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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Installment & ST

The installment will be up tonight by 11 Central. We just got home, so it's been that kind of day.

Regarding ST, we're still waiting for the results of her blood work, but the ultrasound did show that she has gallstones. Little ones, and the dr said she can't rule out anything else adding to the problem until she gets the test results back on everything else. So, two weeks on an over the counter med for now, then back to the doctor to discuss the gallbladder issue.

Anyways! Didn't want to keep y'all waiting around for the installment. 11 PM Central :D


L.M. said...

Best thoughts for ST! Hugs

Tekikat said...

ST is in my prayers....hang in there kiddo!

Tess said...

oh poor ST, I had gallstones when I was 15, it's hereditary in my family on my mums side.

I hope ST is feeling better soon!!

Demetra said...

Damn....gallstones? Wow. Hope the medicine works. Give a hug to ST.

Donna said...

Best wishes to all your family and try not to worry too much. You can have meds to dissolve small gallstones or keyhole surgery if necessary, it's not too invasive.

Jess1 said...

Gallstones are so painful, so I glad that they checked for them and didn't rule them out due to her age.

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