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Sunday, June 12, 2016

No title, feel free to skip. I am angry and heartbroken.

Y'all, I don't have words for this...for some fucker going into a nightclub where people were celebrating and just enjoying life, and killing fifty people, injuring 53 more, all because-- because why? There are so many whys. Why did the murderer have a weapon in the first place? He'd been investigated by the FBI twice. Why did this happen? Trying to make sense of it is impossible, because that kind of hatred, that kind of brutal, cruel, evil hatred is incomprehensible to most of us.

I couldn't sleep last night as this was occurring, couldn't believe it was happening, couldn't...just couldn't. This is not about me, however. This is about innocent people murdered, injured, their families, friends, the entire LGBTQI community and their allies, because unless changes are made, this can happen again.

And it might not be an LGBTQI club next time, or it might be another one, or who knows where else. Hatred can spread; these are human beings who were murdered, targeted because of their sexuality, and there have been so many politicians fueling the fire against the LGBTQI family. Now they rant about terrorists but don't mention the victims, don't admit to having blood on their hands.

It's got to stop. This is horrific. It's worse than horrific. There aren't enough words to fit.

Please feel free to comment, or skip this post, whichever. I need to vent. I'm still sick and feel like shit, but this? This is worse than strep or whatever. This is an atrocity that should never have happened.


Julia Matthews said...

There are no words strong enough to convey my deepest sorrow for what all those people have and will suffer. You are so right. More than just the shooter has blood on their hands. It's outrageous that a man who had been investigated by the FBI obtained guns so easily.

Margaret S said...

My heart goes out to the victims and their families in this time of grief for the lives cut short and the injuries sustained.
You don't buy a car and never expect to drive it so if you buy a gun it is understood that you accept the responsability that you possibly will have to use it and kill something. Both are deadly weapons in the wrong hands. Both need tight controls. The mental health of the owners and users needs regular monitoring and those who think the answer to the gun problem is more guns would be high on my list for a check up.
"Right to bare arms" - When this was written into the American Constitution most weapons were single load and slow to reload - Todays weapons are in a different league.

Bailey, I hope you and the family recover from your illnesses very soon - Thinking of you all

nikirenee said...

I know this will sound stupid and I am sorry if it does but I think they should be focusing on it was the largest shooting spree in history. I don't want to play down it was at a LGBT club, or downplay the devastation the families feel as that is a big deal but it seems to be bringing out the hate and bigotry in people and they are focusing on that and are losing sight of the horror of the act. That hatred being spouted is not helping the situation and is supporting more angry feelings and violence. If they focus on the LGBT angle they get hate if they go toward the ISIS/Muslim angle they are again hate and profiling. Why can't people move above this and focus on the fact that this person killed all these people. Just people, with out the bull shit. Again I am not trying to make light or offend or ignore where who it happened too so I am sorry if it is taken that way. We need to come together as a people and make sure everyone no matter who they are, or where they are that we are safe.

Bailey;-) said...

From LM:

It has been a very dark day here in South Florida. Thank you so much for all of your love and support... I never thought I would be texting friends begging them to answer me.. I had hoped it never would be me...but it was. It happened. Fighting through those roller coaster emotions, deep sadness, anger, confusion...then guilt when you find yourself smiling at something. It has been and will continue to be this way for a while. So thank you ALL for being there in spirit, it reminds me of the good, the love and the right. Hugs and love to all.

Thanks for EVERYTHING Bailey, and I have absolutely turned to your books in this time of need. Thank you.

With love, L.M.

(I tried to post this on your blog but it wouldn't work for me, so if you want please feel free to repost this)

Bailey;-) said...

I am thankful for every single person who has hung out at this blog, so many times y'all have helped me unknowingly. This mass murder, it has me angry, that is an understatement. Furious. Things have to change. They have to change. Grieving mothers, spouses, family members, friends, and yes, strangers, heartbroken because lives were taken-- I do NOT understand what it will take to make this kind of murder stop. Feeling angry? That is okay. Feeling sad? Horrified? Helpless? All of those emotions, those are what we are all feeling and sharing. Now we need to make changes, and I don't have answers as to how, but something has to be done.

Tess said...

Vent all you like, I can't stop thinking about it all those people died for nothing, stupid people and their hate! damn now I'm crying again.

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