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Monday, September 8, 2014

Delayed installment

Sorry y'all. I'll have the epilogue up Wednesday, then I think a bonus short with Zane and Aidan Saturday. The following week will be vote on a blog story week. We'll pick a start date from there because I'll be at the coast with my mom and sister and family from Sept 19th-23. I don't want to start a whole new blog story before then so I'll probably do another Aidan and Zane and maybe a check in with some cowboys or spirits.

But tonight, I'm just beat. Up until 4 am working on the 10th SW Shifter book, then up before nine to get back to it. It's turned in, and i have edits due tonight that I'm going to ask to turn in later. My head aches and I'm in need of some sleep.

I'm not whining. I'm thrilled to have finished the 10th book in the SWS series. I love those guys so much. There's a lot of Marcus and Nathan in this one.

Anyway, I'm going to drink a glass of wine and try to relax a little, then sleep.



sugarlipps said...

Enjoy your trip

Shorty Chelle said...

Get some rest Bailey, the installment can wait. **huggz**

nikirenee said...

Relax. We can wait. Congrats on finishing the book. :)

Anonymous said...

that's fine. i'm doing quite a bit of writing myself. i am almost done with my blog story too. then i'll have to figure out what i wanna work on writing on the blog next too lol

Anonymous said...

Epilogue? As in an ending?? What will I do without this "family" in my life?

Bailey;-) said...

Thank you, sugarlipps ( I adore that name. It rocks!), shorty chelle (**huggz** <3)
nikirenee, I am trying but today was running ALL day, and two trips to San Antonio. We got home right before midnight -_-
Eric Roberts, yeah you're writing circles around me! :D
Chris, I am going to miss them too. I miss them all when the stories end. :/ Thank you.

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