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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Team Peyton Fundraiser

If y'all are so inclined, please help Peyton and his family out. There's this fundraiser:

Peyton's Shirt Fundraiser

If y'all could share that, too, that'd be awesome. Thank you <3


nikirenee said...

will do. :) hope he is doing ok.

MA Church said...

Shared on FB,Google+, Twitter :)

Shorty Chelle said...

shared on FB **huggz** <3

Anonymous said...

hope he is doing okay

Jbst said...

Hope Peyton is doing okay.

Donna said...

Shared, hope he's responding to the chemo.

Cherri said...

Thank y'all so much !! Peyton is doing really well right now. We go in for chemo tomorrow (friday) . His air flow thru his right lung is doing better and he gained back 2 pounds this past week. He's been a great patient. Hasn't complained or whined at all. Again I wanted to thank yall for your support and prayers and a big thank you Bailey for posting all of this on your blog. I love you girl !!!

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