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Monday, August 11, 2014

Cover Art Shares!

I posted these on FB earlier and meant to put them up here, too. Luckily, my sister put the first one up, but I'm going to repost with the release date info. First, though-- Thank you to the always amazing Emmy Ellis for the gorgeous covers!

Texas & Tarantulas J
Preorder: 22nd August 2014
Prerelease: 5th September 2014
General Release: 3rd October 2014

Trent's story :D I'll share more details soon.

After T&T will be Spotless:Home, the completely revamped story of Solomon's mate-adventure. Again, more info to come, but for now, pretties:

Spotless #3: Home
Preorder: 26th September 2014
Prerelease: 10th October 2014
General Release: 7th November 2014

And finally, here's one that I've been very excited about. I don't know the exact release date, sorry. I do know it's sometime this year--

For those of you who've read Unexpected Places, this is the continuation of Carter & Eddie's story. Y'all know there was something in particular Carter wanted, and together, he and Eddie will get it, along with an adventure that puts their lives at risk. And lots of hot, happy sexin'. :D


Misty*G said...

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!! Can't wait for all of them and the cover for Home...oh wow!

MA Church said...

Jesus, lol. You've been busy! Love the first cover. They are all great, but I really like that one. :)

Anonymous said...

i want all three so much!!!

Shorty Chelle said...

Can't wait to read them all.

Miranda P said...

So much pretty. The spotless series covers are some of my favorite out of any of the books I've read.

Melinda said...

Love the covers.

Demetra said...

Beautiful...just beautiful. Can't wait to read the continuation of Carter and Eddie's story. And of course Trent and Solomon.

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