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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thank you! And a POLL

Thank you all for the kind comments! We are happy to have Charlie and Amber heading home today. Both are doing well. Elijah still doesn't get the fuss over his sister, lol.

The Spouse's surgery got moved to April 15th because his doctor is ill. So that is still a worry to deal with. Other than that, everyone's doing well. Super Teen's birthday is coming up and she keeps telling me what she wants-- EVERYTHING. O.o Good thing she knows she won't get it all :-) I'll be taking her to AKKON in June, that will be part of her present.

Okay, on to the next thing, what to write the next blog story about. Do y'all want one linked to Who Says? It won't be Syn's story, though she may be mentioned in it. I'm thinking Gabriela could have a son... And he could find his man.

Or, a contemporary drama/comedy non-shifter story.

Something I had said I wouldn't do most likely but am now thinking, why not? Vampires-

Or  a western, an old timey one.

Any suggestions are welcome, too, and I'll add them for voting! Comment below, and if you suggest a different storyline I'll add it here.

Next week I will do the monthly winner as I've yet to get to sit down and do that.

Okay, so voting options:

1. An MM story linked to Who Says?
2. Contemporary non-shifter
3. Vampires (and it's probably going to be a comedy. Maybe)
4. Western

So y'all comment by number or genre whatever, however. I'll give it a week, and count on starting a new story on April 21st, which will give me time to deal with the Spouse's issues and ST's birthday, Charlie coming home and me watching Elijah.

Thank you all again for being so awesome. Best. People. EVER.



Miranda P said...

1,2 & 3 all sound good to me. Can't choose.

Denise Schmidt said...

#3. A vampire comedy sounds interesting!

Shorty Chelle said...

Sounds like you have alot on your plate. I vote for #3 Vampires. Have a wonderful evening. **huggz**

Misty*G said...

Waiting another week, man that throws everything off, doesn't it?! Of course ST wants everything, kinda goes with the teen part of life, lol. Glad to hear Amber and the baby are good. Poll question....hmmm, honestly I would read anything you write. That's saying a lot because I don't usually read historical western, but I would. A comedy sounds interesting. Who am I kidding, if you write it I will read it.

Demetra said...

Hi Bailey - yay that Charlie and Amber are coming. At least they can both relax...well you know what I mean. Relax as in not having visits from the nurses and doctor to check up on you.

As for the story....No. 1 please. I really liked Gabriela and you know she would have awesome kids. Have a great rest of the week and hope you get lots of rest also.

Elizabeth Fields said...

First congrats on the beautiful grandbaby! As for the poll I think both 1 and 3 sound good but if I have to pick only one then it would be number 3.Vampires.

nikirenee said...

I would think number 1 and number 3 wuld be good. Im not sure about a western, will it be paranormal? that could be interesting. However, I am with the masses, I will read what ever your write. :)

Avalie said...

No. 2 is first choice, or No. 1 would be good too. m/m/m would be good as well.
Looking forward to it.

Yoe said...

Hi Bailey. The vampire story first and then Gabriela's son. Pleeeease

Linda said...

My vote is for another Who Says. I really enjoyed that story. Will it come in an ebook down the road, near future?

Traci Kurtz said...

Glad to hear Amber & Charlie are coming home....My oldest always wanted to be an only child but when I brought my son home my second daughter said "MINE" & was referred to as the nanny from that point on & my third daughter & my son are partners in crime & have criminal masterminds as career ambitions at this point. hopefully Elijah will warm up to his sis soon. And I vote VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!

Helén Jacobsen said...

1,3 or 4 sounds good.

BOS said...

Contemporary non-shifter
or Vampires :)

Karen H said...

Good to hear all is well, sorry hubby's surgery got postponed having worked in the health care field for a number of years. I know how frustrating that can be, but I'm sure all will go well.

As for the next story I never thought I'd see myself type this but I think you would do an awesome job with a vampire comedy so even though I'm not a vamp fan it gets my vote.

Cinders Osborne said...


Keeping in prayers.
Hope baby sleeps through the night soon.

ElaineG said...

I flipped. Couple coins....and #3 won...but seriously, I win either way, cause whatever it is will be your usual awesome sauce!

Margaret S said...

Both the vampire and the old time western would be something new for you - A fresh line of thought.
Good luck with sorting out all the many family issues. I know you will cope as you always do. Will be thinking of spouse on the 15th. Maybe a good supply of earplugs will help with the disturbed nights and when you don't want to hear the surround sound of your home.
Have a great weekend

sugarlipps said...

I would like the comedy with the vampires, please.

Anonymous said...

Vampires! Ménage Vampires! ;) ~ Jenny

Melinda said...

I hate to say this but I would love any.

Melinda said...

Tell the spouse good luck for the 15th.

KarenJ said...

#1 with Gabriela's son sounds fun! Maybe he'll fall in love with a shifter.

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