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Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Babble

Hey there, y'all <3

How's everyone doing? **group huggz**

I don't know about y'all, but I've been spending less time on social media/Internet as a whole, because...sanity. I've apparently missed out on a whole bunch of online drama in the past few months. ARe was impossible to ignore since they emailed me and of course they had been my go-to third party site for years.

*says lots of bad words*

But besides that, there has been catfishers, evil authors, raging people, plagiarism, and more. I've missed out on most of it, at least the details, because I've just drawn a line and said 'No more past this point.' I've got my hands full with day-to-day life, and I sure don't need the stress of all the arguing. I know for some people, they feel better after going off, whereas I just feel ragier. That's a word, now  Rage-y-er. Ragier. Looks better like that. Anyway. I love interacting with readers, so this blog is a balm to my weary soul (too melodramatic?  Okay. Y'all make me happy when I'm cranky <3 )

I love writing for y'all. Just in case I haven't said it recently.

Hopefully, this year, I can get back to writing a book every six weeks or so. I've had time off, to an extent. The problem is, of course, other things and other responsibilities creeped up on me-- or slammed right into me-- during my time off. So it wasn't really time off so much as time spent trying to keep my marbles in the bag. Now I have to learn a new way to manage my time.

Yesterday I spent a full ten hours in the kitchen, cooking up batches of vegetarian and carnivore meals. People will be fed. For a week or so. I hope. Our little freezer is stuffed full of pastas, chicken dinners, and French dips. OMG, I can't make enough of that. All it is, is a chunk of meat and two or three cans of Campbell's beef consommé, tossed in crock pot for hours until the meat falls apart. Then I just pack the meat, the dip, some buns and a veggie into one of those sectioned freezer containers and put it away. Two pots of that made about ten meals, generous ones. Annnnnd I am off-topic, oops.

Huh. I don't even know what the topic was.

Today, I'm watching Charlie while Mom and Amber take care of delivering a vehicle.

Saturday and Sunday, the Hubs and I ride bikes for about 20 miles each day. Then we come home and collapse. Haven't lost any weight because we tend to ride our bikes over to the gelato place and get triple scoops, because damn! That is some amazing gelato! I will ride twenty miles if it means three scoops of that! Anyone in the San Antonio area-- South Alamode Panini and Gelato Company. Try the goat cheese, caramel and cashew gelato. I am normally a chocolate gelato/ice cream addict, but gave the goat cheese a try because I couldn't imagine goat cheese gelato. So. Damn. Good!

See? There I go again. Mental derailment. It's a thing.

Monday, I'll be driving for twelve hours with Mom, making a vehicle delivery. Hopefully, Tuesday will be calm-ish and I can sit down for more than the time it takes me to write one installment. I'd like to get back to the half-dozen or so stories I was working on. We'll see.

That's the babble for the day, I hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend! <3


Tekikat said...

OMG - I thought my schedule was hectic! Sometimes I wonder how we do it and it boils down to labor of love...because your family deserves it :-)

Heather Lane said...

Hello! I love when you give us a daily "babble"! It's my morning wake up routine to check your blog and see what's new before I start my day. :)

Misty*G said...

Love the babble and if you have managed to keep your marbles in the bag, you are doing a mighty fine job at adulting! Love&Hugs

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