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Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Post

Well, this is supposed to be the post on the e-publishing industry etc. How professional is THAT for an intro? Heh.

I have a few questions, actually. What would y'all like to know, if anything, about epubbing and writing? Because I don't want to run on about stuff that bores y'all.

So, today, this is all, just the question of what y'all would like to know, if anything.

I'll be out hiking with Sammie, Amber, the grandkids, and ST today at Government Canyon, and will pop back in tonight if I am not so worn out I need to pass out, lol.

Also, fair warning, in February, the hubs and I will take out annual anniversary vacation to New Mexico from Feb 13th-17th. The blog will be on vacation along with me, lol, unless people are interested in posting and doing takeovers on those dates.


Shorty Chelle said...

I don't really have any questions but I hope ya'll have an amazing trip in february. Enjoy your hike today. **huggz** <3

Tekikat said...

Do you prefer writing series over stand alone stories? What inspires you to write?

Demetra said...

Hey Bailey - I don't know if anyone has asked, but how did you get into writing.

Bailey;-) said...

thank you, Shorty Chelle ***huggz*** <3

Bailey;-) said...

Ohhh, I don't have a preference...more an inability to shut my mind off when a book ends lolol :D Everything inspires me-- it can be a word, a thought, a person, a news story, a memory. :D Thank you, Tekikat!

Bailey;-) said...

Heya Demetra! Honestly, I discovered the world of ebooks, erotic ebooks, then a few weeks after that, gay erotic romances, and I was toast. I sat down and wrote, and figured what did I have to lose? I wanted to try. Less than six months after I read my first ebook, I had a contract. I was late to the ebook game. Didn't start reading them until Jan of 2009 :D Thank you, Demetra!

L.M. said...

Hi Bailey,
When you started writing how did you get your contract? Did you have an agent? Any advice for hopeful writers-to be?

Bailey;-) said...

Hi L.M.!

Honestly, I knew nothing about the ePub industry. I wrote Breaking the Devil and subbed it to a bunch of places-- which was a no-no at some of them. I didn't know what they meant by simultaneous submissions etc etc. I just dove in head first. A few places offered me a contract, a few rejected my book. I didn't and don't have an agent. Here's one of the things about being an author-- most don't make a lot. When I got that first contract, I was told then that if you sold a hundred copies, you were a success. Figure most places, your percentage for royalties is 35-40% of net sales from the ePub site, and less from third party sites because more people are splitting the income. Anyway, the point being, you could end up making a couple hundred bucks and be considered successful. A few authors make bank, some do okay, some don't. An agent might not be the best financial choice to make, it'd just depend on income, I'd guess. Advice-- don't stop writing. If you get a rejection, keep writing, subbing and trying. Be thick-skinned and take advice, don't get upset over it. Most people offering advice are truly trying to help, not make the person receiving advice feel bad. Read a lot, know your genre, and research your ePubs. Don't be afraid to ask authors at different publishing places what they love about their ePub. Wow this is a long reply. I rambled, lol. O.o I hope some of it was useful.

MA Church said...

How much control do you have over your covers?

I'm gonna assume (lol never a good idea) you fill out a Cover Spec sheet and tell the CA what you want. So, when you get the mock up, how many mock ups do you get? One? Three? More?

And once you see the mock up, can you make changes to it? Like take the model for mock up 2 and put him in mock up 3 background.

Or do you just get a cover and that's it?


Jess1 said...

Hope your hike was fun! Do you keep outlines or notebooks on your series and characters to keep track of them, so you won't get confused when you write a new book?

Bailey;-) said...

I do fill out book info form, which we are encouraged to get very, very detailed about. This includes scenery, character descriptions- -physical and personality, etc-- blurb, synopsis, what we'd like to see, what we would hate to see. Then Emmy takes over and makes a fabulous cover. In the end, the cover art is up to the publisher, but Totallybound has always been incredibly fair and cooperative on any questions/requests/fixes needed. So I send in the form, they send back a cover, and I approve or make suggestions etc. I've only had to do that twice out of close to 60 books. Anyway, once I'm on board with the cover, then it's all good to go. It's quick and easy, once you get used to doing the book forms.

Bailey;-) said...

My Mom reads all my books and makes me notecards...unfortunately, the last batch got destroyed by a certain dog. I am horrible with names, and smaller details, probably because I write so fast, and when I am done with a book, I am done for then, and ready to start the next. I have notebooks all over, with notes lol, and my biggest thing lately is to use the Notes app on my phone. I take down names and pertinent facts and that's actually working well for me :D I hope.

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