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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 With Josh and Nick ***NSFW***

I hope y'all have had a wonderful day, whether it's Thanksgiving for y'all or not.

Today, I am thankful for every kind act, every kind word, every kind thought, not just those directed at me or people I know. I'm thankful for every time love wins over hate, and peace over war.

And I'm thankful for you.

PS: Remind me that I have a Valentine's short in mind for these two! I would bump it to Christmas, but think that should be someone else's turn :D

Copyright 2015
Bailey Bradford

A Love in Xxchange Thanksgiving
Copyright Bailey Bradford

Chapter One

Josh kept his smile plastered on his face, but he really, really wanted to tell the teenage boy that getting his finger jabbed wasn’t that painful and to stop being all emo-dramatic-whatever-it-was-called-nowdays.
And he’d bet his next paycheck Ren, the kid with the big damn mouth and oversized lungs, wouldn’t want any of his friends to hear him bellowing for Mommy.
“Hey, wasn’t that one of your classmates out in the waiting room?” Josh tried, pressing a cotton ball to Ren’s fingertip.
“I’m homeschooled, asshole,” Ren sniped.
Josh pressed his lips together. Forget smiling, he’d do good just to not trip Ren on the way out.
“Ren?” Ms. Parker, Ren’s mommy, entered the lab area in the back of the building. “Was there a problem?”
Ren stuck his bottom lip out. “He poked my finger hard.”
“No harder than I had to, Ms. Parker,” Josh explained, applying the bandage over the cotton ball. “I can guarantee I didn’t hit bone.”
Ms. Parker tittered when Josh added a wink and a wide grin for her.
“Oh, well Ren does have tender hands,” she said a moment later while Ren glared daggers at her, then Josh. “And he’s in that moody teenage stage, you know, the one where a lot of parents give up and send them to military school if they can afford it.”
“Mooooommmm!” Ren whined. “It hurt!”
“It was a finger poke, Renny,” Ms. Parker said with about as much patience as Josh was feeling. “Stop your whining. I bet Adam and Jessica Anders heard you screeching all the way into the waiting area. My God, you were loud.”
Ren blushed from his hair all the way down his neck. His ears, in particular, were quite bright. “I wasn’t that loud.”
“You were.” Ms. Parker clucked her tongue. “Quite loud, and being rude to Josh—now that was completely uncalled for. Josh has always been cheerful and patient, and kind. You’d do well to take lessons from him.”
“You do know he’s gay and married, right?” Ren muttered. “To a man.”
Josh could probably get some gauze wrapped and gag Ren before Ms. Parker could stop him. He eyed the roll of pink CoFlex wrap. That’d work.
“I’m well aware of Josh and Nick’s marriage, just as I’m aware of your lack of manners.”
Well, it sounded like there was going to be a lecture and more arguing and another lecture ad nauseam unless he intervened. Josh picked up the pink stretchy wrap. “It’s okay, Ms. Parker. I’m sure Ren didn’t mean anything by it.” Although what it was, specifically, Josh didn’t define. “Are you ready for Thanksgiving?”
For a distraction, it worked well enough, and five minutes later, Josh was able to clean the lab area up so he could go home.
He said goodbye to his co-workers and sighed with relief as he walked out to his pink FJ. “Hi there, baby. Did you have a good day?”
“Mommy, that man is talking to his pink truck.”
Josh glanced sideways and saw a little girl holding a woman’s hand as they walked past him.
“Men are weird like that,” the woman said. “Your dad yells at the TV, remember?”
“And he says bad words.”
Josh bit his tongue. Annabelle talked to inanimate things and no one would have given her crap about it, not even a little kid. But Annabelle was scary, in all her icy beauty.
Whereas Josh…He wiped his hands on his penguin-printed scrubs. Well, he might not be scary, but he had pizzazz and style and an ass that most people envied. It was a damned fine ass.
Better than any of that, though, he had Nick. Josh planned all sorts of wicked things for his husband. With four days off in a row, there was going to be a lot of naked and a lot of fucking. And sucking. And anything else they wanted to do together.
Josh’s dick was half-hard just thinking about it. Yay for naked holidays! Thanksgiving was going to be weird this year, what with Rory, Annabelle, their spouses and kids all going up to Montana. Nick had insisted on staying in Texas and working the ranch for Chance and Rory. Josh guessed he understood the others wanting to go; the Mossy Glenn was Rory, Annabelle and Nick’s, after all, but only Rory and Annabelle felt any true fondness for the place.
But Nick had been in a funk the past couple of days. Josh suspected it had to do with his brother and sister going to Montana, and maybe Nick’s bad memories of his mom. It was all tied in to the Mossy Glenn, Josh was sure of that part, at least.
Well, he had plans to help bring Nick out of that funk.
He should have known his plans would get fucked up.
First off, Josh somehow didn’t get home before Nick, which was weird because Nick usually worked at the ranch until five or six. The clinic had closed at noon, and Josh had left before one. He should have beat Nick home by hours.
Second, though, was the SUV in the driveway. Josh couldn’t be too grumpy about that one. It meant that at least Glenn and James were there with their brood, four siblings they’d adopted last year after fostering them for two years before that. Izzy, Josef, Gia and Hope were pretty awesome kids, so Josh was always glad to see them. It also explained why Nick was home—he must have known they’d have company.
Josh didn’t mind his plans being delayed for visitors he loved. He parked his FJ out of the way then got out, grinning like crazy as two lanky boys and two lankier girls came barreling out of the house.
“Uncle Josh!”
Oh, he loved those squeals! “Hey kiddos! First one to hug me gets the most lollipops!” He braced himself as they came running.
It was odd, how he and Nick had become close friends with James and Glenn. They’d been the loosest of acquaintances, friends of friends, but time and multiple joint barbecues and such had closed the distance of unfamiliarity and replaced it with a strong bond.
Stronger than Josh. He went ass-down as all four kids tackled him.
“Careful! You don’t want to break him,” Glenn called out.
Josh giggled as little hands dug into his sides, tickling him. Then he squealed as someone poked him in his armpit.
“Ew, Izzy! Gross!”
Josh squealed and tried to roll away without hurting anyone, but if the little buggers didn’t stop tickling him soon, he was either going to wet his pants or accidentally jerk and smack someone.
“That’s enough, kids,” Glenn said firmly. “Keep it up and no one will get lollipops.”
“Aw, Dad,” whined Izzy. “We gotta have candy! It’s important!”
Josh wheezed as he sat up. “Yeah,” he panted a couple of times. Sheesh, he was out of shape! “Candy’s a major part of a happy childhood.”
“What he says,” Hope said, pointing to Josh. At ten, she was the oldest, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. James has said, when the kids weren’t around, that their growth had been stunted by lack of proper nutrition, and food, period, when they’d been babies. Josh had seen them right after Glenn and James had become their foster parents. He knew what kind of shape the kids had been in then, and that’d been after months in the state’s care.
They were all happier now. Josh doled out lollipops to all four kids, then he handed one to Glenn and one to James. “Because you two need to sweeten up a bit!” Josh added a kiss to each man’s cheek, then he turned and gave Nick a big, wet kiss and a hug.
“Ew! Kissing’s gross.”
“I that their newest go-to word?” Josh asked.
James nodded. “At least they’ve forgotten about the t-word,” he whispered.
Josh had been amused by the four munchkins saying ‘turd’ but James and Glenn had just about shit bricks. They were still trying to figure out who the kids had picked it up from. The list of possibilities was endless.
“Have you heard about Adam and Les?” James whispered.
Josh glanced around. “Why are you whispering?” he whispered.
James shushed him. “Because it’s a secret, and little pitchers have big ears and all.”
“Um.” Josh pointed at the kitchen. “Hey, there’s juice boxes in the fridge. Go get em’. See if you can spot Tom.”
That took the kids out of hearing range. They’d spend fifteen minutes looking for Tom, the cat Nick had given Josh for his birthday. Tom would be well-hidden. He wasn’t as fond of screeching, giggling children as Josh was.
“Now spill,” he demanded.
James grinned. “Well, they’re expanding their family, and I don’t mean they’re getting another dog, either. Adam’s mom is over the moon. They went the surrogate route and should be bringing home babies in eight months or so. Twins.”
Josh clapped and jumped, trying not to get too loud, but he was happy, damn it! “Les is going to be the biggest, mushiest teddy bear ever!”
“We didn’t want to mention it around the kids yet in case, well, you know.” Glenn shrugged and frowned. “Things can happen, especially during those first three months. Les and Adam had meant to wait to tell everyone until a little further down the road, but Les slipped up—“
“Les slipped up?” Nick asked. “I didn’t think he could string more’n two words together.”
Les and Nick had some issues with each other, though for the most part, they were civil. Usually.
“Well, he did, and Adam’s mom found out, and oh my God, everyone in the diner heard her shriek.” Glenn chuckled. “It was something else, I’ll tell you. So, you tow considering adding some kids to the mix?”
Josh tried not to stiffen. They’d been asked that question more and more lately, and he didn’t really know how to answer it any more now than the first time.
Nick put an arm around Josh. “Eh. Max and Bo have their teenagers they’re raising, Chance and Rory have their trio, so do Annabelle, Justin and Evan—though I’ve heard rumors of rumblings for more kids there.”
“Annabelle will be cutting off balls if someone even suggests her getting pregnant again,” Josh said. “So that talk is either BS or they’re looking into adoption or surrogacy.”
“Probably,” Nick agreed. “Annabelle just mentioned how much she hated being pregnant, though she loved the outcome of it. Don’t think I’d like being all swole up and miserable either.”
“Some women have that motherly glow,” Josh pointed out. “I’ve seen it.”
“Yeah, well, I’d have that angry as fuck glow,” Nick grumbled. “Good thing men can’t get knocked up.”
“I read an article the other day that said in a decade or less, that’ll change,” Glenn said.
“Uh, no.” Nick shook his head. “Not for me, anyway. Don’t think Josh would want to give it a go, either.”
“Pass.” Josh couldn’t imagine it.
“Xav and Chase, Fred and Martine, me and Josh—we’re the only ones holding out, huh?” Nick asked. “Now that Billy ‘n Liam have started the adoption process.”
“Looks like,” James agreed. “But not everyone has to have kids.”
Josh wiped his brow. “Whew. For a second there, I was feeling pressured.” And he wasn’t sure about the whole kids thing, which made him feel like a shitty person. Plus, he still felt pressured anyway. Everyone was popping up with kids.
“No pressure. There’s plenty of kids in our family to go around anyway.” Glenn nodded toward the kitchen. “Any time y’all get the urge to have some, borrow one or four of ours for a weekend.”
“Test drive the kids?”  Josh asked, giggling. “Seriously?”
Glenn shrugged. “Sure, why not? You know how to take care of people. And you haven’t killed Nick yet, which means you’re almost a saint, too.”
“Hey, I’m a good husband,” Nick protested.
“The best,” Josh agreed. He stuck his tongue out at Glenn. “So there.”
“That—“ James pointed at Josh. “Is why they don’t want kids. They still are kids.”
“Gross,” Josh teased, doing his best impression of a whiny ten year-old.
Later, when he had Nick naked in bed, Josh forgot about his moment of weirdness over the whole kid-question. That was the last thing he was going to be thinking about when he had such a glorious, sexy man sprawled out, waiting, watching.
Josh dropped the towel he’d had around his hips. He did his best saunter across the room, adding a little swing to his hips to make his dick bounce.
Nick’s mouth curled up on one side.
Lust barreled through Josh. He loved that particular look, like Nick was amused and so in love with him, Nick just had to be happy.
Josh ran one hand down his chest, making sure he was putting on a good show. He arched his neck and back, reached lower for his dick—
And yelped as he tripped over who the fuck knew what. Josh could trip over an atom.
Josh couldn’t keep himself upright, but he’d have sworn he fell in slow motion. He pinwheeled his arms and kept yelping as he went over face-first.
The landing sucked. He slapped his hand out in front of him, and the pain that shot through his left wrist, in which he’d recently been diagnosed with carpal tunnel, was pretty much awful.
That wrist gave out, and he hit his left shoulder and hip on the floor, but managed not to bang his head.
Nick was there before Josh even finished flopping.
“Shit! Baby, are you okay?” Nick was touching him, running his rough-skinned, gentle hands over Josh’s back. “Where does it hurt? I know your hurt sound and you made it.”
“Wrist,” Josh whimpered, staying down as he tried to judge the extent of the pain.
“Is it broken?” Nick asked.
Josh groaned and, with Nick’s help, sat up. He examined his wrist. “Well, my x-ray vision isn’t working, but I don’t think it’s broken. Sprained, maybe, or it’s just the carpal tunnel.”
“You need to go back to that doctor,” Nick scolded gently before he brushed a kiss over Josh’s wrist.
Josh trembled and goose bumps pebbled his skin. “Nick…do you want kids?” That had not been what he’d meant to say.
Nick’s crooked grin was followed by another soft kiss, and the barest hint of tongue over Josh’s skin. “That what’s got you so rattled tonight? You feeling like the odd couple out? Or is it that you feel like a bad person for not jumping on the baby bandwagon?”
Josh suckled on his bottom lip and didn’t answer.
Nick eased him all the way to his feet. “Hey, you’ve been worried over something since you got home. If it ain’t the kid business, then tell me what it is so I can help fix it.”
The tears hit fast and without warning. Josh tried blinking them away, but that only seemed to cause them to spill down his cheeks faster.
“Oh, hey, hey, whatever kind of dragon it is, I’ll slay it for you,” Nick murmured.
Josh cuddled right into Nick and let Nick lead him to the bed. There was a little stiffness in Josh’s back and shoulders, his wrist, but he wasn’t seriously injured, nothing a few ibuprofen pills wouldn’t fix.
But apparently, emotionally, he was a damned mess.
He could not…stop…crying. “Ugh.” Guilt. He hated it.
They ended up on the bed together, not in the fun, dirty, raunchy way Josh had intended, which made him feel even worse. He was getting their Thanksgiving holiday off to a shitty start.
Nick murmured reassuring words to him as Josh tried to get his crap together. He felt like such a moron!
When he was able to breathe without sniffling or hiccupping, Josh used part of the sheet to wipe his face and nose with, making a mental note to wash the bedding later.
“You okay now?” Nick asked, peering warily at him. “I can get you some ibuprofen and water. Could use a drink myself.”
“Please.” Josh scooted up and watched as Nick stood, then walked out of the bedroom. Usually, the bedroom was their sanctuary. It was the perfect mix of Josh’s pink, penguin fixations and Nick’s gruff cowboy art collection.
But none of that could compare to the sight of Nick, naked, his back broad, muscled, tapering down to a narrow waist and a very, very nice ass. Nick was golden brown all over. His thick legs were covered with just the right amount of fuzz. His arms were bulkier with muscles now than they used to be, and his black hair had grown longer, something Josh had been surprised to find Nick wanted. It now lay about on his shoulder blades, and the occasional white hair broke up the solid raven’s wing black.
He was beyond fine, at least to Josh, and Josh’s heart still beat harder when he looked at Nick, his pulse spiked, and he fell all over again for his husband.
Nick glanced over his shoulder and winked before walking out the bedroom door.
Josh sighed and flopped sideways across the bed, wondering what was wrong with him. Mid-life crisis? Well, pre-mid-life crisis? Existential crisis? Nervous breakdown? Holiday depression?
“I have no fucking idea.” Except he kind of did.
Nick came back with the meds and two glasses of sweet tea instead of water. “Figured we could both use the sugar-kick.”
“No kidding.” Josh sat up again and took the ibuprofen. He washed them down with a couple of swallows of tea, then sighed and set his glass on the bedside table. “So. I’m obviously an emotional basket case tonight.”
“You’re not, but you have been bothered by something,” Nick ascertained. “And it started when Glenn and James brought up the whole issue of kids and us.” Nick sat on the bed and took Josh’s right hand in his. He peered at Josh so solemnly, yet so lovingly, it made Josh’s heart ache. “Honey, if you’ve changed your mind, we can do the whole kid thing.”
Josh winced. “Have you changed your mind?”
Nick shook his head. “Nope. I’m still fine with, whatever you want, I’m there with you. What I want is for you to be happy. Deliriously, completely happy. If that means kids, then I’m all for it. If it means no kids, I’m with you. Because that’s the truth, Josh—I’m with you. I meant every bit of our vows. If you say no kids and change your mind tomorrow, next week, next year or next decade—whenever, I’ll be glad to do what you want. You’re everything to me.”
Josh’s heart did a slow, lub-dub roll that sent tinglies all through his body. “Yeah?”
“Yeah, most definitely, yeah.” Nick rubbed his nose alongside Josh’s. “And no one has the right to make you feel bad about it if you don’t want kids. No one. Not even you.”
And there was the crux of it—Josh felt like he was a total asshole, a total, selfish asshole for wanting to keep his small, immediate family down to just the two of them. He liked being able to sleep late and wander around the house naked, eating whenever they felt like it, and drinking too much some nights, without worrying about having to take care of anyone but themselves.
He didn’t think he could make their friends understand that. No one bugged Chase and Xav about kids, because Xav had kind of raised Billy already, and Chase…well, he was Chase. Remy and Fred hadn’t been together that long, and were busy getting their new bar/club running in a more financially beneficial manner.
“Kids are cool and all, but Josh, I mean it when I say you’re the center of my world,” Nick said quietly as he cupped Josh’s jaw. “So does that make me awful, that I know I’d never love anyone near as much as I do you?” Nick shook his head. “No, it doesn’t, and if you ever do change your mind, whether we’re youngish or old, I’ll be right there, and I will love any kids we have, but you…you will always, always be it for me, the love of my life. For you, I can love anyone else.”
Josh’s eyes stung again. He let the matter of kids drop—he’d wavered a while back but changed his mind and didn’t see himself wanting to raise kids now. He liked babysitting and being able to send the kids back to their parents.
He loved his life with Nick.
And he loved the way Nick was kissing him, like Josh truly was the most precious of gifts.
Josh let his eyes fall closed as he slipped his arms around Nick.
Warm, strong, safe—mine, all mine. Josh was cherished, and he loved Nick in return with every molecule of his being.
He put all of that, all the love and craving and gratitude and want, into the kiss, tongue tangling with Nick’s as they parried and thrust.
Nick rumbled into it, the sound flowing into Josh, down his throat, into his chest, wrapping around his heart and making it expand.
Nick filled him up, was melded into his DNA. Josh couldn’t imagine a life without him, a world where Nick wasn’t in it.
He clung with a little desperation, and trusted Nick not to mind, trusted him to know it was a gift, this intense need Josh had for him.
Nick rumbled again, and he caressed Josh’s chest, moving his hand in small circles, heating Josh’s skin. When Nick’s fingers grazed over one of Josh’s nipples, Josh’s legs parted like butter for a hot blade. He tried to say Nick’s name, to beg or plead, but he didn’t stop kissing, couldn’t, even as Nick plucked and pinched at that nipple.
Josh bent his legs, digging his heels against the mattress. Somehow, Nick had moved, was lying partially on him, between his legs, their cocks almost lined up just right.
Nick sucked on Josh’s tongue, then his bottom lip, then the kiss ended as Nick began sucking his way down Josh’s body.
Josh touched Nick everywhere he could reach, hungry for everything he could get, addicted to the feel, the sight, the touch and taste of his husband.
When Nick brushed his lips over Josh’s sensitized nipple, Josh gasped and buried his hands in Nick’s hair. Nick used his agile fingers on Josh’s other nipple, and Josh’s eyes rolled back, even closed, as pleasure warmed his entire chest before slithering down to his groin.
His dick ached, but he was enjoying the sweet torment of arousal piled upon arousal. His nipples would be sore, tender, come tomorrow, and every time his shirt brushed over them, he’d feel it, be reminded of tonight.
He whimpered and tightened his hands in Nick’s hair. “Please,” Josh begged.
Nick knew what he needed. The sucking became biting, and the pinching, twisting that sent hot streaks of pleasure-pain over Josh’s nipples.
Nick pulled up and blew on one tip, and Josh cried out, his entire body clenching. When Nick did it to the second one, Josh nearly passed out from the hot rush of pleasure. He tried to fuck his cock against Nick’s belly, but Nick bore down, pinning Josh’s lower half with his greater weight.
Then Nick began to move, dragging himself down, his stomach rubbing hard against Josh’s cock, the movement only slicked a little by Josh’s pre-cum.
Josh cried out when Nick sucked the tip of his dick into his mouth. The swirl of Nick’s tongue over his slit almost undid Josh. He still had his hands in Nick’s hair, and he used that grip to hold Nick there while he thrust, wild with need.
Nick bobbed down, all eagerness and opened-throat, taking Josh’s shaft in deep, the slick glide of those muscles contracting around Josh’s cock sweet, utter perfection.
At the same time, he felt Nick’s thumbs under his balls, rubbing, pressing, melting all of Josh’s inhibitions.
He drove his hips back against the bed, then up, seeking the release that was building in his balls. Nick pushed his thumbs lower, then had them right there, pressing them to Josh’s hole.
Josh grunt-whined, his teeth gritted as he lost himself in need. As his orgasm began to swell, Nick pushed one thumb into him—and stopped sucking on Josh’s cock.
“No!” Josh wailed, trying to get his eyes to open. He did, just in time to see everything spin as Nick pushed him onto his side, Nick’s thumb still in him. It was dirty and hot and Josh tried to turn onto his belly so he could hump his way to release, but Nick nipped him on the butt, and Josh shrieked instead.
“Be good,” Nick said, his voice low and raw. “Let me fuck you into coming.” He pulled his thumb out, pushed what felt like two digits into Josh, the dry burn spiking Josh’s lust higher.
“Yeah, baby, just let me have you, make you feel good.” Nick made a purring sound that would have had Josh promising him anything, had Josh been able to speak.
The mattress dipped, a slight flick followed, and a few seconds later, lube dribbled between Josh’s cheeks, Nick pumping those two fingers in and out nonstop, spreading the liquid around, pushing it into Josh’s ass.
Nick curled those fingers and rubbed over Josh’s gland and Josh reached for his dick.
“Nuh uh,” Nick growled, grabbing Josh’s hand with his own slick one. “Does this hurt?”
Josh had to take a minute to figure out what Nick meant, because everything felt amazingly good, but he finally deduced Nick meant the hold he had on Josh’s left hand. “S’fine.”
“Mm.” Nick raised Josh’s hand up to his right nipple. “Work it for me so I can fuck you.”
Josh didn’t know why it was that he could pinch and twist harder than Nick ever would, and it didn’t feel the same at all.
But when he plucked at his nipple just after Nick lined his cock up and began slowly, slowly pushing into Josh’s hole with one finger still inside of him? Josh felt the electric spike of ecstasy everywhere. For one heart-stopping second, he wondered if Nick was going to fuck him like that, finger and cock both.
Then he hoped Nick would. Josh had taken Nick’s six of Nick’s fingers before, with Nick using both hands on him. He shivered, remembering how Nick had graphically told him what his asshole looked like, spread, taking that many fingers, how much it turned him on to see it, and to have Josh begging him for more.
Josh hitched his left leg to his chest, kept his right one straight. Nick straddled it and rubbed the tip of his dig over Josh’s ass cheek.
Josh needed more now. “Nick, please, fuck me, do it, give me—“ He broke off on a gasp as Nick filled him with cock, the stretch around Josh’s rim telling him there was still that one finger in him, too.
“So hot, baby,” Nick growled, rocking out slightly, then back in. “Yeah, you love this. So do I.”
Josh needed it, needed Nick to center him again, and Nick was doing just that, making Josh focus on him, and them, because Nick was Josh’s center.
“God, honey,” Nick drawled. “Now.”
‘Now’ meant Josh was about to get his ass pounded. He mewled and clawed at the covers, forgetting about his nipple, forgetting about everything but the way Nick filled him so completely, physically, emotionally, in every way that mattered.
Nick told him how gorgeous he was, how tight his ass was, but even better, how much he loved Josh, panting between words. “More than anything, more than the tide loves the moon. More than any person loves another.”
Nick didn’t often get poetic, but when he did, it moved Josh like nothing else. Those words, combined with the powerful fucking, were going to send him into orbit in seconds.
When Nick dropped down over him, his hands on either side of Josh’s head, hips slapping against Josh’s ass in rapid-fire motions, Josh twisted his head around, needing a kiss.
It was sloppy and perfect, Nick aggressive and sweet at the same time. Josh slipped a hand down to his dick and gave it a tug.
He got two more in, then Nick changed his angle just so, and his cock rubbed over Josh’s gland with every thrust.
Josh’s mouth went lax as his orgasm erupted, spilling through him, over him, out his cock in jets of white spunk.
“Fuck, fuck, baby,” Nick muttered, then he hissed and arched, slamming into Josh repeatedly until he froze and Nick’s heat spurted into Josh.
Josh floated on a haze of pleasure for as long as possible. When Nick grunted and his cock slipped out of Josh, that brought Josh around a bit. Nick collapsed beside Josh, curling around Josh’s back.
Nick cupped Josh’s ass, then trailed his fingers down until he reached Josh’s hole.
Josh shivered as Nick played, something he’d started doing more often after they made love. Anytime Nick wanted to touch him, Josh wasn’t going to object, and he liked the glide of fingers over his come-slicked skin, liked the way Nick grunted again and pushed a couple of fingers into him, like Nick couldn’t bear to not be in Josh in some way.
Add in the kisses to his nape, then his cheek, and Josh couldn’t have been more content.
“Not such a bad start to our holiday, hm?” Nick mused minutes later.
Josh grinned, knowing he had to look sappy in love. “No, not at all.”
And he had a feeling Nick was going to make sure their Thanksgiving was exceptionally sexy this year.
Because Nick loved him, and wanted him to be happy. He had complete faith in Josh, and Josh couldn’t ask for a better man, because none existed. He was thankful for their friends, for family, but more than anything else, he was thankful for Nick, and he’d made a silent vow to make sure Nick always knew that.
“Love you, so much,” Josh said, turning onto his other side so he could see Nick. “You are everything, Nick. The best part of my life, the best person I’ve ever known.”
Nick’s sweet smile made Josh’s eyes burn with unshed tears. “If I’m any good at all, it’s because you taught me how to be a good man, honey. I love you.” Nick kissed him, and Josh melted into his husband’s arms.

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