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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Intro for Next Thursday's Post!

Hiya! I'm really excited about this. Next Thursday, author Eric Thornton will be guest-posting on here! He's going to be sharing links and what have you, but I asked him for one in particular for today.

I've had people request FF books from me, and I intend to write them. Totally Bound doesn't have them, so it'll end up being a self-pub deal, I suppose. Eric has already done this, and I wanted to share the link for at least one of his books for those who are interested.

Eric also writes MM and has several other genres of books available, so next week (or if you can't wait until then, check out his books on Amazon!) he'll be sharing all of that with y'all. He's got a lot of stuff out :D You can check his author page(s) on Amazon for a full listing.

But for now, here's one of them that those of y'all asking for FF may enjoy:

Carole by Eric Thornton

And swing by his blog if you'd like:


Here on my end, I've been trying to write but have done more cleaning and kid-toting than anything else. And I sweated. Ewwww.

MG 6 will be titled Broncs and Bullies, and there's a slower build up between Frankie and Duke because Frankie has issues and Duke... has the concussion from hell.

Anyway, y'all take care, and there'll be an installment up tomorrow evening by 10 pm Central at the latest (unless ST and I get lost hiking, in which case... Oops. I'll have it up once we've been rescued ;-)  )


Shorty Chelle said...

I myself don't read ff. I've read some of eric's m/m and I liked them. Can't wait for MG6 to come out.

Tekikat said...

FF! Wow...can't wait to read those :-)

Misty*G said...

Why would you go hiking, its hot outside, lol. Hope y'all have a good time & don't need rescuing. MG6, can't wait!

Miranda P said...

So much awesome in one post. Looking forward to all of this.

Melinda said...

Can't wait for the posting.

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