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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I have not forgotten!!!

We've had another hectic day here, which is the usual, lol. Yesterday I took ST/See-Ya to the doctor because ever since her gallbladder removed she's had some serious pain and issues, and can't hardly eat anything without repercussions. So we're working on fixing that, and I swear, she has more meds to take than the rest of us here combined, but so far, the bentyl seems to be helping.

Then today, I was on the phone with her doctor and a bee stung me on my boob-- what the fuck!--then my wrist, then I put an end to the bee because dammit, that was an unprovoked attack!

After that excitement, I had to take the hubs to the Urgent Care clinic. He's having a lot pain and they ran tests and the people at the pharmacy recognized me on sight and asked if I missed them. -_-

Despite all the stuff today, I will be posting an installment. It will be late, because I will wait until the Hubs goes to sleep, because I'll be worrying over him. I will also announce the winners then. So it'll be late, that's all, but it's happening.

Thank you to everyone for checking in on the blog. Y'all have helped me every day <3


Misty*G said...

Oh my lord, Bailey. I hope everyone is okay. Love&Hugs

Shorty Chelle said...

Hope everyone gets well soon Bailey. **huggz** <3

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