely pictures.
Wishing you all a Happy Easter.

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