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Friday, July 18, 2014

Installment up around midnight Central

Today has been....Urgh. I'd planned on writing all day, and haven't even gotten to start. Y'all know those days.

When I finally got a chance to shower, I got out only to get stung by a yellow jacket on the underside of my right arm-- I swear, it's a pit pic, y'all. Glad I'd shaved first!

And I'm also glad I don't swell much from them. A red wasp? My whole arm and chest would have poofed up, but yellow jackets and bees only cause mild swelling. Pisses me off to get stung, though. And being naked, cussing, and waving a flip-flop all over? What a sight. O.o  I reckon I'm lucky I only got stung there, heh.

Then I had to go to the store, and we get home to find this:

in our yard. Not Amber, the goofball. A tortoise that seemed friendly enough, only I don't want any more pets. We took it to the local pet store and the guy there was going to find out if it's indigenous or what. If it is, it can't be sold, but his family has property with ponds and all that, so it ought to be a good place. That took another hour out of the day. What's with critters turning up in our yard?

It's odd that we haven't seen any tarantulas so far this year. Hm.

And now I've griped, lol, and need to get to writing. I want to get a good 3k done on the next Spotless before I start on the installment.

AND AND AND, don't even get me started on the accidental removal of comments by the administrator. I swear to @&#^ I don't know how I did that, but they're still on my dashboard so I can count them for the monthly drawing. Maybe I should just stay offline -_-


Traci Kurtz said...

You had to mention tarantulas didn't you Bailey...They're to come out the woodwork like crazy when a certain book hits the coming soon page...They're waiting for a PR tie in. :D

Shorty Chelle said...

Sorry you go stung Bailey.Cute turtle. Happy writing. I don't know what to tell you about the comments lol. But at least you still have them.

Tekikat said...

Wow! Turtles are good luck...how awesome is that to find it in your yard?

Anonymous said...

Ouch!!! Glad you didn't swell up. Though it sure looks painful. :-(

Melinda said...

My sister would have loved the turtle

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