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Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Babble...

I swear, I'm not whining, just writing about the weekend. ST caught hand, foot and mouth disease from the grandkids. She was pretty sick Friday.

We had an unexpected death in the family late Friday night, too. He wasn't ill, and the doctors had said he'd be okay after he had a mild heart attack. Just needed stents.

Sammie called me Saturday night, sick and her teeth chattering, she was trying to drive herself to the clinic half an hour away. I had her pull over, then the Hubs drove me to where Sammie was, and I drove her in the the clinic. Two bags of fluids, potassium pills, and a lot of ibuprofen later, she was discharged around 5 am.  She has hand foot and mouth, too. The drs said adults don't blister like the kids do. Looks like that's the case because Sammie is blistering worse.

That took us into Sunday, when the wife of the relative who passed away Friday night from a heart attack, also had a heart attack. She survived, but their immediate family, and ours as a whole, has been through a very rough weekend.

I didn't get much writing done at all, and probably won't for a few more days.  I'd planned to be on the blog every day this week, but we'll see how it goes with all the family crises going on.

This seems like a really depressing post. Please don't take it that way.  I am just astounded at how much bad stuff keeps happening, you know? Boggles the mind.

Y'all are all welcome to share your weekend stories, too. Or share anything, whenever y'all need to reach out.

Ick. No handshakes for you, Sam. Just wave 'Hi'.


Demetra said...

Damn girl. Sorry to hear about all the crap that is going on. Hope the kids and grandkids get better quickly.

Kim Whaley said...

Wow. Big hugs.
Family was in an car accident yesterday. No one hurt but going to be fun times (not) dealing with the insurance and paperwork.
I just realized I have to travel to Chicago THIS UPCOMING SUNDAY, this past weekend and I'm not prepared. :/ Cramming for a professional certification test is not fun.
You are not alone.

Tekikat said...

Sorry to hear all the unfortunate events happening...condolences to you and your loved . Hang in there...were praying for you :-)

MA Church said...

Damn. Just damn. The bad luck has got to stop at some point, you know??? *hugs*

Misty*G said...

We had an uneventful weekend, but now I just want to scoop Wes up in a great big hug because we are both healthy right now. Hopefully everyone in your house can get well sooner rather than later & everyone can eventually find some peace. I know from very close experience that a sudden death in the family & then another quick health scare is hard. Hang in there. You have people that love you & will listen to you rant, rave, cry, or whine, whatever you need. Love&Hugs to all y'all

AiboPals said...

Hugs you tightly... luckily the ickies can't travel through the pooter screen

Donna said...

Try and keep positive. It's hard and depressing and if you need to rant remember we're all here listening. Love to everyone xxx

nikirenee said...

sending happy thoughts to help through this tough time. Sucks when everyone catches stuff from the other family members. Lots of chicken soup, Kleenex, fluids and rest are in your future. Don't worry about the blog or stories, we will be here when things calm down.

Shorty Chelle said...

I hope everyone gets well soon and I'm sorry for your loss. Sending healing prayers and thoughts ya'lls way Bailey. **huggz** <3

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