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Monday, June 8, 2015

Info on upcoming releases and today's installment

Okey dokey, first off, I wanted to share the publication schedule we've (The fantastic people at Totallybound, rather) have worked out:

Spotless: Heart
Preorder: 4th August 2015
Early download: 18th August 2015
General release: 15th September 2015

Mossy Glenn: Hay & Heartbreak
Preorder: 18th August 2015
Early download: 1st September 2015
General release: 29th September 2015

Vampire #3 (Abbie and Clod) (Fine Claude. Abbie and Claude. Or maybe not. )
Preorder: 8th September 2015
Early download: 22nd September 2015
General release: 20th October 2015

SWS: Renegade (WOOT!)
Preorder: 22nd September 2015
Early download: 6th October 2015
General release: 3rd November 2015

Mossy Glenn #8 (I just turned in book 7)
Preorder: 6th October 2015
Early download: 20th October 2015
General release: 17th November 2015

Valen’s Pack/ Coyote’s Call (Not sure which one I'll do first)
Preorder: 20th October 2015
Early download: 3rd November 2015
General release: 1st December 2015

Vampire #4 (Maybe one of the blog ones, or a new one. Not sure yet)
Preorder: 17th November 2015
Early download: 1st December 2015
General release: 29th December 2015

Valen’s Pack/ Coyote’s Call (Whichever one I didn't write already)
Preorder: 8th December 2015
Early download: 22nd December 2015
General release: 19th January 2016

Vampire #5 (Again, new? Blog one? Hm)
Preorder: 29th December 2015
Early download: 12th January 2016
General release: 9th February 2016

As you can tell, I'm still not sure what exactly I'm doing, but there's a general idea, heh. 

Today's installment will be up late, around 11:30 PM. I started on it, then got distracted by grandkids. Now there's laundry and dinner to take care of. Ick. 

Happy Monday! 


Tonya said...

Thanks for the release information, make me happy knowing what is possible in the pipeline, for I know things can change. I must say you are going to be one busy lady. Well enjoy your grandbabies, I don't know about grandkids, but I know how quick they grow, it seems like yesterday I was bringing them home and now they are teenagers. Not enjoying this,so much, missing the days when they could not talk, :)

Ashley E said...

My gosh, Bailey, you're going to be soooo busy!

nikirenee said...

wow lots of good stuff coming up. I can't wait.

AiboPals said...

Pouts... nothing til August.... pouts
That's an awesome list :D

Demetra said...

Sweet Bailey - am writing everything down.
Good luck with your writing schedule and no writers cramps please ;)

Tekikat said...

Your one busy lady :-) looking forward to reading these....

Donna said...

Busy schedule coming up! Looks good ;)

Misty*G said...

I don't know how you have time for anything else.

Anonymous said...

head is killing me right now but i cannot wait.

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