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Friday, June 19, 2015

Installment post time

This is a guesstimate since I have the twins again today. Sammie started working at a hospital an hour or so away, and her shift is 3-11. She assists in the OR, and childcare is something we're all helping her with. Can't imagine what daycare for the twins would cost, if she could even find some open that late. Anyway, we'd rather have them here :D But that's what's going on and why the installments have been moved or late this week. She probably won't get here until after midnight, but once the Hubs is home tonight, I can sneak to my room and write. I'm hoping to have the installment up around 11 PM Central.


Donna said...

Family first is obvious - have fun, don't let them get away with murder just because they're too cute!

Tekikat said...

I used to babysit my sisters twins and they kept me on my toes! Childcare is expensive and hard to find especially for shift workers...you're a wonderful mom :-)

Demetra said...

No worries Bailey.

Shorty Chelle said...

Take your time Bailey **huggz** <3

Anonymous said...

no worries

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