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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ARe Bucks Winners!

There will be an installment up by midnight Central time. I didn't finish the SW Shifter book before our weekend truck delivery/escape thing, so I have to get that done this week and I have edits to do on the first book in a new series, Coyote's Call. The first one in that series is titled Off Course, and y'all got an excerpt of it a couple of weeks ago. :D

Tonight I had ST and Amber each pick a winner for the weekly drawing, so there's two winners this week! Congratulations to:

#74/Possum and #26/Eva ! If y'all will email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com I will get those ARe bucks sent out to you.

Y'all take care, and I'll be back with a new installment before midnight :D


Demetra said...

Congrats to the winners.

nikirenee said...


Shorty Chelle said...

Congats to the winners.

Anonymous said...

congrats to the winners.

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