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Monday, August 3, 2015

Don't Worry, It's Still Happening! Update on Cherri and Peyton, too.

Tentacle sex is...er... coming, later tonight. Probably around 11 PM Central, ISH.

We had another long night, family drama. Mike's right leg has been swollen and we finally got him to go to the ER last night, and I had Elijah, and was up all night, but that's not important.

Mike's morbidly obese, and he has heart failure, that's what he was diagnosed with last night. This morning. Sometime between 10 PM and 7 AM. It's not advanced, but he's got to make some major lifestyle changes immediately or he will not be alive a whole lot longer, and he has to take BP meds. He's not even 30, and he's pretty shaken up. But, we'll all pull together and work on this.

Pretty much, everyone's worn out, and he and Amber are pretty scared. I'm going to go get his meds in a bit and some healthy foods for him.

On the Peyton news front, he had the surgery to remove three ribs and the tumor. Unfortunately, a spot that showed on the MRI near his spine (I think that's how it was found) tested positive for Ewing's Sarcoma, and he'll need radiation and chemo. That was supposed to start last week, but his incision became infected and that has to clear up.

If you'd like to help Cherri and her family out, here is his GoFundMe link. They can really use the financial help; as you can see, their fund hasn't even reach 1k yet. Please share the link if you can.

Peyton's GoFundMe

And, that's all the news for now. Oh! Wait!

Comment and Birthday winners, I will try to do those this week, but if too pressed for time with everything, those may happen next week.

Okay. Now I'm going to get meds.



Donna said...

That all sounds quite upsetting, I hope everyone is keeping their spirits up and staying strong. Try and remain positive and optimistic and our thoughts are with you and all concerned.

Debby said...

You sure have a lot on your mind. Best of luck!

L.M. said...

Oh Bailey... my thoughts go out to everyone! Good luck to Mike he has a great support system and I'm sure you will keep him motivated.

To Peyton et al. I wish you the best. Medicine has come so far, but love and positivity can take it that next step.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about everything falling apart fore everyone. hope all gets well soon

Shorty Chelle said...

So sorry to hear all this. I hope everyone gets better soon. **huggz** <3

Julia Matthews said...

Sorry to hear about all that is going on. Well wishes to all.

Tekikat said...

Wow,so many things happening....good luck with Mike! Eating and lifestyle changes take time buthe can do it! Our prayers to Peyton and his family.

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