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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekly ARe winner! And a Totallybound winner, too!

Okay, monthly is done, weekly is next! Let's do something a little different this week and give out $10 to ARe and $10 to Totallybound! Next week we will go back to one winner because I'll be broke :D

Congrats to #51/ElaineG, you win the ARe bucks!

And for the Totallybound gift voucher:

Congrats to #46/Tanya! Tanya, if you don't have a Totallybound account, you'l have to set one up. It's pretty quick.

If y'all will email me with the addies y'all use for your bookstore win, I'll send out your prize!

Thanks to everyone for playing!


Shorty Chelle said...

Congrat to the winners.

ElaineG said...

Oh my goodness, thanks so much Bailey! I'll email you from the home computer. Thanks again :)

nikirenee said...

congrats ELaineG and Tanya :)
Happy reading

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