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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday Babble

I'm still working on Edie/Erdwin's story for Spotless: Heart. Every time I think I've got this one figured out, it changes on me. I like that. :D

Today I'm taking a break to get my right sleeve worked on-- woot! So far, I've got 'Words have power' on my biceps there, and that will be added a couple more times in different fonts and sizes, but I'll also have the birth month flowers of loved ones on that arm. That idea came from Cherri when she was down a couple of months ago, and we were discussing tattoos. I like family-themed ones, and I love flowers, so she had a fabulous idea. First flower will be Dad's-- his birthday was in March. I'm not going to stay true to some of the flowers' colors, because white isn't going to work on my skin, and yellow doesn't, either, so there'll be some playing around with the actual colors. Anyway, I'm excited about that today. When I get back tonight, I'll have to do my elliptical hell then write more. :D

How is everyone doing? Feel free to share anything y'all want to share. Everyone's so fantastic here, and they'll chat back and forth. I'll turn the captcha off for this post in case y'all want to visit.

Oh! What print book would y'all like a chance for a copy at next???


Julia Matthews said...

Like the idea of flowers and family. Sounds neat.

L.M. said...

Hi Bailey! So cool about your sleeve, will definitely need pics! Well, I am on that never ending journey of job hunting. Online applications and portals that send it into the ether are driving me up a wall. Can't email anyone a follow up and half the time they never email to say that you weren't chosen. That's my babble lol!
Ooo print book...any! Do you ever do hardcovers?

Tess said...

Pictures, lots of pictures of your sleeve work :D

have fun ;)

Tekikat said...

I love flowers...pics please! Right now I am so busy with work and no time off for 12 days....aaaargh! Print copy of Off Course would be lovely.... you put sane in my insane life :-) Thanks Bailey !

Cherri said...

I'm so jealous lol !!! I want a new tattoo. Well several actually. I hope to get back down there soon to get some work done. Thanks for the shout out chica !!! ������������������

Demetra said...

Nice - looking forward to reading Edie's story. Loving the art that you will put on your arm.

Jess1 said...

Yes, please pictures.

Shorty Chelle said...

Sounds like a great idea Bailey. **huggz** <3

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